Accelerate the construction of a modern area center city to let "Double Stand" brightly

  On December 8, the reporter interviewed the Chifeng Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wanchao.

  Wanchao said that the eleventh party congress in the Autonomous Region is an extremely important meeting held in the critical period of Inner Mongolia’s transformation and development.

The General Assembly deployed the goal task of economic and social development in the next five years, depicting the beautiful blueprints of Inner Mongolia, in the new era, especially the key to building Chifeng, Tongliao region, to create "Double Standers", so that Chifeng is all kinds of cadres Be encouraged and excited.

After the party congress closed, Chifeng City quickly set off a craze of learning and promoting the spirit of the General Assembly. Everyone pays attention to the central city, and the "Gemini Constellation" is full of expectations.

The majority of party members and cadres in the city profoundly understand the rich connotation and essential requirements of "Double Silver Constellation", fully recognize responsibility, clearly see the gap, consciously pay the implementation, and resolutely complete this major task, promote regional center city and "double son Construction of the constellation makes obvious progress as soon as possible. Building a regional center city, creating "Geminoshan" is the long-term development of the autonomous region, with the overall situation of the region, with the long-term development of Chifeng, Tongliao and even the Mongolian region, based on the new development stage, and construct a new development pattern. Major decision deployment. As early as December last year, the party committee of the autonomous region in the development of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and 2035 Route Target recommendations, it will focus on building Chifeng, Tongliao Modernization region, and writes to the "14th Five-Year Plan" planning of the autonomous region and 2035 The Vision Objective Outline, this party context once again clearly focused on building Chifeng, Tongliao "Diao Constellation", as an important part of the construction of regional development. This is not only a major event in the region, but also the responsibility mission of Chifeng City, is an important realistic and significant development opportunity to accelerate high quality development in Chifeng. As a member of the Mongolong area and "Diao Constellation", Chifeng City must deeply learn the deep concern and strategic considerations of the party committee in the autonomous region, and seize this rare policy opportunity, establish high standards, innovate, unremitting struggles, high starting point Planning, high standard construction area center city, comprehensively promote the development of various undertakings of economic and social development, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of urban development, comprehensive bearing capacity, radiation with power, and unwavering the road to high quality development, do not live up to party committees of the autonomous region Care and expectation.

  We understand that both the construction of the regional center of the city, or to create "Gemini", not a single economic point, but in the economy as the center, covering many aspects of the comprehensive requirements of economic, social, ecological, livelihood and culture, can not be achieved, but not easy, must pay a long and arduous effort must stay calm and see the gaps, identify the problem, on this basis, focused, comprehensive facilities strategy, multi-pronged, Take Measures, continued toward the goal forward.

  We clearly recognize that the regional center of urban construction and "Gemini", Chifeng City, there are still many shortcomings and gaps. Our development advantage is not obvious, although the total economy forefront eastern Mongolia, the region’s per capita GDP is lower than the average level of industrial structure is not optimal, than the major traditional industries, short chain, strategic emerging industries, advanced manufacturing lack of modern service industry training, accounting is not high, lack of innovative capacity, to lead the force for regional development, competitiveness, driving force is not strong. Our environment is still relatively fragile, ecological focus areas of governance very difficult task, especially in the territory of sandy land, 2830 acres Hunshandake as there has not been a comprehensive governance, water shortage issues outstanding.

Our infrastructure also short board, transportation, communications, water, electricity and other facilities is not perfect, support for economic and social development not strong enough. Our public service is not a balanced allocation of resources, urban employment is not sufficient, the city still has more than 6,000 out of poverty instability, there is a risk of poverty of the people back into poverty.

In addition, some local areas of social contradictions and risks are prone to, there is always the pressure of production safety, social stability are still large, social governance face many new problems and challenges. Faced with these problems, we must foster a strong sense of urgency, a sense of crisis, come up with effective measures to solve them.

  Central city areas do not spontaneously form a "Gemini" does not light up automatically. To accomplish given the autonomous region Chifeng City of responsibility mission, the city Party committees, governments and the majority of party members and cadres will be impatient sense of urgency, not slow sense of crisis, can not afford a sense of responsibility, self-imposed pressure to come up with the former temper OK, the uniqueness of striving for excellence, hard work hard work, struggling to tackle. Currently, our immediate focus is to "three changes", carry out leading industries "excellent training efficiency" action to promote traditional metallurgy, energy and chemical industry to upgrade and extend the industrial chain, fostering the growth of high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy , new materials, bio-medicine and other strategic emerging industries, accelerate the construction of agricultural strong city, text brigade to develop, finance and other modern services, go all over the restructuring, turn the function and quality put up. Eighth Party Congress defined the "Six is committed to" the main task and the "six Chifeng ‘goal, recently, around the autonomous region" Fourteen Five Year Plan "to clear the city of five development orientation, the municipal government after much deliberation and discussion, revise and improve, developed a modernization of regional central cities, countries undertake industrial transfer demonstration area of cooperation, trade and service-oriented country carrying logistics hub city, country-specific cultural and ecological tourism and leisure base, north China’s important agricultural green livestock export base in five specific programs of action, this is our city center building, create "Gemini" in construction plans, but also to promote the total handle the work. In order to implement action programs to achieve the goal, we will further promote the emancipation of the mind, conscious exposure to the region’s overall development, focusing on the development plan for eastern Mongolia, jumped out to see Chifeng Chifeng, standing on the point of view now, dare to break the inertia of thinking, and the traditional concept of path dependence, through deepening reform to get rid of the shackles of bottlenecks restricting the development, focus on gathering elements, a combination of intermediation, with a broader vision, a higher perspective, a more open-minded construction and operation of a modern city, and continuously improve the ability to gather urban resources, population carrying capacity and economic driving ability. We will further highlight the innovation-driven, innovation placed in strategic locations to development, focusing innovation to promote the industrial chain, and actively building regional Kechuang center, built Beijing Yizhuang Branch Industrial Park, the implementation of research investment and tackling the "double double" action, and strive to 2025, the city’s RD funding quadruple, double the number of high-tech enterprises.

We will further cherish good use of talent, study and formulate long-term talent development plan, and implement the municipal government Zhaocaiyinzhi series of policy co-ordinate the implementation of the "Yulong talent" "Hongyan cited only" project to attract people from different places home to contribute to the development Chifeng . We will further optimize the business environment, the leading standard for domestic level, carefully study the best practices in the business environment, the best experience, and promote government environment more efficient, more orderly market environment, legal environment fairer, more honest human environment, vigorously create a thick atmosphere of love-business pro-business providers. We will further adhere to the people-oriented, tree prison development thinking people-centered, comply with the people’s new expectations of a better life, for human security precision technology, equalization of public services, the City of governance modernization, building a higher level of rule of law in Chifeng, strengthen and improve the national work to promote the common prosperity has taken firm steps.

We will further change the style of work, requiring party cadres daring vision and courage, the courage to bear responsibility and take the initiative to think about, take the initiative to the Director-General, efforts to do nothing, break cautiously, step by step, not the Director-General of the inertia of thinking is not an accident, around the overall goal, keep a close eye construction Figure, accurate implement, go all out to build a regional central city, lit "Gemini." Construction of regional central cities, create "Gemini" is inseparable from the autonomous region of all concerned, the Union City help and support.

We will humbly Tongliao to learn, to learn from the eastern region brothers and Union City Union City, under the guidance of the regional aid, and Tongliao to join hands to work together, work together to build up the regional center of the city, so that "Gemini" light up . (Reporter Wei Na) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.