Solidning the health treasure mobile phone number, please operate more than 14 days in advance

  This newspaper (Reporter Li Zewei) The window of the capital was released yesterday. In the near future, the risk of epidemic risk and prevention and control in the capital continued to increase. According to the latest entering and export of Beijing policies, the airports, railway stations and long-distance passenger stations across the country will check Beijing "Health Treasure" by one by one, and strike non-green code staff to board the car.

It is worth mentioning that if the user binds different mobile phone numbers in WeChat and Alipay, the two mobile phone numbers are bound, the two numbers need to complete the trip. The window of the capital, if the user wants to solve the mobile phone number, you should operate more than 14 days in advance to avoid affecting the itinerary.

  It is understood that in order to return to Beijing, no Beijing "Health Bao" is installed, and the on-site download and check the code state. For the elderly, children, visual hearing disabled people, can take measures to be assured in the code or verify measures such as nucleic acid detection in 48 hours, conveniently not use or do not operate smartphone personnel. If the user is in WeChat, Alipay two platform Beijing "health treasure" binds the mobile phone number, then the two mobile phone numbers need to complete the trip.

  Beiqing reporter learned that users can do mobile phone number in the "Health Bao" personal center, the bound mobile number needs to be changed in the platform of the original authorization binding the mobile phone number (ie, WeChat binding The mobile phone number needs to be tied to the WeChat end, the mobile phone number bound to the Alipay is required to change it in Alipay. The specific flip-tied method is as follows: WeChat users can click on the "Health Bao" "Personal Center" of the WeChat to click on the mobile phone number with "Edit" icon. The mobile phone number will appear in the interface. If the WeChat platform is bound mobile phone number is Your common mobile phone number, you can click "Allow"; if it is not your usual mobile phone number, please click "Use another mobile number" to add a common mobile phone number for authorization. Alipay users can click "My" in Alipay APP – "Settings" – "Account and Security" – "Mobile Number" – "Modify Phone" to change the mobile phone number.

After replacing the Alipay platform mobile phone number, click "More (…)" "" Alipay’s Beijing "Health Bao" applet. It should be noted that within 14 days of the melting mobile phone number, if there is an entry (return) Beijing behavior, it still needs to perform itinerary and verification. The dried mobile phone number will be displayed in a gray style within 14 days and will be deleted after 14 days.

In order not to affect your normal use of Beijing "Health Bao", be sure to change the mobile phone number 14 days in advance.