Standard Slag Transport Chongqing to promote new intelligent building slag

New smart slag. The Chongqing City Administration is known to the study, the new intelligent slag car is a building slag transport vehicle that meets the "Technical Specifications of Building Waste Closed Transportation Vehicles" in Chongqing City Management Standards.

The vehicle is equipped with intelligent modules, with satellite positioning, wireless communication, and vehicle status information acquisition. The vehicle system is connected to the supervision platform, and the supervisor can monitor the vehicle status in real time. Zhang Shu, member of the Party Group of Chongqing City Administration, said that the color of the new smart slag breast car is unified to be green, the internal size of the cargo box is unified, and the cargo box uses power to open the full-closed top cover U-shaped structure. The smooth without dead angle, the outer structure of the car is not easy to fill the mud, and the container closed device is made of metal side flip. At the same time, its car intelligent terminal access regulatory platform can be remotely controlled by intelligent platforms, realizing "6 major functions, fixed-person, timing, fixed-line, fixed line, fixed-speed", and implementing specifications for the competent department and slag transport enterprises. , Real-time, comprehensive, intelligent management provides powerful information support. Zhang Shuzhen said that the next will give full play to the leading and market leading role in accordance with the principles of government guidance, enterprises independent, market regulation, and intensively promote the leading role of the market, coordinating, and implementation, and actively promote new slag. It is reported that Chongqing promotes the application of new intelligent slag, "three steps": First, from November 10, 2021, the area (including inner ring) in the central city in the central city (including the inner ring) to promote the use of new slag, encourage New vehicles and government investment construction projects take the lead in using new slag bread; until December 31, 2021, guiding old-fashioned slagcrafts to gradually withdraw from within the region of the inner ring fast road.

  The second is from January 1, 2022, other regions of the central city promotes the use of new slag bread, encourages new vehicles and government investment construction projects to take the lead in using new slag bread; three, from April 1, 2022, Other main urban areas other than the central city, combined with the actual gradual promotion of new slag breast.

Other conditional districts can refer to the main city urban area to promote the use of new intelligent building slag. (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.