2022 "Rong Drift" high-level talent innovation entrepreneurship competition officially opened

  On July 28th, the Chengdu Talent Office hosted, the Sichuan Tianfu New District Talent Office hosted, the 2022 "Rong Drift" high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurial competition in Chengdu Industry Group (Sichuan Tianfu New District School of Campus) is in Beijing Zhongguancun Science City Four Seasons in the Four Seasons of Beijing was held. The event site. Peng Chongshi, deputy director of the Organization Department of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, and Peng Chongshi attended the competition and delivered a speech. Peng Chongshi said, building the "Rong Drift" event platform, aims to provide innovative entrepreneurs to provide display stage and development opportunities, promote more high-level talent teams in Rong Entrepreneurship, and high-quality talent projects root root in Rong. Chengdu, the new era, is working hard to create a "city of opportunity", create "Double Creative City", create a "Happy City", and actively seize the future industrial competition new track. Peng Chongshi put forward that Chengdu always focuses on talent demand to build full chain support, strive to provide the most hard-working policy support, focus on building the most efficient achievement transformation system, and carefully create the most friendly financial ecology, create the most-Pharma life environment, constantly Enhance the magnetic pole traction of high knowledge high-skilled groups.

At the same time, I hope that the majority of "Saiyou" on the new track, the game is time to come out, and we will look forward to the vastness of people to join Chengdu, sharing "successful capital" round dream stage, and create a "career" better future.

  It is reported that 2022 "Rurg Cup" high-level talent innovation entrepreneurship competition will cross 2021 year, held the finals in April 2022, and the final winning team will award in 2022 "Rong Dynasty".

  This theme event surrounds the new track, cultivates new hits, with the game to help, and accelerate the new advantages of the competition of the city. On the past, the event has a comprehensive upgrade, and the competition has a total of industrial ecological integration invitations, industrial technology innovation challenges, cultural and creative design competitions, regional "double tricks and double lead" special competitions, international innovation and entrepreneurial topics five topics and finals Meet the requirements of talents (teams) in different development stages and different industrial sectors; the competition invites guests, industry big products, etc. According to reports, this event award is more rich, except for each special match, the finals set first prize (200,000 yuan), 5 second prizes (100,000 yuan), three, etc. 10 prizes (50,000 yuan of bonus), a number of winners. The current competition has further strengthened policy support, which will give comprehensive support for qualified talents and teams from talent funding, team funding, project support, venue support, financing support, industrial development. This "Rong Drift" Sichuan Tianfu New District "Double Recruitment Double True" Feature Competition (School of Campus, Collaborative Innovation Project Road "attracted more than 50 outstanding talent projects from Beijing, Tianjin, etc., covering intelligent manufacturing , Medical health, electronic information, cultural and creative, aerospace, advanced materials, etc., gather 133 talents.

After the tutor team review, "Office space Digital Service and Digital Lifting State" project liked the laurel, won the first prize, "Aerospace" "Park City Operating System" project is a second prize, "full solid state battery core Materials and low-cost semi-conductive systems "" Flying Second Processing Technology and Products "and" a high-performance biomedical material "project capable of organizing in situ regeneration" projects, 21 projects have been favored by investment institutions, reaching intention to invest hundreds Yuan. The "Rongfu" demand list is also issued on the spot. "Rong fangs" introduced into the global partner in the form of "unveiling", and strives to develop new economic new forms in Chengdu.

On April 24th, "Rong Different Talent Day" released the first batch of "Rong drifting list" high-level talent demand list, involving 1438 talents and projects, involving 371 employers, received by enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities The widespread concern of the hospital and expert talents. In order to facilitate the list of employers, the general people compete for the "unveiling", Chengdu innovation has built the "Rongfu list" high-level talents "unveiled" network platform, and will be in Rongcheng Pioneer, Rongcheng Talent Comprehensive Service Platform, Chengdu Talent Network, "Science and Creation" Chengdu Innovation Entrepreneurship Service Platform, etc., etc.

Up to now, the first batch of "Rongfu" high-level talent demand list has been accessed to network platform, including major technical research projects, major industrialization projects, middle and senior positions, entrepreneurial opportunities and other talents. In addition, Chengdu Science and Technology Innovation Investment Group builds an investment financing platform for technology innovation companies, providing financial services for talent teams. In March, the Chengdu Science and Technology Innovation Investment Group invested by 10 billion yuan is formally established, which is designed to create a domestic first-class venture institution that matches urban development, further improve the full life cycle investment covering the initial basin, growth and maturity. system.

According to reports, the Group is accelerating the construction of four major platforms. First, the joint zone counties and industrial function districts have established a shared co-construction platform; the second is to establish joint innovation platforms in colleges and research institutes; the third is to join hands with social capital to establish investment operation platform; four It is a customized service platform for enterprises and talents.

The group will work with "Rong Drift" to give full play to the advantages of the ENG, tap and support the "Rong Drift" theme event award-winning project and other quality innovation entrepreneurial projects.

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