White horse,Unknown ancient existence is exchanged。

“What is Yang Guang??He clearly damn。Who is giving him life??”
“Yang Guang’s death should be the number of days,He is alive is against the sky。But there is no presence,It seems that things are very simple。”
“Send people to see http://www.3650597.cn it.。”
“Let the people of the Ci Cair。”
The ancient existence exchanges。
Walk out of a beautiful woman from the end of the Nanshan, Chang’an,Do not touch the fire.。
This Ci channel is also the Buddha’s view。
Dao Buddha double repair。
This kind of nature is also a special。
It seems that the temperament is extraordinary,Fact is also a chariite。
Buddhist one。
Buddha is tempting all kinds of solemn sacred,There is no essential difference with the aura dance of the magic gate.,They are all of them。
Just the Buddha’s door looks more,Gather。
The magic door will be less than a cloud.,more directly。
This kind of Cihua is coming to Jiangdu。
shouxi Lake。
Wave,Cold moon silent。
Cihua Southern Daughter did not go directly to Yang Guang,Because she saw a Xuan Yi Taoist。
She doesn’t http://www.ycxgmy.cn know why,I have a great sense of juvenile in my heart.。
“You are watching me?”Xuan Yi Taoist Station on Long Bridge,Looking at the lakeside。
“Do not,It is a party of heaven and earth.。”She contains an elegant topic,This is the consistent set of Buddha.,Can’t say clearly,To play a machine。
This kind of Xuanmen Gao Shi,I also eat this set。
“good,Then you look well。”
Xuan Yi Taoist smiles。
The Saint Girl is http://www.jlcmy.cn confused,Because she suddenly sees endless characters,Number of endless joys,There is also a pop-up。
It is very deep。
She seems to be in it。
Red dust is rolling,She is swallowed.。
She really saw the heaven and earth。
This moment,She seems to have experienced the world。
Subsequently woke up,She is unclear here is a dream.,Still is a dream,Or is a dream。
Like a dream,Sui is also like electricity。
Between electrosa,She already can’t tell myself.。
All of this experience,But because the Xuan Saigui is fluttering.。

So the entire endurance is nervous.。

Many people want to watch this battle that determines the fate.。
But this level of battle,Ordinary ninjas may be killed in a long wave。
It can make these people watch。
So the end of the Valley has been blocked by 100 kilometers.。
But some people have attempted to sneak into the country,Can be caught。
This time, five villages,Everything is dare to provoke。
Conference room。
Five shadows except for http://www.dongyunhotels.cn the program,Already came here in advance。
The end of the Valley is closest to the fire,She is going to arrange it.。
“Spring has not come yet?”Look at Huizi according to Meimei。
She is also nervous,Thirteen Squares but Yuxi Bouvelle,That’s really trouble.。
And the spring didn’t come out now.,Is he not grasped yet??
“no,But it should be fast.,Previously, the spring came out once.”Huizi said。
She is full of confidence inquirting。
“Spring, let you first go to the end of the valley waiting for him.,He will come over to time”Huizi continued。
“How can this?,We are still waiting for him here.”The four generations of Lei Ying said excited。
“What anxious?,We have nothing to do here.,It’s better to arrange it in the past.”Dasuki is uncomfortable。
This makes the four generations of doubts,Big wild wood can be http://www.shoujiwaike.cn an emergency and temper,Why don’t you be anxious at this time?。
“makes sense,We have to believe in Spring,We still wait for him to the end of the valley.”I love to stand up.。
“Ugh,Ok”Four generations, lane,He knows that it is useless now.。
Then they left here.。
Dasuwood stands on the flight ship,I looked back at the city of the sky.,The cold is full of death。
But I will converge it immediately.,Restored。
“Um?”The nine-tail looks around,It seems to feel a malicious flash。
It shakes his head,Tube!
Humans are complex,Who knows that it is that person accidentally moved villain??
Is the guy that Quan Hao can’t come out?,Time is coming。
“Can’t come out,Not it to say?”The guard is smashed on the ground。
“These days have,Hold on”Acacia。
It’s not good,The yin and yang consumes too much。
Just http://www.geilishow.cn at this time。
The body of the spring appears instantly,And several tails of the beast left space。
“Thanks for your hard work”Springs are serious about the nine tails.。
It finds that the power of the Quan Yizhen disappeared,The whole person is like a bitter,If it is not a natural energy of Quanyi?。

Data sheet,There is also a line of comments。

At the time of finding Solan,Her clothes are all scars,Black-blue skin,Cigarette。
Night at the first anniversary,Solana really can’t help but fight。
Classmate injured,After arriving, it is said that Solana’s fault is,Two teachers were also hurt。
But hurt students and teachers,Just eroding abundant collapse,Not caused by the will of Solana。
She is still a loneliness、Girl who doesn’t know how to fight。
After reading this information,Hanjiang three people don’t speak,I don’t know what to http://www.dongejiao.cn say.。
Qi Yana looked at Sola,I don’t know what to say.。
Because Qi Yana knows,This erosion is the same as another one of yourself.,They have an inherent concept in their hearts.,It’s hard to change to understand other people’s ideas.。
If Qi Ya is expressing it,It is very likely that it is threatened by Solana.。
The buds were long and closed several times.,Look at Hanjiang。
“This gentleman,Where do you know where people have died??”
Soleya suddenly opened to Hanjiang, Solana。
Waice Han Jiang answer,Solana continued:“Missionary,Good people finally went to heaven,Bad people will go to hell,But this world really has paradise and hell??”
Han Jiang shook his head:“I have no idea。”
Solan is a smile,Say:“I know。”
“After people die, they will go to heaven.,Because the world is hell,Some people are rich http://www.what001.cn in poor,Some people greed,Some people are clean。”
“You can find all the possibilities in this world.,So here is hell,All beings。”
Han Jiang is silent,She is a high school student.,How can I say this?。
After listening to this sentence, after the Qiana and the buds were still sulking.,I can’t let go for a long time。
“Mr. Han Jiang,Miss Qi Yana,Sister of the bud,Time is up。”Amber amber to alert:“I will go to the world snake.。”
“good,let’s go。”
After leaving the relevant area,Qi Yana asked Hanjiang:“This law……what should we do?”
Han Jiang shakes his head without talking。
Buds have understood the idea of Hanjiang,This world is very deeper with Solana.,Can’t see any hope in her eyes。
If the erosion of the laws in Solan is aware of the outbreak,Basically, I can’t save it.。
“All right……”Qi Yana said:“I also know。”
Qi Yana wants to turn this world into the world they want,Want to make the world be beautiful,This is what she feels very weak for the first time.。
This is no longer able to change it with a blood.,Need everyone to pay silently,Silent work。
Not everyone is like Qi Yana,Can be encountered,Grouse,Ji,De Lisa,There is also Hanjiang so unconditionally.。
The people who come from the world are can’t be cars and。
Pylan Dell asked a meeting,The triple is sitting in the same meeting room.。
“How do you see the problem of erosion??”Litta first opens,End of Hu Wolf and Hanjiang。
Wolf wants to say:“Erosion is very bad,It is recommended to kill directly,if it’s possible,World snake wants to use erosion the law to do a series of experiments。”
Dell Dell:“Human experiments first excluded,Treatment is not willing to continue this unmanageous practice。”
Wolf is a heart of Yide,Say:“Have you forgotten what you said before I went?,Heaven must be fully assistable for the world snake!”
Yan Shi Dell faintly:“Today’s life is I am being a master,Death will assist the world snake in all face,But does not mean that we agree with this cruel experiment。”
Rita asked Hanjiang:“How does reverse entropy treat?。”
Han Jiang thought for a long time,Say:“If you don’t break out,Then first……take into custody……”
He can’t say that a girl who has a tragic fate girl will die.,I believe that Valter is here to choose this.。

The facial expression of the teacher suddenly solidified。

At this time, Yan Zhi still follows:“Yes, right.,What you think is a little mistake can cause a big mistake,It is because you are not civilized.,So you can’t even hold power.。”
Advisor is sitting on the side,After listening to it“Um”Sound,Formally agree。
These two people sit one stop,A nodded,You speak a word,It’s still going to see each other.。The teacher has never seen such a miserable mixed insult,He is silent,Finally endured,Put the dog:
“Laozi is not dry!come!The same is true!I have killed me if I have this.!”
Advisor is not affected,Australian sitting,Don’t move like a mountain:“You this person,It’s indulging。”
竹 十 机 地 地 地 地:“No wonder the right to master the right。”
The teacher wants to live in the two people.,The irritation in the eyes is like substantive,The two people have no time to look at the performance of him here.。
The first quantity of the consultant。
枝 正『dew』Alert smile,Chong him bent into the eye。
I’ve had enough。
Consultant’s laugh,Have no representation,Just once again taken out the Jiu Ding,It is ready to collect the teacher.。
“The drop of the accords have not yet been asked。”
枝 显 显 犹 地 地 地。
Consultant Yuan gentle:“I didn’t expect to ask.,Is there anything like that?,The devil and the truth are different,A piece of contributor cannot complete the fighteas。”
The mood of Yan Zhi is quite difficult.:“That side, you still let me ask the drop.……”
“Teasing him to play?,Who knows that http://www.zhpjc.cn he can’t afford it?。”
Advisor,Laughing meat is not laughing and gas,“After all, my man will come back.,Don’t let go of people with me。”
This is the threat.。
This is really threat.。
Yan Zhiyu saw the meaning of Moniji in this like Mu Chunfeng.,Visit the meaning of the words very clearly:Advisor is not only in a teamed,It is also teasing her,By the way, let her。
As for the teacher……He is already tired,The swear is too lazy.,He finally sees himself but the stepping stone of the dog couple,Is the toolman who takes the consultant。
——Who is a mother who loves fuck?,Can’t。

Found in Huazong。
The news of Yan Ben refugeed the first to ferment from here.,Many people can’t believe,Zongmen’s head confirmed this fact。
Yan Fengxing meditates in the house for two days,I heard this news http://www.090fudao.cn coming out.,Eye stopped quickly stopping the disciple from the mountain:“What do you say??枝 叛 叛?”
“……Uh,Royal brother?”
Some discourse,I saw that Yu Fengxing did not breathe.,“Yes,枝 叛 叛。It is said that she accidentally said that she was in the middle of the fairyland.,It is she pushed you out.。Rope『sex』You are a person who has a big blessing,Didn’t be killed by her。”
裴 逢 星 ‘s face『color』Ugly,No words。
Disciples think he is not angry,Have a few words:“Who can’t think of her watching and good lives on weekdays,But can make such a heartless thing,Really——”
True star is hard to interrupt,Word attitude is still polite,Only God is cold,“I can see where she escapes.?”
NS111chapter Chapter 111 The style is not very right.
strictly speaking, The teacher is not a prostitute of the demon of these years.http://www.dnscname.cn。Moist, fighting,The former Demon is always mixed.『chaos』Internal flood rolling,Separate a few shots。The teacher is just a good fisherman., Winning the harvest similar to the dust;Still not waiting for him to have this big exhibition, The consultant is coming back.。

Flew to Chu Longdian,Zhu Minglang opened the door,I saw the old man lying on the rattan wooden chair at a glance,Being drowsy。

“Mr. Wu,Help me save it。”Zhu Minglang said nothing,Spirit domain opened,Put this little cub in front of Mr. Wu。
Mr. Wu was awakened by Zhu Minglang’s voice,What catches your eyes is a bloody cub,That http://www.025blog.cn body is almost broken,Looks so miserable that it is no different from a roadside dog corpse!
Mr. Wu’s first reaction was to flatten the cub,Then use your own spiritual power to turn into a small hot spring steam,Protected this little young dragon cub,Then immediately rub its bones straight,So that the blood can circulate。
“Go to the sanatorium,Pack a bucket of healing spring water in a wooden bucket,fast!”Mr. Wu expressed his wish。
I wish Minglang dare not delay,Immediately rush towards the sanatorium。
After signing the covenant,The pain of the little dragon cub is also being conveyed to Zhu Minglang’s mind along the connection between the souls,Zhu Minglang just tasted less than one-tenth of the soul feedback,It’s already a bit unbearable。
With fetters and involvement,I wish Minglang even more don’t want the little dragon cub to die http://www.ushuai.cn like this,He found the barrel,Healing spring water,Gallop back again。
Night is getting deeper,Chu Long Palace,Little heads are crowding around the stage curiously,They looked puzzled at the little dragon cub lying on it,Watch it open your eyes,Close your eyes again,I opened my eyes soon……
at last,Mr. Wu wiped the sweat from his cheeks with a cloth full of blood,He asked Zhu Minglang to pick up the little cub,Let his body completely soak into the wooden barrel full of healing fountain。
“Luckily you came in time。”Mr. Wu took a long breath,Go on,“Otherwise I’ll go to sleep。”
“Can you survive?”Zhu Minglang looked at the little dragon cub in a completely unconscious state,A little worried。
“Humph,Can you deliver to me,I can make it live if I am angry。”Mr. Wu said。
“First day to train your dragon,I can see that you are always a living god。”Zhu Minglang praised sincerely。
“You are also fooling around,A dying young dragon,Die or die,Will there be fewer lives in the Great Forest every day?,The young dragon can’t die, right,Almost catch your own future!”Mr. Wu’s tone intensified,Very disapproval of Zhu Minglang’s behavior。
After understanding the situation,Mr. Wu really doesn’t know how to evaluate this student Zhu Minglang。

Only one way out,Only one line of life。

That is Monica。
Just,The sound of different sound came。
Sitter Nii, who has hit from the window,The power of the hit is very strong,But the speed of being bombed faster。
I have already reached Monica’s nearby,Stretching http://www.szhljj.cn the arm standing in http://www.cilve.cn the air。
And his wrist,It is so gently to be buckled by one hand.。
Oliver is still,Pupil enlargement,Anger。
His face is light,Hanging a smile,Say,“Idea,Unfortunately, you find a wrong person.。”
Hour time,Gently push,Oliver rough,哒 哒 哒 哒 哒 退 退。
Talk long,But it happened in an instant。
Ena sneaks Mike,Sitternie hits the door and window,Oliver attacked Monica……Almost simultaneously。
Unfortunately,Everything is hard to fail.。
Ena naturally impossible to attack,Sitterni is more impossible to escape,Directly。
And Oliver wants to do hostages with Monica……Summer next to you,How can he get him。
Mike,Ena immediately fell completely,Announced a knight with a long sword in her throat。
At the same time, Mac is cool.,“Others don’t act,Rashly,Kill!All knights,Fully kill Oliver and silk。”
http://www.paulblack.cn “Kill!”
All Dark Knights Qi Qi,Murderous。
With the sound,The whole hall swayed more horrible momentum,One of the defects,A sound anger。
The strength of Oliver and Sitterini is really good。
Otherwise,How can I achieve the elder position in the Dark Parliament。
But unfortunately,They are destined to fall today.。
Mike brought these knights,Not only the Dark Knight,Still two hell knights。
Whether it is a dark parliament,Still,Even,Have the knight this ancient existence。

Han Jiang’s situation in the eyeliner,Say:“Here is what you mentioned before.,The great thinker,Pharmplate staying。”

Mu Turi’s armed people,Thoughts、Historical,In addition to the flag of the flag, there is no other armed people.。
Han Jiang naturally guess the body of the flag。
Open system,Choose to transfer,Returning to the owner。
The time of the main universe is still at night,A round of full moon high,Hanjiang’s harvest is still available。
Several soul steel,An armed people,Two can be counted, top weapons。
Laboratory http://www.baby201314.cn of Hanjiang Wiling,Discovery laboratory no one,After contact, I know her dormitory in the eight cherry.。
After the past,Eight fear,Lili,Sarust pill,Several people playing a fan together to play the rich。
Oh,There is also a hairy sauce that can’t run from the computer screen.。
“Ha ha ha ha,Idle!”
Just entering the door, I heard Lily’s exaggerated smile.,You can see the drink of tomato juice.:“Next is a feast of vampire!”
I don’t forget to pick up my lips.,Finally, I just picked up the dice.。
“Are you very happy?,Don’t lock the door?”Han Jiang walked over and said。
Eight from standing up,I took a cup to Hanjiang Poup,Say:“My sister went to find a buddess, sister discussing.,I will come back for a while.。”
“Then,Santa Feria has no thief,Safe。”
The thief is no brain.,Come to San Fu Raoya Wushen http://www.yesdance.cn Coordination Area to steal。
A thing happened not long ago,A new male logistics person misses the female Wushu accommodation area,The legs are almost discounted,Still during the day!
Han Jiang has just been mistaken,Male compatriots different from the logistics department,Han Jiang’s ability to escape or have。
Later time long,Everyone knows that Santa Feria has a male student.,I don’t understand, I like to run the girl’s stay.。
The main running place is also the dormitory building that has long lived in the school.,I haven’t seen anything.,Everyone else is not blamed.。
“elder brother,elder brother,come here,Sitting here。”Lili took a cushion from the sofa.,The little hand is taking a cushion。
Han Jiang smiled and walked over,Speak:“It is just that the people of your heresy trial are here.,Today, give you a new friend.,Character and you are almost,It should be able to get along with。”
“Ghost。”The meaning of the fans looked at the door:“Did we are blind?,New friend?”
“and,We call Twilight City!”
Han Jiang stayed,Ask:“Have you changed again??”
“What is called another,You are polite!”The flag of the flag is very paralyzed.。
“Report,No discovery of strangers,No stranger!”Love sauce jumps again on the computer screen next to it.,Say:“I all all over the nearby monitoring,There is no stranger!”
“Love sauce,You are like a violation of the rules.?”Han Jiang looked up and said。
Love sauce, a smoky running,Then exposes the head from the screen,Hold the edge:“I do not have,Responsible for Santa Feria’s security also has my responsibility!”
“Han Jiang brother,What is the hot new friend?,Will not be a girl??”Eightweet is a very troublesome look。
Han Jiang laughed,I really said it.,Imitation should be a girl.?
Han Jiang waved,Slowing the imitation of the imitation from the system warehouse。
The imitation of the room is still in the study system warehouse.,Next, I was in a big house.。
“Humanity,What are you doing,I have not passed my consent,Where did you bring me??”Imitation is somewhat angry,I was broken again.。
“Imitation?”The flag of the flag flew to Hanjiang shoulders,“Where did you find this guy??”
“This guy and I am the same generation of armed people,Time to leave for about 800 years earlier,I really can’t bring her back.。”
Han Jiang turned his head:“Do you not worry about her safety??”
It is the wing of fans.:“Armediatica is a very good race,Have a consciousness alone,I have to be ready to return.。”

The old man finally got angry,Sneered,“Last time the battle of the heavens did not learn the power of the god of war,Old man, i feel so sorry,I didn’t expect a few years later,Finally got the pity of the blood river,Let go!”

“Give him back to me first。”Li Tianzhen stretched out the big black gun,The tip of the gun is curled up on the ground with a finger‘Son of Metaverse’,You’re welcome。
The old man laughs angrily,Actually really made a football player‘Son of Metaverse’Kicked over,The new generation of God of War is arrogant,He naturally heard of,Could have ignored this unreasonable request,But trade a dying person from the Metaverse for possible negotiation opportunities later,Nothing。
Li Tianzhi immediately‘Son of Metaverse’Income into the gods,The momentum really eased,He retracted the big black spear and said seriously,“stop,Then leave,As long as it no longer disturbs the mortal world,I will no longer embarrass the blood。”
“Leave?”The old man opened his eyes,As if I heard the most ridiculous joke,“Dare to ask the god of war,How will i leave?Where are you going?”
Li Tianzhen is speechless,Stared into the eyes of the old man for a long time,Slowly,“Where come from,Where to go back。”
The old man no longer answers,Suddenly stretched out his hand casually,He plucked a blood cloud from the shadow,The same space technique is used by the old man,Very relaxing,No lightning and thunder,There is no big hand suddenly appearing from the air,It’s like picking a leaf from a nearby plant。
The blood cloud lay quietly in the palm of the old man,Like a furry cub,Looks naive,No threat,But Li Tianzhen knows,This small blood cloud contains an extremely terrifying aura of destruction,The old man only applied a slight shielding technique to eliminate this breath.,The methods are terrible,But there is also a hint,The old man seems to try to avoid the edge,I should worry that the fullness of the breath will lead to the suppression of the law。
Li Tianzheng spears up,He couldn’t think of a suitable method to deal with this seemingly soft but terrible thing,And the blood cloud is flying here,It’s like a fire candle is very slow,No trace,Very real,Illusory again,So slow but there is no way to escape,Li Tianzhi thought of at least dozens of spatial body methods,Were quickly denied,Because this little thing is one with the shadow of the sky,In fact, all the space that can be moved has been closed by the shadow of the river of blood in the sky。
Since there is no way to hide,Then hard resist,The black dragon in the big black gun suffered a big loss just now,Obsolete soldiers are obviously unbearable,Li Tianzhu didn’t know that after the change of God,,How can I become so long-winded,If it is placed before,Just hit,Let’s talk about http://www.qqhld.cn it,How can there be so many scruples?Don’t know,He still can’t adapt to the changes in his thinking speed and spiritual consciousness,Thought so much,In fact, there is only a moment of electric flint。
Green light flashes,Li Tianzhi shot,The roar of the blade knife blows your ears,Actually bypassed Hongyun and went straight to the old man,Horrible murder,The bloody eyes of the stabbing side watching the battle cry,Trembling,While facing the red cloud,Li Tianzhen shot out with a palm,No fancy。
The old man’s twin pupils are reduced,It’s not a problem to take or avoid the blade knife,He was surprised that Li Tianzhen dared to fight the river of blood with flesh and blood.?!Even if you are the god of war,But lost divinity,Suppressed by the laws of the mortal world,How to resist?
The red cloud sank into Li Tianchou’s palm,Unsurprisingly, http://www.fenquanfengguan.cn he blasted his palms together with his upper arms,Even with the Seven Flame Armor, it’s hard to resist,The cuffs and cuffs that have lost their arms are suspended in the air,Seemingly at a loss,And Hong Yun continued to rush towards Li Tianzhi’s chest,The picture is very bloody and weird。
The old man’s look,All the viewers of the blood race also breathed a sigh of relief,Secret Path, the so-called God of War, is nothing more than that,So vulnerable in front of the holy river。
But the next moment,All the viewers exclaimed,Because two pieces of armor suddenly came alive,They landed on a newborn arm with a click,Change too fast,So that the naked eyes of the magical powers can’t see clearly how those smashed flesh and blood turn back into their arms.,Inverted arms,Five finger bluff,Grabbed Hongyun again。
The first http://www.chenxiafu.cn thousand and five chapters The growth of the insight eye
Puff,Another blood mist,Li Tianzhen’s arm was blown to pieces again,But in the blink of an eye of all the blood,His arms are reborn at an incredible speed,And hold the fire cloud firmly,Hard to make an inch anymore。
Rumbling,The shadows in the sky are lower and depressed,There seem to be waves inside,Countless turbulence,Undercurrent tumbling,Projection distortion,The silent river of blood is finally angry,Release unparalleled coercion。

But listen to Xiaoguang’s ear,That is like a scorpio。

“Hey-hey,Row,Then I will talk to the media.,You stay well at home.,Don’t go,I have let the youth come to our village,Guarantee that he will see you will walk。”
“Giggle,I am also good looking http://www.2dgh.cn at my mother.,In the eyes of others, it is not necessarily。”
Although she said this,But my heart is still a bit confidence in my heart.,The only place where you are not confident may be your own,Academic qualifications。
More or your identity background,But the identity background is not what she said.,And your parents have such a single girl.,So many years of love gave her,She thinks that she is a child who doesn’t have a shortcomings.。
“My girlfriend can not stay in my mother’s eyes.,In the eyes of others, it is better.。”
“Don’t tell you first,I will go out first.。”
Looking at my father’s back,Yu Meng Meng’s eyes flashed in a flexible。
She can understand some of her father’s mood,Don’t want your daughter to marry,I am afraid that my daughter is bullied.,How much can you protect your daughter?。
If it is,She won’t understand this,But now she has understood some。
At the same time, I decided to stay.,But not to leave a place,She has her own little objectives,If the other party is so rich,She will work with each other。
As for those big cities,If you have money, go again.,No need to wait there to wait,It’s just a flight.。
Chapter 921 Two full beauty policy
Yu Xiaoguang agreed with the news of the blind date and said that after the confrontation,Ma Xuan also is very excited,Directly let the media are immediately dispatched。
Action for Pony Village,Li Hui’s roots do not know。
He just prepared to eat in the evening.,It was surprised by my mother brought a relative.。
Because the other party has a little overwhelming。
Wang Jing also did not understand how the first reception of the first reception of Li Shouying came to the village.。
The other party just said that Li Hui,Say to her, introduce a wife。
Although she repeatedly said that Li Hui Feng had a girlfriend.,no need。
But the opponent’s passionate sly mouth,There is no chance to give her an opening。
Under the end helpless,She can only bring people to Li with the wind.。
She believes that Li speaks from the wind to know how to solve。
Xu Ning Feng saw that Li Hui’s first eyes were the smile of the eyebrow.。
At the same time, it is also praised Li with the wind.,While talking about your own purpose。
So many years have passed,Wang Jing and Xu Ning Feng have nothing to feel,Immediately brought people to Li with the wind here,Hurried back。
“Xu Dagu,I really have a girlfriend.,This is still a matter of this blind http://www.fqrvtu.cn date.?”
Li Hui also didn’t expect this time to say the media.。
“Don’t you be guilty??
People’s girl is also famous for many famous,The key is to see you.,You have a girlfriend, but people don’t know.,Would you like yourself?,Madai said that I always feel very good.。”
“Forehead,aunt,I am going to say no more bad.?”
Li Hui Feng is a bit speechless for the media.。
“Hey!Xiao Li.,Dad is not you,Everything is really,But it,Our Xiaoma Village wants you to visit and really get it.,But our village is long thinking to join the pro,So I just want to come out.,Madai does not know that you have a girlfriend。”

Gu Xihong wants to chase the past and ask a clear,Take a few steps,Feeling that the waist is still very painful,He can only stop,I looked at the culprit to let myself slipped.,It’s actually half a banana skin.。

He quickly took out the phone,Playing a call to Gu Yi Lin。
“Hey!dad。”The phone is quickly connected。
“Memorize,You are here to go to the bathroom here.,I seem to see your sister.,Dad fell to the waist,You come over,Chase。”
Received a phone, Gu Yi Lin, a fog,But still ran to the bathroom door with the fastest speed。
“dad,Nothing.?”Gu Yi Lin worriedly asked。
Gu Xihong is anxious to refer to the direction of Blue Xin.,Say:“Memorize,quick,Chase,A girl wearing a gray casual suit,It’s very like your sister.,Go to chase。”
Gu Yi Lin has some helplessly,His face is pale,His mood in these days is not good,Night night to buy drunk,Seeing Dad and like this,He is more annoying in his heart。
He said helplessly:“dad,do not do that,You have been in a month of five or six times.,No one is a small memory。
The parent-child appraisal book is coming to take the car. ,More than ten years,dad,She recalls her”
“shut up,Blue blue will not have something,She is your kid,You are a brother,Do you want her to die??”Gu Xihong angryly,Looking at the son, don’t catch,He walked forward。
As long as there is a hopes,He must find his daughter back。
Otherwise, he will regret for a http://www.dsyhome.cn lifetime.!
“dad!Don’t like this,OK?”Gu Yi Lin, this day, I am upset.。
Where is the mood today?。
His mood is irritated to pull the Dad,One face helplessly:“dad,You listen,I also hope that Hui can come back.,But,Xiao Yi has been lost for more than ten years.,Can’t find。
Dad, why don’t you accept reality?,Mom has already gone out of the shadow of Xiao Yi.。”
NS224chapter:He is all old.,I don’t know when to wait.

NS224chapter:He is all old.,I don’t know when to wait.
“Will you come out??Is the blue blue not give you a happiness with your big brother??
She is so smart and beautiful,Also know how to be happy,She will not have something。”Gu Xilong does not believe that his daughter is nothing.,One day,He will find it back。
Gu Yi Lin took the lips,Blood color instantly faded,He is also a painful。
If http://www.sannianjiuban.cn the small memory is still alive,He also wants to find a small memory.。
That is his sister who loves love.?
Hoheng used all the people,All the relationship,Didn’t find her。
Gu Yi Lin took a deep breath,Say:“dad,I will send you to the hospital first and see it.。”
“it is good!”Gu Xihong can only nod,Now go to chase,I am afraid that the girl is far away.。
“Ugh!!”He is deeply sighed。
“I have been over for so many years.,I don’t know if your sister is good.?Let’s eat a day.,Wear,Dad plays a bowl every day,Guilty,Your sister doesn’t know where it is.。”
Gu Yi Lin listened,I also sighed。
Xiao Yi is not lost,Fang family,I will not pass this pain。
Gu An’an’s arrival,There is no mitigation of their family’s thoughts.。
Looking at Gu Anan,He is more trouble。
“dad,If Monbye is really alive,One day will http://www.bdheshun.cn return to us by one day.,You are worried about you every day.。”Others like to call Xiao Yi blue,He and your brother,I like to call blue blue.。
Gu Yi Lin nodded,Not talking。
He is all old.,I don’t know when to wait.。
Gu Xi Hong Xin,Be sad!