Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank launched rectification rejected cash propaganda work

In order to effectively safeguard the statutory status of the RMB, enhance the public’s sense of cash service, recently, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank launched the remediation of rejected cash propaganda work, and actively practice social responsibilities for financial services. A few days ago, Tianjin Convenience Service Hotline received an old citizen feedback on a parking lot due to the shortcoming of temporary zero currency, and failed to accept the cash payment of cash payment, giving the owners a great inconvenience. In response to this situation, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Jinnan Badi Taiwan Branch quickly formed a promotional team, entered the property service center of the parking space, understand the current status of current parking charges and pain points, targeting "finding zero" problem, active On-door exchange of change, and the site for staff to popularize RMB knowledge, interpreting the "People’s Bank of China" ([2020] No. 18), publicity and refusal to collect RMB cash is illegal, property service center manager said: "You not only help us Exchange change, solve the contradiction between the owners, and to popularize the legal knowledge, it is a caring bank around the people.

"In addition, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank also took the initiative to enter the city’s major scenic spots, and carry out the" rejection of cash is illegal ", for the ticket office, parking lot and other operating subjects to exchange zero coins, more than 200,000 yuan, guarantee Consumers’ legal use of rights. In 2021, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively explored the highly high and targeted publicity activities, continued to promote the community, supermarket, restaurants, shops with more than 400 outlets. The market main body, through the rectification rejection of cash promotional folding, on-site answering questions, to promote the RMB related laws and regulations, have publicized more than 6,800 times, with nearly 700,000 people, to create a whole society to consciously maintain the RMB A good atmosphere of a statutory status, construct a good currency circulation environment. (Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Wang Hao) Sharing let more people see.

Relive Red Memory "Hundred Years" Large Music Shi Poetry Fujian Fu’an

  Zhongxin Net Ningde on December 13 (Reporter Ye Mao) "The heart is the mountain tea white, the same safflower opened, I will hold you in the arms, I will wait for you to go home …" Original music "a tree saffron "On the evening of the 12th, in Fujian Ningdefu’an City Grand Square, the lyrics symbolizes the people of the old area to the party’s no regrets, with" safflowers ", and the spirit of the old district for faith, and the spirit of the blood and life. quality. In October 1933, the nine folks located in Nanxi Village, the east end of Fu’an, 500 oceans raised by nine life property and all parties, will be rescued. Afterwards, the enemy of the eye angry, not only burned the nine people in the village, but also killed 23 villagers.

This is the famous "nine guarantee" incident in the history of the revolutionary revolution.

  According to reports, "a tree saffron opened", she selected the "nine guarantees" story, with the story of the story and the original music singing, the Fu’an people were the glory of the jade and blood of the DVD.

  The East Soviet Union is one of the eight major revolutionary bases of the Central Red Army.

Fu’an is a revolutionary center of the Minhe, in 1934, Fu’an is established in Fu’an Soviet government, the revolutionary organization of the Communist Party of China, the Communist Party of China, the center of Fu’an, Lianjiang, and the area of ??10,000 yuan, and the population is gradually form.

Deng Zihui, Tao Zhuang, Ye Fei, Zeng Zhi and other older generation of proletarian revolutionaries have left revolutionary footprints.

  That night, the "Hundred Years of the Wind" large music history poet opered in Fu’an, telling the important historical nodes and classic stories in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, revisiting the History of 100 Years, and igniting Red Memory.

The performance of Fu’an is also shown to drift from all walks of life, where they are unsettled, to the process of relocating the new home, and living in peace, and telling the vivid story of "getting rid of poverty". The local official introduction, the "Hundred Years of the Wind" large music history poetry will continue to tour in the country after Fu’an. (End) (Editor: Chang Bangli).

The "same bed dream" in the international time of the American "Democracy"

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 13 (Reporter, the so-called "Democratic Summit" hosted by the United States. According to its own interests, the United States will pull all the allies "to make a game", and finally opened a "loneliness". American "Democracy" flag, now not only deceived the majority of the international community, can’t cover up the United States and many allies.

An article in the US "Washington Post" has been published in a single-handed article: a major vulnerability of the so-called "Democracy Summit" is its "Democratic" will be based on their "imaginary" of their common commitment to democratic values.

The fact is that the internal contradictions in the so-called alliance system headed by the United States are obvious.

In 2013, Pre-US Defense Contractor Employees Edward Snowden Newsletter to the media exposure of the US "prism" large-scale secret monitors. The picture shows July 12, 2013, journalists open the web page in Moscow, Russia. Moscow.

(Xinhua News Agency, Jiang Ke) The "Dispute" of the US and Allies. In recent years, under the "US Priority" policy guidance, the US has a significant spiritual nature, which is not polite to Europe, from steel aluminum products, red wine, cheese tariffs, to aviation subsidies, digital service tax Dispute, the United States and the allies, boxing to meat, and don’t make each other. After the Biden government came to the stage, although in the speech tried to appease and recovered the allies of the predecessor "deep injury", the actual actions and the predecessor did not have much difference.

From the rule of huge submarine order, it is not polished to harvest Australia to the anti-China "horse-stroke", and the allies feel the coldness of the "big brother". There is a huge "strategy" in the United States and allies. Various selfish people in the United States makes the European allies feel that it is difficult to rely on the so-called "crossing the Atlantic Alliance" to maintain its safety.

Although the Biden government shouted "Return to the United States", Europe’s "strategic autonomous" voice is getting loud. In the relationship between the big country, the United States is always looking for the allies and China and Russia for the so-called strategic competition, but most of the allies will oppose the United States and promote China’s "detachment", European political circles "should not have a bias" "" Western countries in global problems " It should be cooperated with China "and other rational sounds.

Martin Jacin, a well-known British, pointed out that China attitude is different from the most typical differences between the Group of Seven countries.

On August 16, a large number of people gathered at Kaugul Airport in Afghanistan to try to leave Afghanistan. Xinhua News Agency has serious "trust in dangers" and allies. Over the years, the United States has established a huge "monitoring empire" to maintain global hegemony, and the European allies are also included in the list of listeners, making Europe’s up and down extreme dissatisfaction.

The United States has not fully negotiated with the allies and rushed from the Afghanistan, which made the Allies’ garrison.

Beauty of all kinds of doing, cadency.

The poll showed that some of the one-third of the respondents in European countries believe that the United States is a trusted partner. Some of the European political circles and scholars believe that experienced "Trump Era", plus the US domestic political uncertainty, European allies are difficult to remove, European and American relations are difficult to "yesterday reproduce". France’s "World News" warning, as long as it involves the interests of the United States, the European ally does not expect any benefiting or courtesy.

Various facts show that the United States is not all the allies, but a "cheerleader"; it is not a friend who can sit in peace with himself, but the only American horse is looking for "follow". This "main servant" of natural unequal is destined to go.

At present, the US domestic problem is heavy, and the allies of the allies are serious, and the situation of the United States and allies is gradually become normal, and the differences are inevitable.

At the global level, the United States created the allies system, which is fundamentally to safeguard US hegemony.

For this purpose, we will use its so-called allies system, manufacture international split, and destroy international unity.

This international "mountainist" of this gear gang is contrary to the international potential to pursue cooperation and win-win, which is contrary to the trend of the era of unity and collaboration, and has no future.

Pass love and hope Mercedes-Benz West District SUV Chongqing Tour Fortunate

Hualong Network – New Chongqing Client December 13th (Chen Long Tao) December 11th to 12th, Mercedes-Benz West District SUV Chongqing Tour opened, two-day night self-driving trip, the Dong’an Bridge arrived at the beautiful scenery of the beautiful scenery, In the face of cross-country teaching measuring driving, road test drive, Mercedes-Benz SUV revealed strong strength, at the same time, in winter, with love, warmth of Samsung village primary school. The event is intended to participate in the Mercedes-Benz SUV family, and nearly 100 guests participate in it, fully feel the self-confidence and strength of the Mercedes-Benz SUV family, Mercedes-Benz, the training, leading everyone to conduct a series of teaching trial driving, outdoor test drive and other experiences content. Multi-channel test drive Mercedes-Benz SUV showed strong power, the water source of Weinan, lush vegetation, beautiful scenery, the beautiful spring started from Yinan, the annual vegetable floral festival opened the grand prelude to the spring. The quiet and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, just like a "Jiangli world, there is no middle", greeted Mercedes-Benz car owners. The Mercedes-Benz owners arrived at the Yinan, the Mercedes-Benz owners started the most expecting links in this trip after taste the "Vegetable Banquet" in this trip.

Professional Mercedes-Benz adventures are rich and detailed in this Mercedes-Benz model, including "wild survival skills, travel and low-carbon life, road test drive, off-road teaching tube test drive". The event is intended to participate in the Mercedes-Benz SUV family, and nearly 100 guests participate in it, fully feel the self-confidence and strength of the Mercedes-Benz SUV family, Mercedes-Benz, the training, leading everyone to conduct a series of teaching trial driving, outdoor test drive and other experiences content.

The camping gaard is warm in winter and night, when the night is coming, the night-famous dinner is also as scheduled, the owner friends enjoy the quiet night, the night is starry, the melodious song, my family, the feast …. Escape the hustle and bust The city is still restored to life in the edge of the city close to the natural city.

Taste the local specialty wine, the gangshan, the game interactive link is big, the highlight of the children, this warm winter is unique, the scenery is in front of you, lives in hand, the riders are laughter in the night sky.

The guardian in the middle of the earth, the love is flowing in the pass on December 12 at noon, the owners went to Samsung Village Primary School in Xinquheng Town, Yinan Province. After the principal welcomed the speech, they will live a better life with the children, and the love of the car. I wrapped in dumplings together.

"Auntie, the dumpling of your bag is like a small rabbit", "Uncle’s dumpling is like buns, as ugly with my father’s bag", in a happy laughter, a pot of hot dumplings, children taste This kind of labor results are accompanied by warm sun in the winter, followed by the hearts of the children in the mountains, and also moved into the memory of the riders.

After lunch, the riders played with their children in the classroom, paper-cut, and sent the love materials brought by the riders, and spent the happy lunch break. The children have held their respective gifts, and they will give their uncle to the uncle to thank you. Tiandi – 20121 Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz West District SUV Tour Chongqing Station, ended over December 12, this event not only let everyone experience the high-end quality and powerful performance of Mercedes-Benz SUV, but also let everyone go in winter A copy of the hot warmth is passed in the cold and spend a meaningful weekend.

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The disaster in the Spring Festival should be completed and repaired.

This newspaper (Reporter He Juanfang) November 16th Housing Construction Department news, the province’s housing and construction department has fully impacted and identified by flood disaster damage.

As of the end of October, the province’s hidden dangers have all incorporated into the renovation task, and the reconstruction and repair work will be completed before the Spring Festival.

In early October this year, our province has suddenly seriously sentimental feelings, and some rural homes have been affected.After the disaster occurred, the provincial and housing construction department went deep into the disaster farmers to understand the situation, and the on-site supervision and instruct the city county.In response to the reconstruction of the damaged farmhouse in the disaster, the departments of all levels have established the "Day Scheduling, Weekly Report" system to ensure that the work will fall into place.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Housing Department said that the Provincial Housing and Construction Department will do a good job in the renovation of rural dangerous houses and reconstruction and repair of residential housing in disasters.The masses are safe to have winter and warm winter.

Taiyuan: "Convenience" of a central city

[] Over the years, the middle city of Shanxi Province has been in Taiyuan City, silently in the top of the "China City Convenience Store Development Index", which is closely related to the convenience of resident life.

  In Taiyuan, a convenient store can find a convenience store every minute to meet the real needs of residents.If the population is converted, it is equivalent to an average of 1586 people with a convenience store.At any time, please enjoy the "China City Convenient Store Development Index" released in China Chain Operation Association, Taiyuan City has won the core data of Trica and Index for three consecutive years for urban convenience stores, and the total amount of store has increased.24-hour convenience store proportion, business environment, etc.

  "The convenience store is my most impressive place for Taiyuan. They can help the hot drinks. They always have them in the middle of the night, it seems that there is everywhere." Just graduated from Shanxi University, Wang Xiaofeng said. Disclosed, Taiyuan City’s convenience store opened the density rather than the shoulder store industry nasal ancestors Japan, Taiyuan City’s two chain brands Tang Dynasty and Jinhu ranam in the top 20 of the national convenience store. The "China Convenience Store TOP100" released by the China Chain Operation Association shows that Tang Dynasty ranked 14th in the number of 1588 stores, and Jinhu (including early) ranked 17th place in 1436 stores.

  The reporter entered the street, one Tang Dynasty convenience store, first reflected the eye curtain, roasting, fish pills exude the tempting aroma; thousands of goods, in accordance with the category, color, production date, etc. Aligned in the shelves On the side of the wind curtain cabinet, the cold gas is waiting, and a variety of cold drinks are waiting for being selected. There is also a toilet in the depths of the store to prepare customers from time to time. Carefully observe the top several cities in the "China City Convenience Store Development Index", it is not difficult to find that in addition to Beijing, Taiyuan is the only northern city. "The North does not have climatic conditions for development of convenience stores.

"Senior researchers of Suning Finance Research, paying, 24-hour business is one of the biggest differences in convenience stores and ordinary supermarkets, night passenger flow is very important to convenience stores. But in the north, winter climate is cold, the residents have low frequency, If you enter the store customers, there are few customers. There are retail industry practitioners pointed out that in addition to climatic conditions, the traffic conditions, commercial development, resident habits, population liquidity, etc. of the central city are unfavorable. Factors, the good performance of Taiyuan is real.

  How does Taiyuan break through a major unfavorable factor and become a leader in the development of convenience store? Urban development helps a convenient life "to figure out what consumers need, and constantly improve service, it is the company has been doing it for many years.

Zhang Yubo, deputy general Zhang Yubei, Taiyuan Tang Jiu, said. During the epidemic, convenience store employees through the community iron gate, convenience store window, etc., the scene of the residents did not touch the distribution of goods, many Taiyuan people met.

It is because of the convenience store that persists, Taiyuan citizens can still buy cold drinks during special periods, eat snacks.

  Xu Meng, assistant, president of Shanxi Jinhu Convenience Chain Co., Ltd., said that this is a concentrated expression of the development of convenience stores in Taiyuan.

The first is that the government and the company are closely related, with tacit understanding. Secondly, the city’s intensive convenience store is distributed, and the service awareness of cultivation has been cultivated for many years, as well as the close links formed by the convenience store and the surrounding residents of the community, allowing them to become an important terminal for urban materials in special periods. "Jin Shang did not have business, no noisy, noisy, and quietly, as long as it is observed, one road insisted on." Xu Meng said.

High-frequency services have cultivated the habit of Taiyuan citizens to convenience store shopping.

Over the years, any convenience store in the streets of Taiyuan City can also pay the water cost, convenient charging, collecting express, etc.

The convenience store greatly facilitates residents’ life, and the residents are inseparable from the convenience store. "The Convenient Store Development Index constantly improves, which means that the degree of development of a city is increasing, and its development can further pull chain convenience store investment, expand demand, pull economic growth, create employment opportunities." Taiyuan Municipal Bureau of Commerce Wang Donglian, Ministry of Development, said that many years, Taiyuan Municipal Government take the initiative to serve enterprises, understand the problems and difficulties of restricting the development of enterprises, and solve problems with the company as much as possible.

  The rapid development of the convenience store also depends on urban construction constant progress.

Zhang Yubei recalls that a few years ago, in order to avoid the congestion, the logistics car can only use the interior shop to distribute the city. Now the traffic conditions of Taiyuan City are greatly improved, and the logistics distribution efficiency of convenience store is also greatly improved. Many stores in the city can complete their distribution during the day.

  Embrace digitization to the future, in the future, in the face of online shopping shock, convenience store formats have encountered new business problems: how to get passengers, maintain traffic, and how to accurate marketing for different customer groups.

  "What should I do? Do business in the line." Xu Meng said.

  Today, Taiyuan’s convenience store enterprises actively transform, a group of "Shanni" to promote the industrial upgrading of Shanxi due to new vitality of science and technology.

  Tang Dynasty is convenient from traditional warehousing to modern logistics, achieving all positions, multi-temperature layers, and information distribution systems, which can meet the delivery needs of 1500 stores.

Today, all stores and headquarters information networking, the information is charged by the headquarters and automatically generate orders, and the delivery efficiency is greatly improved. "Take a mobile phone scan code in front of the shelf, you can request the headquarters to replenishment. Soon there will be the delivery of the shipper to the door, no longer have time to do the goods every day, the delivery of the goods." Tang Dynasty company staff Jin Ming said.

  In 2018, Jinhu’s full layout digitized, built information middle desk, including member middle platform, and Ali Cloud cooperation to do data middle school, business middle station, and put the store to Alipay, with this accumulated more young users And data precipitation. Tiger members have now 20 million, which is equivalent to half of the Taiyuan people are Jincula members. Tang Dynasty also opened online business to improve community services. The latest data shows that in the March 2021, the Tang Dynasty, the Tang Jiuyi Vescens over 300,000, covering the 1/10 Taiyuan City population, Alipay small program visits have skyrocketed 1160%.

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Tianxing State research direct drinking water project propulsion

On November 15th, the deputy secretary of the county party committee and the county people of the county were investigated direct drinking water projects. Tianxing State came to the county administrative center, the saponial pilot center kindergarten direct water drinking machine room, on-site drinking water, detailed understanding of direct water treatment process, water production, water quality testing, after-sales service, user experience, etc.

After listening to the relevant work, Tian Xing country demanded, to earnestly grasp the safety guarantee, do a good job in water quality monitoring, monitoring and information records, and all relevant departments should do a good job in regular inspection, guarantee the render of drinking water to ensure the safety of the masses. Tian Xingguo emphasized that the direct drinking water project is an important people’s livelihood project. The relevant departments of the people are related to the "eating water and peace of mind, and the water is safe". , Excellent service is focusing, continuously improving the quality of water supply and service guarantee, helping Yuping to create a national civilized city.

Enterprises should continue to optimize process equipment, learn from the experience of promoting region, combined with the actual situation of our county, from water quality security, follow-up, cost-effective, and increase the promotion and use of direct drinking water. It is reported that this year, Yuping has built 5 straight drinking machine room in the city. The next step will be fully standardized in the county medical and education system.

County direct departments, Guizhou Xinquan Pipe Direct Drink Co., Ltd. participated in the investigation. (Cai Lin) Source: (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Standard Slag Transport Chongqing to promote new intelligent building slag

New smart slag. The Chongqing City Administration is known to the study, the new intelligent slag car is a building slag transport vehicle that meets the "Technical Specifications of Building Waste Closed Transportation Vehicles" in Chongqing City Management Standards.

The vehicle is equipped with intelligent modules, with satellite positioning, wireless communication, and vehicle status information acquisition. The vehicle system is connected to the supervision platform, and the supervisor can monitor the vehicle status in real time. Zhang Shu, member of the Party Group of Chongqing City Administration, said that the color of the new smart slag breast car is unified to be green, the internal size of the cargo box is unified, and the cargo box uses power to open the full-closed top cover U-shaped structure. The smooth without dead angle, the outer structure of the car is not easy to fill the mud, and the container closed device is made of metal side flip. At the same time, its car intelligent terminal access regulatory platform can be remotely controlled by intelligent platforms, realizing "6 major functions, fixed-person, timing, fixed-line, fixed line, fixed-speed", and implementing specifications for the competent department and slag transport enterprises. , Real-time, comprehensive, intelligent management provides powerful information support. Zhang Shuzhen said that the next will give full play to the leading and market leading role in accordance with the principles of government guidance, enterprises independent, market regulation, and intensively promote the leading role of the market, coordinating, and implementation, and actively promote new slag. It is reported that Chongqing promotes the application of new intelligent slag, "three steps": First, from November 10, 2021, the area (including inner ring) in the central city in the central city (including the inner ring) to promote the use of new slag, encourage New vehicles and government investment construction projects take the lead in using new slag bread; until December 31, 2021, guiding old-fashioned slagcrafts to gradually withdraw from within the region of the inner ring fast road.

  The second is from January 1, 2022, other regions of the central city promotes the use of new slag bread, encourages new vehicles and government investment construction projects to take the lead in using new slag bread; three, from April 1, 2022, Other main urban areas other than the central city, combined with the actual gradual promotion of new slag breast.

Other conditional districts can refer to the main city urban area to promote the use of new intelligent building slag. (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Solve the indiscons of the engineering contradiction, the Night Training Class is the grassroots cadre "charging energy storage"

It is reported that the Party School of the Stone District Committee and the Party School of the District Party Committee specialize in the "Student Manual", "learning materials", and clear requirements for the time of the night training time, content mode, night training object, etc., according to "training, comprehensive training The principle of coverage is specially arranged in the village Poverty Alleviation Cadre in Nighting on Friday. At the same time, fully consider the current epidemic prevention and control situation, combined with the number of people in the night training class, the actual student, the scientific analysis, the scientific analysis, the arrangement of body temperature testing, completely carry out the disinfection of the venue, give the students to distribute medical masks to ensure During the night training, the epidemic prevention and control is safe. The night training course invited a well-known expert on the party school, and interpreted the spirit of the 19th National Committee of the 19th CPC. In 2020, the national "two sessions" spirit and other content, education guides the students to close the stone is actually actually, the upper and lower, learn Submitting, in a decline in understanding, truly implement it in action.

At the same time, selecting a special person with the class to be responsible for attendance, urge the students to abide by the classroom discipline, and record the whole process of the students’ attendance, performance and learning, ensuring that the night training is in order to learn well.

The district surrounds the content of the night training and should be known as the intellectual point, targeted arrangement of daily work, promoting students to test and deepen understanding of learning content and effectively consolidate learning results.

Teachers and students, students and students face-to-face exchange research, share the experience.

Everyone has said that during the day, doing study at night, the night training must solve the indiscons of cadres, and do two incorrect, two promotion. In the future, it will be used to use, struggle to create a new situation, high quality development. (Fan Yan) (Editor: Ma Yu, Chang Huizhong).

Solomon Islands decided to respond to the "Breaking" National Taiwan Office

The People’s Network News National Taiwan Affairs spokesperson Ma Xiaoguang decided to discontinue the so-called "diplomatic relations" in the Solomon Islands and said with China. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have issued a conversation. Solomon Islands makes a correct decision according to the interests of their own country and people, and we express highly appreciated. The facts have repeatedly proved that adhering to a Chinese principle is the people’s heart, the general trend is unstoppable.

Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that we must emphasize that there is only one in the world, Taiwan is part of the sacred territory of China.

This is a basic fact and is the general consensus of the international community. What is the "money diplomacy" "Politics", "the political punishment", which is completely self-deceived, the purpose is to transfer the line of sight; attempting to live in international, it is not self-tactive.

Regardless of the past, now it is still in the future, we must never take a Chinese principle to do transactions! Anyone who has international vision and common sense knows this. Ma Xiaoguang said that the common political foundation of "Nine-two Consensus", the achievements of all two-strait relations and peace development have been destroyed, and the Democracy Party is difficult to blame. To truly maintain the benefits of the interests of Taiwan compatriots, we will maintain the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. Only by returning to the joint political basis of "Nine-two Consensus" is the only correct choice.

(Editor: Liu Jiezhen, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.