Review "Golden Fruit" products, Fengchang Gansu Jingning rural tour "fruit flavor"

People’s Network Lanzhou October 8 (Wei Yi) The fruitful golden autumn in October, in the Apple Valley Scenic Area, Chengchuan Town, Jingning County, Gansu Province, a beautiful village graphic scenery.

A street lamp with apple elements is different, the column style is very different, the mountains are lush, all kinds of flowers are competitive, and the amusement facilities are innocent, attracting a large number of tourists to come to casual tour.

In recent years, Gansu Jingning County has a "Golden Home" characteristic culture as the theme, based on the regional characteristics, in the Apple industrial culture, red tourism, leisure experience, folk culture, fruit picking and other aspects, pushing new, create a"Country Tour + Agricultural Tourism + Entrepreneurship" is the main farmer’s cultivation of farmland, which has opened up a "beautiful" path that increasingly increasingly increasingly.

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Tibet has received 205 cases of review and prosecution related cases since last year.

  The staff of the procuratorate entered the school. The map is provided by the Autonomous Region Procuratorate in recent years. The regular organs of the district have always based on minors to protect the prosecution responsibilities, strengthen cooperation with relevant departments, and improve the judicial protection of minors to a new height.

On November 24, the District Procuratorate held a press conference to introduce the current situation of minors in our district. The reporter learned from the press conference that in recent years, the regional procuratorate has actively explored innovation, deepening the comprehensive comprehensive integrated judicial protection of minors, and launched a centralized unified handling of criminal, civil, administrative and public welfare litigation procuratorates involving minors. Reporter Yu Yi Star learned that since January 2020, the regional procuratorial organs have striking crimes against minors, especially further increasing, intentional murder, deliberately hurting the crime of minors, as of now, A total of 226 people were accepted and arrested to arrest the criminal cases involved, and 205 were accepted and prosecuted. 270 people involved in minors’ criminal cases; the maximum education saved the misconduct, and the criminals of minors were implemented less, they were less captured. Adult crime is not approved by 87 people, no charge rate is%, higher than that of all criminal cases do not charge a percentage point; minor crime does not prosecute 47 people, less than%, higher than the total criminal case A percentage point; the minor criminal conditions do not prosecute 17 pieces, up 360% year-on-year; the case of prosecution of minors is applicable to 1,165 of the wide system, accounting for 85% of the total number of cases; The minor suspect in which the prosecution was examined for 86 social surveys, listening to 132 suspects lawyers, conducting psychological correction and psychological counseling of the criminal minors 28 times. 3 pieces of supervision, 4 copies of "Correcting the Legal Notice" to the Investigation Organs.

  In order to further promote the professionalism, standardization, systemization of minors, increase the comprehensive and system justice protection of minors, and in April this year, it will involve criminal, civil, administrative, public welfare lawsuits, and penalties. All implementation supervision and procuratorates are all unified to the minor procuratorate, forming the inspection of the internal "small procuratorate" of minors. At the same time, continuous upgrading "Lighthouse" "Blue Sky" "Gesangmei" "Xue Lianhua" "Zhuoji Procuratorual Studio" and other specialty did not inspect work brands, new 5 Pu law preaching work groups, using multiple cases to urge school, parents And the relevant administrative department according to law, correct performance, urge the "problem students" and "edge boy" parents to perform supervision duties according to law.

1 pilot unit of the minor procuratorial work social support system, established the first unstoppable working adult information base in the whole district, the first unknown work psychological consultation talent information base, jointly in Lhasa, in Lhasa, the relevant departments Shigatse has established two "one-stop" inquiry rescue center, which has continued to create a good social environment and rule of law environment for the healthy growth of minors.

  In addition, the reporter learned from the press conference that the public interest of minors involves the safety of minors, toy stationery and children’s publications, minors activities, hotel, hotel, hotel, etc. Accommodation operators are illegally receiving minors, schools, kindergartens, illegal settings business entertainment venues, bars, Internet cafes, etc., online products, Internet cafes, etc., network products and service fields violations of minors personal information and other issues These areas are closely related to minors’ physical and mental health, which is related to the interests of not specific minors, and is the category of public welfare litigation involved in minors.

  Next, the district procuratorial organ will further innovate the working methods, innovative work mechanisms, innovative work concepts, through punishment, education correction, strengthen publicity, etc., with high political consciousness, consciousness, inspection, inspection, in guaranteeing underage People have a healthy growth, promoting social harmony and stability. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

Proliferation and discharge protection Qinling ecology

On September 29, Shaanxi Province, the first fish proliferation and disclosure activities of the Sanhekou Reservoir in Hunji, Shaanxi Province were held in the reservoir area. This event is discharged by seedlings including green fish, grassfish, squid, squid, red-eyed, squid, knot, a total of 10,000 tails, and the resource of Hanjiang Water Department, repairing water ecology is very important. The Sanhekou Reservoir is an important source of water, which protects the ecological environment and aquatic biological resources of the reservoir area, and is related to the success or failure of H. Jiyi’s project and long-term play.

Du China, the party committee and chairman of Shaanxi Province, said that the company will continue to carry out the fish proliferation and discharge activities, and increase the scale of the stream year by year, continue to make a lot of discharge effect, and be a good Qinling Ecology Guardian.

It is reported that the flowing frying seedlings have been breeded from the breeding of the Golden Gorgeous Propoystration Station. In order to protect the Han River water ecological environment, Shaanxi Province, January 2020, built a fish proliferation station, known as "Asia’s highest standard" in November, has accumulated 240,000 seedlings such as grades, grassfish, etc. Carry out the rare fish and the rare fish and the rare fish and the drainage of Hanshui and Hanshui.

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The Autonomous Region Health Committee reported to praise 100 excellent medical workers

  In order to further promote the spirit of cultivation, create a good atmosphere of the whole society to respect the doctor, inspiring the majority of medical workers to pay attention to respect, serve the people, reunite new work, on August 18, the Autonomous Region Health and Health Committee held 2020 Chinese Physician Festival Celebrate the meeting, and convey the holiday congratulations and sincere condolences to General Secretary Xi Jinping to the national medical workers, and reported to 100 outstanding medical workers such as Dinchun.

  In recent years, the majority of medical workers in the whole region conscientiously implement the party’s health and health work policy, adhering to the fine tradition, promoting medical ethics, with superb medical skills, hard work, selfless dedication, good service, in disease prevention, Diagnosis and treatment treatment, subject construction, scientific research and health in Ningxia have played an important role in order to ensure the health and well-being of people in the region. In the face of sudden new coronary pneumonia epidemics, the general medical workers in the region have no hesitation, retrograde, white armor, no responsibility, heroic battle, the first line of the epidemic, realize zero death, medical staff zero infection "The goal is powerful, which has effectively guaranteed the completion of the completion of the completion, and promotes the overall economic and social development in the district. More than 780 medical staff pays aid in Hubei Wuhan, Fuyang, and practicing" to help life, save the wound, will be dedicated, big Love is not bought. " The Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region Yang Peijun, the Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region CPPCC, director of the Autonomous Region Health Committee, attended the meeting. (Reporter Shangling Bin) (Editor: Zhao Mo, Tolerance).

The model of the teacher De Yaba

On the playground of the child’s primary school in Dadukou, Chongqing, the children are working on physical education.

However, the teacher of their beloved Wang Hongxu will never appear.

His last lesson stayed in the river of the Yangtze River. 100 meters sprint, long and leap, use life to drop the water child – the river water, witness the scene on the evening of June 1. Under the help of the enthusiastic public, Wang Hongxu jumped into the river, Wang Hongxu, took two children who were inadvertently falling water. Finally, he pushed the child to the shore, but he did not hold away from the river because of physical strength, life forever was 35 years old.

"Save people, think about what is not worth" "The child fell water!" The riverside came a big call, Wang Hongxu replied … No is hesitant! If he generally rushes to the waterfront, he will jump. At the same time, Wang Hongxu’s friend Xu Linheng also quickly rushed to the waterfront.

Jiangshui rush, dark flow, familiar with the water-based Wang Hongxu, to a child, take the child out of the water, hand it over to Xu Linheng. Wang Hongxu has gradually not supported. There is also a child in the river. He has no retrospect again to return to the Yangxin. The strength pushed the child to the shore, but the more farther it, the more far, was swallowed by the waves … The teacher is like alan, and Xiang Yuanyi clear.

Wang Hongxu chooses to save people and is not accidental. Wang Hongxu is a teacher in the teacher’s family, grandparents, parents, and husband and wife.

Grandfather, the rest of the family: teaching a conscience book, teach clear books, and teaching a fair book. Under the influence of family, in 2004, Wang Hongxu was graduated from Wang Hongxu, and he did not hesitate to apply for Chongqing Normal University. After graduation, he became a primary school sports teacher.

Father once discussed with Wang Hongxu: "When the critical moment, the sacrifice to save others is not worth it?" The son cracked the interception: "Save people, what the value is not worth it!" According to the students, the classmates have been rescued twice during the University of Wang Hongxu. People, also specially to test the swimming lifeforce certificate. Just a month before sacrificing, Wang Hongxu became an enterprise active molecule.

He wrote in the application for the party: "I will use the party members’ standards to strictly ask yourself, and strive to join the party organization as soon as possible.

Please ask the party organization to test me in practice.

"Not long ago, he was confirmed as a member of the Communist Party of China and was evaluated as a martyr.

"The performance is important, the growth is more important", the summer season, the sun is like fire. The track and field field often came to Wang Hongxu’s severe and hoarse voice: "Legs raise!" "The step is big!" In the classroom, he failed to teach, the look is majestic; outside the classroom, he is a good eye, such as a brother, the father – this is the image of Wang Hongxu in the minds of students. In order to encourage students to reach the training objectives, Wang Hongxu purchased a small prize in the pockets; difting every day, he always cares about the students to eat more, as the deputy class teacher, I heard that there is a student family difficult, he took the initiative to visit, "one-on-one" help … Wang Hongxu always found the flash of the student. Students Xie Lin Qiao is thin and short, but Wang Hongxu discovered that her ankle strength is good, thinking is a good seedling of the sprint, encouraging her training. In 2013, due to the decline, the mother asked Xie Linqiao suspended track and field training, Xie Lin Qiao mood was also very low; Wang Hongxu found parents, putting the facts, column data, patiently explained, strive for parents, and scientifically arranged training.

In the end, Xie Linqiao seized 100 meters and 200 meters double champion at the Chongqing Sports Association in 2016.

"It is important to achieve the performance." In Wang Hongxu’s view, sports training is not just to achieve results, but also to enjoy the process, exercise, and achieve comprehensive development. He often communicates with other teachers, cares about the character and cultural scores of the field students. "This is what I have, don’t engage in special cases," Wang Hongxu’s name is the mother, the mother hopes that he will illuminate others like Rising Sun, warm earth. Wang Hongxu is also a sense of his name. In the eyes of colleagues, Wang Hongxu worked out of non-dividend, and there must be necessary.

Everyone said that he is "three do not" gentleman – not anxious, not angry, does not fight. Due to the work, follower, in 2015, Wang Hongxu began to serve as the personnel cadres of the school. Personnel policy is unclear, he is working overtime, eats through the document, doing there in the heart, there is a question must answer; the office software is not familiar, he bought self-study, hard work, soon became a master in his colleague … despite busy, but he Don’t worry, always smile. The principal Mao Shi saw his work efforts, frequent overtime, and took the initiative to give him a batch of some subsidies, and he was asked by him: "This is what I have, don’t engage in special cases.

"12 years of teachings, Wang Hongxu won the title of the city and district excellent trainer, 5 were rated as an outstanding guidance teacher, he was an excellent teacher, an excellent education worker. At school, he is a good teacher; At home, he is a good and late, good husband, good father. As long as the time allows, he will pick up the child and tell him about him every day.

The wife Chen Hao’s grandmother has high, Wang Hongxu often helps the elderly to cut nails, washing.

After the son always followed him, he helped his feet and picked out the nails on the ground to the trash. The model of the teacher, De Jaiba.

Restored the calm river in the past, the sparkling wave refraction, some golden light shines. When the day of the rising sun, people will not forget the figure that is self-satisfied …

Video New Products and Technologies in Spotlight At The 4th Ciie

ThefourthChinaInternationalImportExpo (CIIE), whichtookplaceNov5to10inShanghai, showcasedatotalof422newproducts, sfirstimport-themednational-levelexhibition, theCIIEhasanexhibitionareaofmorethan366,000squaremeters, coveringsixsectors-FoodandAgriculturalProducts, Automobile, IntelligentIndustry & InformationTechnology, ConsumerGoods, MedicalEquipment & HealthcareProducts, endedtheevent, withnearly40makingtheirsnewofthefourthCIIEWatchthisvideotoreviewthehighlights Photographers:! ZhaoShiyue, XuZimingandYinWeihaoVideoeditors: ZhaoShiyue, ChenLiubingandZhaoTingting.

The flower of the new era civilization in Yangcheng in Yangcheng – a review of the civilized practice work in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

The flowers of the new era civilization practice in Yangcheng – Guangdong Province, the new era civilization practice work, in recent years, Guangdong Province integrates basic resources such as government service centers, in the central city, interval The construction of 2852 new era civilization practice centers (stations), all over the streets, and helping to open the "last kilometer" of the service the masses.

    Guangzhou New Times Civilization Practice Practice with photos, physical, video, models, scenes, sculptures, and science and technology methods, interactive experience projects, showing the whole process of building new era civilization practices in Guangzhou.

Data pictures "Micro Service" "Micro Recovery" to reshape the beautiful town in the late winter, enter the Yongqingfang, Liwan District, Guangzhou City, through the Liangxiang of the Yinmu, you will find that traditional history and fashion trend are interspersed here.

It is different from the city center tower, celebrity, net red shop, non-legacy studio and other riding buildings with a rich Lingnan.

Stepping on the bluestone is slowly stepped, you are hard to imagine that the Yongqing Fang is a messy old neighborhood.

  In October 2020, the new era of Yongqingfang was unveiled.

In this regard, the work requirements of "the position of the resource integration in place, the system is improved in place, the service masses is accurate in place", the station is based on the rich historical and cultural resources of the street, fully uses non-legacy projects such as lion dance, Guangxiu, Cantonese opera, and completed the old Such as the old, build a new "micro-transformation", so that Yongqingfang "Nirvana reborn".

Today, it has retained unique "Guangfu" flavor, but also integrates the fashion city elements into it. Many net red shops and leisure corners are made into a new card in Guangzhou City.

  As the party group station in Duobao Street, 10 "micro-service" launched by the New Times Civilization Practice Station of Yongqingfang, that is, providing love umbrella, charging treasure, first aid kit, straight drink, wheelchair, free Wi-Fi, maternal and child room , Copy printing, reading framework, guided map, all-round multi-dimensional to facilitate public visitors. Yongqingfang. He Ziyu took the hunting in the Tianhe District toast, from the poor urban village to the hunting people of the material wealth and spiritual civilization, the change in the new era civilization practice work also has been reflected.

  Into the hunting people, non-legacy studio, Yangcheng House Economics, family doctor service station, social situation, party construction room, volunteer service station, etc. next to Tianhe District, and volunteer service station, here is both new The Times Civilization Practice Point is another "public service circle" at the entrance of the residents.

  "We are uncomfortable to find a family doctor downstairs, and it is very convenient to go to the family. It is very convenient. If you want to find a nanny to the homemaster, it is really busy!" Life is in the hunting Gao Master said, Not only do all kinds of hardware services, but also participate in many civilized practice activities in communities, making life more fulfilling.

  In the new era of the House, the residents are participating in the flower arrangement training course. Su Junjie is condensed, guiding the masses, serving the masses … The "micro service" "micro-transformation" brought by the new era civilization practice, not only the update of urban business cards, but also the reshaping of the spiritual home in the hometown memory.

  "Immersive" "interactive" inheritance red culture "I volunteered to join the Communist Party of China!" Recently, at the entrance of the Memorial Memorial Memorial Exercises in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, a dozen employees in a unit were swearing to the fresh red party flag. Gent into the party oath activity. Since 2018, the new era of Guangzhou Peasant Sports Exercises Since the New Times Civilization Practice Station of the Memorial Hall and the majority of party members and normalization to carry out red cultural lecture halls, based on their own red historical resources, preach the revolutionary story to the society, and take the lead in launch at night. Red cultural lecture hall. The New Times Civilization Practice Station of Guangzhou Agricultural Talk Memorial Hall uses the "6 + X" activity mode.

Among them, "6" is to look at the old site, visit an exhibition, relive to enter the party’s vows, read a party constitution, watch a special film, participate in a party history; "X" is the top-class party organization is closely combined, choose Colorful options.

  "The content in this is very rich, let me reach an ideological baptism." A party member cadre who participated in the red cultural lecture hall.

  The Memorial Hall of Guangzhou Farmers Exercises. Su Junjie takes the red cultural resources to use the red cultural resources, inheriting, using it, is one of the main contents of the new era civilization in Guangzhou. In addition to the red bus of Yuexiu District, the revolutionary site is connected to the line, and the cloud listening to the Haizhu District will infiltrate the red element to the details of life.

  "This glass is so beautiful, there are many high-tech facilities and books …" Walking in Haizhu District, Hujiang Road, Luo Road, and the rivers and wind came to the face.

The left hand is a quiet flowing Pearl River. It is a neat trail. Next to the station of the right hand, next to the station of Haizhu, a new era station. Located in the new era of Luo Road, Huajiang Road, Haizhu District. He Zijian’s new era of Haizhu District is a surrounding open space, which combines the party group service center, the New Times Civilization Practice Center, and Bi Dao Huimin Center to provide convenience and diverse projects for the people.

  The station in Guangzhou, the first "listening, new era" cloud listening platform, showing the content of tourist attractions, red historical artifacts, etc. . In addition, the AI ??party building assistant is the "Party Construction Instructor of Waiting for Classes" in the station, which is able to link regional party building resources such as communities, enterprises, functional departments in real time.

Here is also a VR interactive area, through the form of "5g + VR", breaking through the time and space limit of traditional red education, so that the experience is in the Guangzhou Uprising, the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Plenary Session. "Hearing the New Times" cloud listening platform in the new era of Haizhu District.

Su Junjie makes the party history, so that the revolutionary spirit will continue to inherit. In Guangzhou, a new era civilization practice station with red imprint is, it is using more smart means to learn about "four history", and use the humanized way to deepen the people. "The True Love" "Winter" to carry out volunteer service volunteer service is an important indicator of social civilization progress, and it is also an important part of strengthening spiritual civilization construction, cultivating and practicing socialist core values. In recent years, the New Times Civilization Practice Center of Guangzhou is carefully created "Guangxi" volunteer service brand. It has established the volunteer team around the public, and the intimate "wide service" allows the masses to enjoy culture anytime, anywhere. Feast.

  In the volunteer station in Guangzhou Street, there is a volunteer of all ages to serve the public. Su Junjie moved the street dance to the stage, using the artistic way of the stage drama to show the civilized practice volunteer service activities in life, one of the characteristics of civilized practice in the new era of Guangzhou.

On September 24, 2021, the first original original street dance drama "our lives" produced by Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, this paper dances in the form of Guangzhou young people to participate in volunteer services, dedication to society, and courageous The story of the story has caused strong repercussions in Guangzhou.

"Youth should be this." The staff of this drama said that volunteer service is not simple to send warmth, but should be a thing to learn, everyone can do.

  "Our Life" stills. Data pictures were in the Cantonese Cantonese Master Training Room, and the 118 training class took out a group of craftsmen who were interested in inheriting Cantonese culture, driving villagers to increase their income. "I hope that farmhouse does not only have farmhouse, but also a five-star hotel." Tan Guohui, Guangzhou Kangled Hotel said, and a general training course, most of the students from local farms, farmhouses, The teachers responsible for the submitted award are Chinese cooking masters.

A master, with a special Cantonese cuisine, and opened the "last kilometer" of the new era civilization practice linking social development.

  In Yongqingfang, Liwan District, I came to "special" team – small volunteers. This group comes from the children of Xiuan Pei Zheng Primary School: I am not only the professional "speaking staff" in the Cantonese Opera Art Museum, and is also the anti-epidemic civilization adviser on Yongqing Street.

Student Parents’ Xia Dad said that the daughter is 5 years old to participate in volunteer service, from the traditional Cantonese opera to the trend magic, children can not only be happy, but also benefit.

  The elementary school volunteers reminded the public to wear masks.

Su Junjie "There is a hot, you will send a shot". With the continuous spirit of the volunteer spirit, the flowers of the "Guangxi" civilization practice volunteer service are in the South Guangdong.

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