After learning this news,Chu Deirers also wondered Ma,Anyway, these days have also been complete《Congenital strength》,Passing Yin Zhiping,It has completed the arrival of the master of the master.。

Gave a southern mountain,Chu Deiren fell in Chang’an,After a night,It is also not to ignite the news that Tian Bigu is flowing towards Shaanneas.,Directly along the water,Run Huadian……
There is not too urgent road on the road,Specially hire carriages,Rush、Drilling these two hearts、Two swords。
Tian Bigu must be far away from the group,Dare to go to Huashan to find people!
Six days later,Chu Dee is bumped up and came to Huzhou.,Live in Huayin City for one night,Take advantage in the inn,Both heart methods、Two swordsmanship……
Double double big harvest!
Two integrations are very successful,especially《Jade》and《All true》Blend,Give a great confidence in Chu Deirers。
“Sure enough!Integrate……In fact, it is actually a brainstorm,and‘badge’In fact, it is in martial arts.,The purest martial arts will icon!”Chu Deiren has a seven points of confidence。
Previously in Yuyong,A large ticket of the gun version of the secret,No way to use all——Obviously, some are able to practice。
I got it later.“Shaolin Jiuyang”Time,The Chu Deirers actually read the misleading practitioner of Xie smoking guests.,But I didn’t understand what“Inflammation”。
At that time, the Chu Deiren was already“Integrate”and“badge”The principle has guess……
Experience in a fusion,Let Chu Deirers guess,Also getting more specific,Until with this half experimental fusion!
According to Chu Deirers,Every time I learned new martial arts,Awareness“badge”,It is very likely that the starter is in this martial art.,Pure will。
It is equivalent to communicating these will,“Brainstorming”New martial arts。
certainly,This is the purest military will,Not the real Wang Chongyang and Lin Chao Ying’s soul,Otherwise, it is afraid that there is no time to discuss martial arts.。
Until“Integrate”Outgoing result,It will also be a new martial arts will……
Therefore, Chu Deirers regardless of a martial art.,How precious is,Cannot form a consumable badge again,And others made,Simple improvement without martial arts will、Or simply imitate,Is unable to form badges。
Happy school“Decipher”The result is not,Xie smoke, the law, the law of ripples, no……
Not a simple result,Instead, it is necessary to see the will to create the will.!
But like a Jiuyin master、Jiuyang God,Although it is the heart of Jiuyin, it is further derived.,But there is already a new will,I’m thinking about it.。
this time《Jade》and《All true》Combined successful,Let Chu Dee people believe in their guess。
Chapter 131 Lang Yu Yizhen
Chu Deirers left thought to right,feel“Integrate”Essence,No more no two possibilities。
One is a powerful will,Maybe it is a potential yourself.……This“will”,You can quickly understand martial arts,And fused deduction;
Second, it is self-cultivation of martial arts.,Collecting the will of Wushu,Incorporate,That is, the communication of these will。
from“Possibility of fusion has failed”、“The badge will now disappear after the fusion”,as well as“Imitation martial arts can’t read”Equal characteristics,Chu Deee gradually tends to guess the second speculation。
If it is true“A powerful will”,In deduction of martial arts,Worse result,Shouldn’t retreat,On the contrary, if it is the martial arts will exchange it.,In addition to mutual promotion,It may also produce mutual misleading results!
Disappeared as a material after fusion,It also implies the essence of fusion,It is bound to be related to martial arts itself……
this time“All true+Jade girl”Combined successful,There is no doubt that Chu Deirers must determine their own guess.。
As for the fuse,It is likely to be a brainstorm,Various inspiration,Chu Deirers can also use these spiritual light,To stimulate your own inspiration,That is to enter“Essay”state!
More understanding“Golden finger”,Naturally, it can be more targeted in the future.,Even“Golden finger”Optimization itself……
As a result,“All true+Jade girl”This seems to be a high blend of two hearts,Will be a big success, it is not surprising。

Ruplely meaningful,Well water does not commit river water,If Liao Jie, I will leave.,Today’s things have not happened,If,Don’t blame him.。

“嘿嘿 嘿”
Commander first gift,Very polite,But Lyon does not understand,It may also be understood that it is not concerned about the roots.,阴 森 森 森 中,The chainsaw of the chainsaw rushed over。
Gunshot,Liao Jie and Zhongfa after the column,Only by Lyon does not care,God work body knife gun does not,Bullets are playing in the body.。
Several hengli rushed into the ghost,Chain saw four times,The arm is falling。
Blood flow,Hurricane,Not in a moment,This ghost soldier is full,One complete can’t find it。
The only commander is struggling to fight,A strike, hop, cut it in the top of the Lyon,Only listen to the golden iron,Blade out spark,He holds the warrior。
Windy,Commander,Why don’t explain each other?,He even with a knife,The chainsaw are cut into two halves together.。
Consciousness, the three people in Lyon are not people,Today is to hurry,The group of hidden people in the ghost nest is not sitting.,I am running out of the ghost door。
Flicker,Scene confusion,Integrally like anthel,Liao Jie’s ax in the hand,Fundamental is not enough。
Due to the ghost group to the door,Sudden lightning,Yellow paper spell on the wall bloom blue,Fantasy launch,Outside the ghost。
“Old clock,Beautiful。”
Lyon is full of blood,It’s rare to praise a white sentence,It’s a smile.,I feel that it is talking。
“Snoop,There are too many ghosts here.,How long does it take for a ban?。”
Zhongfa white poundcracker,A strike sweeping thousands of army,Ghost shadow,Can so even,Still a drop in the bucket。
“Look at me!”
Digan dishes,Touching two bottles from arms,Pulled into the ghost group。
Killing is not to say,No matter the ghost,It’s a drop of milk.,Hurt。
Is the picture too happy,Not serious at all。
Liao Jie caught his face and didn’t dare to see,Throw away hands on the ax,The knee is sitting on the net world.。
“Heaven and earth nature,Dispersion”
Under the blessing,Liao Jie is not too big,Diffusion to ghost nest every corner。
Like Lei Zhen,Potential such as blast,Histfulness,Each word contains the power of Wanhao,Characterism,Dush to spread,Do not have a ghost。
“Fierce,Dow often,Anxious!”
With the last word,Senye is too empty,The ghost group is in black fog。Intensive cold,The whole bar instantly smoke,Fade,Rejection to the true appearance of the cave。
“Ager,Are you a bloody?,Obviously, the next time I can’t finish it.。”
Lyon face is unhappy,He is killing,Liao Jie suddenly suffered a big trick,I can’t get it.,It is very difficult to accept。
“Ager,Your curse is so powerful,How to practice?”
Clock is curious,Net world spell him will also,I don’t have this power for one hundred times.。
“nothing,Only hand ripe,I will practice more you will be very good.”
“Ager,Don’t lie to him.。”
Lyon shook his head interrupted,Take a white shoulder,Encourage road:“Qualification this kind of incide,stay strong,There is a lie called diligence,I will give it to you today.,I hope that you will work hard.,Don’t give up yourself。”
Clock, white eye picking,Seniors high people tragedy,After all, I didn’t dare to speak in Lyon.。
Chapter 76 Xiongtai Yaixing
at home,Liao Wenjie dried his heartbank,As if you have a long time,Can grow banknotes。
This is true,He is really planning to wait for a small money to grow it.。

You are so handsome,How can there be no one wants?,I see that when Red, Yang Qingyun is very good.,After waiting for the company,I will take a bridge between you.。”

“Forehead”Su Shengming doubling a greasy hair that did not wash it in two days,The anger-shaking look is listening to the handsome two words,Instant and Yan Yue。
“Muzi,You also think that I am handsome than you.,But I don’t look for a star.,I like the type of Lan Xin.,Back home Xiaoyu,At the outer female sense,Envelope。”
Su Seiming said,Also, I’m also smashed my hair.。
Mu Ziyou looked at Su Sei Ming,Faceless,Who said that people don’t want to face,Now I am looking for my wife in the standard of people.。
Do you want to make this fast??
but,If this is in front of Lu Hao,Lu Haoge can’t kill him.。
“Boast,Your nerve bar,Friendly reminds you,This thing should not say in front of Lu Hao Cheng。”
He is really in the blue heart.?”
Su Sei Ming is still a face。
Mu Ziyou, your idiot look,If you talk too fast this?,How can I isolate you alone?。
Even he saw Su Shengming felt guilt。
Muzi fang said:“I want to go to the bathroom。”
Su Seiming just took off the shoes,go to bed,Hear him to come to this sentence,I have jumped it in an instant.。
Looking at Mu Zizi’s eyes full of anger:“Just ask you,Don’t you say it??”
NS633chapter:I am a ancestor.
Muzi:“”“Su Sei Ming,This is a physiological phenomenon,Not what I want to think。”
Mu Ziqi’s voice is higher than him。
He is still a belly fire here.,From small to large,He has never been sinned。
“Ouch!I really met the ancestors.。”
Su Sei Ming helpless shoes,Hold him up in the past,A bottle,Hold him to go to the bathroom。
Mu Ziyou hopped,Big toes,Every step is torn with heart hurt。
indeed,For the Mu Ziyi, a nourishing department,This is indeed the first injury。
and,In order not to let the family worry,He didn’t tell the family,Su Seiming can only stay with him all the time。
but,Le Yu came to the hospital to see him,He feels that everything is worth it.。
Go back all the way,Le Yu has not said a word。
Alignment of the window,Others are not very understanding of Le Yu,But Blue Xin understands her。
She knows that she is almost eight years.,Friends around you only have her,She has the ability,Also arrogant,General people to her,Only awe,No friendship。
these years,She has time,Just stick to her。
I have never been like Mu Zizi to her.,at this time,Her mood should be very complicated。
Wen Wen is her boyfriend,Wen Wen is a person who loves his love,In her impression,In addition to being attended with some important banquets,Other seems to have done anything?
but,Hey, the mood is complicated, it should be a good thing.,Mu Ziyi is a few times more than Wenlan,Direct Wen Wen dozens of streets。
Go home all the way,Each wash and rest。
Blue Xin looked at Shen Jiaqi’s room,The lamp in her room is still bright.。
After washing,She is again。

The tone of the fat Taoist is much eased,Said:“Follow the rules,No appointment,Your child who has been removed from the family is not eligible to see his second ancestor。

Are you filial,I’ll pass it on for you again。
but……” “Thank you!”
Li Jiacheng even took a gift box from Li Zexuan’s hand,Tucked into the hands of the fat Taoist, he whispered:“Centennial Wild Ginseng,Little meaning,Disrespect。”
“Easy to say,Easy to say!”
The fat Taoist smiled openly and put the wild ginseng into the long sleeves of the loose Taoist robe,Even more:“You father and son are waiting,I will report immediately!”
Li Zexuan is not angry。
Know how much your father is,Is to meet the Prime Minister of Eagle Country,The leader of the opposing country does not dare to put such a big spectrum。
After the fat Taoist went in and informed,Li Zexuan said:“dad,Who is the master of this Taoist temple,A janitor at the door would dare to treat your old man like this。
I’ll get someone to burn the Taoist temple!”
“To shut up!”
Li Jiacheng shouted,Grumbled:“Don’t mention such a big rebellion!”
Li Zexuan couldn’t help shaking,Since thirty,Father has never accused himself so severely,I feel strange for the master in Taoist temple。

Of course, I can only follow it.!

Original Yu Lian is because Zhang Zhen people have already passed,And also points to the disciples,So I have to travel around.,
Originally he was prepared to go to the Sichuan to see……Rumor has it,Emei wants to organize a wave of encirclement on the bright top,However, there is no official invitation to send,Yu Lianzhou wants to see the situation first。
But by the Chu Deiren“Kidnap”,That is tied to death!
“This……I mainly worry about the blood knife,If you really meet the blood knife,I am not afraid of my Murong brother.,Yu Xiong is something wrong……”Chu Deirers said very real。
“Nothing more important things,Chu brother does not have to hang。”Yu Lianzhou is now because。
Chu Deirers also did not have tough rejection——Yu Lianzhou、Murongjiu,And yourself……The strength is full of blood knife old ancestors.!
At this time, Yu Lianzhu felt,I just wrap the road.,Should soon hear the news of the blood knife old ancestors,After that, he came from Jingchu to Sichuan.。
This optimistic idea,Only three days……
The Chu Deiren has returned Yu Lianzhou.,Three people shake the big swing through the Song Yuan border,Occasionally, in some small stocks,It is also a god of killing、Buddha to kill Buddha。
However, after three days,Just came to Fuyang,The border of the people in this weekly rivers and lakes,I heard a bad news!
South 4 奇 invites the same way,Encircle the blood knife,In Jingchu Wulin is also a piece“Event”,Continuously with Xiangyang City,Recently, the rivers and lakes have fewer。
Chu Deirers,I haven’t visited Guo Qiaoxia.,Ready to rest for one night in the inn,Not waiting for Chu Deirers to Qunyu,I heard the commentary of the neighborhood.……
“Have you heard of it??Waterman’s daughter,The kinky of the blood knife is giving!”
“what?Not saying Nan four-story,Was a blood knife??how come……”
“Yup,Where did you hear it??Luminous swordsman is said that the sword law is no longer in the Shuishi……”
“what!Two men,Not too far?If this is rider, your letter?I listen to my brother.!The day before yesterday in Jingzhou Government,Bell Sword Shuangxia met a little kinky,It’s really simply that it’s hard to learn.,But behind the latter、Old,But the blood knife old ancestor,Two little dolls are not opponents at all,As a result, you guess how?
The little kinky is saved、Waterfare is also caught!Click one’s tongue,Waterfront Women’s Body、That look,Skilly,Hey-hey……do not know either,Do you want to recognize this green after Wang Shaoxin?……Oy!”
This person said the story is story,Face tone is more wretched,Chu Deirers can’t see,Come on your own table,A piece of broken chicken bones shot past,In this person’s mouth,Suddenly call pain、Full of bleeding,This spit……In addition to bones,There is also your own teeth!
“who?What hidden use?”Several people at the same table,Nervous pick up the knife standing up,Several other tables are also secretly prepared。
“That is a chicken,Can still be ivory。”Chu Deirers said,Will you put a place to the table。
Suddenly, this person also can’t stand it in your mouth.,Several people in the same table also scared two battles……
“You are……Chow、Chow……”
Chu Dee,Cold channel:“What is Tai Gongzi??”
“Chu Hexia,In Wu Gate, Xi Sword, Wu De,See your old man,Let the little think of the old ladies at home.、Wu Mr’s master,In my heart is unlimited and revered.!”
“good,I don’t know if you are still,Draw your old drink,Wanwang forgive……”
These in the rivers and lakes,Although I can’t find it in the list,But it is also a five people six people.,Change to the Chu Deirers when Juxian Zhuang Kong Heroes,Maybe you can also expose a name。
But I saw the name of the reputation outside.,This can be a half point, I don’t dare to take it.,We are afraid of him.……
“Taking it in Xiangyang City,Can you fight?,But I will ask you to eat chicken.,You have touched your teeth yourself,I can blame me.?”Chu Deirers said to the people who just put the words。
“Not blame、Not blame!It is a small waste of Chu Hexia.!”This person will leak the wind in one mouth.,Also shake your head again。
Fuyang is not allowed?
Can you tell you that??Don’t say that he first,Even if the Chu Deire is walking on the street, he is a meal.,I am afraid that Guo Zhaob will not stand up for him.……
“Then don’t say nonsense.,honestly、Come from head!Do not have a half-sentence。”Chu Deirers said harsh。
“Yes Yes Yes,I will talk about it.……This、This……Chu Hexia, but‘Brave、Ridge spine’,Territory is comparable to Guo Taxia.,On the martial arts not to Zhang Zhen,And the meaning of Yi Qiankun、Windflow,Every place is accompanied by beauty……”
“Shut up!Who let you say these?Where can I say??I asked you what you’re bell swordsman and blood knife.!”Chu Deirers interrupted his touting。
These rivers and lakes,That is, I like to add oil to the basis of the fact.,It seems exaggerated。
This person is busy and knowing what he knows,Talk over……

After all, whoever eats if Li speaks behind the wind.,And Li Hui is a master.,So the more power behind it??

Hesitation,He decided that this time still went to make friends.。
Li Hui Feng did not know that he has been stared by a master.。
He just thinks after the money of making Xiao Chen,Bringing back to the village to continue to develop。
really,The next day, Xiao Chenbo came again.,This time no nonsense,Directly to Li with the wind transfer。
Li Hui Feng is so happy for Xiao Chen,It is also directly that it will cure the other party on the same day.。
Return to the other part of the vitality this,Li Hui Feng gives the other party.,Let the other person go to the medicine。
Come on a week can be restored。
The same, the problem of Xiaochen Body is also treated together.。
After the treatment of Xiao Chen beat,Li Hui Hui also went to the cool and cool, and Jin Mingwu saw it.。
Jin Mingwu is now with Li Xianer is also almost no matter what the drug is.。
Everyday Show,Even next steps are ready to go to Rome。
And the whole drug aware house is compressed in Su-cool body。
But Su Yan did not show a little unhappy for this.,He seems to like this feeling.。
See this scene,Li Hui Feng also can’t help:“Su big brother,If you like,Do you want to go to our village to help me manage other industries??”
“Hey-hey,Xiao Li,You are still don’t hit as a plan.,I don’t have so much energy.,This is my promise,I have been waiting for the launch of the shopkeeper.,Then go travel。”
When I said this, I can’t help but ask.:“Lee brother,Your village is now developing now.?
I have given my family Ting.。”
“Hey-hey,good,But there is no professionals such as Su Da Ge,Everything is like a piece of sand。”
Su Chang listened this, I also laughed.。
“I can’t do this.,After all, I also thought about my life.,More than looking at them,It is simply eyebrows together.,I didn’t listen to us.。”
Li Xianer listened to this,It is also a laugh:“This is going to blame, who makes you bring your girlfriend around.?
I am tired of my heart.,The main purpose is that I have to let my father know that he can’t escape my palm.。”
Jin Mingwu heard this,Continuous shaking head:“Will not,I will not escape from killing.,I chased a half of the woman.,I finally chased my hand.,The fool is only put away?!”
Li Xianer is very satisfied with this answer to Jin Mingwu.。
“Row,Then all men talk about it.,I’m going back,I still have to come back early in the evening.,If there is a taste of other women,I will know。”
Say,Li Xianer took directly to the two slender jade legs.。
With Li Xianer’s departure,Jin Mingwu is also laughing。
“Hey-hey,I feel that I am going to liberate.,You still don’t hurry to get married.?
Then we will,It is best to go to the market.,Then give the shares in your hand,How about it?”
Jin Mingwu, this exit,Su Yugu directly agreed。
It is that Li Hui’s wind is a bit difficult.。
Seeing that Li Hui’s appearance is difficult,Jin Mingwu is also laughing。
“Lee brother,Are you too many women who don’t know what to marry??
You study my brother.,I used to be the colorful flag.,Now those colorful flags are there.,啥?
It is the red flag like you.,Your nephew, the red flag can be all the colorful flags.。”
“You will find a favorite in your heart.,Then get married is good,Don’t think about you?,Can not be so perfect in this world,And women, but there is no man in a man.。”
Chapter 128th Transfer Shares
I heard this,Li Hui Rong stunned,It’s hard to smirk。

He believes that these apples don’t have to rise in the future.,The buyers who have already ordered themselves will rise.。

When the price is almost almost,He is directly here to a clearance。
really,When he released the news,Apple’s trend in the next few days directly crazy price increase to 300,000,The most critical is not yet sold.。
In the next day,No matter how foreign or domestic bought apple,As long as it is eating, there is a significant improvement。
Especially eaten two to three apples.,That face is even more than ten years old.。
This is some anti-day effect,It’s just that the apple is about to go against the sky.。
As a result,This apple has become a snap item.。
Even some fake apples appear。
Su Qing is also early to prevent this trick.。
Last year apple is selling fast,He didn’t care about these。
But this year, he is preparing for a high price to sell.,Natural can’t make these people succeed。
He announced the place of apple directly,And each apple has special imprints,As for this imprint, he is not saying。
But there is no imprint of those fake apples.,In this way, many people are also cautious when they purchase.。
The first thousand three hundred and thirty-nine chapters are insufficient
At the same time, the organization that has bought Apple is also exposed directly.。
Not,Just to maximize Apple’s profits。
There are special numbers on each apple.,At the same time, the best experts are also followed.,It means that the writing of the apple is no harmful to the human body.。
Who if I buy an apple?,It will also directly indicate that this apple’s number disappears.。
There will be no more apples in the market.,If the other party bought an apple, I want to sell it.,Then they will not be responsible.。
An appearance of a message,Directly, those fake and shoddy apples disappeared.。
At this time, Apple’s price is directly rushed to throw up thirty-five thousand prices.。
After all, this apple belongs to the extinction.,Eat this year,No, there is no future.。
Plus that powerful effect,Let the woman crazy directly,Men although not so crazy,But those who have money, but they can’t help but shoot.。
Su Qing is also seen that Apple’s price is almost,Started to order the institutions ordered before。
400,000,Aquare,And those institutions are slowly eating,Just sell higher prices later。
It is also prepared for these Suwei.,Sell last year’s inventory,Then sell this year。
Similarly, he also saved 10,000 apples again.,In order to avoid, others asked others when he wants to buy.。
even so,This time after sale,He also has a feeling of informed meat.。
Last year, he was twenty billion with Li Hui’s one.。
This year, he will go directly to 80 million.。
His ideal is 50 billion,But it exceeds his ideal state。
Such a big fund,Do not invest in dry point,Su Liang always feels in your hand is waste。
The same, he also directly let Li apart from the wind to handle a supremeVIP,Then I hit the other party over 100 billion。
After all, I said that I have said that I have opened it.,Finally, Li Hui is still insisting,But do he feel that he can’t be too greedy.。
Even now is this situation,He also feels that he is a bit greed.。
But under the temptation of a big pen,He believes that no one can resist it.。

It is dragon!

A sword spirit formed by the will of thousands of abandoned swords,Then cultivated by the sword spirit to become the sword dragon!
“Is my blood,Make you a sword spirit?”Zhu Minglang still can’t calm down from this shock。
It just drank its own blood,And then melted away the rust on my body。
It is telling itself,It recognizes itself,Where did it come from。
“That sword shadow flying shuttle,I used to slash the scars of the sky?”
“That intertwined battlefield,It’s the sword sound I practice day and night?”
“You wait for me here,But turned the dragon?”
Zhu Minglang looked at this Yinhong sword,Recalling the scenes I saw before,My eyes are wet。
The so-called abandoned sword forest haunted legend,Lasted for some years in Jianzong。
But these are the real sword spirits in this abandoned sword forest sending a message to the outside world,At every hour of day and night,Waiting for my return。
“I am no longer a swordsman。”
“You are no longer a sword spirit。”
Zhu Minglang wiped the tears that were about to well in his eyes。
Good luck,Ruo Zhu Minglang returned as a swordsman,The sword spirit dragon can no longer be the sword held by Zhu Minglang,Because it has transformed into a dragon。
But Zhu Minglang has no power of God,Can’t wield true sword intent anymore,He became the Dragon Shepherd……
A little bit of soul,In Zhu Minglang’s mind, like drop after drop of rain falling into the lake,From the initial ripples,To the full lake,Zhu Minglang can even perceive some emotions of the sword spirit dragon!
Is the blood just now。

Now that Liu Ying is here,Wang Youcai doesn’t want to stay in the kitchen,He went back to his room,Two took off their clothes and lay down,He wants to go back to sleep。

At this time,Chen Jiang’s office in Pingdu,Liu Jianbing, director of the Xindu Sub-district Police Station, sat there with a wry smile。
“Director Liu!Although I am not your direct leader,But as the deputy mayor in charge of comprehensive security in Pingdu,It’s okay to ask you to understand something!“Chen Jiang asked with a serious face。
Liu Jianbing said with a smile:“Mayor Chen is serious,Just ask what you want,I will answer you what I know,Don’t say you are my leader,From home,We are still in the same town”
“it is good!What I want is your words。I heard that Mayor Wang’s younger brother Wang Youcai is involved in the crime?”Chen Jiang lowered his voice and asked。
When Liu Jianbing heard Chen Jiang’s question,,My face couldn’t help but change。He whispered:“Mayor Chen,The Criminal Police Team took over this case,We are not very clear”
“Take a look,What I said just now is so nice。I’m just asking,Are you so hard?What’s the big deal,Is it possible that Mayor Wang is protecting this matter??”Chen Jiang deliberately threw a brick to attract jade,He wants to get something out of Liu Jianbing’s mouth。
Liu Jianbing breathed out:“Mayor Chen!One of Wang Youcai’s men was indeed caught in my area,And this person also confessed,He does have a brother number thirty or forty,He is the boss,Don’t know Wang Youcai”
“Oh!You believe him when he says that?”Chen Jiang asked with a smile。
Liu Jianbing smiled and said:“What we pay attention to when handling cases is evidence,We can’t do it without evidence。So this Wuwu was transferred to the prosecutors,I believe it will be sentenced soon”
“This person is called Wu Wu, right?!He should be Wang Youcai’s subordinate”Chen Jiang was still a bit unwilling to say this。
Liu Jianbing shook his head and said:“No proof,Besides, this matter is beyond my control now”Liu Jianbing is a little confused,Why does Chen Jiang hold onto this matter??
I can’t ask any questions,Chen Jiang let Liu Jianbing go back,But when I go out,He again told Liu Jianbing,Their conversation is strictly confidential,Can’t tell anyone。
Liu Jianbing left,Chen Jiang grabbed the phone,Beat Chen Feng,The phone is connected soon,Chen Jiang lowered his voice into the phone and said:“Find a way to get close to Wang Youcai,It’s better to ask him out for me,I want to have a good talk with him”
“brother!This matter can’t be too urgent,I have set a trap for Wang Youcai,As long as he gets in,We controlled him,Are you afraid that he won’t listen to us??”Chen Feng said,Laughed a little presumptuously on the phone。
Chen Jiang frowned,Said a little unhappy:“Be careful when you do this for me,If something goes wrong,I can’t save you”Chen Jiang to this brother,But I’m so heartbroken。