Xie Xiaoya saw the doubt in Xia Jian’s heart,She said with a faint smile:“Things in the world are endless,There are things you can’t even think of。My partner is Zhang Zhenlin,He married me after his eldest wife died,He is Zhang Luo’s biggest dealer in cultural relics。It’s a pity that you won’t live long after getting this stuff”

“what!You are all married?”Xia Jian’s surprise was not this,But it’s a pity that Xiaoya, such a beautiful woman, would be someone’s second-married wife。
Xiaoya smiled miserably and said:“I’ve been an orphan since I was a child,I was raised by a five-guarantee household in the village,And provided me to finish high school。I was planning to go to university,But what year,The grandpa who raised me is gone,I had to drop out of school,Started my own life”
Xia Jian never thought,The girl sitting in front of him has such a bizarre life experience。
“A girl in society,The hardships can be imagined。Once inKTV When I was bullied,I ran into my dead husband Zhang Zhenlin,He saved me。Afterwards we kept going,Like a friend。The result was two years after we met,His wife left because of illness,He married me the next year,I was twenty-five years old that year”That’s it for Xie Xiaoya,I was a little sad and shed tears。
“There is a saying that marry a chicken and follow a chicken,Marry a dog。I married Zhang Zhenlin,Naturally follow him to sell cultural relics。But we never steal cultural relics,Just transferred from someone else,Because we have a market”That’s it for Xie Xiaoya,Stopped slowly。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“I really didn’t expect,You are such a person。If it is not convenient,Don’t go any further”Xia Jian’s implication is that what you said is actually for me,Just listen to the story。
But Xie Xiaoya didn’t stop like Xia Jian said,She flicked the hair in front of her face,Took a breath and said:“Our goods for these years have been given to Fat Hu in the provincial capital。Although the price is low by him,But it’s safe,I won’t give us any less money”
“Oh!What is this time for?”Xia Jian couldn’t help but ask。
Xie Xiaoya sighed and said:“My husband died in an accident two years ago。Fat Hu began to miss me,I will make some requests every time,I am cold noodles。This time, the little bronze man is because someone in Zhangluo gave me a price,So Fatty Hu wanted to blind me but didn’t blind me”
“Oh!It seems this thing is very valuable?”Xia Jian couldn’t help but ask Xie Xiaoya。
Xie Xiaoya thought for a while and said:“Someone bid 580,000 yuan in Zhang Luo,I think this thing will have at least an integer in the provincial capital。Because I want to wash my hands after finishing this trip,Never touch this thing again。But what I didn’t expect was,Fat Hu only gave me 300,000。And I have to sleep for one night,Otherwise he won’t want 300,000”
“Such a big provincial capital,Can’t you find a second seller like him?”Xia Jian said bluntly。
Xie Xiaoya took a breath and said:“This Fat Hu also works for others,I heard that his backstage is a great figure in the provincial capital,Just show something like this here,No one dared to take it when I went to another house。So I can only leave temporarily with things,Unexpectedly, these three also caught up with the train”
“You carry such a valuable thing,Why are you squeezing a hard-seat car??”Xia Jian asked a little puzzled。
Xie Xiaoya took a breath and said:“First, time is too tight,Second, it is easy to hide in the crowd,I didn’t expect these three people to be so powerful,But luckily I met you”

Behind the big figure of the strong man,Li Tianchou stopped his figure decisively,He felt the threat of another dark figure three or four meters away,This person crouched there quietly,Seems to be integrated with the surrounding environment,Like a poisonous snake sitting quietly on the ground in the dark waiting for its prey。

Li Tianchou was secretly surprised,Another master,I don’t know if I was noticed by the other party before,But the arrow has to be sent。He raised his right palm without any hesitation,Draw a small half arc in the air,The palm edge fell silently on the back of the strong man’s neck。Seemingly plain,But actually used a lot of energy,I’m worried about the thick skin of the strong man,Not easy to fall。
After a hand knife,Li Tianchou quickly turned his head,Soaring,Rushed straight to the black shadow three meters away,Because he clearly sensed that at the same time he started,This person has found him,It’s really hard to deal with。
Black Shadow’s body shook slightly,Didn’t even dodge,There seems to be an extra guy in his hand。Li Tianchou suddenly constricted in mid-air,Even the hairs stand up。Because he suddenly discovered that the weapon in the opponent’s hand was a pistol,And the gun was aimed at him。
Many actual combat experience plus instinctive reaction,Li Tianchou’s dagger has been shot out at will,The body is also doing incredible twists in the air,Change the running track to the maximum。“boom”A gunshot pierced the night sky,Exceptionally deafening,The muzzle flashes,Li Tianchou has clearly seen the black shadow’s face,A very wretched middle-aged man。
Li Tianchou rolled into the vegetation nearby,At the same time, severe pain in the left arm,Didn’t you escape a shot?,The other party also heard a painful grunt,I don’t know what part of his body the dagger penetrated。
The warning effect of this gun is obvious,Whether Zhu Lei or the mad king,All smelled a very dangerous smell。Especially the mad king,He feels incredible,There was a serious deviation in my judgment,Obviously feel that the other party is still 100 meters away,How come you suddenly appeared in front of you?
Mad King is so experienced,Did not ask,But to signal the two people around to silence。Distinguish carefully,Can’t help but change color,See the fucking god,There are still two people 100 meters away,And the opponents around him are like emerging from under the ground。He immediately took out the guy,Gesturing to two people around,Signal to separate action。
Zhu Lei and the shemale are also by no means general,The first reaction is to get into the wild,Gunshots are too close,I can’t say that Li Tianchou has already encountered an opponent,The previous situation is unknown,It’s important to hide first。
The mad king is separated from his companion,He faces backwards,Two companions forward。The intention is obvious,He wants to go back to the other side,Solve the enemy personally,At the same time, they asked their companions to kill the two people 100 meters away。
The reason for this arrangement,Because the mad king felt an unprecedented threat,After the gunfire,Except for a painful grunt from my companion,There was no sound in the opposite field,That big guy seems to have no breathing sound,Was it killed??
Zhu Lei leaned over for a moment,Then gesturing and discussing with the ladyboy,The two decided to move forward slowly。Because the front is quiet again,This quietness often contains great murderous intent。In the end what happened,They have no idea,But never sit still,And how is Li Tianchou’s life and death?,They can’t let go。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Five Wild Fight(under)
Night black and high wind,There is a slight squeaky noise in the wild,Intermittently,It’s like a rodent at night coming out for food。To be a field mole for a better home life,Work overtime at night。Everything seems so peaceful。
But a corner of the field under the cover of this tranquil atmosphere,But engaged in a cruel life and death fight,Everyone involved in it was frightened。
Li Tianchou shut his breath,At this moment, lying still under the vegetation,Although the left arm still has throbbing pain,But he knows the problem is not big。At least not affecting the action,May bleed a little more,But now is not the time to treat bandaging。
The effect of venturing out just now was not good,Mainly underestimated the other party。The calmness and disguise ability of the wretched man is not under the mad king,Not so easy。Xufengtang is really extraordinary,I don’t know where to collect such a bunch of monsters,If you really have an affair with Zhang Zhiqiang,Be very careful after that。
Li Tianchou try to relax his body,Try to sense the abnormal changes in the surrounding environment,Especially in the pile of wormwood more than three meters in front of the body,The wretched man hides in it,At this moment, there is not the slightest breath。
After this person was stabbed by a dagger,Except for a muffled hum,Then came painful and rapid breathing,But it only lasted a few seconds and there was no sound,It feels like you have died。

In the vast wilderness of Siberia,Sweep the spear in Hong’s hand,As if light and darkness meet at dawn。flood,Step into the origin of the law of the universe。

Nine months,Li Ming opened his eyes!
“Rumbling~~~”A slight tremor in the surrounding space。
A drop of gold color appeared above Li Ming’s head out of thin air,And then fall directly。
The yellow gold droplet fell directly on Li Ming’s head,Regarding Li Ming’s body as nothingness,Go directly in,Then this drop of gold color is divided into two parts,On the miniature star of Mind Power that fell in Li Ming’s body。
This is the core of Li Ming’s mind and soul!
“Scoff~~”easy,The yellow gold droplets are completely absorbed by the miniature stars,Faintly more golden。
At this moment, Li Ming has been officially recognized by the law of origin of gold。
Most of his consciousness,Like a drop of water,Into the ocean of the law of gold,Simple understanding of the origin of the law of gold,His speed is 50% faster than before。
And at the same time,A golden mountain mark slowly appeared on the center of Li Ming’s brow,This mark on the center of the eyebrows has faint fluctuations in the law that makes the heart palpitating,This is a sign recognized by the law of origin!
“I didn’t expect Li Ming’s understanding of the law of gold,Has reached the point where the law of origin is recognized。”Babata looked surprised。“Even if he no longer enters the origin of the universe,Relying on this golden mountain mark,The speed of his practice will also increase greatly!”
Li Ming also showed a slight smile,It’s just that there is a slight difference between this smile and before:“Did not expect this time,My progress is so great,Even the memories of the previous life are partially restored,The blood turned out to be···It’s a pity,I must resonate with the origin of the universe,To gradually break the seal of self,Retrieve the memory。。In other words,I want to completely integrate past life memories,I’m afraid it’s time to break through and become the master of the world。”
“Meteorite,And this golden horn behemoth。。Seems to be‘grab’It’s Luo Feng’s chance。Forget it,Think of a way to compensate him later!”
Soon,Li Ming’s consciousness completely withdrew from the origin of the universe。
The black dome in front of you,Twelve meters,It has shrunk to only three meters long。

“Actually we all got up early,I’m just afraid to disturb you。It’s late,I already called the front desk。We should go home after dinner in a while,Many things in the group,Dare not delay”

Guan Tingna’s professionalism is very touched by Xia Jian,He quickly packed up,Then followed Guan Tingna to the restaurant on the second floor。
The two bosses of the group are here,So the service level of the entire hotel has reached the highest state。Xia Jian and the three of them were eating,It’s the enjoyment of a five-star hotel。
After breakfast,The three drove towards the city。Xia Jian wanted to continue driving,But Guan Tingna wouldn’t let it,She let Xia Jian sit in the co-pilot,She drove it herself。
Coming out of Donglin Township because of the snow and thin ice on the road,So this car can’t run at all。Wait for the mountain,At the boundary of Pingyang Town。Lu Yizi is quite clear,Guan Tingna just mentioned the speed。
When the car often passes the bus station in Pingyang Town,Xia Jian suddenly saw a familiar figure,He hurriedly called Guan Tingna:“Parked the car to the side of the road”
Once the car is parked,Xia Jian pushed the car door and walked down。His eyes are quite accurate,Inside the people waiting at the bus station,Really have an acquaintance。
“President Xia!It was your car just now?”
A stylish dress,The handsome woman yelled to Xia Jian。So this woman is not someone else,Ma Chuntao from Zhangyang Village。
“Mayor Ma!Are you going to the city??Take my car,I happen to be free in my car”
Xia Jian laughed and greeted Ma Chuntao to his Bao Shijie。
Ma Chuntao greeted Guan Tingna and Lin Wei as soon as he got in the car,Then she chatted with Xia Jian。It turns out that Ma Chuntao gave a lot of flowers to Wang Youcai’s private hospital this time,But the money hasn’t got a point yet。She went to the city this time,I asked Wang Youcai for money。
“How about this!We opened our private hospital in Qingshan County,You will supply the flowers inside”
Xia Jian glanced at Guan Tingna who was driving。
Guan Tingna smiled and said:“Don’t you know,We have already worked with Manager Ma。All the flowers and plants in the office were sent by their Zhangyang Village Cooperative”
“Thanks to Mr. Guan,President Xia really doesn’t know these things”

but,He Sanqing Taoist is not at all loss,Two Six Ding Shenhuo Seeds,Not only get《Three Gods》,And also get a lot of benefits from Suiren。

“This will make you a lot of money,But the seed of the god fire is the first thing,There are two more things。”
“Second thing,I want to ask you about the specific strength of Wujianmen。”
“You have to deal with Wujianmen?”The Sanqing Taoist’s complexion also condensed,“Candle dragon,Infinite door is not that simple。You did not participate in the end of the ancient war,I don’t know how terrible they are。”
“rest assured,I didn’t plan to declare war on Infernal Gate,But Infernal Gate has infiltrated many spies into my power,I have to do well‘solve’Some。”Li Ming said that,But the Taoists of Sanqing still smelled a bloody smell。
He knows,His good friend Zhulong would not easily do it,But a shot must be no small matter。
Except for Nuwa Empress,From ancient times to today,Which lone chaotic aliens have been killed alone,One is Sui Renshi,Second is the candle dragon。
“But you still have to be careful,Wujianmen’s strength is extremely strong。”
“Gods and True Immortals in the Three Realms,Even the news circulated by the Taoist ancestors is very limited。”
“then,The endless chaotic world collides with our Pangu chaotic world,War broke out with each other。”
“But on strength,Infinite Chaos World is much better than us。Although there are only five ancestral gods over there,We have nine—But you also know,Our three realms were war chaotic,Several ancestors fell during the civil war,And the ancient Chaos alien race Luo Hu also killed the ancestor god。”
Li Ming also nodded,“Zu Long、Pick up、Jumang,All three of them fell early in the civil war,Hou Tu and Phoenix were killed by Luo Hu!”
“Count the reincarnation of Fuxi,Actually at that time our Three Realms was also Nuwa、Zhu Rong、Co-workers,Plus me and Tathagata,In addition to the Sui people,The other two are slightly immature,In close combat, he barely reached the leadership level。”
“Without a door,Five Great Ancestors,Three leaders comparable to ancestor demons,More importantly, the ancestor of the heart is terrifying,Our own strength alone can sweep us,When I joined forces with Tathagata, he was easily defeated。”

See words like this,Wang Teng felt a little surprised。

what is happening,Got something good again?
But when looking at these,In fact, Wang Teng dispelled this idea in his mind。
Now think about these virtual things,In fact, it has no meaning at all。
Because it looks like in Wang Teng,Current words,I should think of a solution first,Solving this matter well is the key point。
After watching for a while,Is here,Wang Teng at this time,Smile faintly。
“Forget it,Struggling with what these do?”
When Wang Teng said,His eyes moved,Soon fell on one of the women。
This woman is beautiful,Especially at the moment she is staring at something in a concentrated manner。
See her like this,In fact, in Wang Teng’s heart,But a little curious。
Although I don’t know what’s going on,But at this moment,Wang Teng still didn’t forget to say。
“what happened,Did you encounter any difficulties??”
When Wang Teng said something to this side,obviously,Wei Shasha also slowly raised her head。
When Wei Shasha saw Wang Teng,Her cheeks are slightly flushed。
For this handsome guy who suddenly appeared,Wei Shasha’s heart is still a little touched。
“Yep,Have a blueprint,Feel a bit flawed。”
When Wei Shasha was talking here,Wang Teng smiled slightly,Take it and take a closer look。
After watching Wang Teng here,,obviously,Wang Teng can see what’s wrong with this。
But when I saw this,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,But smile faintly。


485 Fellow
Ye Hongfei says one billion、Two billion,Without counter-offer,Chen Xiu can be regarded as seeing the way of real wealthy shopping。
If Chen Xiu had the Ru Kiln in his hands now,Deal with him the first time。
Ru Kiln is good,Just keep one or two。Might as well exchange for more cash,Go to the world to collect more Wu Daozi’s paintings better。
Chen Xiu smiled bitterly and said:“Master Ye……”
“Called brother!”
Chen Xiu looked at his wrinkled old face,This one“brother”The word is still a bit unspeakable,Tang Ren on the side encouraged him:“call,Just call him brother。You are my grandson-in-law,He and you are brothers。After Lao Ye, you are two generations younger than me
486 Mr. Yeh Cheng Ye
Chen Xiu patted Ye Yifei on the shoulder,Said like an elder:“Xiaofei,It’s a big kid too,try hard!”
Seeing Chen Xiu’s ambition,Ye Yifei really wanted to stamp his nose with a punch。
“Master uncle teaches you,Haven’t thanked Master Chen yet!”Ye Hongfei shouted to Ye Yifei。
“Thank you,Chen Shishu。”
Facing the old man’s scolding,Ye Yifei had to bow to Chen Xiu obediently,But in my heart:“It’s ok,I will go to the grave on Qingming Festival!”
With Chai Hongquan’s relationship,The relationship between Chen Xiu and Ye Hongfei is also closer。

“Buddies,Don’t you know the way?”

Chen Xiu turned around strangely,I realized that the three An Nan people already had a small knife in each hand。
Chen Xiu scolded again,He doesn’t have enough IQ and he knows he is in this foreign country,Not met good people,But met the bad guy。
“money……take it out,Otherwise the red knife goes in and the white knife comes out!”
The checkered shirt is obviously not very proficient in Chinese,Chen Xiu couldn’t help correcting him:“Go in with a white knife,Red knife out。”
Seeing the plaid shirt is still a little confused,Chen Xiu snatched the knife in his hand,Pointing to the blade and said:“This is white,After stabbing it in,blood……Blood-stained knife pulled out,That’s red,Do you understand!”
The checkered shirt has no idea what happened,The knife in his hand was in Chen Xiu’s hand,All three were shocked,The checkered shirt nodded subconsciously,As for what Chen Xiu said, I didn’t understand a word。
Chen Xiu sees him understand,Put the knife directly into the hand of the checkered shirt。
“Just understand,You guys continue!”
The three An Nan people are dumbfounded,what’s the situation?
Grab the knife and give it back?
This summer is a fool?

The impact of defeat,Will start fermentation,Emperor’s loss,Soldiers,The counting of the family is dark,and many more,these questions,Will one pick one。

Look at the integration of qi,Zhou Guo wants to solve his own problems through the way of plundering the population.,Not asked for fish。
Dou Yi wants a whole day,I haven’t bought it for Yu Wenyi.。He prayed in his heart,I hope that Yu Wenzhao does not brainly。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS1249chapter Era dawn(2)
The speed of God’s rebuke returns to Yucheng very fast,after all,Now the war is over。Wang Linzi,Continent,Go to Huainan Shouchun Town,And officially awarded“Zhennan army”Border。And Wang Lin himself,It is temporarily stayed in Yucheng.,Waiting for the convening of the east。
This is very important,In the mind,The first community will be banned from the army,It is the wind direction of the future political pattern.。
Including the unique letter and Wang Lin,Will officially be held in the court,Join the Qi Dang Military System。Since then,Their independence will be greatly reduced,but,You don’t need to worry about soldiers and replenishment.。
This transformation,Use an inappropriate metaphor,Just from the past,Changed to the present dog,Did you lose,Three words have difficulty。
The overall situation of Qi Dang is very good,There are many stakeholders,In addition to the high-race of power,Other classes,The life of ordinary people is slightly better.,Life is more stable。
The family earns a lot of money,Temporarily, I will not find things to add trouble to the court.。
The many big 神 神 神 军 佬 佬 佬 佬,Officially embarked on the stage of power center,Filling the power vacuum left after the high party and Jinyang。
In these venetical interests,Two people,Or a mother and child,Their situation,But it becomes unusually embarrassed。
That is to be confined behind many people“Emperor”Potter,And his biological mother,Queen Li Zugu。
Wanshou Palace in Dangnang Palace,I personally teach the Emperor’s high-end submissions, Li Zuyu,After retreating the palace,After sleeping, you can’t sleep.,She stands alone in front of Wanshou Palace.!
Fish pond in front of Wanshou Palace,I used to let her son Gao Shaode died of Zhao Zhaojun。When you become too late,The first thing Li Zuyu did,That is to fill the pool with soil!
Filling is very easy,Even it can be flattened,Let it completely see that it is a pool,It seems that there is no existence.。
But,Dead son,Can you still live??Even if she wants to revenge,Zhao Zhaojun is now dead,People die hate,Li Zuyu, even if it is still difficult now,There is no way to go out of my heart.。
not to mention,She is now attached to people,Li Zuyu really wants to teach people related to Zhao Jun,But Gao Bao is not necessarily to think so.。Political thing,Not black, white。
The enemy can become friends,Life and death,Can also be regenerated,This example is really not too much.。Li Zuyu lived for so many years,Even in a high ocean,I have seen enough conspiracy tricks.。
Many people outside are passing,Gao Boyi may give a trick,Forced the Sausa to let。For these rumors,Li Zuyu is both afraid of helplessness,Because she doesn’t have a backhand to change the status quo.。
Name,Gaosus is the owner of the country,In fact,Everything,It’s all Gao Baoyi and his party Yu said.。
“Too,Gao Zhaogue,I am waiting outside the Palace.。”
The person is quietly coming.,Lightly said in Li Zugu。
“knew,You let him enter the palace.。Let him go directly to the building。”
Gao Biyi can’t enter the palace,otherwise,And not to say that Li Zugu has a lot of times with him.,Even if the two fingers have never touched,Once Gao Biyi appeared in the Tooemark Palace,There will be countless rumors. 蜚 蜚 蜚。
玳瑁 玳瑁,Originally, Li Zugui used it when the queen was,Also in the sky now。
Honest,Three feet of life with god,Li Zuyu also believe this。So she hopes to meet Gao Baoyi in the high-powered embarrassment。
Gao Yang is dead here,At least from psychology,Gao Bao should have some courage.?
Li Zuyu felt,If in the hunter,Gao Biyi can be straightforward to tell,That is really psychological quality.!
only,Even if Gao Bi is not tampered,Li Zuyu can steadily steadily,You can command the tiger’s division to defeat Zhou Guo?
Don’t say that the world will not believe,It’s her own,Don’t believe you can do it.。
not to mention,Gao Bao is a high-dive pro!
The position of the son is let Laozi to sit,Although it sounds weird,But it seems that there is nothing.。Li Zuyu, I don’t understand what I want.,Anyway, it is an uncomfortable inner heart.,I hope to maintain the status quo,The day that has been dead until I die.。
Even if this is just a luxury。

“Hey-hey,Yunjie, you don’t misunderstand,I am afraid to do things that hurt the cloud.,No, of course, it is best。”

Voice just passed,His ringtone rang。
It is a mother who hits his mother.,Li Hui also rushed up。
“Stinky boy,Where did I go to a ghost last night??
Who is your orgile dog?,Mom wants to go in and see it.。”
One heard this,Li Hui Feng also explained someone else,Of course, he will not say that Xu Ru Wei is overnight.。
“Hey-hey,mom,I went to Zhou Shu to see a doctor yesterday.,Then I didn’t get on the car too late.,Then I slept in my friends a night.,do not worry,I will go back to help you educate the no-listening dog.。”
“Humph,no need,This dog is now good.,In addition to your mother,No one can enter the orchard。”
Wang Jing is also a somewhat curious this snow-white big dog.,After all, it is really too human.,So good dog, she has never seen it.。
“Hey-hey,That line,You first helped look at it.,I am going back soon.。”
“Don’t worry,Remember to buy an electronic scale,I see that the fruit of your orchard can’t use it for a few days.,I can buy an electronic scale to buy someone else.。”
Li Hui is naturally not a half problem for the mother’s words.。
Hang up the phone,Li Hui Hui immediately followed Xu Ru。
Xu Ruzhen heard that Li Hui Feng had to go,The first time I feel some of them.。
This is absolutely never,It’s my girlfriend.,She didn’t have this feeling that she left.。
“breeze,Sitting is often sitting in space。”
“Um,I will come to bothering the cloud sister soon.,The fruit of my orchard is about mature.,I am a vaccination with Yunjie in advance.,My fruit is really ready to sell one hundred pieces of one.,You can order now.。”
For Li Hui Feng,Xu Ruzhen is completely a joke。
“Gill the clouds, the smarter is 10,000,rest assured,As long as it is mature,I took my sisters to visit the scene.,Don’t say one hundred tastes,It is a thousand sisters to buy a basket.。”
“it is good,At that time, you will be guaranteed to make Yunjie you are satisfied.。”
After that, Li Hui has put the fast departure of the slump meteor.。
Xu Ruzhen looked at Li Hui’s back,Thinking of the scene that happened to the other party yesterday,The heart is also more and more like to have this young man.。
She doesn’t know what is going on.,I always feel that Li is a very comfortable breath.,As long as you can always feel the heart with the other party,calm。
After Li Hui left,It is also secretly decided that no matter how Xianquan is still going out, don’t take it out.,It’s really a bit against the sky.。
He diluted so much,Actually, let Xu Ruzhen have younger so many。
After buying the electronic scale,He returned directly to the village。
When he came to the orchard,Sure enough, I saw my mom is constantly moving.。
“mom,This hot day, you don’t go home here.?”
“Humph,Still not for your orchard,You are more extraordinary,And I have found that a few wares of bees fall in your fruit tree.,Birds are also extra more,It seems that all the fruits of your orchard mature,As for other things,I haven’t found it yet.。”
Say,Wang Jing also picked up the stick in his hand to the flying, a group of sparrows, yell yell.,Until the sparrow, she was scared. She was listened.。
Li Hui also didn’t expect these fruits to be booked by birds.。
For these birds,Li Hui Feng has no good way for a time.,Can only let the white wolf help。
“mom,Here I will manage it.,You go back first.,This day is too hot,Hot, my old, this is what the son is very distressed.。”
Looking at Li Hui’s appearance of the hippie smile,Wang Jing is also common for his son.。
“Humph,I found that you are getting more and more.,I still have a board when I go to school.,Junny is not open,Now fell,Not only the mouth is slippery,And the feeling of emotions is much more messy than before.,You tell the truth with Mom,So many women you like??”
For your son’s lifelong event,Wang Jing is still very interested。
“mom,I can’t take it back to school.,Do you feel that I can consider so much now??