Lai nodded,Farewell to Beirut and left the Dark Forest。

Wright’s deity took Cecilia and Harry,Settled directly on the continent he opened up。
For his wife and children and even his disciples,He did not hide the news that he has become the main god。
“real or fake?”Elek’s eyes widened,Doubtful。
And Harry was stunned,I immediately became the son of the Lord God?In the future, use the power of the main god to throw a drop?
Cecilia doesn’t have much thoughts about Wright becoming the Lord God,Even if she becomes the supreme god, she is her husband,On the contrary, I was amazed at the fact that the four ultimate fighters of the Magnolia continent actually originated from Beirut.。
Instead, they are Lin Lei and Beibei,O’Brien and Dia, who have not gone to the highest planes, do not have much sense of reality.。
Is the teacher’s main god,Is there any difference for them?Seems really not。
In the next few months,Wright used the power of the Lord God to re-expand the continent he opened up—At the god level,If you want to expand, you have to start carefully and slowly,But it’s easy for the Lord God。
Later, Wright built a special castle for his family and disciples to live in,And his current strength,Can easily open up a lot of micro-plane space,As the benefit of his spiritual and sanctuary cultivation,And the family of the deity who stayed here for a long time。
A few months later。
Void,This is the largest space in the Panlong universe,Countless planes,Are all floating in this void like a small island,And only the four highest planes and the seven god planes,Just barely‘mainland’the taste of。
At a very unusual distance,In the void not far from the material plane called the Magnolia Continental Plane,A large amount of turbulent space flows like a gray air current。
However here,A figure appeared in the turbulence of space。
The figure wears a light blue robe,However, the spatial turbulence that can destroy most matter,But can’t lift a corner of his clothes。
Wright’s palm flipped,Invisible power fluctuations。
The turbulence in this piece of space directly stopped the movement。

Muzi got nodded,“Li Guo is so sincere,This contract is certain。”

Say,He looked at the Su Sei Ming, who took a little bit and play.,Say:“Boast,Put the preparation contract to Li direct。”
Su Sei Ming took the contract on a stool,Put it in front of Li Gui,Remind:“Li Gui,Optimistic about the contract。”
Li Guard looked at the contract in front of him.,I have eaten so much gas,Drink so much wine,It is for this damn contract.。
He nodded,Looking at the child,Head of wine,Only watching those words dense,One can not see,He can only turn to the last page,Sign your name。
He smiled,“Mu,Now the contract is signed,Nothing,Would you like to play together?,Go to play after drunken,No matter what kind of woman,Tasty is very good。”
Mu Zizi has a gloomy color.,Men can reflect his essence after drunk,Li Gui at this time,Out of your own essence,But I didn’t think of disgusting like this.。
He didn’t look at him,But look at Su Sei Ming,“Boast,Let’s go back.。”
Su Sei Ming smiled and said:“Don’t play。”
Mu Zi’s honor suddenly became difficult to look。
Su Sei Ming immediately got up,Laugh:“I am joking.?
Do not be angry。”
Muzi honing:“I know you also like,Go play,I can go home I can go home.。”
Su Sei Ming:“”Cough and cough, when did he like it?。
He got up and pushed him out.,Side:“Muzi,You look at me often change my girlfriend,right?”
Muzi Honi:“You are really like this。”
Su Sei Ming:“”“Son,actually,I have never told you,I have never been me.,You do not know。”
Mu Zizi smashed his head,“You never said,but,You can be very powerful,Married woman,You can talk about girlfriends。”
Su Seiming“Not I am willing。”
“Isn’t my mom introduced??
You also know that I am very filial,My mother’s request,I can’t reject it.,Can only come with her to meet。
Who knows that the woman will be fascinated by me.,Damn to live with me,If he is a husband chasing me,I still don’t know that she has her husband.?”
He thinks that this thing is anger.。
“Ha ha”Mu Zizi can’t laugh,“Su Sei Ming,Have you constantly change your friends,This is the retribution。”
Su Sei Ming is sad:“I have told you.,Not me to change your girlfriend,But a woman 甩 甩。
Remember that this woman has a girlfriend,Let’s go have a meal together,Her friend also goes,A male,I have been pulling me to drink,My girlfriend still doesn’t stop drinking me.,I am specially appreciated.,After the man was drunk,I only know,That kind friend,It’s actually my girlfriend.,I was shot by my girlfriend.。”
NS834chapter:Win this battle with you
“Ha ha”Muzi has a laughter that I am welcome.,“Boast,During this time, I have been very busy.,I don’t have time to listen to your past emotions.,I didn’t think of me dream.,You actually be smashed by a woman every time.,It’s too much to lose our men’s face.。
I have said with you many times.,Men be generous,And a woman,It is your own money,Can’t you。”
Su Seiming is in money,In fact, the woman is quite,Even if you are playing, you must not spend too much money.。
Su Shengming heard this,Quite unassative,“Muzi,Do you make money so easy??
Sleeping is easy to make money,Can life choose??
Life can choose,Have the right to choose,Others envy, I have money,I envy others who have a girlfriend。”
Mu Zizi:“Boast,Money can buy a person’s body,But you can’t change your love,But in front of your favorite woman,You are still right.,Don’t always be smashed by a woman,Too much lost our man’s face。”
Su Shengming looked at him:“Men get money,Men rich,Not all women can look,Some women think we are rich second generation,Be the old man,Compared to our second generation,Women prefer the heartman。
But I didn’t understand us.,We have rejected our ability,Although I am also a rich second generation,But I am also very good.,This is the real reason I don’t show off.。”
Muzi:“”I really don’t understand his understanding of the second generation.。

“casual。”Xia Shuyue sat aside and waited for Zhang Siwei。

More than ten minutes later, Zhang Siwei said he could leave,The two went to a small restaurant,Ordered two dishes and one soup,Not long,The waiters put the food on the table。
“what’s your plan,after。”Xia Shuyue gave Zhang Siwei a meal,Zhang Siwei took it and asked。
“I do not know either,to be frank,Very confused,I wanted to stay here,See how to develop in the future,But my parents insisted on letting me go back to my hometown to test for civil servants,Find a career organization job,Live a safe life。”Xia Shuyue also served herself a bowl of rice,Eat slowly。
“Are you influenced by the newspaper?,I’m ready to go back to my hometown?”Zhang Siwei asked。
Xia Shuyue shook his head,After talking to Wu Lili that day,She slowly wanted to drive,Doesn’t seem to matter,So many things happen in this world every day,Who would remember that there was a little-known person in the newspaper?,Whether it’s good or bad,Except family,Who cares。
“That’s good,I’m relieved by you,I am worried that you can’t bear the pressure,Not bad,Mature。”Zhang Siwei said happily。
“Ok,Do not worry,I’m fine,Nothing at all。”Xia Shuyue smiled。
“I think,Advertising design will definitely have great development in the future,Look now,Put an ad on TV,Charges are calculated by the second,Paper media is not cheap,and so……”Zhang Siwei looked at Xia Shuyue。
“I know,Advertising design should be very promising,But I am not studying this major,And my head is not as good as you,I don’t understand the general direction,and so,Feel lost,Not confident。”Xia Shuyue’s thinking stays at the stage of working part-time with a full meal,What industry makes money,She really can’t tell。
Simple lunch,Finished in less than half an hour,The two took a taxi to a baby studio。
This photo studio is on the second floor of an office building,Small area,It seems to be about 100 square meters,Read it at a glance,A child is changing position,Photographer is taking pictures of him。
“what do you think,This place。”Zhang Siwei asked Xia Shuyue。
“pretty good。”Xia Shuyue looked around again,It’s not bad indeed。
“He can’t do it anymore,Ready to transfer,I want to sell this shop,Do you think it works?”Zhang Siwei while walking,While reaching out and tapping on the wall decoration。
“You have to take it?You have three heads and six arms?I think you are already too busy at the company!”Zhang Siwei himself is as busy as a top,Actually still thinking about opening a photo studio,Xia Shuyue didn’t understand。


Ji Kuo nodded slightly,My so-called warlord cultivation base,Facing the heads of two families,Nothing!
Fuming immediately looked at the blood clotting flower road:“Miss Xiao,Can we talk about it?”
Blood clot nodded slightly。
“Walk around。。。”
Yin Shangshuo spoke immediately,Take a few people to make room for Fuming。
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty:Boundless fighting spirit,Shocked!
“And my father,I am the old patriarch Jin Yulong who is now hidden in the Jin family,For my mood,Also raised a special contest for me to recruit relatives!”
“And then,This so-called contest,Is actually a cover,Because those people know that the five princes of the Jin family and the Holy Sea Empire have released news of their marriage!”
“and so,Basically there are many people involved in the martial arts contest,But they were all arranged by my father or Hai Yuxun,one move,Was knocked down by him!”
“and,The Fifth Prince Hai Yuxun,Sit firmly in the first position from beginning to end,Because everyone knows,This contest invites relatives,only.
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty One:Teleportation,Leave easily!
Jin Guanxiao’s figure gradually disappeared,Low channel:“I’ll go one step ahead”
Fuming nodded slightly,Then got up and walked downstairs。

“If he is really a genius with three attributes,I’m afraid I’ve already been recruited as an inner disciple by Shengtianmen。

The disciple of the inner door of the Holy Heaven Gate will go down the mountain if it is not in the realm of the real way,He is only a first-class state。”
segment、Jin and Jin nodded frequently when he heard his analysis,I still have doubts in my heart,Jin Feng even asked:“Old white,If he is not the true three attributes,Why can I play three different infuriating attributes?”
Bai Qinglin pondered for a while and said:“When I was young, I heard from my master,Thousands of years ago,There is a peerless genius on the underworld to study one《Phaseless Power》Can imitate the innocence of various attributes。”
“There is such a magical technique!”
segment、Jin and Jin are very surprised。
“Is it a phaseless magic?,I will visit him tonight。”
“Shirao,Be careful!”
“rest assured,With my light work,It may not be rare for a master of the innate level to beat me!”
………………The convoy walks fast or slow。
Four hours later。
The convoy stopped in a gentle and sunny place,As a camp。
Except for the Kamikaze Escort patrolling the periphery, everyone is riding horses.,The whole camp fell silent,Even the blazing fire,Also slowly darkened。
A cyan figure,Like a ghost,To Chen Xiu’s carriage。

It’s just that the power of the powder is like a massage.,Comfortable Li speaks with the wind, I can’t help but want the other person more powerful.。

“Ok, you,I dare to take me cheaper now.,Do you want to continue??”
Although Han Shan Shan’s mouth said,However, Li Hui’s wind can hear the other party without being angry.。
“Hey-hey,In no mood,But if the class grows, if you like,I can accept it。”
Just when Li Hui said this,But it is to see not far from the acquaintance.。
He has a little surprised the speed of the other person’s injury improvement,This is only a few months, the other party actually blessed the dragon.,At the same time, I’m also curious how the other party is released.,According to the truth, I have to be sentenced to eight years old.,After all, the last week, Santa Jie still shot.。
Jin Xijie did not expect Li Hui Feng in the door of the high school school.。
Thinking of Li Hui’s original means,His heart is not a tremble。
But just when he doesn’t want to provoke Li with the wind.,Several younger brothers behind him are seeing the beautiful women like Han Shanshan can’t help but blow the rogue.。
“Beauty,Take advantage of our borus at night.。”
I heard the words of several younger brother behind him.,Jin Xijie’s face is purple。
Chapter 466 want to eat you
“Golden boss,long time no see。”
Li Huihe listened to the other’s rogue house,Don’t laugh。
Han Shanshan also did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually knew a group of mixed。
Although she is also very disgusting each other,But he heard Li Hui Feng know each other,Immediately do not attack。
Jin Xijie heard that Li Hui Feng called him.,I turned and gave the younger brother.。
“Are you looking for death??
Be alive?
Still already?”
Looking at Jin Xijie, Yaowu, Yangwei, who was in the next day, saw the opposite side of the buddy, youth is so scared.,Several people are also a little。
To say that the other party has a luxury car,They may not be afraid。
But Li Hui’s appearance,This is very obvious that the countryside is born.,Have you scared?
Jin Xijie did not at the beginning of your own younger brother,Laughing, I took out the smoke and gave Li Hui Feng smoke.。
“Hey-hey,Li brothers,I didn’t expect you to meet you anymore.,My little brother is angry with Taishan,I also hope that you put them a horse.。”
“Hey-hey,I don’t smoke,I am just curious, how are you so fast?,According to the truth, you are not a death penalty.,Is it a drill faster so fast??”
I heard Li Hui Feng so asked.,Jin Xijie is also a change,But thinking of Li Hui’s skill,He feels that it is better to bear it.,It is necessary to make a spicy and an inch.。
“Li brothers,How can people like a woman?,It’s just that I have found all the things that bragvate.,And the so-called drug,Have no,If there is so big energy,Not to give people a hand,You said you?”
This explanation for Jin Xijie,Li Hui Feng doesn’t believe,But he is more concerned about whether the other party comes out after coming up.。
It must be the time they first,Zhou Shengjie closed,Taking Zhou Shengjie’s practitioners will definitely let the scum of Jin Xijie will not be delayed.。

When Wang Youcai plunged into the car,The whole Xicunping seems to be moving,Dog barking echoed with footsteps,And the echo from the villagers,Rang out in a moment。

Just listen to a swish,Wu Wu got into the car。The car drove out quickly at this time。Turns out this guy has already started the car,If one step at night,They really can’t run away。
The car still has no lights,But running fast,Wang Youcai felt that the car was flying off the cliff several times,He was so scared that he held his head,Ready to roll over,But everything is not as bad as he thought。
“Two idiots,I can’t do this,Once through Pingyang Town,Find a way to go back by yourself”The driver said coldly,But the car still did not slow down。
When the car passed the gate of Pingyang Town Government,Wang Youcai saw someone walking in the courtyard,It looks like a policeman at the police station。It seems that Xiping Village has already reported,His heart suddenly came up to his throat,Really risky。
“Xia Jian has an ambush at home,We almost fell into a trap when we entered,The man in ambush is very good,Most people were caught by her a long time ago”Wu Wu said unconvincingly。
First1115chapter Hit hard stubble
The car is like traveling through a tunnel。
Wang Youcai is a bold man,But sitting in a car like this,He was still scared。suddenly,The car stopped abruptly,Just listen to someone shouting:“Roll down,It’s best to wait until dawn before entering the city,If it arouses the suspicion of the police,A pot for you two to drink”
Wang Youcai said nothing,I pushed the door and jumped down。He doesn’t dare to ride in a car like this anymore,Even if I walk back,He also recognized,This is better than losing your life。
Just when Wang Youcai was breathing heavily,Which car has driven away like wind。Wu Wu sighed and said:“Wang Ge!You have run into the right,This guy who just drives,Also specially trained,Don’t turn on the lights at night,And ran so fast,See you for the first time!”
“I went to his grandma,Why is there still someone in Xia Jian’s family ambush??Did they know we were going?!”Wang Youcai looked confused。
Wu Wu stopped at the side of the road and said:“Is a woman,Good skill,It’s just not enough time,Otherwise I can’t run away tonight,I’m a little afraid to think about it,Once caught,This is going to jail”
“Sorry bro,I will let you do this once in my life”Wang Youcai finished,Looking up at the lights in the distance,He found that they were not far from Pingdu。
So the two people were talking,While walking slowly towards the city。

It’s safest to watch more and touch less。

The mammoth yelled at him again,Chen Xiu said helplessly:“Big brother,Can you speak human words?”
He doesn’t want to,If an elephant that is more than ten meters tall is really talking,Don’t call him yet“monster!”
The mammoth saw that Chen Xiu didn’t understand his way,The elephant trunk hits his arm directly,Coiled like a snake。
“Hey,big guy,What are you doing!”
The mammoth knew he didn’t understand,No more nonsense,Pull his arm directly on the white jade with the trunk,It started with a cold。
“No danger!”Chen Xiu breathed a sigh of relief。
The mammoth yelled at him again,Chen Xiu was at a loss,The upper and lower hands touched the white jade to ask:“What do you want me to do?”
Chen Xiu was still confused,He can be certain now,English teacher is right,Learning foreign languages is really important!
It’s just that I’m afraid that English teachers don’t understand this elephant language.,Few people in the world understand。
The mammoth saw that Chen Xiu could not comprehend his intentions,Stomping his limbs anxiously,The surrounding land is shaking。
“big guy,Don’t worry……Don’t worry,I guess……I guess……”

“tell me,What is the relationship between you and Lu Wanting??I am responsible for you,Because what kind of person my daughter is,My mother is still very clear”Gao Deju is cold like a piece of ice,Xia Jian even felt the chill on her body,It seems that the name of this dominatrix is not a vain name。

Xia Jiangang wants to say that she has nothing to do with Lu Wanting.,Just heard a bang on the stairs,Immediately after Lu Wanting rushed behind Xia Jian,She said loudly:“He is my boyfriend,Just now,What happened,You want to help me review?”
Lu Wanting said,He stretched out his hand and hugged Xia Jian’s waist,Looks intimate and cute。This made Xia Jian feel dizzy。
“Okay Lu Wanting,you are vicious!”Gao Deju paled with anger,Then he glared at Xia Jian,Turned away。
This family,All are like crazy,Made Xia Jian dizzy。Finally got out of her door,Xia Jian quickly walked towards the parking place。
It’s getting late,He just sat in the driving seat,Lu Wanting came over,The devil smiled at him and said:“thank you!The cooperation just now was good。But you remember,Between us,Can’t tell my mom。and also,In her eyes,You are my boyfriend,Make holes,I won’t spare you”
Xia Jian said angrily:“OK!Since it’s a boyfriend,Then I don’t have to go back,Sleep with you tonight?”
“Get out!”Lu Wanting’s pink face is slightly red,Scolded,People have been handed to the side of the road。
Xia Jian starts the car,Ran away in a hurry。Lu Wanting standing under the light road,Suddenly there is a sense of loss。Since one night she competed with Xia Jian,When Xia Jian, this stinky man was leaving,,Actually grabbed a handful of her ass,If this is another man,She immediately let him lie on the ground,But she didn’t do that that night。
Xia Jian drove the car all the way,When he stepped into the living room in two steps,He couldn’t help being a little surprised。It’s this time,Why is Wang Lin here?,Did something happen again?
Xia Jiangang wants to talk,Seeing Wang Lin’s face and asking:“what’s wrong with you?Why not answer?Is something wrong??”
After Wang Lin asked,He just remembered,I keep my phone in the car,Just when I got off the car,He just took it back。It’s all caused by Lu Wanting,This account must be kept on her head。
Xia Jian took out his phone,Asked in surprise:“Is something wrong??”
“Haven’t you eaten yet?”Old Xiao asked with a serious face。
Xia Jian nodded in embarrassment,Aunt Ding hurried into the kitchen when she saw this。Turn on the phone and take a look,Xia Jian couldn’t help being stunned,There are more than 100 missed calls。Xia Jian take a look,Zhao Hong and Wang Lin called him all,Some of them seem to be Ouyang Hong and Xi Zhen,Also played by Guo Meili。
Xia Jian’s heart mentioned his throat,He lowered his voice and asked:“Is something wrong in Xiping Village??”Xia Jian’s judgment is still correct,Because he saw Zhao Hong’s missed call。

“Whoosh whoosh~”

Cracked ground,Five figures sprang from the ground。
And what they have in common—-Identical masks and robes,Lock your own breath firmly,At the same time that surging divine power fluctuates—Prove that these five are immortal gods of true value。
“Be careful~”Lei Jiahou gave Li Ming a wink,The thunder spear pierced out,The origin of the law of earth,A god whose body is covered with earthy yellow immortal power‘top’Went out。
fighting,it has started。
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Chapter VII fighting
These few goods are not sold~”Li Ming looked sadly at the missing piece of Hei Qiongxing,The battle just now caused a lot of damage to this Black Qiong star—Although no one will ask him for compensation,But it still ruined a lot of people’s lives。
“Your Highness,This is the battle between races,There is no warmth。。。If we don’t make a move today,The master of the monster race,And the consequences of these human traitors,It’s not just a black star。”Lei Jiahou saw Li Ming’s thoughts,Comforted。
“Ok,I know。。。But why didn’t I think—-Why do you want to betray our human race!”
now,Li Ming and five others are floating in the void,And under his feet,He is the immortal who is bound by Mo Yun Teng。
It’s not difficult to kill those five immortals。
These five immortal,The strongest one is also Fenghou’s strength,Lei Jiahou turned into a thunder to knock him back,The two fought in a distant area,Two forces staggered and killed,Tearing the surface of Heiqiong star into chaos。
And the remaining four,An immortal who burst out of the field of cold laws madly crushed over with the field,But was controlled by the explosive ape【Lishenbing】,Turn into a flame meteor and hit it directly。
An earthen immortal god holding a giant hammer,But was also good at power【Bald】stop。
The immortal gods of the wind system use mind weapons,But was‘Rapier’Knock those countless flying needles with sword light。