but,The new bug didn’t attack it,But raised his head,Look at it like a baby looks at its mother,There is admiration and desire in both eyes。

At this moment,Even Lu Menglin was confused。
He even thought,This is the instinct of juvenile creatures,At the first sight,Think of the creature in front of you as your own mother。
Because of the bug’s eyes,Too deceptive!
The old witch is also dumbfounded,Its eyes are no longer full of fierceness,But for the first time showed a suspicious look。
Maybe it’s thinking,If you can use the power of this stupid bug,Is there a chance to get out of trouble?,There is even a chance to kill the celebrity master?
Clone One still looked at her with that kind of admiration,Even stretched out tentacles,Swipe gently on the old witch。
Its movements are so gentle,Not aggressive at all。
On this bug,Full of too many human details,Lu Menglin was shocked by Mo Ming,I just feel a coolness hitting my forehead,Too evil。
The old witch seems to believe in the kindness released by the bug,Actually stretched out a dry palm,Gently touched the tentacles of the new bug。
A human-filled weird bug is crushing enough,Now there is another dark race who knows gentleness,Lu Menglin saw this subversive scene,I was so surprised that I didn’t know what to say。
Suddenly,The six arthropods of that new bug are working simultaneously,Flick,Got into the old witch,
The limbs hidden in the abdomen bounce up,Suddenly exposed claws like sharp blades,All at once on the old witch,
This change is too rapid,It’s really overwhelming,Even Lu Menglin didn’t see it。
The old witch was even more surprised,Desperately to tear the bugs attached to the body。
but,No matter how hard it exerts,It can only make the claws get deeper and deeper,Getting tighter,Because those claws are barbed,Struggling will only make the wound go deeper。
The City of Steel has studied many dark creatures,Most of them are very insensitive to pain,That’s why it’s so crazy,Not afraid of death。
but,The intelligent dark creature in front of you,Obviously not in this list。
The smarter it is,More sensitive to perception,That’s why I’m so sensitive to pain。

If that’s the case,Just the best。It’s not convenient to send things from the mountains,Need to manually move to the town to send the post。

But no matter what,This is also a way out,For their village,crucial。
Subsequently,The two discussed,What can be developed in the mountains。
Hu Yang, they continue to walk inside,All kinds of weird objects,Is it an antique market?!Even better than ordinary antique street,Things here are more abundant,Even from all over the country。
Buddhist artifacts in Tibetan areas、new.Bow and arrow and saddle、Silverware in Yunnan、Porcelain in Jingdezhen、stone、Furniture etc.。
Hua Zi looked at the stall in front of him,A hung armor suit,I don’t know what to say。The seller has to say that his ancestors stayed during the Ming Dynasty。
Many dynasties in ancient China,Frequent wars,As the most important defensive weapon in battle, armor is also in a variety of ways,various kinds。
among them,More classic,There is the iron armor of the Qin Dynasty。
Qin Dynasty iron armor is the most common style among the terracotta warriors,The nails on the chest of this type of iron armor are all upper and lower,The nails on the abdomen are all lower and upper,To facilitate activities。
but,Iron products are easy to rust,It’s hard to save for decades,There is almost nothing left until today。
then,Is the Han Dynasty fish scale,The iron armor in the Western Han Dynasty experienced a development process from coarse to fine,From a sling made of larger strips,Gradually developed into fish scale armor made of smaller nail pieces;By only protecting the chest、Back form,Developed to have a protective shoulder arm“Shirt”And protect the waist and hips“Vertical edge”。
“Tang Dynasty was the representative of Ming Guangjia,The Tang Dynasty is the most glorious and great era in Chinese history,Its politics、economic、culture、Military status should be the world’s first at the time。”Hu Yang explained to everyone。
Populus remembers,Tang Dynasty has Mingguang、Just want、Fine scale、Shan Wen、Bird hammer、White cloth、Zao Juan、Cloth back、infantry、Leather armor、Wooden armor、lock、Thirteen kinds of vests,It can be described as a complete variety。
The armor of Tang Jun abandoned the armor of Wei Jin,Evolved into Tang Shisan Kai represented by Mingguang Kai,Lighter,But the defense is greatly improved,And the shape is quite beautiful。
Then there is the stepman of the Song Dynasty,Its protection range includes the whole body,In terms of protection range,It is the Chinese armor closest to the European heavy armor,But it did not reach the level of airtight protection like the European heavy armor.。

“This is why I call you all here。Based on the principle of protecting the highest management sequence authority,I must protect humanity。”Xiaozhi’s tone became firmer。

“Mankind has three years left,There is not much you can do。In my database,There are three cosmic coordinates suitable for human survival,If humans are willing to give up the earth,Can with my help,Interstellar vehicle,There will be two hundred thousand people,Opportunity to embark on an interstellar voyage,Sixty years of earth time,Arrived at the nearest one。”
“200,000 people?”
“Sixty years?”Everyone present was dumbfounded。
This proposal sounds full of irony,There is an obvious mechanical smell,Obviously not a plan that intelligent life can come up with。
Although this method does have a chance to preserve human genes,Even a kind of civilization,But sixty years are too far away,It is equivalent to the current generation who can’t reach the end alive,Only through blood inheritance,Let the next generation of humans complete。
And only 200,000 people can get such an opportunity,Doomed to die in the boundless space,I believe this is not the choice of most people。
“Say something reliable!This method won’t work!”Lu Menglin’s brow furrowed heavier,Shook his head and refused。
Xiaozhi’s voice rang again。
“of course,I understand,Based on the current level of human civilization,Recognition and preservation of own genes,Far from reaching the consensus level of the universe。It’s reasonable not to accept this plan。”
“In addition,What i want to say is,This is based on the energy level currently existing on the human earth,If the energy required for navigation is replaced byR32if,The voyage time can be shortened to ten years。”
“No need to be wordy,Let’s talk about the next plan!”Lu Menglin waved his hand,Said impatiently。
R32energy,Light energy,To get the light pattern energy that can allow 200,000 humans on the planet to travel between stars,It’s a huge astronomical number without thinking about it。
If there is so much light energy,Humans may be able to let go of the Dark Race,Need to escape??
“Second plan,The difficulty is much lower than the first option。Is to evacuate humans from the earth in batches,Teleport through space,Retreat to Shenmin Continent。Land and resources controlled by managers in the highest order,At least five million humans can survive。”
Once this plan is proposed,Everyone present was silent for a while。
They all know that Lu Menglin has a city of steel in Shenmin Continent,It’s already a holy place for the strong humans。
If according to this shipboard intelligence,,If we move humans to the City of Steel,Can take away five million humans,Then don’t even think about it,Able to pass,Can only be the strong among humans,Musha,Those who are qualified to become stronger,Only qualified to live。

With the power of all of them, there is no other way?

“Everybody,I Shouyue Pavilion takes the lead,Please buy some face,Don’t waste it here anymore,Everyone show their true skills,Let the people below pass quickly,how is it?”
Except for a second meeting,These three pavilions are the strongest power in Dahua,And Shouyue Pavilion is the first of the three pavilions,As a big disciple,No one will ignore。
“Haha,Since Lord Yue said,Then don’t hide it, everyone,Good guys put this stuff together!”
“I see no problem,This can’t let a spirit beast stop us,It’s shameful to say it!”
“it is good,Since everyone has no objection,Then Yue Wuhen will take the lead。”
The other party finished,Explosion of vitality,There seems to be a crescent moon in the sky,Moonlight,Even the long spear also has bursts of silver light。
“Lunar Art!”
Xia Chenglong looked at the guy who shined in the sky,Said involuntarily。
really,This guy went in and asked the gods。
Long before,When he first entered the Holy Land,This guy has reached the eighth rank entering the holy state,With the resources of Shouyue Pavilion and its own talents,It’s not too difficult to enter the God Realm。
Everyone took a look at the Shouyue Pavilion,Then they won’t be justified if they don’t take action。
For a time,Everyone’s greater power radiates from the body,The previous momentum and phenomenon are more like children playing house。

“it is good,That’s hard work。”Qiao Tianyu nodded and said。

Qiao Tianyu then ignored the dissatisfaction and grievances of Xiao Fat’s face,Pulled the chubby face and walked out,Took a taxi,Go straight to the zero fund。
“Wow!So grand?”
When the little fat face left the other day,“Zero Fund”Just a name。
Unexpectedly short6Days,Has become a big company,Fatty’s face was dumbfounded at this speed。
“Give you this,Still satisfied?”
Qiao Tianyu took out a box of business cards,Plus a contract and handed it to the little fat face。
“Director of Horizon Fund Marketing Department?”Tears flowed out of chubby’s face,“master,Are you serious?”
“of course!”Qiao Tianyu smiled and pointed to the salary column in the employment contract。
“Basic salary per year30Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Every investment customer,By investment0.3%Commission,how about it?”
The chubby face can’t believe his ears,She was able to get it30Ten thousand dollars in annual salary,And there is a commission,She doesn’t even dream of dreaming!
To know,Have such a salary package,Chubby face is not close to success,But has succeeded!
“master!”Little fat face fell into Qiao Tianyu’s arms,Burst into tears with excitement。

Seeing Qiao Tianyu to wink myself,Eyeballs are about to fall out,Michelle knew that Qiao Tianyu must be very embarrassed,Have to give up。

“correct,Mr. Wu,I said so much just now,Next, is it your turn to decrypt us?”Qiao Tianyu quickly changed the topic。
“sure,What question do you want to ask,Just ask,I must know that everything is endless!”Wu Minghao said with a smile。
“Mr. Wu,My first question was just asked by Michelle。”Qiao Tianyu cleared his throat,Then asked。
“In the immediate juncture of the world offshore financial market war,Why are you calling me out of the British Virgin Islands,What can’t be said in the British Virgin Islands?”
“Tianyu,Actually the answer to this question,Already in your heart,You just haven’t realized it yet。”Wu Minghao explained。
“Already in my heart?”Qiao Tianyu scratched his head in confusion,“I do not know how?”
“Tianyu,Then I ask you,Yesterday in the British Virgin Islands,Why did you contact me the second time?”Wu Minghao asked back。
“Because when we met before,You told me to contain the forces of the United States and Britain,The best way is from‘Diplomatic bond’Start with the pound exchange rate prevention and control system。”Qiao Tianyu explained。
“But then I was studying‘Diplomatic bond’And the pound exchange rate prevention and control system,Have encountered problems,So i want to ask you some more advice。”
“Uh uh,For this reason!”Wu Minghao nodded vigorously。
“Tianyu,Calm down and think about it,in case‘Diplomatic bond’And the pound exchange rate prevention and control system are so easy to follow.,I had already offered these two assassins before that,Repelled the two forces of the United States and Britain,No need to go around in a big circle,I have to wait for you to leave,What do you say?”
“amount.Ok!”Qiao Tianyu thought for a while,This is really the reason。
“What do you mean,This time you transferred me out of the British Virgin Islands,Is actually to solve‘Diplomatic bond’And the pound exchange rate prevention and control system?”
“You can say the same!”Wu Minghao nodded,Affirmed what Qiao Tianyu said。
“Ok or,I happen to be worried about these two things,With Mr. Wu’s help,These two things can definitely be captured!”Qiao Tianyu took a long breath of relief。
“No no no,I may disappoint you this time,These two things are not as simple as you detailed,I am also very troubled!”Wu Minghao feels sad。
“Tianyu,Actually I don’t say you should be able to feel it,In order to deploy the current global offshore financial market war,My uncle Wu Wenjie really took a lot of thought!”

Liu Niu’er nodded again and again,And squinted。

“No wonder!Boss, you are planning to grab their business!No wonder he made such a big handwriting!Great!so amazing!”
Liu Niu’er only praises Lu Menglin for his great work,Without mentioning where he got his new medicine,Lao Jianghu is really smart,All manners and decent speech,No flaws。
Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,He really never thought about this kind of thing。
I asked Xiaozhi to help calculate and prepare new medicines,Mainly to help people like Liu Niu’er get rid of the control of the secret medicine group,I really didn’t think about replacing it。
Because Lu Menglin knows very well,If you want to truly bring down the secret medicine group,Then the problem must be solved fundamentally,Find a substitute for the secret medicine,Taking salary from the bottom is the most important consideration。
The bottle of medicine handed to Liu Niu’er,Aether-year-old pulp mother juice used as medicine,Contains extremely powerful life energy,Without the side effects like secret medicine,Can completely replace the addictiveness of secret medicine。
It’s just that the production of this new type of drug does not produce energy,It can only be provided to a few people.。
But Lu Menglin thought about it again,The secret medicine is reserved for a few people,If everyone can buy new drugs,Wouldn’t the entire human race evolve。
The two are talking,Xiao Zhi’s voice suddenly came into Lu Menglin’s mind。
“Please note!There are flying objects carrying huge energy to lock your aircraft,The opponent has obvious intention to attack,Whether to enable defense mode?”
Lu Menglin suddenly shocked all over,Shining in the eyes。
at this time,There was also a harsh siren in the cabin.。
“Oh my god!Our plane is locked by a missile!”The captain’s anxious cry came from the aircraft broadcast。
“Over!We’re done!”The co-pilot also cried。
Gulf Stream600Flying at 30,000 feet,In their perception,It is impossible to avoid the missile attack!

The two people showed a lewd smile,Eyes squinted and looked at this young girl,Xia Chenglong,I hate this kind of prostitute in my life,So when he saw this scene before him,Immediately the three corpse gods jumped,The angry one is called a Qiqiao to make smoke。

At this time, Xia Chenglong let out a loud shout:“stop!”
Those two heard the voice,I looked at Xia Chenglong,When two people saw Xia Chenglong and Lin Yu,A look of disdain appeared on his face。
You must know that both of them have the cultivation base of the Concentration Realm Triple Heaven,But Xia Chenglong,It’s just the early stage of the Concentration Realm,And Lin Yu is asking about the peak of the gods,So these two concentrating powers will naturally not put them in their eyes。
At this time, I only heard someone speaking at Xia Chenglong viciously:“Kid,You can take care of some nosy,But you can’t take care of some nosy,Today, I’m in a good mood to let you Nima go now,I don’t blame you for your past!”
Xia Chenglong’s face is gloomy to death,Where in Dahua country anyone dares to speak to him like this,But he also understands that what he sees in front of him are two powerhouses in the concentrating state,And I just broke through the concentrating state,And the Sky Profound Sword is broken,At this time, he is really not sure that he can kill these two people.。
The two people looked at Xia Chenglong at this time with a gloomy expression,As if thinking about something,The two looked at each other,Unreserved the pressure of one’s own gaze is released。
Xia Chenglong is fine,Two people are just concentrating,The cultivation of Sanzhongtian is only two small realms higher than him.。
But Lin Yu beside Xia Chenglong,Pale face,Beads of sweat came out on my forehead,And he gritted his teeth and looked,Very painful。
At this time, Xia Chenglong gently patted Lin Yu’s arm,At this moment, he only felt an incomparably pure qi,Rushed towards my body。
When this qi has entered itself,Lin Yu’s face looks pretty good too,The blood color was restored。
At this time, Xia Chenglong stared directly at these two people,There was a cold killing intent in the eyes:“Call yourself Laozi in front of this seat,You two are also worthy,Today I will give you a way out,Pack things up now,Get out,I don’t blame you for your past!”
Kazami,There are two others, Zhang Yu,I heard Xia Chenglong say that,Laughed at that time,As if I heard the funniest joke in the world,Laughing wildly。
Kuang San and Zhang Yu,Laughed for a long time,And finally stopped,Took a deep breath。
At this moment, I heard Kuang San said viciously to Xia Chenglong:“Kid,There is a way to heaven,There is no way to hell,I killed you today,To Yama,When reporting the name there,Remember grandpa called,Kazami!”
Kuangsan said,Will be pure and pure,Infuse true energy into my palm,At this moment, I saw it in the palm of Kuangsan,Suddenly there appeared a small, pitch-black ball of light。
The ball of light carries a lot of evil aura,Give a sense of muddy,But at this moment, Lin Yu took a look from a distance,I felt the aura of heaven and earth carried in that little ball of light ,Looks ugly all at once。
This asks the peak of the gods,After all, I just asked the peak of the gods,As long as it does not reach the point of concentrating,I’ll never know the horror of this concentrating state,Concentrating power,Move mountains and reclaim the sea with just a few gestures。

Watching this little girl interrupt her narration so rudely,Yan frowned slightly,But what’s the surprise to see the other party,I still repeat word by word“The word justice……”

“I didn’t ask you this,I’m talking about who governs the city of angels?”Lena waved。
“little girl,You seem to be provoking my patience。”Interrupted by the other party again,Yan put one hand on the table,Sit up again,Concentrate。
“amount……I just ask you who governs the city of angels,But not provocative。”Lena saw the angel in front of her,A little angry,Slightly surprised,Quickly explained。
Although she can’t understand her pride,But I don’t want to offend the other party。
And he heard the explanation,My forehead twitched,Concentrate again“It is our queen who governs our city of angels——Holy Keisha!”
Chapter Fifty Six:Both sides reacted
“Fucking!Keisha!”Lena finished,Subconsciously burst into a swear word。
Lena just finished,Yan slapped the table fiercely,There was a loud noise,The round table was photographed in an instant,Sawdust is splashing,Fei’s entire meeting room is everywhere。
And Yunyan and Moy beside her also drew the sword of flame at the same time,Staring at Lena。
Keisha,Not only the queen of angels,Is also the faith of angels,Lena exploded foul language in front of them,It’s insulting to them,Anger is inevitable!
“little girl,Please pay attention to your words,Insult our queen,Whether you are the Lord Lieyang Star God,Even if Pan Zhen is here,Today you can’t be safe and sound!”

It’s easy to draw a conclusion from the childhood explosion shell:Explained his talent、Ability has entered the eyes of Mr. Fernandez,I am very likely to become a successful film director!

This makes the baby bombshell heart particularly excited!
But I am excited,He did not forget who brought this hope to himself,Upright to Kelly·Hicks bowed,Young Bombshell confidently said:“Miss Hicks,Please rest assured, Mr. Fernandez,I will not let him down,I will prove to him,Sign me,Definitely his most cost-effective investment。”
“Ok?”Watching Kylie who hesitated to speak·Hicks,Chen Geng casually said:“what you want to say?”
“you……I really like this Michael·Bei??”Kelly·Hicks can’t help it anymore:“This guy is just a kid in his early twenties。”
By Michael·The ones sent by Bei that he had taken in the pastMV、Commercial videotape,Kelly·Hicks admits that this kid is a very talented guy,But directly from the commercial director andMVThe director became a movie with a total investment of more than3000Associate director of a 10,000-dollar production?This span is too big, right?
Chen Geng smiled:Don’t you know“Explosive shell”Prestige。
But he can’t explain this kind of thing,Just shrug:“I am optimistic about the future and talents of this kid,Willing to give him a stage to show his talents,Is this a problem?”
Kelly·Hicks dumbfounded:Ok,This is indeed no problem。
Chen Geng is not willing to talk more on this topic,He changed the topic,Kelly Xiang·Hicks asked:“lets change a topic,Tell me about your next development plan……It’s been a while since I took over the company,What direction do you hope the company will take in the future?”
Kelly·Hicks really considered this question,Now I heard Chen Geng asked,Her expression suddenly became serious:“boss,This is what I want to say to you next……I hope to integrate the company’s media and film and television production sectors。”
“Oh?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows:“Talk about,How do you plan to integrate?”
“I hope……Do not,To be precise,My goal is to focus on existing media groups and film and television production companies,Build a large、Set newspaper、TV、Radio station、A large media group that produces film and television works in one,”Kelly·Hicks’ eyes sparkled with something called ambition:“It’s just like……”
Not waiting for Kelly·Hicks finished,Chen Gengjiu。
Murdoch now,Already recognized as a media tycoon in the United States and the world,This australian born guy,Now it controls nearly two-thirds of Australia’s newspapers and more than40%TV station;