Chen Geng can ignore Staf,Can’t Ding Haijun,“The four major U.S. auto giants”’S name is too big,Although Chen Geng knewAMCThis broken ship is sinking,But in Ding Haijun’s opinionAMCMuch better than Fernandez。Hold Staf’s hand quickly,Passionate way:“Mr. Staff,Very honored to see you here。”

“what……me too,Mr. Minister,Very honored to meet you。”Staf said to Ding Haijun very enthusiastically。
Chen Geng’s attitude of going to the airport personally to pick up the minister and his family speaks for itself.,For Staf who is now seeking Chen Geng,Even if he is stupid,Won’t put on airs to Ding Haijun。
Taking advantage of Ding Haijun’s talk with Staf,Chen Geng whispered to Mirren:“Mirren,Your next task is to help me take care of Minister Ding’s family。”
“Good sir,”It’s very clear that Minister Ding has the weight of Mirren in the eyes of his boss,Responded immediately:“bossdo not worry,I know what to do。”
Anyway, Minister Ding’s family must not be bullied、Just be wronged。
“Mr. Staff,Let’s go talk?”Wait for Ding Haijun and Staf to finish,Chen Geng said to Staf。
“OK,of course。”Staf nodded quickly:Otherwise, why did I spend so much effort??
nobody else,Chen Geng doesn’t have to save too much face for Staff,He spoke to Staf bluntly:“Mr. Staff,AMCCompany situation,You understand that,I also understood,I said‘If you can’t find the injection of external capital,AMCThe only way to go is bankruptcy’,I believe you will not have much opinion?”
“Yes,”Silent for a moment,Staf finally nodded:“AMCThe current situation is really not optimistic……”
“Is very not optimistic,”Interrupting Staf honestly,Chen Geng said:“Mr. Staff,Tell me about your general plan,If it can attract me,Let’s talk seriously about organizing a negotiation team,If it can’t attract me……Ok,I hope you can have fun with me today。”
For Chen Geng’s aggressive attitude,Staff was very helpless,Even extreme anger,But in addition to pressing this anger and helplessness to the bottom of my heart,What can I do??Only endure:“AMCHope Fernandez can helpAMCThe company solves the current dilemma,Provide a sum of no less than1.2Billion dollars in capital injection,to this end,AMCWilling to give40%Shares of……”
HearAMCOffer,Chen Geng laughed immediately,Is the kind“Are you kidding me??!”Sneer:“1.2Billion dollars in exchange40%Shares of?Mr. Staff,Are you sure you are not joking with me?If what I heard before is correct,The result of your contact with Renault is,Renault pay9000Ten thousand dollars in exchange for youAMCthe company62%Shares of,It becomes when I get1.2Billion dollars in exchange40%Shares?Deceive too much!”
Staf’s face changed instantly!

Then she can continue to practice,Today’s magic sword is very curious what the scenery of Tier 4 looks like,therefore,In order to advance to Tier 4 as soon as possible,She must change her past laziness。

Concentrating on retreat in the Zhendao Tower,After raising his strength to the third-tier peak,Magic Sword will choose to use points to advance to the fourth level,Experience first-hand the scenery of Tier 4。
Sedum has now advanced to Tier 4,Naturally, you can chat leisurely in the chat group hall,Nezha group members are due to physical limitations,Strength can’t break through,And the 37 group members,Stupid knows nothing。
Since I can meet such a great opportunity,Magic sword will not waste time in vain,She must be advanced to Tier 4,Only this way,She can have the confidence to go to other worlds。
“The body of the members of the magic sword group is a magic sword,I don’t know if the members of the Demon Sword Group have advanced to Tier 4,,What will it look like,Sword spirit?It’s still similar to Zhang Chulan’s sword qi cultivation method,You can change your appearance at will?”
“Or it’s just one level lower than King Tian’s Demon Sword?”
After Nezha saw the Demon Sword group members offline,Think of the body of the magic sword group member seems to be a magic sword,Curiously asked,Other creatures advanced level 4,Qualitative changes in strength。
But the body of the members of the magic sword group is a magic sword,What will happen to the fourth level?Could it be that the body of the members of the magic sword group will become stronger?Just like the demon sword?
I don’t know when the members of the Demon Sword group can be transformed into human beings.,Nezha has never seen a magic weapon to become a human,So he is looking forward to what changes will happen to the members of the Demon Sword Group after they reach Tier 4。
“Nezha group members,I think you have time to think about these trivia,Why not stay at home and practice hard work behind closed doors,When Goku entered the group, he was as young as you。”
“The results of it?Big Wukong often cultivates hard,Now an adult,And it has advanced to the fourth level,In contrast to you?Nezha group members,Still looks like this kid。”
“I think it’s just your uneasy character,I’m afraid that after the Monkey King and I have advanced to Tier 5,You are still at the third tier peak,At that time, really don’t blame us for visiting other worlds and not taking you。”
“After all, other worlds are very dangerous,If any accident happens,How do you tell me to tell your parents?Or you plan to place your hopes on Goku’s Dragon Ball?”


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First1201chapter No white
Chen Geng’s Manor,Crowded!
As host and hostess,Chen Geng and Ding Ruoyan stood at the door in person to welcome the arrival of distinguished guests,While walking up to a guest、The new guest has not arrived yet,Chen Geng whispered to Ding Ruoyan:“The next guest is Bill’s wife。”
“President Bill’s wife?”Ding Ruoyan was surprised:“The news i watched yesterday,Isn’t Bill’s wife accompanying him on a visit in Europe??How did she come back?”
“Yes,Hillary Clinton is accompanying Little Bill on a state visit in Europe,”Chen Geng nodded:“But isn’t this you here?,Hillary hurried back to attend tonight’s banquet……Ok,Finished the banquet,She will rush back to Europe,But because she was attending a private event tonight,So the plane we took was provided by us,Can sleep on the plane。”
Ding Ruoyan didn’t speak,She was shocked by the content of Chen Geng’s words:In order to attend this dinner tonight,Hillary even stopped her state visit to Europe tonight.,Hurry back,After attending the dinner, rush back overnight?
How much face is given to Chen Geng。

Gary·Kirydale frowned:“with all due respect,I don’t agree with this。”

“Oh?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows:“If you insist,Please give some industry examples。”
“such as……such as……”
Only said one“such as……”,The following words,Gary·Kirydale is there and can’t tell。
“Let me help you,”Chen Geng smiled slightly,Said:“Whether it’s the steam engine technology during the first industrial revolution、Ship technology,Still the automotive technology of the second industrial revolution、Internal combustion engine technology and aircraft technology,The early days of these technologies,They are all driven by individual amazing talents,Such as Mr. Watt’s and steam engine technology,Such as Mr. Edison and electrical technology,Like Carl·Mr. Benz and Mr. Otto and automotive technology、Internal combustion engine technology,Another example is the Wright Brothers and aviation technology……Because of their great contribution to the times,These names are written into history,I believe you:The name of Mr. Gary Kilidare will receive the same treatment,But when the technology of related industries develops to the present,Take a look,Individual geniuses contribute more to technology,Or capital contribution?”
Gary·Kilidare opened his mouth,Don’t know what to say。
He didn’t actually think about this problem seriously,Just in Gary·Kirydell’s consistent knowledge,He believes that talent is the core element of technological development,Such as my contribution to the development of computer technology,But now I hear Fernandez say that,seem……It is indeed the case?
But geniuses are proud,Pondered for a moment,Gary·Kiridale raised his head and said to Chen Geng:“Fernandez,I admit some truths you said,But I need to think carefully。”
“of course。”
Chen Geng didn’t expect Gary at all·Kiredale can change a tech open source admirer with a word of his own,Besides, for Chen Geng,Gary·Does Kilidare support open source and what does it have to do with it??He cares about another thing。
“Gary,What do you think of ourindoshow about it?”Turn the topic,Chen Geng Xiang Gary·Kirydale asked。
“very good!Although it’s just a shell software,Not a real operating system,But for users、For beginners,They no longer need to remember hundreds of thousands of complex instructions,You can do most of the operations with just one click with your trackball,For users,indosThe appearance of is simply the gospel,Its appearance,It’s like opening a window to the computer world……”
Gary·Kilidare actually gave Garrett2000This shell software does not hesitate to praise,This is a bit beyond Chen Geng’s expectation,But think about it,Chen Geng was relieved,As long as it’s not paranoid,Can tellindosIs the appearance of good or bad,And the market, the ultimate referee, is the most telling:indosAfter the system came out,Not only the trackball suit continues to sell well,And the sales of personal computers on the market are also year-on-year、Rise sharply from the previous month,This is enough to explain everything。
Wait for Gary·Kirydale finished,Chen Geng is a little embarrassed,But I still have to say:“Thank you,I am a little embarrassed……Gary,Are you interested in being with me,Take yourCP/MBased on,Develop a set of microcomputer operating system with visual graphical interface?”
Gary·Kilidare froze for a while,I just shake my head:“Fernandez,What are you kidding!The current level of computer hardware,There is simply no way to run this truly graphical user interface,‘cp/m+indos’Is already the best partner right now……”
Gary·The reason why Kirydale was so blue-eyed to Chen Geng,The reason is here,Because Gary is in the market·Kilidarecp/mThere are too many operating systems,Gary·Kiredale has a bad habit:He doesn’t like to sue these copycatsCP/MThe guy,But like to expose the tricks of those counterfeiters——Regardless of those counterfeiters taking hisCP/MHow the system changes look beyond recognition,But he can find the information he reserved in the most core part。
This is embarrassing, isn’t it?

but,Doctor Hua is also good,Hua Tianyi,They all know,How many people were all about this pill that day。

Some people are even willing to spend so much money to buy,Maybe as Hua Tianyi said,When everyone knows the effect of the beauty-repairing pill,There are people with a heart,One step ahead of Hua Ziyu,Found the pill,And took away。
And the one that Hua Ziyu got back,It just happens to be the mouse feces with a little beauty in Rongdan。
Because at that time, the beauty zhurong pill was already disfigured by Hua Ziyu,So hard to tell。
Maybe it’s like Hua Tianyi said,What I eat is just rat shit,It’s not a beauty resident。
And the Hua family is still a mouse poop,Tossing for so long without saying,Grandma and grandchildren eat mouse shit together,This is a big joke。
“so,The real beauty in Rongdan,Is gone,And there is no way to prove it,Let alone research,Is that right?”Huashen asked with inadequate medical power。
“It can be said,That’s it。”Hua Tianyi is not euphemistic,But directly said。
Because he knows,This result,Is what my father can think of,So I don’t need to give him hope,That will only make him more disappointed。
“Zhang Dong,I will never let you go,Shame today,I will pay you back ten times。”After Hua Ziyu listened,Gritted teeth and swears。
“this matter,Stop here,Those mice,Get it back,Never let me see a mouse again。”Genius Doctor Hua waved his hand and said。
“father,Shall we go home first,You and Ziyu can’t rest well here。”Hua Tianyi is among the three,The only one who did not eat old
Rat shit。
But looking at my son and father,Be made like this,I feel bad。
“Ok。”Doctor Hua said,So I strongly support my body,Walked out of the company with the support of Huatianyi。

A crisp sound。
The body of the hotel manager,Just like that, I was photographed flying on the counter。
Hit the counter,The lady at the front desk was so scared to ring the bell,And ran out of it。
“Hit someone!Hit someone!”
The hotel security gathered in an instant。
The vast formation almost alarmed everyone in the hotel,Ran out to watch。
The hotel manager got up from the ground,Vomited blood,Said viciously to Qin Feng:“Little hybrid,Do you dare to beat me?You have to apologize on your knees for a while!”
More than a dozen tall security guards are aggressive,Everyone has a swing stick,Surround Qin Feng。
I didn’t wait for them to speak harshly,The surrounded Qin Feng suddenly disappeared。

Zhao Hao and others stopped talking,Head down and take his own people away。

“Chairman Liu,Don’t think about it,This is a large-scale crossing event after all,Has a lot of uncertainty。”Symbolic comforting words from the third elders of Tujia。
In previous years, the Warrior Association was the second place,This time turned out to be the first to be eliminated。
“Humph,A bunch of kids are not as good as people,have nothing to say。”
President Liu was bold enough to admit that he could gain some status。
Withdrawal of the Musha Association,It marks that the participating teams have become polarized,In fact, you don’t need to look at the subsequent results to know。
Tujia as the overlord of High Peak City,The first place every year belongs to them,This time there will be no exceptions。
What they want to see now is how long the union will last under the chaos of the Tujia。
“Chairman Ma,It seems that the results of this year’s conference will appear ahead of schedule!”The third elder Tujia took a sip of tea,Say something like nothing。
“is it,Then let us wait and see!”
Hidden Knife in Both Sides,Every sentence mocks each other。
“Oh,I heard that there is a guy in the casual cultivator who is very good,President Ma also has ulterior motives,I was able to find such a warrior。”
“Didn’t your Tu family even bring out Tu Bai??”
“Hahaha,President Ma, you misunderstood!”The third elder of the Tu family smiled,“We didn’t let that kid come,But he wants to come。”
“is it?”
They leave with Zhao Hao of the Warrior Association,Several big guys regained their peace after chatting casually,Everyone shows confidence in their own side。
of course,The conference is changing rapidly,No one can be sure what will happen next。

We must always be alert to the kid who saved people from my own hands last time,Looking around the dark sea level,Lagun began to plan his own retreat route。

Suddenly Lagong was alert,Never thought,Jumped out directly from behind his own cover。
I haven’t had time to see what is pushing me out,A few shots from Dragon Five,Completely blocked Lagon’s position。
Flashing in the air,Rajon in the process,Also constantly looking for the best offensive position。
Raise the gun at Long Liu,Rajon hasn’t pulled the trigger yet,A silver light fell again。
In midair,Lagon tried his best to control his body,Will escape the cold light,And after that cold light flashed away,Disappeared into the darkness again。

Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Three Just front2
“He wears bulletproof clothing,Should be the same as our material!”
Long Shi and the three of them heard a single voice in their ears。
Long Wu and Long Liu didn’t notice where Shan Yu was hiding again,But this is also good,I don’t even know where my teammates are hiding,When will there be a fatal blow to the enemy,Then the enemy will never know。
Lagon wears bulletproof clothing,And it’s the same material as what I wear,This news is for a plan that is already difficult to execute,Added more severe frost。
But fortunately, Long Shi and the others still have Shan You this amazing soldier,It’s also a warmth that adds meaning to this cold night。
Several people are hiding behind the bunker of their choice,It’s a chance to take a breather from the strenuous exercise for more than two minutes。
Everyone is breathing hard,And I really want to adjust my breathing as soon as possible,Restore your state to the peak。
But at this moment,Long Wu suddenly got up,In the direction of Lagong is a burst,After that, Long Liu and Long Shi also guessed the thoughts in Long Wu’s mind for the first time.,With Long Wu,Started non-stop shooting at the place where Rajon was。

“My trip to Hong Kong Island,I only develop three places under my own hands,One of them will win Helianhe,As for who is my downline,You decide for yourself。”Lu Menglin threw another topic。

This sentence is out,The big guys at the scene stared at Uncle Bing.。
Uncle Bing coughed slightly,Said with a smile:“Thank you brothers for showing love,I will take care of it with Liansheng。Regarding this matter,Dalongtou agrees。”
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“Doesn’t matter,As long as one of you is here。I have no time to deal with the things below。Uncle Bing is steady and reliable,I believe you too。”
Don’t say anything,I’m all envious in my eyes,Become this boss Lu’s offline,It’s equivalent to the on-line leader of tens of thousands of people with Liansheng。
The leader of Heshenglian is as cunning as a fox,Naturally refuses to stand up and serve,Mainly because I am afraid of shooting the bird,be careful and live long。
but,At this time, everyone secretly admires,1040Engineering is really a master plan,Nothing else,Is the automatic exit mechanism,It’s very reasonable!
In order to prevent someone from fishing too much,Three years later,Earn enough ten thousand and four million,Will withdraw dividends,Only enjoy job benefits,That’s great!
and so,Even if Uncle Bing is promoted to the general manager of Heliansheng,,Also acceptable。
Uncle Bing thought for a while,Asked again:“Boss Lu,He Liansheng has a place,The other two places,
How do you plan to arrange?”
The voice has not fallen,Someone is already yelling,“Just give it to Heliansheng!Other clubs don’t need it anyway!”
“Yes!Mr. Lu has the best relationship with us and Liansheng,Let them die!”
“Yes indeed!We are like brothers with Liansheng and Mr. Lu,Hong Kong Island has us enough。”
The reason why these hall masters present suddenly became irritated,Because they all believe1040Engineering is a talisman,Now that he has,So it’s better not to have other clubs,So that the family can dominate,Exclusive advantage。
Lu Menglin just laughed and said nothing,Wait until the scene gradually calms down,Then sneered:“Three places in my hand,The other is also with Liansheng,It was promised to Erye,He will be back in at most two months。”
This remark,Everyone dare not say anything。
The three places in the hands of boss Lu,He Liansheng dominates the second,Enough,One more place,Look at this posture,Most likely to be given to fourteenKthere。
As for the other two big societies on Hong Kong Island,I guess it’s gone。

Fatty squinted,Shook his head,He doesn’t plan to talk to each other。

The fire king leaped diagonally,Fictitious punch,Fat Dun quickly raised his hand to parry,But the other party then kicked on his chubby thigh,Kicked him back three steps in a row。
Fire King’s fist fell like a storm,Dense and urgent,Fists are like eyes,Specially pick a position that is not protected by the fat body,Poisonous。
Hit a dozen punches in a row,Fat Dun was forced to the corner of the cage,Shaky。
The audience outside the iron cage all stared and shook their heads,This is clearly a battle of disparity in strength,There is absolutely no possibility of reversal!No wonder the dealer refuses to open the odds。
“Hit him!Hit him!”
“kill him!”
“Get rid of him!We have to watch the real game!”
“Fire King,Blow him up!Don’t waste time!”There was a raging voice around the iron cage,All made the fire king end the battle quickly。
Neither can bet on such a game,There is no special fighting,Probably the only thing that can stimulate them,It’s cruel and bloody。
The fire king shook his shoulders,A small jump,Virtual reality,Close to the opponent again。
Although he knows his opponent is a layman,But the training that Fire King received still gave him enough focus and vigilance,Because this is in the ring after all,Not careless。
A cross leg swept toward the chubby knee,Fierce and fierce!
Deal with opponents who are thick and capable,Destroying his joints is the smartest choice。Fire King knows his kicking power,Even the thick wooden stakes can be kicked off,Kick off this fat man’s knee,Not to mention。
boom!The legs of the two slammed together。
The audience under the ring heard this exciting sound,Getting crazy。
Fire King frowned,Because even though this kick hit the opponent,But didn’t kick the knee,But blocked by the opponent’s calf。
In an instant,Fat Dun finally launched a counterattack。
He knows that he cannot beat his opponent by skill,Comparing strength may not be a stable win,So I can only play with a lose-lose style,Hurt the enemy a thousand,Self-defeating。
So Fatty Tiger roared,Regardless of the opponent’s chest straight fist,But open arms,Pounced on the opponent with a decisive attitude。