Beware of baby red ass in hot summer

Beware of baby red ass in hot summer

The summer is hot, and it is easy for your baby to appear red because of sweating. Therefore, you must take care of your baby in the summer.

  Change diapers in time to prevent red ass. When the summer is high, do n’t keep your baby wrapped in diapers, especially for male babies. It ‘s best to often open the diaper to let the skin breathe and let the ass cool down.

  If cloth diapers are used, do not wrap them with plastic cloths, otherwise urine will accumulate inside and cause the baby’s skin to be affected. The buttocks will become red and eroded due to airtightness, which will cause diaper rash.

  For babies less than 3 months after birth, it is best to wash the little butt with warm water every time you change diapers, or wipe the little butt with a wet paper towel dedicated to the baby.

Dry your buttocks every time you put on a new diaper, and apply some hip cream.

In addition, the baby should use a new and soft towel alone to prevent infection from various diseases.

  Washing your baby, there is a difference between men and women. Because of their different physiological structures, male and female genitals have a lot of skin wrinkles and are easy to hide dirt. Female babies are weak and prone to infect bacteria. Parents should take care ofDiscrimination.

  The baby’s foreskin has many skin wrinkles, and sweating is more likely to have odors in summer. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully clean the baby’s chicks and testicles, especially to clean the skin wrinkles. You can use clean cotton to wipe the thigh roots and vulva.Skin wrinkles.

In addition, parents should pay special attention to the baby before the age of 2 years, the foreskin and the glans have not been completely separated, and specially opened the foreskin for cleaning, but it is easy to hurt the baby.

When your baby is about 3 years old, you must pay attention to cleaning the foreskin. You can gently push the baby’s foreskin while taking a bath, wash it with a cotton swab dipped in water along the ring, and then wipe it with a clean wet towel or rinse with warm water.

  For a baby girl, she cleans her perineum with warm water every night before going to bed and after going to bed.

When cleaning, do “from top to bottom” and “from inside to outside”, that is, first clean the vicinity of the urethral orifice, and then scrub the periphery of the anus.

When cleaning the urethral opening, be sure to open the labia majora slightly, and then use a wet towel or cotton swab to thoroughly remove the dirt around the urethral opening.

Remember not to wash the baby’s urethra and vagina with water to prevent damaging the urethra and vaginal self-cleansing function, disturbing the normal flora, but easily causing disease.

For girls under 1 year old, you don’t need to clean your labia every time, just clean the outside.

  Don’t use talcum powder for baby’s genitals Many parents will throw some talcum powder on their baby after bathing, but experts suggest that it is best not to use talcum powder for baby’s genitals.

For male babies, talcum powder is easy to agglomerate with sweat and insert into pores; for female babies, the powder of talcum powder can easily enter the deep vagina from the vaginal opening, or even the internal genitals, so girls do not need to use talcum powder to puff private parts.

Wife is always right

Wife is always right

One day, a couple came to sit down at home. I wondered if the wife said “no” to his wife. The wife immediately lowered her face and pursed her lips, a situation that the “mountain rain is coming, the wind is all over the building”.

Seeing that the storm was about to set off, I had a clever idea and found two poems, one for each, for the gentleman’s “six digits with his wife” and for his wife, “moo angry”.

The content is as follows: “Six Wife Finished Products”: The wife is absolutely not wrong.

If my wife is found to be wrong, I must be wrong.

If I’m not mistaken, my wife must have made mistakes because of my mistake.

If it was her own fault, as long as she did not admit it, she was not wrong.

If my wife doesn’t admit her fault, I still insist it’s her fault, it’s my fault.

In short, my wife will never be wrong, and this sentence is definitely not wrong.

  During the above period, please read it six times a day to avoid making mistakes.

  ”Mo angry”: Life is like a play, because we have a chance to get together . Hardship and enjoyment together, the gods envy good partners.

  Suddenly, the couple’s unhappiness was swept away.

  The old-fashioned marriage path relies on the couple’s selflessness, sacrifice, tolerance and compassion.

Between husband and wife, there will inevitably be some disagreements, if at this time if any party can have the mind and feelings of “Qing need to pity me and pity Qing”, take a step back and the sky will be wide.

It doesn’t seem so important whether the wife is really “always right”!

The stomach is often cooing called alert to gastrointestinal inflammation

The stomach is often “cooing” called alert to gastrointestinal inflammation

Stomach “cooing” is a condition that everyone may encounter. Some say it is because of hunger, some say it is a precursor to farting, but it may also be a symptom of gastrointestinal diseases.
  When the intestinal flora is imbalanced, various bacteria are fermented in the intestine, and a large amount of gas is generated, which causes the gastrointestinal contents to produce too much amplitude or move beyond the normal, so bowel sounds will occur.
  When bowel sounds exist alone, its cause is mainly indigestion, excessive gas production in the intestine, and inability to circulate smoothly.
Less harmful.
Treatment is mainly based on astringent drugs or conditioning drugs.
  When bowel sounds are complicated by various symptoms, and the onset time is more than one month, it indicates the existence of enteritis and gastritis.
Patients are prone to indigestion and cannot adequately absorb nutrients, resulting in a loss of nutrients and a lack of supply of essential nutrients, which are bound to cause greater harm to normal physiological needs.
  Especially for women and the elderly, once there is a similar condition, it may be malnourished, and dehydration may be caused, and insomnia, dark yellow skin color, weight loss, acute attack of chronic disease or exacerbation of the disease may be caused.
  This can reduce bowel sounds: 1.
Eat less gas-producing foods, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes; 2.
Eat less food such as dairy products; 3.
Reasonable diet, avoid tobacco and alcohol and spicy, cold, greasy, stimulating food; 4.
You can eat easily digestible food such as rice porridge and pasta.

Rehabilitation: colds, conditioning diet, diet rehabilitation

Rehabilitation: colds, conditioning diet, diet rehabilitation

LISA is a senior white-collar worker in the marketing department of a foreign company.

Recently, the company’s business has expanded. She often went in and out of the office to meet customers in the hot summer. Fatigue combined with a cold caused the fever to start, sore throat was unbearable.

At the Chinese Medicine Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Associate Professor Huang Qihui prescribed that she used 30 grams of honeysuckle, 15 grams of chrysanthemum, and 5 grams of mint with boiling water for 10 minutes. At any time, the symptoms of LISA were quickly cured.

  Correcting your diet after a cold is an important principle of rehabilitation.

The diet should be light. Avoid spicy and greasy foods. You should drink plenty of water in the beginning. The diet should be porridge and pasta. However, you must maintain a sufficient diet, eat three meals a day, and eat on time.

  Drink more porridge when you have a cold. Drink more hot porridge when you have a cold. It helps to sweat, dissipate heat, expel wind and cold, and promote the cure of colds.

At the same time, after having a cold, the appetite is poor, and the digestive system is not good. Drinking porridge can promote absorption.

In addition, some medicines are also very irritating to the stomach and intestines, drinking porridge can protect the gastric mucosa.

  Cold and cold symptoms: fever, fear of cold or even chills, no sweat, sore body, and stuffy nose.

  Therapeutic method: Ginger, Su leaf, and onion white porridge. Specific methods: Take 10 grams of Su leaves, 3 green onions, 3 slices of ginger, boil the white porridge, add it, and season it with oil and salt to taste.

Ginger is the best “weapon” to deal with fever, sneezing, cough and other symptoms. It has the functions of expectorant, cold, qi and antiasthma.

Su Ye and light green also have the effect of diverting the cold, and Su Ye can be bought in general pharmacies.

  Symptoms of wind and cold: fever, swelling of the throat, stuffy nose, thirst, dry stool.

  Therapeutic method: Mulberry leaf Pueraria congee Specific method: Take 18 grams of mulberry leaf, 30 grams of pueraria root, 10 grams of cilantro leaf, 100 grams of sugar cane, 6 grams of mint, 60 grams of rice, wash and chop the above medicines, and add water to cookTake the juice, add rice and cook until the porridge is thick, and season while serving.

  Influenza symptoms: acute onset, persistent high fever, severe systemic symptoms, and nasal congestion, runny nose, and sore throat appear later.

  Therapeutic method: White radish tea porridge Specific method: Take 100 grams of white radish, 5 grams of tea, and an appropriate amount of salt. Wash and slice the white radish and boil it, add salt to the porridge, and soak the tea in boiling water for 5 minutes.Into the porridge.

White radish can clear heat and reduce phlegm, tea leaves can clear lung heat, have qi appetite, cough and phlegm.

  It is advisable to drink soup in the later period of cold. Associate Professor Huang Qihui said that traditional Chinese medicine believes that spleen and appetizers should be used in the later period of cold, such as Dangshen, Huaishan, Jujube, Pseudostellariae, Black Fungus, Tremella and so on.The specific method of chicken soup: 100 grams of chicken, 10 grams of American ginseng slices, 15 grams of Ophiopogon.

First slice American ginseng, put Ophiopogon with chicken in a stew pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cover the stew pot, simmer for 3 hours under mild fire, season and drink soup and meat.

Experts believe that American ginseng chicken soup can replenish vitality, improve the body’s immunity, and have the effect of driving off viruses.

  Black fungus wolfberry chicken soup specific methods: 100 grams of chicken, 30 wolfberry, 15 grams of black fungus.

First put the black fungus water, ginger slices, wolfberry and chicken into the stew pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cover the stew pot, simmer for 3 hours under mild fire, season, and eat soup and meat.

Experts believe that black fungus wolfberry and black chicken soup can clear intestines and detoxify, and nourish the spleen and stomach.

  Specific methods of Tremella Jujube Soup: 15 grams of Tremella, 10 jujubes, 30 wolfberries, 30 grams of rock sugar.

First, tremella fungus water, jujube pitting, washed wolfberry water, stewed in ice pond with water until viscous can be taken.

Experts believe that Tremella fuciformis jujube soup can strengthen the spleen and lungs.

Emollients 5 types of skin hydration _1

5 types of skin hydration

Is the bladder skin getting tighter?

This is the initial alarm signal for skin dehydration.

Skin care experts remind that the most important thing for skin care in autumn and winter is hydration.

Of course, hydration is also particular about whether you choose skin care products or skin care, you must first determine the condition of your skin, you must learn to prescribe dry skin!


hzh {display: none; }  面部护理步骤基本分为三个程序:清洁、爽肤、滋润。The focus of various skin types in the autumn rehydration program will be different. If you choose the right focus, the effect will be more effective.

  Normal skin characteristics: Normal skin is an ideal type of skin with stable skin condition and a balanced oil and moisture ratio.

The pores are fine, the texture is fine, the skin is smooth, moist and elastic, and the surface is not rough and non-sticky.

  Moisturizing points: Because the skin is in good condition, it is easy to negligently care for the skin. In fact, hydrating this kind of skin is equally important, otherwise the best skin will age.

Toner is available in emollient type, which can moisturize and moisturize.

The mask is suitable for all kinds of fruit and vegetable masks.

  Features of dry skin: small pores, almost invisible, fine texture, dry and dull skin, lack of tenderness.

After cleansing, the skin has a tight feeling, is easy to age, and is prone to dark spots and fine wrinkles, but it is not easy to grow acne.

  Moisturizing points: The dry skin of the cream is most obvious, and the skin is easy to form fine wrinkles in the dry autumn.

Use of oily moisturizing products will have a good moisture retention effect (moisturizing cream, moisturizing lotion).

In addition to paying attention to moisturizing, you should also apply more moisturizing moisturizers and essences.

Every 2?
Apply the mask with a high-moisturizing mask once every 3 days.

  Sensitive skin characteristics: The cuticle of the skin layer is relatively thin, and the skin vascular network is shallow. Therefore, when the skin is irritated, it is prone to redness, swelling, elevated skin temperature, and dehydration.

  Hydration points: Under the influence of the environment during the daytime, the sensitive skin can choose to focus on night care. Use skin care products suitable for sensitive skin, such as vegetable masks, are more suitable for sensitive skin.

  Characteristics of oily skin: pores are large and coarse, the texture of the skin is rough, the surface is shiny, acne prone, but not easy to wrinkle

  Moisturizing points: Do not think that oily skin will not be dehydrated in the fall.

For oily skin, use fresh water moisturizing products such as (moisturizing gel, spray, body lotion, etc.).

  Mixed skin characteristics: T-shaped part is oily, dry around the eyes and both toes.

Combination skin is mainly evolved from oily skin, mostly due to improper care and repeated cosmetics.

  Key points of hydration: T-shaped area is the main part of oil control and hydration cleaning.

Facial masks have many benefits to the skin. Some moisturize the skin, remove skin dirt, and promote blood circulation. Combination skin should pay attention to facial masks.

White-collar workers: planning before going to the workplace

White-collar workers: planning before going to the workplace

Since the outbreak of the international financial crisis last year, it has brought a huge impact on China’s economy and even the workplace.

Economic recession, corporate closures, headcount, salary cuts, job cuts, benefits, and other conditions are commonplace. This will inevitably create a huge crisis for the workplace.

It is said that Xiangyang’s career analysis of 120 randomly selected data from recent consulting clients shows that due to the direct impact of the financial crisis, the number of white-collar workers seeking career planning consulting services has increased sharply after being tailored, accounting for 28 of the total number of consultants.


After being laid off, they hope to return to the workplace and work hard again, but it is difficult to achieve. They urgently need the help and guidance of professional planners.

Customer Sara’s statement: Since the financial crisis broke out, the logistics industry has been directly affected. I lost this job overnight for almost 8 years.

I used to think that I have many years of work experience in foreign companies, fluent English, and a master’s degree from the University of Finance and Economics. It should not be difficult to find a job, but there are almost nothing in repeated interviews.

Before being laid off, I still felt that I was very good, but the results of job interviews over the past few months have made me lose confidence in myself.

With so much work, I feel confused and scared like never before.

I’m only 32 years old. How should I go?

After a full five months of unemployment winter, I really feel really tired.

Career analysis: In the logistics company’s 8 years, Sara was mainly responsible for checking receivables and receivables. At the same time, other positions in the Finance Department had been rotated and trained. However, due to the reduction in the industry and the company, her job skills have not been competitiveProgress and improvement, coupled with the lack of a comprehensive training mechanism within the company, Sara’s job skills improvement is seriously hampered.

At the same time, because of her lack of communication skills, she was not good at communication and her interpersonal relationship also surrounded the deadlock.

Obviously, although she has 8 years of experience, she has very weak competitiveness in the workplace, strong replaceability of the position, and low comprehensive quality. Once the company adjusts its personnel, she is naturally classified as a layoff.Object.

  Because Sara has never had a clear career plan, she has been repeatedly frustrated in job interviews and has a hard time.

The goal is unclear. The goal is unclear, and it is found that the clear job search goal cannot be cut in. The job search skills are gradually reduced, the self-confidence is insufficient, and the interview fails.

Therefore, systematically combing the customer’s 8 years of work experience, digging out core competitiveness, finding the best career positioning and current entry point, and focusing on strengthening job interview counseling are the keys to this case.

Expert solution: Sara’s professional interest and one-to-one communication revealed that she likes to work alone and quietly, and finds happiness and accomplishment in the process of data analysis. She does not like challenges and changes.

This is very much in line with the working characteristics of financial staff.

The analysis of the client’s MBTI personality type and career assessment analysis also showed this inherent consistency.

  The consultant took into account that Sara hopes to develop in the financial profession for a long time, and at the same time, she finds that her personality tends to be meticulous in the military, and analyzes her work. Finally, she evaluates her current best career development direction, that is, her internal risk control or cost analysis position.Seek the main direction of development from a professional perspective, rather than get a promotion in management level.

The alternative is to switch to a financial management consulting firm such as an accounting firm, financial advisory agency, etc. to serve as a corporate consulting or research assistant position.

Sara believes that the preferred option is currently feasible.

  Through the follow-up service, we know that Sara has received a quotation for the cost analysis position of the financial department of a joint venture at the end of April and has successfully passed the trial period. The company is very satisfied with her performance.

She said: “Every day is now full and happy. I cherish this new platform now, and here I really realize my value.

“Career review: Through our research on the workplace over the years, we find that tailors often have shortcomings in career development in certain areas.

Hong Xiangyang, chief career planner of Xiangyang, believes that Sara’s situation is not accidental, but a necessity.

As a person who has worked for 10 years, the customer Sara’s accumulated and mastered ability is only equivalent to a person who has worked for 2-3 years. This is what we call “low-value experience” work.

It was this work of low-value practice that greatly expanded her core competitiveness, which was also due to her layoffs, and the root cause was her long-term lack of career planning.

  It is worth mentioning that some people who have only worked for 2-3 years can accumulate the ability that others need to work for 10 years or more through a job of “high-value experience”.

The secret is that he has a clear career plan, accurate positioning, clear paths, knows how to make full use of existing resources, enhance and build his core competitive advantage, and obtain the largest growth and accelerated promotion in the shortest time, becoming an industryThe best in (business).

Thousands of cases in Xiangyang’s career prove that when you have a clear career plan, you will know your strengths very clearly, you can easily master each step of your career, and you can devote yourself in a state of self-knowledge and self-confidence.In the workplace, strengthen strengths and avoid weaknesses, resolve crises and win opportunities.

The elderly have three meals and six bogeys.

The elderly have three meals and six bogeys.

The quality of diet and nutrition directly affects the health, disease resistance and longevity of the elderly.

Therefore, the elderly must adjust their diet structure according to their own health conditions to correct overnutrition or deficiency.

This is very important for good health, prevention of disease, and delaying aging.

  Eat three should: eat should be slow – the elderly should be easy to eat, chew slowly, so that it is conducive to the secretion of various digestive juices, better digestion and absorption of food, to avoid eating too fast.

  Eating yule – quiet and happy emotions are good for digestion and increase appetite.

On the contrary, it will affect appetite and prevent digestive function.

It’s easy to get sick when eating, and it’s very bad for your health!

  Eating should be special – when eating, you should abandon all kinds of trivial matters, focus on the food, enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of the food, which is conducive to taste the taste of food, and absorb and absorb.

  There are six bogey for food: avoid cold and cold – eat less or not eat cold drinks, such as ice cream, frozen mung bean soup.

  Avoid spicy – eat less or not eat onions, ginger, pepper, pepper, leeks, etc., at the same time, be careful to stay away from tobacco and alcohol.

  Avoid greasy – eat less oyster sauce, fat and fried fried foods, dairy products (milk, crisp, buttermilk).

  Avoid hair – refers to food that can cause recurrence of old diseases, new diseases, such as sputum, sputum, spicy, etc., as well as some special foods, such as buckwheat, bean sprouts, chicken head, goose, duck head, parsley and so on.

  Avoid sticky slippery – eat less sticky rice, barley and other sticky smooth food.

  Taboo – eat less seafood, lamb, dog meat, etc. These foods are mild and prone to heat, so the hot constitution, such as the usual easy to get angry, dry mouth, dry stool should eat less, or the symptoms will be aggravated.

Five foods that endanger men’s health

Five foods that endanger men’s health

Soybeans Soybeans are beneficial to the body in addition to protein supplements, as well as reducing the effectiveness of plasma.

However, recent related research: Soybean is a food containing estrogen properties. Excessive intake will increase the body’s estrogen level, which affects male sexual characteristics.

But don’t overdo it. Pay attention to the “overdose”, as long as it is not replaced in a large amount every day, it will not be overdone.

  Fat meat may be very masculine, but the opposite is true.

Red meat (beef, bacon, sausage, luncheon meat) keeps you strong.

Saturated fat and cholesterol narrow blood vessels, including blood vessels that transport blood to the sex site, and the blood is not sufficiently congested. How to hold it high?

Moreover, these are small blood vessels that are easiest to insert.

  The hydrogenation of fried food in vegetable oil can transform the oil into a solid state, and the aunt contained in it is the trans-aunt.

When it comes to damage, trans-rare earths are better than saturated fats.

French fries and other fried foods, biscuits, cookies include trans-aunt.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set out to require all foods that contain trans traces to be labeled.

We should eat less of these foods.

  High-fat milk milk and dairy products are the best sources of protein, but there are differences between them.

If it’s a full-fat product, it’s better to stay away.

In fact, high-fat milk and dairy products are no less harmful than fat, and the worst thing is to mix the two, and the destructive effect may be immediate.

  Flour white bread, sweets taste good, but from a nutritional point of view, this is not the case.

During the processing of whole wheat into refined bread, three-fourths of the zinc is lost. For the development of sexual desire and the health of reproduction, zinc is precisely vital.

The highest amount of zinc in the human body is also in the prostate. A diet high in zinc helps prevent prostate hyperplasia.

Fir decoration, healthy and environmentally friendly

Fir decoration, healthy and environmentally friendly

Some people say that buying a house is a worrying thing.

In fact, after the purchase of the rough room, it is more expensive.

Therefore, most people will consider asking an experienced decoration company to take full responsibility.

No, Miss Liu just got the key to the new house, she has already inquired about several decoration companies.

Curiously, the staff of these companies mostly advised her to abandon the large core board or plywood and choose the more environmentally friendly fir as the main decoration material.

Is fir really so good?

  Li Nan, a design expert committee of the Shanghai Interior Decoration Industry Association, told the reporter that fir is a good mid-range wood, which is light in texture, easy to dry, easy to process, and has better adhesive properties and is not easily deformed.

Furniture made of fir is both beautiful and environmentally friendly, as well as a touch of natural wood.

Therefore, in the past two years, many families have renovated new houses to replace fir.

  Li Nan believes that the advantage of fir is quite obvious when referring to the large core board or plywood that has always dominated the mainstream.

  Both the large core board and the plywood have a large number of problems with the use of adhesives. Once the formaldehyde or benzene in the adhesive exceeds the standard, the furniture will have a pungent taste and pollute the indoor environment.

After a long time, people may become ill without knowing it.

For example, long-term dialysis of formaldehyde can cause serious diseases such as leukemia; after rehabilitation of benzene, it may affect the central nervous system dialysis anesthesia, or inhibit the body’s hematopoietic function.

  The biggest feature of fir decoration is environmental protection.

Fir is an all-natural plate. It does not need to be broken or glued together like other decoration materials, or directly joined together with glue.

In this way, the amount of chemical glue used will be much less than other decoration materials, and it is naturally more environmentally friendly.

Wash your face properly to delay skin aging and prevent wrinkles


Wash your face properly to delay skin aging and prevent wrinkles

Wash your face every day, but do you know the right way to wash your face?

  First of all, do not point the facial cleanser directly on top, or even add a little water, trying to prevent rubbing, because the surfactants, enzymes, etc. in the cleaning products need the temperature of the hand to help “wake up”, the cleaning effect is better,Otherwise, point directly at the top, uneven cleaning, and poor cleaning power.

  Then, press it from bottom to top, make circular motions from the inside, and rub gently and quickly. The nose wings can be rubbed up and down. Remember not to leave the facial cleanser in the residual time too long. It is best to wash it off in about 30 seconds. The time is too long.Too much damage to the skin sebum membrane.

  Generally, do a second clean at night (make-up removal is also counted as one), and use an alternative amount of facial cleanser for the second time to strengthen the cleaning of the corners of the mouth, nose, and forehead. Do not exceed 30 seconds, and you must wash it off.

  After washing, press dry with a towel or cotton pad. Do not dry.

Don’t underestimate this little action, because you have to wash your face every day. This little action can help you delay the appearance of wrinkles.

Then, when the skin is “semi-dry”, you must use the lotion, and then, according to the skin care quality, apply from thin to dense, between half an minute or one minute between the two, and then wait for absorption.Next step.