There are no spots on both ends because she often drinks this drink.

There are no spots on both ends because she often drinks this drink.

An effective drink to remove stains, tomato juice, drink 1 cup of tomato juice a day or eat tomatoes often, which has a better effect on freckles.

Because tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, they are known as “the warehouse of vitamin C.”

Vitamin C can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, effectively reducing the formation of melanin, thereby making the skin white and tender, and the dark spots disappear.

Black bean Sydney soup takes 30 grams of black beans, pear 1?
2, peel the pear slices, add the appropriate amount of water and black beans together in the pot, first boiled with a large fire, and then boiled with a small fire.

Eat pears and soup.

Orange porridge porridge raw materials: 100 grams of previous rice, two oranges, 30 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of sugar, 1500 ml of cold water.

The oranges are peeled, the tendons are removed, and the petals are separated. The oranges are removed with a bamboo stick and cut into small triangles.

After washing the hawthorn, everything is two, and the seeds are removed.

Wash the rice before, soak it in cold water for one hour, remove it, and drain the water.

Add 1000 ml of cold water to the pot, add the previous rice, orange pieces, hawthorn pieces, boil over high heat, turn to low heat and simmer into porridge, and finally add sugar to eat.

Carrot juice The fresh carrots are crushed and squeezed into juice. Take 10-30 ml. After washing your face every morning and evening, pat the noodles with fresh juice. After drying, pat the face with a hand coated with vegetable oil.

In addition, drinking 1 cup of carrot juice a day also has a freckle effect.

Because carrots are rich in vitamin A.

Vitamin A can be converted to vitamin A in the body.

Vitamin A has a smooth, strong skin effect and causes rough skin and freckles.

Let the scorpion take a nap every day and keep talking _1

Let the donkeys keep talking every day.

Too many people spend a lot of time getting into the gym to exercise, and few people are willing to take the time to pay attention to their own voice.

Norman Hodgekyan of the University of Michigan Health System Research Center recently pointed out on the “Fun Science” website that Xunzi is the ambassador of people’s connection with the outside world. If it goes wrong, it will have a huge impact on life.

There are 7 ways to keep your throat healthy.


Moisture is a vocal cord carbide.

When you speak, the vocal cords vibrate very quickly, and only a proper water balance can get it lubricated.

Drinking plenty of water helps the scorpion stay in good shape.

However, alcohol and caffeinated beverages do not work, and foods rich in water are the most moisturizing, such as apples, pears, watermelons, peaches, and sweet peppers.

In addition, the humid air is also good for the scorpion, and the air humidity in the home and office should be as large as possible.


Let your nephew take a nap.

Every day, you can make a few cymbals, that is, take a few breaks, especially when you use cymbals in succession.

For example, teachers should not talk when they are resting between classes; people who usually talk more often scream for half an hour after lunch, and don’t talk to colleagues incessantly.


Nothing to talk about in noisy places.

In noisy places such as restaurants, bars, etc., it is best to talk less, not to speak and scream loudly.

If you feel your throat is dry or hoarse, this is a warning that your vocal cords are being irritated and you must use less lice.


It’s not right to look down.

Whether you sing or talk, keep your head straight, let the air flow unblock, and relax your throat and placement, which is best for protecting your throat.

When someone sings, they like to look up at the high pitch, and bow their heads when the bass is high. It takes a long time to cause muscle tension and make the vocal limit reach, which can easily damage the scorpion.


I want to clear the scorpion and drink water first.

Some people like to lick the scorpion, which is like a slap vocal cord. If it takes a long time, it will cause damage and make the voice hoarse.

If you want to clear your throat, you can take a sip of water to ease your desire.

People who often clear the scorpion are best to check for pharyngitis, gastroesophageal reflux and sinusitis.


The scorpion should also be used sparingly.

It is best to talk less when you have a cold, because the virus will infect the pharynx and make the scorpion hoarse.

This is a signal from the scorpion that it needs a break.

In addition, when speaking in public, especially on the top, you must use sound-amplifying equipment to avoid vocal cord tension.


Stay away from the biggest enemy of cigarettes.

Smoking will greatly increase the incidence of laryngeal cancer.

Even second-hand smoke, once inside the throat, will severely irritate the vocal cords and damage the scorpions.

Lack of sleep can make teenagers more likely to gain weight

Lack of sleep can make teenagers more likely to gain weight

American researchers have found that teenagers who sleep well every day, teenagers who sleep less than 8 hours eat more obese food and are more likely to gain weight.

  A series of more research published in the US medical magazine “Sleep” on September 1 said that there is a correlation between sleep time and obesity among adolescents.

  The research team led by Susan Redland, a researcher at the Beth Isrell Deacon Medical Center in the United States, selected 240 teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 for a five- to seven-day study.

  These are the instruments on the average wrist that monitor the activity of the human body.

This instrument can monitor whether it is expected to be awake or sleep.

  During the study period, the researchers reported the time, number, location, type of food, and quantity of the food twice a year.

  When the researchers examined microintakes, they found that the average shift of less than 8 hours of sleep time replaced 1968 calories per day, while the average daily intake of sleeps of more than 8 hours of sleep was 1,723 calories.

  Studies have shown that after taking into account factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, etc., the reduction in sleep time is higher in the intake of obese food, and the degree of substitution is offset.

  The researchers also found that for every hour of shorter sleep time, the proportion of transfers from Western-style snacks to total transfers decreased by an average of 21%.

  According to Jura Elbert, a researcher in the Children and Adolescents Department at Mount Sinai Medical Center, there is evidence that the conversion from oils and fats is more easily converted to lighter storage.

  Redland said: “The recovery rate of people who sleep from time to time is higher than that of oily foods.

2%, in the long run, will increase the cumulative value of energy, and increase the risk of excessive obesity or cardiovascular disease.

Hormone change researchers believe that studies have shown that sleep time is not enough to correct dietary changes, and that boots increase the risk of obesity, and hormone secretion may play a role in this process.

  Lack of consciousness can cause a decrease in the amount of leptin secretion in the body. This hormone helps break down fat and reduce appetite.

Lack of consciousness also leads to an increase in the amount of growth hormone secretion in the body, and this hormone promotes appetite.

  Redland said that the lack of sleep time leads to changes in the amount of hormones that regulate appetite. The robes cause young people to develop bad eating habits and affect their metabolism.

  Previous studies have found that there is a link between metabolic disorders and obesity.

  Redland said that eating time is not normal may also provide “more opportunities to eat” for teenagers who presuppose sleep time.

  The researchers found that adolescents who had a sleep time of 8 hours were more likely to eat between 5 am and 7 pm, and according to the circadian body clock, this time period should be sleep time.

  Redland said: “The time of eating may affect the efficiency of the body’s metabolism of food. The time of sleep feedback changes in people’s eating time, which leads to stress caused by metabolism, leading to confusion.

“Guaranteed sleep” American Sleep Medicine Institute recommends that you sleep at least 9 hours a night, and the brakes remain awake and good energy during the day.

  However, the current sleep situation of American teenagers is not optimistic.

  The study led by Redland found that 240 teenagers had an average daily sleep time of 7.

In 55 hours, only 34% of teenagers had an average daily sleep time of more than 8 hours.

  Albright, a researcher at Mount Sinai Medical Center, said: “I have never seen anyone (youth) sleep more than 7 hours at night.

She said that in minority groups, lack of sleep is “ubiquitous, not without exception.”

  Elbert said that the “life style” of teenagers made them have to stay up late.

Some teenagers still watch TV, play computer games, and chat on their mobile phones or computers until late at night.

  She said that the daily stress of teenagers also makes them sleep less.

  Since most teenagers go to class early in the day, they even slept late the night before, and there was no time to replenish sleep during the day.

  Redland said that in the past, people focused on preventing obesity and controlling exercise, but this study showed that sleep is also associated with obesity.

  She suggested that “adolescents get enough sleep every night as one of the key ways to stay healthy and prevent weight gain.”

What are the symptoms of male urinary incontinence early?

Four early signals should pay attention!

What are the symptoms of male urinary incontinence early?

Four early signals should pay attention!

If we exercise regularly, it helps to improve our physical fitness. We have a certain understanding of the condition of urinary incontinence, and urinary incontinence is mainly caused by the urinary sphincter’s ability to control urine.The urine can not be effectively controlled, so what are the symptoms of male urinary incontinence early?

Four early symptoms of male urinary incontinence 1. Urinary incontinence When the sphincter loses its ability to control the urethra, the urine can be involuntarily transferred to the body. This condition is called urinary incontinence and is very different from other urinary incontinences.Mainly there is a large amount of residual urine in the bladder.

2, urinary drip is unclear mainly because of the complications of the bladder and the pressure of the urethral sphincter of the prostate, resulting in a continuous increase in urinary contraction, so that in the process of urination, and urine can not pass, linear appearance, andIn the state of sedimentation, sometimes the use of force 憋 gas to increase abdominal pressure does not make the urine linear.

3, urinary weakness is mainly caused by the prostate, especially the bladder’s detrusor loss compensation ability, and the feeling of urinary weakness, urine can not be effectively excreted, need to gradually reduce the effort before they canThe urine is discharged, and the range becomes shorter and the urinary line becomes thinner.

4, perineal pain also some patients with urinary incontinence when there is a perineal discomfort in the case of urinary incontinence, the pain can spread to the vicinity of the patient’s waist, and the pain in the thigh recessed stool will increase, urinary incontinence conditions for patientsThe physical influence must be taken as soon as possible to effectively control the condition.

We have a good spirit and do more with less. We must know about urinary incontinence, because urinary incontinence will not only cause our urine to be involuntarily replaced, but also many patients will have a feeling of weakness when urinating.Under the circumstance, many patients suffer enormous damage to their bodies, and patients with low psychological tolerance may even be afraid of treatment.

Massage the waist and Yongquan points to help men with kidney and impotence

Massage the waist and Yongquan points to help men with kidney and impotence

First, massage the waist and kidney to help Yang 1.

Wash your hands and then rub your hands against each other. After knowing that your hands are hot, put them on the waist and massage them until the waist is hot.

This method is performed once a day in the morning and evening, and each massage is about 200 times each time. It can replenish kidneys and improve kidney function and “sex” energy.


The left and right hands are clenched with fists, and then the joints of the thumb are placed at the waist, and a circular rotary massage is performed inside.

Use a gentle force before the massage, then slowly increase the strength, when the waist is feeling sore, it is the right massage.

The second massage method can be done once a day, at noon and at night, to replenish the kidney and relieve the waist discomfort.

Second, the massage Yongquan acupoints kidney and Yang Yongquan points are located at the center of the foot.

For the relationship between Yongquan Point and the kidney, massage Yongquan Point can not only prevent and treat kidney disease, but also treat symptoms such as cold.

When you massage the Yongquan point, first warm your heart, then massage the Yongquan point at the right foot with your left hand palm; massage the Yongquan point at your left foot with your right hand palm.

The number of massages per day is preferably more than 100 times, until the fever of both feet is better.

This massage method has the effect of strengthening the kidneys. The massage methods of the two acupoints introduced above are very effective for male friends to make kidney and impotence!

Morning exercise to increase muscle needs to pay attention to matters

Morning exercise to increase muscle needs to pay attention to matters

But now urban life is very busy, the pace is very fast, the work is very tired, many male thin friends want to exercise, more can only choose morning exercises.

But there are a lot of things to pay attention to in the morning exercise. Let’s take a look.

  However, if you want to want to gain weight and gain weight in a healthy and relaxed way, health experts point out that fitness should be started from the blink of an eye.

  Experts suggest that you should not get up immediately after waking up, and you should “get bed” for five minutes. At this time, you can use your abdomen, molars, levator anus or five fingers as a comb to “comb” and carry out “mental bathing” to be happy.I am in the mood to welcome a new day.

  After getting up, you should drink a cup of boiling water (cold water or warm water) to replace the blood viscosity and eliminate the accumulation of toxins in the body to take advantage of the “internal washing” effect.

  Morning exercise and muscle growth should be light, and mild morning exercise can make people full of vitality and vitality throughout the day.

The slight sweat can stop, so that it will be effective.

  Do not practice in the morning on an empty stomach or full stomach. You can eat some foods such as bread, milk, eggs and fruits before the morning exercise. After half full, you can go to the morning exercise.

  Some people go back to sleep after a morning exercise, so that they are even vulnerable to air pollution, and will cause the biological clock to cause confusion, leading to fatigue and premature aging.

  In addition, it is not suitable for morning exercise in rainy and foggy days, because fog pollution is heavy now, and the droplets contain a lot of pathogenic bacteria and pollutants.

  At the same time, it is not suitable to be in the vicinity of the factory, on the side of the road, crowded in the crowd to strengthen the muscles in the morning, because the serious pollution causes human health damage.

The foot is a healthy magnifying glass. You can see if your body is good by looking at it.

The foot is a healthy magnifying glass. You can see if your body is good by looking at it.

In our Chinese concept, feet and health are inseparable.

Hot water soaked in the top of the three health trends, in front of the cups and eat red dates flavored ice cream.

However, what is the relationship between the foot and the health, there are not many people who know it. Therefore, all kinds of statements on the Internet are flowing everywhere, the size of the toes is related to the internal organs, and the feet are cold and cold. Are these statements based on it?

How to judge your health through your feet?

Come and listen to the doctor.

These characteristics of the foot, and the health-related foot is really important, not to say that it has a slight wind and grass, and the body has problems.


Small toe, kidney is not good?

Rumors: Men, take your toes, your kidneys are good, you can go through your feet!

I was scared that I didn’t dare to take off my shoes.

Everyone’s toes are not the same. From the current evidence, as long as the toes are not too big or too small, there is no problem with bilateral symmetry.


The foot is deep and has depression?

Image source: 123rf.


Cn genuine picture library rumors: the foot line is too deep, too obvious people, easy to depression.

The rumor opened his mouth and ran off his legs.

There are two factors that affect the depth of the foot: development and walking, there is no evidence that the palm print and depression have anything to do with it.


Cold feet, big problem?

Rumors: cold hands and feet, bad heart, poor quality, long-term, people will have long acne libido, infertility, premature aging, cold, cold. Generally speaking, cold hands and feet are normal, especially in cold weather, the body keeps the internal organs temperatureThe blood first supplies the heart and other parts, so that the blood flowing to the limbs is less, and the temperature of the hands and feet is lower.

Isn’t all the statements about the feet unreliable?

No, the feet can reflect these problems. The feet have these performances, so be careful.

The horizontal stripes on the toenail should be noted that the horizontal stripes on the toenail are called “A transverse groove”. Common causes include: the nail has been traumatized during growth, paronychia, and viral infection.

If the through-toe is long (zhánng) long (cháng), the horizontal stripes are getting more and more outside, you don’t have to worry.

If you have been standing still, it is recommended to see a doctor.


Itchy feet may have athlete’s foot. If the feet are very tickle, sometimes it is necessary to molt, blisters, or even toe seams, it may be “foot” (ie “foot”), or eczema, this is the case.You have to check the flour to know.

Image source: 123rf.


Cn genuine picture library athlete’s foot is very common, don’t be embarrassed, don’t expect it to be good, be sure to go to the hospital for treatment in time, don’t be superstitious remedies and pedicure shop.


Abnormal wear of the shoe sole with asymmetrical wear may be uneven when the foot is walking (this is more complicated, it is recommended to ask the doctor).

If the wear position of the two shoes is asymmetrical, there may be a pelvic tilt or a scoliosis. Of course, it may be. the two legs are not very long.

If there is wear and tear, it is recommended to find a replacement specialist to see.


Absolutely enough to be divided into the situation as the name suggests, the additional foot is the foot is connected to look more “flat.”

At the time of the physical examination, the doctor stretched out and the doctor polished it.Image source: The team of Clove doctors who work together, in addition to not being able to walk a long way, generally has no impact.

If you are uncomfortable when walking, it is recommended to choose a pair of shoes and an insole that is “stepped on the foot” to improve happiness.

Rich and private.

If you always have heel pain and do not rule out plantar fasciitis, the hospital should go there.

A little bit uncomfortable, I don’t care, but I can’t help myself later.

How can you live up to yourself?

What to take care of you, your love?

Image source: 123rf.


Cn genuine picture library 1.

Although washing feet frequently, hot feet, vinegar soaking feet are not cured, but tired one day, go home to wash a foot, still very cool!

Wash your feet with warm water and apply some soap.

For those who have a spicy eye, try soap?

After washing, dry it carefully and don’t fall on the toe.

Look at the feet for cuts, ruptures, and blisters.


Shoes and socks are the most important to wear comfortable shoes, change socks every day.

Good foot, better spirit, no effort on the fifth floor!


Don’t cut the toenail to correct the top of the toenail, don’t cut too short, especially when you don’t see “white” to cut, the result is more and more deep.

Scientific toenails, not everyone will be the source of the picture: Clove doctor design team to correct too short, it is easy to get paronychia, not only very painful, will be “pull armor” waiting, just think about the tiger body shock.


If you have any questions, ask your doctor about any problems with your feet. Especially if this problem affects your normal life, you must seek help from a doctor. They will give you easier answers and better solutions.

Finally, don’t forget to tell your parents about the little knowledge of these feet.

Source: DingXiangYiSheng, Xinhua News Agency