NS462chapter:Then who my father is

Today’s thing is because he happened,If you suddenly know that he is a mother’s son,She has long quarrel with him at the moment.。
Which will let him be like this haha?。
Lu Haocheng looked at her,Laugh:“Blue,You can’t walk now.,obedient,do not move!”He is particularly gentle,It’s sudden to calm down.。
Blue Xin quietly looked at him,From her perspective,This man is still handsome and beautiful,He is a soft laugh with his lips.,Let him usually have a cold profile becomes gentle。
Have passed by people and small nurses see him,I can’t help but look at a few eyes.。
Blue Xin knows,He has always been a person who is very important,No matter where you come,Can attract everyone’s gaze。
“Blue。”Le Zhenxi,Suddenly appeared in front of Lu Haochong and Blue Xin,He looked at Lu Haozheng,Even the blue blue,It’s very low.。
Blue Xinyi,I know that Xi Xi is not happy.,She laughed:“熙,Thank you!It’s trouble, you ran a trip. 。”
Le Zhenxi shook his head,The eyes fall on her red and http://www.lyjinfu.cn swollen ankle。
He asked him:“Is this again twisted enough??”
“Um!”Blue Xin nodded slightly。
“You,What should I do??I should move to your home.,Then send you to get off work sooner or later,This will not have an accident.。”Le Zhenxi looked at her distressed,Since she came back to Jiangyou,All are not injured。
He,And Lu Haocheng is very like。
Lu Haocheng laughed:“No need to drive you,I will be responsible for the blue blue from get off work.。”
Le Zhenxi,Anger:“Lu Hao Cheng,Why don’t you send your face to study the anti-sprout??You give me a little from the blue blue。”
His deep scorpion,Gay to Lu Haozheng。
Lu Haocheng also deep scorpion,I also look at him coldly.。
Blue Xinyi,The two have to start the lip gun,She is going to open,Mu Qing’s voice suddenly came:“Hao Jun,熙,You come over,Kiki woke up。”
http://www.theboke.cn Le Zhenxi listened to this Hoheng two words,Slight eyebrow,I looked at Mu Qing。
Mu Qing looked at Le Yu Xi,Laugh:“熙,Hao Jun,He is my son。”
“what?”Le Zhenxi is shocked by Mu Qing,For this sudden news,It’s like being bored.。
Lu Haocheng was actually a son of Mu,This is what he can’t think of.。
“Mu”Le Zhenxi looked at Mu Qing,If you have swallowed it again.。
Mu Wei is not easy in these years,He thought about it,Not talking,And go forward。
Mu Qingyi,Top road。
Le Zhenxi follows,Newcomers have emerged in the mind,And the year life with blue,Let him learn to understand others,Go to the inclusive。
His family is superior,Many things are he has not tacted.,He has a lot of temper,From the past, he is also a world.。
Since encountering blue blue,He changed a lot of stinky problems,He became very sunshine,I http://www.kdsman.cn think about her everywhere。
but,He is thinking is limited to her。
She is like a teacher in his life.,And he is like a child just learned to walk.,Step by step, follow the pace of Blue Xin。
He remembers that time,Blue Xin is too heavy,She doesn’t want to wake up at all.,At that time, his temper was still a bit violent.,I always feel that she will die,Then let her die.。
A person who wants to die,A person who has no hope,What to save her??
But his sister said to him.,This is a strong girl,She doesn’t want to live,But there is no one that allows her to support her strength.。
later,The doctor said she was pregnant.,She and my sister are in front of her.。
Surprise is,When she heard her pregnancy,Wonderful wake up。
When she woke up,He is cutting apple,The apple skin was sharpened by him.,A good apple,Have him to twisting。

I saw a phantom of Wu Tingfang floating from his corpse, flying towards him。

“Wu Tingfang”It’s a begging posture that stretches out both hands,To pinch Chen Xiu’s neck。Chen Xiu was so scared that he fell to the ground again,Can’t help http://www.art0372.cn kicking backward,At this time he http://www.fqrvtu.cn completely forgot that he was also a person who had seen zombies。
I’ve seen all the zombies,What else to be afraid of ghosts?
Fear is often due to human beings’ unpredictability of the unknown,At this time Chen Xiu is like this,Because of ignorance of ghosts,So fear。
Also because of fear of my many abilities,What Promise Cut、Breeze、Yi Jianshu,I completely forgot to use it at this time。
If Chen Xiu is violated, she will lose her chastity,Screamed,feel“Wu Tingfang”About to choke my neck。
Suddenly the broken spear inserted on Wu Tingfang’s body flashed a green light towards“Wu Tingfang”,Shrouded him in green light,The green light can’t help pulling him back。
“Wu Tingfang”Struggling with twisted facial features,In the end, it was pulled into the gun head,Disappear。
Chen Xiu sitting on the ground,Staring blankly at everything in http://www.etprj.cn front of me。
What green light、what“Wu Tingfang”It never happened,Only Wu Tingfang’s body and the severed spearhead stuck in his chest。
Chen Xiu rubbed his face,Numbness,Slapped myself hard,Hot for a while,At least it can prove that this moment is not a dream。
There was a rush of footsteps in the distance,Obviously there is a master who gets closer。
Chen Xiu didn’t care that he was really hell just now,Still an illusion。Pull out Wu Tingfang’s chest,Not long after I came here, I searched Wu Tingfang for any precious things and I felt like running away。