Three people included in the nine maiden,Also all of them have sacrificed weapons,Be in the enemy。

They are all like this,More about the rest of the military。
Faced with a sudden arms of the animal,All have a fear of souls。
Liver and altering。
Extremely desperate emotions。
This kind of beast,It is not the ability to fight.。
Just a charge,Even four-product defensive array,Also live like a foam。
They in them,Furn out, you can’t afford a tray of waves.,Will be overwhefied therefrom。
The sound of the Nine Niang,Trying to wake up desperate people,Make the final struggle,“Kill a enough,Kill two earned one,Everyone is fighting!”
“Even if you die, you have to take a pad back.!”
Not only two major queues,It also includes 10 thousand people on the mountain。
They are not strong,Usual auxiliary work。
Now also sacrificed the sword。
No choice,Only one spell!Mountainside,Eighteen warfare protects in the summer,The same face is white,Clash,The eyes are discounted。
Only summer,Not only don’t worry,The range of mouth hooked a new curvature。
“It’s still a desperation now.。”
Speech,He took out a ball,Mission。
But seeing a colorful god of gods alternately flashing on the top of the mountain。
Running is a shock wave,Go to the four sides。
Happen!Summer will open five four-piece array。
Flaw,Break out of the fire,Put the sea in the distance,Cooking boiling is general。
This red light is not a red sea water,Still red flame。
“what……”The front end of the beast is shrouded.,Countless sea demon emulates a scream,Burning the bears on the body,Several breathing constrains。
Two ground,Eliminate extreme calf,The coldness of the coldness is a trembled by the soul.。
Babysomeization,Tangible blade,Falling in the sky。
In a moment, it will overlap with the sky fire array.。
Those endless sea demon,The surface of the body is broken, a deep-visible wound,Then burst out,The incompetent residual limbs are splashing。

NS567chapter:Your son is completely falling

NS567chapter:Your son is completely falling
Lu Haozheng bowed,The slender fingers decease the hair wrapped around his button.,There is a pass,This time he moved a lot slower.。
But I spent half a day.,The knotted hair,Still not unlocked。
Blue Xin’s head,Quiet sticker in his arms。
The man has a clean and refreshing breath.,Let her have some uncership。
Lu Hao’s eyes are always staring at the hair on his button.,Some are entangled in a few laps,How can I not understand?。
I am afraid of Blueness,He is very moving,very gentle。
Blue Xindao:“Lu Hao Cheng,Why are you so stupid?,Why haven’t I unlocked??”
Blue Xin feels your heart to jump out.,The two are too close,This kind of feeling,Let her have some tolerate。
Lu Haocheng Road:“Blue,Soon。”
Soon,Fast yarn,How did she feel that her hair is tighter?。
Blue Xin:“You won’t make the direction it.?Do you see if there is a scissors on the table?。”A scissors,She also doesn’t need this pain.。
Lu Haozheng will give her hair to cut her hair.。
“Blue,Don’t worry,almost done。”Lu Hao’s urgent forehead sweating,Face tens of millions of contracts,He can’t blink your eyes.,Can face this little girl in front of you,I heard her shouting,His whole heart follows a pain。
After another minute,http://www.chenxiafu.cnLu Haoge finally took all the hair from the button.。
Blue is a breath,Lying on the bed。
But,next moment,She lifts her feet,Take Lu Hao Cheng,Lu Haoge lost the center of gravity,The whole person comes towards the blue。
“what”Lu Haozheng exclaimed,He Yinhong’s Lips,It’s so clever on the soft lips on the soft lips.。
Blue Xin:“”
What is this?
She stunned Lu Hao Cheng,Do you want to punish her like this??
do not want!!
Blue Xin’s heart mourning,I can’t move myself.。
She glances at Lu Hao Cheng, who is close to her eyes.,A pair of clear eyes and non-stop。
Lu Hao Cheng is happy,This is a good thing to send to the door.,He is not refused。
That looks in the scorpion,Alert affection,The heart also jumped rapidly.。
Both people can feel the heartbeat acceleration。
Lu Hao has lost its own power,Slight movement,Next second,He began to explore treasure。
“Hey”Blue Xin surprised panic,He actually going to。
Sweet touch,Let Lu Haozheng almost forget me to enjoy。
Blue Xin also resists falling from falling
For a long time!
Blue Xin’s anger,Look for Lu Hao Cheng’s affectionate handsome,Still warmly watching her,Her hand,Why can’t I can’t fight?。
Lu Haocheng stretches,The eye brown is smile,I quickly smiled quickly.,The corner of the mouth is also gentle,Quietly look at the girl who wants to make yourself in front of you。
this time,I bullied her very angry.。
“Blue,I did not do it on purpose,You have stumbled me.。”Wen soft voice is full of endless grievances。
Blue Xin has a kind of impulse。
Does he want to face??

Usually there is no money to eat sea drink,Natural dieting weight loss,Qian Wei is about 90 pounds,Legs are fine and straight,No more than a small flesh,It should have the sentence“Can play year”。

Her total attention is concentrated in Chen Linzhi.,Temperature,Understand this time when it is the interest rate,I always endured。
a4waist,Vest line,Chen Linzhi’s meaning with a little bit,I will be afraid that she is nervous.。
Get inch again,Pull in her,Go out of the neck。
One time,Complete blank in Qian Yue,Directly exploded,Clumsy。
The only idea,It’s all used to block Chen Linzhi’s restless hand.,Unfortunately, no strength,Symbolic struggle,Directly to give up the resistance。
Usually tune the best,Some women are still active than Chen Linzhi,Experience,Church, many new knowledge。
Last time, he found that the money is thin.,But the body is good,In the case of actual contact,I found that this girl is really the best.。
Qian Yue does not act,Let Chen Lin Zhi more boldly。
A strike a single hand unbalescent,Qian Yu is not aware of,Waiting for her alerture is late,Short sleeves have mentioned neck。
Ren people。
But she is a little bit of temper,Chen Linzhi will not act so。 Can not dare to blink of money,It is also falling in this moment.,Step by step by Chen Linzhi,Topping is fast。
As for why,Qian Yao can also say it unclear,Anyway, she is noticeable.。
The brain is strongly stimulated,The whole person is almost the same,semi-consciously,Outside the window is the river,No high-rise building,So even the curtains did not pull。
I only blame Chen Linzhi,Give her a tight jeans。
I have not allowed it to fly in a long time.,Reverse it makes money alert,Firmly grasp the unreasonable。
Chen Linzhi did not want to do the stupid thing that was lost in sesame,Retreat。
The little promise is not that,Just the legs,Let your bed lying lying lying。
Qian Wei half awake,Until now, I didn’t want to pass.,Accompany Chen Linzhi and put a luggage,How can I become now?。
See him,I am unable to agree.,More than half of them,Experience unprecedented new odd。
Curtain shading effect is good,Only open the micro-bed headlight,Air conditioner is calling,It is difficult to cover the room。
I know that I have no reason to harvest.,Chen Linzhi is busy waiting for her。
Together,Just in the heart of Qianzhan,Survival jeans don’t know when it is.,Throw on the bedside carpet。
But she can now don’t think about this.,Thought again blank……
Road to go step by step,Eat a dinner。
The lessons brought about by leaping are painful and profound。
Since the money, the talents, the bumper is self-deception,Only prevent the last defense,Chen Linzhi’s meaning,Rabbit is anxious to bite,Solver bamboo basket。
The current restraint is for long-term happiness,So Chen Linzhi no longer continues to test,Established for the mission,Eat dry and then consider other。

Liu Wei does not answer,The look is deep。

Summer road,“Just know how to understand the hair。”
“Then do you think of refining is so good??”
Liu Wei asked again。
Summer is sinking,“Can you……”
Next to Liu Ru smacker,Hurry and stop,Faceless,Don’t dare to look at the summer。
Willow dry cough,Some speechless,“It seems that little brother really doesn’t know the refining,If you understand,Will n’t say this。”
Toned,Also,“There is such a sentence in the martial arts,The Secrets come from the mystery of Linyi Tiandi,Rune,It is the text left by the world.。”
Merely,His look,“Array、Ban,It is a book that is left to the world in the world.,If you can read this book,Tell the true meaning of the law。”
“Refinery,It is the most widely used,Can be said to be profound,Unpleasant,Whether it is a refiner or a road,Extremely simple,Anyone can say a little bit。”
“but,Only those who really have talents,Can have certain achievements in this field,Can so even,Even if the great refinerie,Poor life, may not be able to peek at the end of the refinery field.,Because that means of heaven and earth、law、The true meaning of Xuanao。”
Summer vertical ear,Look。
His book is a generician of refinery,The words of Liu Wei are extremely recognized.。
“In our martial art,The heavens and the earth are very angry.,More military,Or choose the martial art,There are also very few part of people who are interested in refiners and programs.,But,Whether it is a refiner or a mailing,Need talent,Tens of thousands of people,Can not have one person,Refinerier who can truly cultivate,It’s even less。”
“Refining、Girlfriend,Need to be awarded the arrival of the moon all year round,Also master of materials、Many aspects, etc.,As a result,Just consume a lot of time refining,So the time to practice is greatly shortened.,Fighting power is not enough。”
“But the means of refining technicists,Various secret treasures,Maybe just a light flash,After refining,Can spike the martial author of the same realm。”
“This is the reason why refinerists are respected.,rare、Teil……Hello relationship with the refinerie,Just give you a tool,Maybe you will make you feel infinite.。”
Summer arches,“FK U。”
In fact,Summer self-cultivator,So in this regard, there are so many。
It can be imagined,indeed so。
Just like him in Ze City
The city of the city,Wanfu Changuan Xu。
Hourly,He gave the other party a tangerine cutter。
to him,That too polar roulette is only refined with waste materials.。
Can be concerned about Guan Xu,Not as heavy,Key moments can save。
And his time in Shenpu Island,Give the ninth brigade,And the tiger mountain spirit。
Maybe after countless years,Will be the treasure of their respective families。
certainly,The refineries here are more respectful than other island continents.。
In fact, one of the most important reasons,It is still a strong sense of heaven and earth.。
The sky is too strong.,Wanters are not brought to day and night greed。

Many people in front of the museum,Just on the outer square, there is a circle of the road to block the road.。

Announcement on the fence,Tell you recently library for renovation and maintenance,Not open for the time being,Please come back later。
“Really can’t hit?”Han Jiang whisoned a sentence。
There is a key to the second god key in the library.,It should be related to the legendary stone sword.,Treatment has been involved in investigation。
Responsible for watching the staff who will not let the tourists enter the museum, watching tourists outside,The museum is clearly released on the official website.,I can always come to travel without checking.,If they are careful,I am afraid that someone secretly http://www.nchmyy.cnjeopard。
The person in charge of the museum knows that they need to receive the old people in the world these days.,At all not dare to slack off。
Han Jiang turned around the square,If you can’t enter。
The deputy team leader who is not destroyed is very likely to perform the task here.,He doesn’t have to go in to find it.。
Leave the museum,Han Rong gave a number of other places。
Found,Everything is a traffic,Hill Mountain Sea,Things you want to see, there is no way,Look at people。
Han Jiang is not going to visit,Just find a park park,People sitting on a bench watching this park。
Most of these places are locals,Occasionally there are foreigners like Hanjiang,But not much。
Local life is always more than those who work outside.,This is still in China or in foreign countries,It seems that you can do it.,The more the biggest city。
“Go back,Go back。”
Han Jiang bored with mobile phone,Whisper。
Qi Ya and Fuhua have successfully completed the task,Return St. Feria。
Qi Yana is said to be faint in the past because of the violent collapses in the mission.,Thanks to the rescue, I saved her back.。
Now I can finally be a big fugitive class.,She also gave Han Jiangfa news to let Han Jiang quickly returned,Go with her to play with her。
Han Jiang looked at Santa Fer Ya,No news,If someone is accompanying him, it will be fine.,Not too boring。
I am looking at the Hanjiang brain after the mobile phone.,If it is not a Han River reaction in time,I am afraid I have to get on the ground.。
People around walk around also have called,Some people were scared by this rear.,After hiding the companion。
Everyone looked back to see that suddenly appeared,Is a black and white football。
A young man walking through the bushes behind the stool,Holding football apology to Hanjiang。
Han Jiang touched the brain spoon,It hurts hurts,But not what is wrong,Besides, people are not apologized in advance.。
“fine,Kappry in the future,You are really unbearable.!”Han Jiang lamented。
Loss, he isAGrade war,Continuously with skin rough meat is a lot,Change to a common person,Don’t blain your eyes now,Still in the ring?
People who walk around will look at the young man,Probably also speaking, watching a little,Don’t scare people’s like,There is also a child in play here.,If you encounter your child, you can be big.。
The young man is a role that is often playing.,I apologize to laugh,The big square apologizes。
Nothing is not difficult for a polite child, Let him pay attention to it.。
Han Jiang said in a heart,It seems that God also rushed him in the sky.。

actually,For Shen Xuan,These these,Still very lively。

but,Shen Xuan did not forget that he came here.,What is it?。
“Since now,Already come。”
“So no matter how,Such a thing,The next is also the time to do it.。”
When Shen Xuan’s conscious look at the eye,The more you now,In fact, for Shen Xuan,It should be this necessary。
Take advantage of this moment,Fast start to solve these things,This is the focus。
And tap these,At this time, the people of the new Ji Mall noticed this.。
“stop,You are……”
When this person wants to say something,But when his sight is dignified。
Especially when I saw Shen Xuan,This person will quickly react。
“you,Shenxuan?” But it’s all said.,Shenxuan at this time,It is very light。
after all,Shen Xuan is not an expected,All this is actually so fast。
But treat these things,In fact, Shen Xuan is the root,There is no great feeling.。
Even see these places,At this moment,Shen Xuan itself,It doesn’t feel that,Now this look,What will it bring?。
But just like this,In fact, here,Shen Xuan is very calm。
“Be right,it is me。”
“this time,I am here to take over the new Ji Mall.。”
When Shen Xuan explained his intention。
In front of these people,All is a big enemy looks at Shen Xuan。
Because now,Their hearts,In fact, it must be clear than anyone.。
What are you face now?,Set it here,Represented,What will it be?。
Just here,The more now,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,Next, how to do it in the end,This is actually,Still is quite key。 Although now,That is said to be said。
But next,I plan to start starting from what.。
Shenxuan at this time,It is more interesting to feel more.。
“Although now,The situation is temporary。”
“But think about it carefully,In fact, for our concern,Still a big cut。”
slowly,When Shen Xuan’s consciousness looked at the eye。
As,Shen Xuan did not think there is any impact。
Since it is completely tossing now,So this kind of thing,Still should be now,I have a break,This is the key。
In this side,Shen Xuan’s side,Those people around see this,It is completely a slanting.。
“what happened,you,Still planning to stop me??”
When Shen Xuan said on this,The more like this,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like。
He is counter-up,I haven’t taken all this too much.。

Liangqiu and a refinerie have laughed,At the same time, the color of tension and expectation。

The car laughed,Go to the colorful light curtain,Slowly stretch your hands up。
Hand is bounced by a share,Unstable,哒 哒 哒 哒 哒 退 退。
The business capital will change color,Incident excitement。
Changming and others have no bustle trouble,After all, the opportunity,No one can say it unclear,Who is not a joke?。
The color of the hand is ugly。
The huge drop of psychology makes him some difficult to accept,Teeth,Return your hands again。
Gogjian face change,Immediately stop,But it is still late。
A thorough,The arms of the car are vigorously spurred by a strand.,And spread the whole body,Then I was slammed out for dozens of meters.,I hit a few monograms,Suddenly chaos。
The car is falling on the ground,Not get up。
His essence is a little bit.,Noodles,driven to distraction,Eclipse。
“I……Be no longer……”
See this,Everyone has a strong heart,As if I saw my ending。
after all,The constructor can come here,There are millions of huge,But eventually only 10,000 people have the opportunity to enter。
The opportunity is too small.。
More than they this place,Nearby and distant coming。
I don’t know how many people have been playing back.,Surprise injury。
“Who is next?。”
The Goghoid has no expression to look around。
“Let me do it。”
Color scale,Whispered。
She is some,Don’t care if you have a person,But I don’t dare to face Gogjian.。
Gongjian has no expression to make a body。
Color scales come to the past,Promote his hands and gently at the light curtain,Double-eyed,Heart immersion。
Surrounding people,Stare tightly。
After a few interest,啵,The arms of the color scales are also gently boused.。
“It seems that I am not a person.。”
Color scales spit tongue,Don’t you disappointe?,Turn away。
“I will try it too.。”
Qin Ning Yu smiled and came to come。
In her speech,Team, Changming,There are also more than a do person being boused.,Nothing to enter now。

Zhou stare at the screen,An An quiet is waiting。

There is a drop in the outside to pick up Nan Ge.。
Yancheng is not big,This is especially close to the People’s Hospital,Take the bus for two or three minutes,I want to come to Nan Ge, I just came out from the People’s Hospital.、Just about it。
Not long,槐:“I went to wash a hand。”
Poor lie。
However, Zhou only bites her.,Not unblred。
The old monster came back.,Start the painting of the sound to describe him。
General:Two hours ago,The whole villagers know that Lao Li’s beautiful grandchildren can’t eat bulbs.,Two hours later,The whole village people also know that Lao Li Jia as the mother of the officers, did not believe in evil after returning.、I also eat a bulb result.。Because Lao Li family has a car,I also woke up the neighbors to help send,Accompanied by the lobby of Nange,Now the four uncles are also embarrassed to return to the village.。
The mood after I left it is really difficult to say.。
I will have such a thing in the future, I will have such a thing in my future generation.,He is more painful.。
eleven o ‘clock,Nan Ge is back。
Zhou Zhi or concerned:“How is the four uncle??”
“Folsery is almost……”
“Why do you want to do this??”
“Do you……” “……”Zhouzhi silence,“I’m curious。”
“……”Nan Ge is also silent,“Oh is also。”
“I see。”Zhou,“Can you eat normally??”
“Broad,It is not wide to eat spicy.,Spring Festival Money takeaway,Oh, four familiarity will not cook,Oh, I will give him a change tomorrow.……”
“That……”Zhou hesitated,“I will see him tomorrow.?”
“You also want to laugh at him?”
Nan Ge patted his shoulders,The full mouth promises,Although it is unclear,But she is still very arrogant:“Don’t talk,Game,Hurry up……”
Three people open the game。
Next morning。
Zhou Zhiyu’s beloved Cody milk came to the yard of Nan Ge’s home,Si uncle and lobby brother seeing his mouth,What did he say more?,Just call people。
Chapter 569 First two
Compared to Zhouzhi,Nan Ge is very arrogant——

Fang Yu returned the menu to Cai Yuhe,Slowly。

then,Cai Yuhe ordered some side dishes,There are a few signature dishes。
Both of them eat,Estimated to be enough。
“Why didn’t your father come?His situation,Has reached the discharge standard!”Fang Yu wondered。
“He said,He is an old man,Don’t come to improvise!He wants to lie down in the hospital for a while……After all, he will go back to the operating table after a rest.!”
Cai Yuhe said。
After all dad,Also a very busy doctor。
Accident this time,I guess I have accumulated a lot of things when I go back。
And there are several patients,Waiting for dad to go back。
“To understanding!”
Fang Yu knows,Cai Yuhe is still an excellent doctor。
It’s just a little problem temporarily。
“Doctor Fang……I want to ask you something!”
When Fang Yu drank a cup of tea on his own,Cai Yuhe looked at Fang Yu seriously。
“amount,I am a doctor……You are not sick,how can I help you?”Fang Yu puzzled。
This Cai Yuhe,Not before,Affected the head?

NS2484chapter Horrible

Everyone is taking a cold air。
Schpego’s ability is too terrible.。
I just see it clearly.,Summer clearly uses a snake knife to completely cut his two,Flesh and blood。
But he immediately resurrected。
Actually this is terrible。
Within the field。
Summer handheld snake knife,Two Schnatolio rushing at the same time before and after staring,I didn’t hesitate to play the hurt.。
A knife of a tear air,Wrapped the horrible power of power。
Special voice。
That is because the knife is too fast.,Too much reason。
Concentrates turbulent flow,In again, frying in an instant。
It’s simple to be incredible。
Last second,Summer just raised snake knife。
Next second,The snake knife has a lot of the body of the two Sherre Rio.。
“Huff……”Be accompanied by blood,A knife,Once again, two people before and after。
Summer is a promise,A little feet,If the rocket is generally vacated。
“Bamboo”The golden fighting gas wiped his feet flipped,Summer waist,Continuous air step,Another gold sword light burst,It is oblique to others.。
Two Scunder Rio appeared again。
Surrounded by a riot。
This is too terrible.。
Especially for the ancient martial arts of Xiao Jianxin,Two friends,Simply subverting their three views。
How can there be such a powerful abilities in the world?,Dictionary continuously twice,Actually died。
“Schka Rio is a killing。”
“His branch is not only the same strength,And all have the ability to die.。”
“Hahaha,The killing will eventually be the fall of falling.。”
“……”Western abilities all cheer,One is excited。
And Xiao Jianxin and other ancient martial arts have already slammed breathing.,Pay close attention,The face has a concern of concern。
Two Sir Dario,Everyone works in the hands of a big sword,Sword under the golden freight rendering,Rad stars。