It’s not to practice into a fairy.。

“He doesn’t have to worry,He also received a cultural practice,Although some are not right, But the general direction is right.,I should give it a good job.”
Spring has taken out yin will,He also needs to be familiar with a period of time。
He used to work in Miao Mountain, did not completely,This makes him more familiar with natural energy。
And he already has a certain source will,Sasuke is also,Just they did not find out。
This is the six cactus,That is his two sons.,Although those who have little will。
But these source will belong to them.,Already integrated with them。
This makes them cultivating the difficulty of immortality.。
“This is no problem.,Otherwise, there is no such thing as it is.”Sasuke nodded。
“You are still very concerned about Naruto.,All right,I will send you in the past”
Spring waved, opened a space around Sasuk。
Sasuke looked at both eyes,I didn’t hesitate http://www.yuanpanshazhi.cnto go in.。
Sasuke,The space door is also closed。
“Ugh,I finally solved these things.”Spring, I drank my mouth.。
Ski laugh。
“You can really get rid of this hand.,Even the heir is found”
“What way I have?,I personally come personally.,Then I am not busy”Spring said helplessly。
“How is your immortal cultivation?”Spring suddenly asked。
“Already done”Take a cup of tea,Faintly said。
As if nothing is worth proud。
“hehe,It’s worth it.,Actually, I will master it so soon.”Spring is admired。
I have long known that the talents are very metamorphosis.,But I didn’t expect him to master Xianke so quickly.。
Spring is just a trace of natural energy on him.,Only there is this question。
Although the prior to the spring, there was a black rod formed in the city of the sky.,Can pull the natural energy in the body。
But the first is the first cultivation。
Spring guess,When you haven’t resurrected, you have been trying to practice Xianke.。
“It’s not bad,But I am not good at sealing and printing.,Unable to be seal”说。
“Seal??”Quan Yi touched the Pakistan。
“The research on the big snake pill has not yet results,Not suitable for you,Do you want to have my yuk?”
“Yinnan printing,Is this not an adult?,You pass it like this.。。。。”Surprising。
“This is, I have improved,Not the original version,Again, the teacher knows what it will not say.”
“but,Sealing and printing research takes time,Still let me do it.,You find a time study in the future.”Spring said。

Xuan Qing Xia Master came over,A little hesitation,Only:“I don’t believe you,In fact, the last month,It suddenly sounded。”

“How to ring?”
“It sounds。”
Xuan Qing Xiao Master father and calm:“That is an afternoon,I am doing live,No one is hitting it,It suddenly sounded,Very loud sound,Far away,The echo is a long time, that is, I first listened to it.,Master、Zhang Boss and more than 20 people in my live broadcast have heard。”
“So God?”Nan Ge is stunned,“real or fake?”
“What about the older??”Zhouzhi pays different points,He felt that the old governor learned this,Just Xuan Qing Master is reluctant to take the way,He didn’t give her。
“Talented more than 20 people,So badly。”序 关 点 点。
“Master is very excited,I am really true in my mouth.,Let me see if someone is coming.,I just went down.,No one comes。”Xuan Qing Xiaofa’s father is a little red,Is because of the words,“Master is still very excited,Then he was too excited to be sent to the hospital.,Fortunately, the boss is,Do medical treatment”
“This way.”Zhou caught in meditation。
“Um。”Xuan Qing Master nod,She has a slight side,To avoid the eyes of the,Calm,“Maybe there is something in this world.,It is currently unable to explain.。”
“You believe in God?”Nan Ge asked。
“Don’t believe it。”
“Hey, are you not a trip??”Nan Ge blinted。
“I am not very believed.,And I didn’t really go home.。”Xuan Qing Master saw that Nan Ge still indispropeed,So thinking,“There are many avenues in Taoist thinking.,If there is God in the world,So, the Taoist is God.,The people who believe in the gods are reasonable.,But if there is no God in the world,These thoughts come from people,There is no problem with people who don’t believe God.?”
Nan Ge feels interesting。
Chapter 407 Leave
Zhouzhi holds the phone in the yard.,Find an angle。It’s too big.,The branches of stretching have even have passed the area of the yard.,So how to find an angle,Unable to complete this ginkgo box in full。
Zhou scratched,A bit annoying。
序 hands into the socket,Trickle:“Still I will hold you.,I don’t pay attention.,Take you in the sky。”
Zhouzhi still refuses。
At this time, the Xuanqing Master came out.,Pointing at the wall to tell him:“Previous photographers have many people climbed to the corner of the wall.,What you want,There is a ladder in the sundries。”
Zhou Zhijing quickly said。
Xuan Qing Master only smiled,I walked into the room again.。
She is still very busy,Be ever looking at Master,Also do,Also prepare three meals a day,It is not necessary to do homework and live broadcast.,It’s too busy, you can put it down.。
There is no ladder,I quickly climbed the wall。
The above perspective is really good.,Although I still can’t shoot a ginkgo,But you can put half of half of the courtyard.,And you can better capture the floor covered,Still solving the composition of the composition for the vice。
Zhou leaves the phone,Pick up the picture。
Half ancient ginkgo,Golden ground,Sunshine hits the leaves on the ground。Some things are placed in the yard,There are also a few leaves on it.,But there are two dogs who are in the picture.,very quiet,Have an angry。
Zhou is very satisfied,I will send it to the little girl.。
steamed stuffed bun:Whill the picture
Zhou is very happy,This is also a kind of change to his photo.?
Depth:I just took it.
steamed stuffed bun:Ginkgo in Ginkgo Village is talented in the end of the month

I heard this, Liu Dafu laughed directly.。

“Horseman,Then we have found it.,And many people participate in them,I don’t know how to deal with the horse factory.。”
“But I can talk to the Horses Federation.,Some people in this are the boss in the county city.,If you really have a truth, they will find people to find people.,Then retaliate you afterwards,So the length of the horse, you still have to think about it.。”
Ma Xiaoliang originally thought that this thing is very good,Directly,Then send it into the police station。
But by Liu Dafu said so,He has to hesitate。
This thing is a bit beyond his consideration。
“What is the height of Liu’s head??”
Ma Xiaoliang is asking this,He is also constantly planning to gain things in his heart.。
It is directly to send those people into the bureau.,Still put them a horse。
But put them a horse,This thing will fall into a dead cycle。
Liu Da Fu heard Ma Xiaoliang’s inquiry,I know my own opportunity in my heart.。
“I don’t have any high.,Just have a little idea,However, it is necessary to support the support of the horse factory.。”
what idea?”
Ma Xiaoliang is also a good way to solve it in curious Liu Dafu.,After all, Liu Dafu has always been an undressed person in his eyes.。
Although it is the village accountant,But he also heard some things in Liu Dafu before.,That is not a good accountancy。
Now when this deputy leader is, he is more speechless.。
It is simply that the last one of the people who have been defenders.。
Liu Dafu did not change in Ma Xiaoliang,He feels that as long as you can fool each other.。
“Horseman,My idea is very simple,That is let me pretend to resign,Then go to acquire them,Manage them,Let them enter the right track,When you find that fake, let me handle it.,This can put an end to counterfeit and shoddy products,Can you make our own goods。”
“After all, it is true with fake goods.,Then someone else tastes,I know that it is expensive.。”
“As a result,Our products will definitely have high festivals.。”
Horse Xiaoliang did not expect Liu Dafu and such an idea.。
I can’t help myself, I seem to be a man in front of my eyes.。
However, he also soon understand Liu Dafu’s meaning.。
“Liu factory long,This matter will be done according to what you said.,As long as you can solve this matter,Everything is no problem。”
I also immediately let Liu Weixiang take 100,000 cash to Liu Dafu.。
Looking at the 100,000 cash on the table,To say that you can’t care, it is fake.。
Liu Dafu although there is a lot of money in his hand,But this is a big bright, a hundred million cash in front of him.,He is also hurting all one.。
“Horseman,Then I can not be grateful.。”
When Liu Dafu, he did even start crust in this time.。
Listening to Ma Xiaoliang’s ear is not a smile。
“You will be polite at this time.,Do you think I am a person who doesn’t talk about credit??”

Nothing special place。

In addition to the pattern,In fact, it is very ordinary。
There are four gardens in the temple,Garden is connected to the garden,Intermediate small bridge flow,Pavilion,It is elegant and full of natural harmony.。
Come to the last layer of courtyard,Also enter a building。
Architecture in the hall,Smog,A statue is standing in the center,The atmosphere naturally became solemn。
Summer respects three 炷香,Then I took it out.。
“Summer,Tell you secret。”
In the courtyard,Warlon snorked summer arm,Tabular,Lower sound channel,“Statue inside the ancestral hall,Only in the village,There is a real statue of my old ancestors on the hill.,I said three uncles.,It is a ghost valley personally for my old ancestral.,Do you want to see?”
Summer,“This is your village secret?”
Summer mouth,“Since it is not,How to look like a thief。”
The earlink is screaming,“Although it is not a secret,But not anyone can see,In the past, the annual ancestral hall opened,Many ancient people come to the village,Just want to see the true statue of the ancestors of the ancestors.。”
Toned,He seems to be heard,Left and right look,Reproduction,“The statue of the ancestors is very good,If your luck is good,Can make people’s strength,But it depends on personal luck.,All,You will not breathe the breath of our ear。”
Summer heart,“Take me up.,Will it be broken?”
“Should……It should be fine.,After all, you have also passed me.。”
The heart of the earlin is very single,People are not stupid,Also,“In fact, I will take you up in my three uncles.,Let it go,Touch your luck,Maybe the big Baked that they just have to rest.。”
“Statue someone guards?”
Summer stunned。
Whenefall,“Is it not to tell you?,The statue of the old ancestors is a ghost valley.,You know the ghost valley.,Is the apprentice of our old ancestors,Very very powerful super master。”
Summer in the eyes, I finally emerged as a curious。
“good,That’s going to see。”
“This way。”
The two leave the way,Rearward。
Hundreds of meters is a small stone mountain,A landsllar curvature of a lack of one-meter wide mountain road。
All the way,Whenever,Thief head thief brain,I am afraid that it is discovered.。
Summer is secretly laughing。
Time to Nishi Mountain,He spotted several powerful gas machines。
But these gas machines quickly retired like a tide.。
They have already been discovered,Just unable to block it.。
Obvious,This also shows an attitude。
Mount Mountain Top,A statue is standing。
The face of the statue is very vague,But the whole is deep and the atmosphere。
The more you concentrate,More felt extraordinary。
Underground,Make people’s sights could not be blurred。
This statue,It seems that it has been integrated into this world.。

For Devil Fruit,He also knows a lot,There are also some devil fruits that can teleport,Such as sparkling fruit,Yellow Ape can also teleport。

But Huang Yuan needs to prepare in advance,If interrupted, it will be terminated instantly。
Except for Shining Fruit,Deep-fried fruit is also ok,But it also relies on the impact of the explosion,Not a direct teleport。
Leo still has a smile on his face:“how to say,Maybe my fruit development level is relatively high,So teleportation is just a small matter,Like this…”
Leo came immediately behind Scar Man,Scar Man felt it the moment Leo appeared,Resist in time。
the first time,He blocked in time,He blocked it the second time。
But every ten seconds,Leo will suddenly perform a flash attack,After several teleport attacks,Scar Man finally can’t stop。
“and so,go to hell!I will take over all your power!”
First39chapter Hand gesture
Leo slowly pulled the knife out of the opponent’s body,Then look at everyone present。
A flicker every now and then,Leo makes a quick knife。
“Do not!”

The rock on the ground began to crack off,Some small stones were pulled directly on the sky.。

It can be seen that this is more powerful,And this is just the beginning。
“What kind of operation is this?,I can feel powerful attraction”Self-emblem。
“have no idea,You look around”Three generations。
They can see the ground around being destroyed,All things have been pulled on the sky。
Several people can only be attached to the ground with this Chakra。
But how long does this?。
“We must leave”The three generations have seen the white and my love next to it.,They have not left the meaning。
He turned his head and looked at the Spring and the meal.,Sasuke,Then leave when you turn。
Obviously this is not simple,They can’t all be buried here.。
They hesitate to。
“Let it go,Spring will have a way,He also has flying thunders”I also said myself.。
Dotted,Spring with flying thunder can escape at any time。
Step away,I also looked at the long gates of my eyes.。
Several people quickly escape,They are not the strongest place here.,They quickly separated from the gravitational range。
“Tap,Destroy that core”Springs in the hands of the whirlwind in the cohesion,There is a wind spiral hand in the blink of an eye.,And still expanding。
情况 情况 情况 情况,Be able to stand up,The three hooks composition is formed to form,He looks into the core of a small stone ball in the air.。
He knows that the springs said this.。
“Eight-foot Qiong 玉”
Benevo,Three hooks are suddenly rotated quickly to the core of the star。
Spring also threw the sword in the spiral hand。
Two attacks at the same time, the small stone ball。
Sky issues a dramatic explosion,It was shrouded there。
When the various things that are sucking in the sky are quickly dropped,Spring knew that they succeeded,Otherwise, he can only use the flying thunder to accompany them.。
Fortunately, I know how to crack this.,Treatment is also very timely,Otherwise, etc.,Even if they attack it。
Springs turn to the long door standing on a strange bird,Payne has disappeared。
Spring eyes,He can see Petion Six Road in evacuation。
Suddenly understand,The long door is ready to leave.。
Chapter 24 After the war
“This time you win you.,But next time you are not so easy.”The long door looked at the aerial spring。

“Do not worry,Dr. Ae Yinstein has a way to save him,And this time I entered the quantum,Maybe you can also encounter a funny person。”

Bronia feels many things in Hanjiang,But since the other party does not say,She will not take the initiative to ask。
“Let’s start away.,Mr. Walter told Baronia,Now this state is not the core of the core.,There is also a big part of the spread of all world bubbles.,Need Bronia to collect。”
“Um,Then start now。”
Han Jiang feels the power of his body,That is the new force he produced after he absorbed some of the power of some core.。
It seems that the core of the reason is to return to the most powerful time.,Some can’t do it.。
Hanjiang two people are still in the outermost side of the quantum,You still need to take some to completely enter the quantum of the sea.。
“look,Is that you are you??”Two people walk in the depths,Han Jiang said in a direction floating in the sky.。
Bronia looked over Hanjiang’s fingers,That is a memory section。
On this road,I can also see some things that may happen.,Future fragments that are derived from all world bubbles。
That is Bronia’s hard practice dance in the dance room.,The next fragment is Bronia award,Shier also has a picture of Rosharia sisters together for Balonia celebration.。
Bronia and Hanjiang also issued a question of the voice,Look at the blue book in your hand,A communication device in checking your own。
“You speak first!”
The two said at the same time.,The big eyes have been watching for two seconds.,Han Jiang dry cough。
“Or I should say,I have a communications at a time when,A traveler is transformed quantum of the sea,Communicator now received the man’s information,I think I need to find a trip that person。”
“Blow Antonia felt the core reason of dispersing power,I need to go to the next bubble world,The collected scattered power,Mr. Walter also gave some indication of the Bois Antonia。”
“There is no reason in the strength of the core of the collection is completed,I still can not successfully rescued the children hope,Encountered the snake did not have enough strength to resist。”
Han Jiang said:“In order not to waste time,We split up。”
“You go to those dispersed forces of the world to find the bulbs scattered power,I went looking for the enemy,Finally, we meet in the place of captivity Greek children。”
Hanjiang believe that the ability Pueblo Antonia,Bullock Antonia is not willing to collect because the law’s core strength Hanjiang delay some of the more important things to do。
Talk about it,Want to enter other worlds bubble must use some means,Also take some road。
Reloading began to change the bunny,Body parts began to open reorganization,Finally, a look into a performance full of motorcycles。
“I go first。”Bullock Antonia on a motorcycle,He began to turn the throttle,Huge roar of engines,Pueblo Antonia world down a steep departure。
Hanjiang feeling of watching motorbike,If Bullock Antonia who becomes a skirt armor,Properly due a Kamen Rider ah,I want too。
“never mind!”
Hanjiang this interrupt their ideas,Start body armor,Started to start with the direction of the signal。
soon,Han Jiang felt the boundaries of a world bubble,Start feeling the space of the world bubble,Then enter。
Familiar white light,Han Jiang appeared in front of the apple booth in a vegetable market。
“Bro,Look for so long,Want to apple??”
A full face,There is a scar on the face,At first glance, you will kill the pigs to get a man, a Hanjiang, introduce your own fruit.。
“Red and big,Good quality,Don’t want money。”
Seeing Han Jiang’s eyes staring at you.,Uncle is thinking about business.,Hurry and continue to introduce。
Chapter 486 Hua
Han Jiang hurriedly swayed his head,How do you feel that there is a feeling of recognition?。
When you wait your hand to leave the vegetable market,The big uncle selling Apple wanted to screw Han Jiang to the eyes of Hanjiang.。
When Hanjiang entered the sea of quantum,I have encountered a person from the real world.,Schr?dinger。
Once specially worship Schr?dinger transformed its own equipment,Just when I was with Bronia,That is to receive Schr?dinger’s signal。

Oh my goodness!No wonder Xiao Xiao was in front of many reporters,Said that the temporary person in charge is him,At the time he thought Xiao Xiao was making a joke on him,But these words came from Old Xiao,May be true,But what is your ability,To help Xiao Xiao take care of the company,And it is also an influential group company in Bucheon。

Isn’t this kidding?Open if you want,You father and daughter can’t make fun of me Xia Jian!For a time,Xia Jian was standing in the living room with anger,Dancing,Just can’t speak。
“See you so much,Are you so excited?This is not good,See how i clean up you“
This old Xiao,Really full man doesn’t know that hungry man is hungry,Does Xia Jian have any ability??I really thought I liked this job,I won’t hit the swollen face to fill the fat man,People are worthy of knowing themselves。
“Not going!No suitable job,Let me do loading and unloading“Xia Jian’s sentence finally popped out of his mouth,He seems to have relaxed a lot。
Old Xiao looked puzzled,He lowered his voice and asked:“what did you say?Is your brain flooded??A general staff member,No high education and practical experience,You can’t get in,Give you such a good exercise opportunity,You are not going,Do you want to be a lifelong coolie??Do you still want to be a migrant worker who is looked down upon??“Old Xiao said back,More and more angry。
Who doesn’t want to get ahead,Who doesn’t want people to look different,But Xia Jian really didn’t dare to go,He’s afraid to shame Xiao Xiao,Shame on Old Xiao。Old Xiao’s voice,Lingering in his brain,Can’t get rid of,How to do?How to do?I, Xia Jian, seized this opportunity to fight,Still flinch,Continue to do what I can。
I’m about to burst my head,At this critical moment,He’s going crazy,Xia Jian grabbed the pillow on the sofa,Covered face,He doesn’t want to,Don’t want anything…
Old Xiao shook his head,Sighed,Talk to yourself“Still too young!“
whole night,Xia Jian didn’t sleep well,He was in Bucheon for a while,Later in Xiping Village,On one side is Min Young Prosperity,One side is backward and depression。
Tossing until dawn,He actually fell asleep,A burst of black curses,Woke Xia Jian from his sleep,When he comes out after washing,The sun is already high。
Old Xiao is cleaning the fallen leaves in the courtyard,He glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Breakfast is cold,I have received the kitchen,There is today’s newspaper in the room,You take a look first“
read newspaper,This is Lao Xiao’s daily habit,Why do you ask him to watch this today?,Xia Jian looked puzzled,But he walked into the living room obediently,There is a city morning paper on the coffee table。
As soon as I get it,Xia Jian was attracted by the eye-catching headline“Unidentified beauty boss injured in Bucheon,The temporary head of the venture group was actually a young migrant worker”
There are also two color pictures below,One is a photo of Xiao Xiao sitting on a hospital bed,Although she is in a hospital gown,But still beautiful and generous,And another one below,It’s him Xia Jian,I don’t know how these reporters got it,He is not ugly,But the expression in this newspaper,You can really use the word ugly to describe。

A Le Lear。

The belt in his hand did not know what happened to the other party.。
Not waiting for him to react,It was smashed by a belt.,Directly pick him out,Okay,Directly planted in the urinary pond。
A leopard is angry,I have jumped it in an instant.,“You find dead,Give me up。”
The other two have rushed,Just listen to 噼噼 噼噼 啪 响,Summer direct two leatherband solves the problem,Two guys have been taken out of the blood,Screamed
“I really can’t understand,How is your group of stupid guys?,I can still live to now。”
Sighing in summer,Almost vomit blood of A Leopard。
In fact,What is the truth like them?,There is no nonsense,Don’t ask for a wrong,I can’t see it, I shouted directly.。
This is still now,After all, the Tamron will help the legitimate coat.,Former words,They still have to be mad than now。
“Very good。”
A leopard full color,Soon, I revealed my cruel,“I am slowly playing with you.。”I want to talk to more like-minded people《President of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1366Chapter Laozi, please eat a big meal.
Like them,I am free to exercise on weekdays.,Don’t talk to someone else。
Do you have to nod to them.。
“Small hybrid,Laozi killed you。”
At this time,Two hands stand up from the ground,Flourish again,Fierce extreme。
A residual shadow,Turn on two crispies。
Two guys rushed to swollen,Summer is like a teach son,Let the two are almost in the urine pool again。
Others in the public toilet have already been scattered.。
And those who are squatting, they don’t dare to come out.,I only dare to secretly look at the door.,The heart is full of contradictory emotions。
Nervous and stimulating。
“Nima’s life is dead.——”
The Tonglong, the Alaldo, the Tonglong, where Su Hang, is definitely a murderer who dares to kill.,At this moment,Like an angry lion, I usually rush。
Summer strength is more,It’s hard to say clearly。
But if the leopard compared with him,It is not comparable,Diamudiosis。
Just before the other party is about to go,Summer is slowly moving the arm,I took a leash.。
Cold wind。
Aldah is surprising,I have discovered that I can’t see the other action.,Just feel that the heavy residue is shaking。
的 脆 响,One leather belt is striped on his face,Sudden a bloody,Nosebleed,Figure out。
Thud,I fell again in the urine pond,Splash a large water flower。
A Leopard has already felt his own left face.,Stripstick,In front of the Venus madlight。

by the time,Some people who have returned the door,Three people just arrived at the door,A group of people came out。

“Cloud,Forgive me!I know that you are resentful, I don’t protect you.,Inadvertently let you lose,Hey, I already know.!come back!I really can’t bear to look at you outside.!”
Yunqin does not check,Suddenly ran, the grand house directly grasped the arm。Look at the expression of Sheng Master,That is called a love.。
The auction will come to see this situation,When you stop,A pair of expressions to play melon。
The people who entertain the door of the black lady,Just forward mediation,Fitty on the side of the sky,Successfully made two people stopped。
Although I don’t know who is a woman, a male and one woman who is not rich.,but,Fenyi, they still know,Since the big man is not allowed,Then they only need to stay.。
Next to the North Shunyi, seeing the master’s death, catching the arm of Yunqin,Let Yunqin are obviously uncomfortable,Brow,Lift your hand and gently action,Directly let the grand family have pain,Loosing Yunqin’s arms。
After the north is north,Yun Qin’s eyebrow,Think about it,Although she can solve the grand family,However, since the North Shi intends to,She is awkward,When a need to be protected by Master‘Little apprentice’Bar!
Eaten,Shengjia’s heart is angry,I want to go back to the past,When I saw the North Sea, it seems to be immortal.,I immediately guess it.。“You are the North Shi Xianjun.?Xianjun Wanan,The monk is the end of Yunnia.,It is said that,Yun children are fortunate under your door,More than a lot of money in the year!”
‘Xiaoqin’s father’?!
I heard the self-introduction of the grandmaster,The color of the north is not displayed,Flash in the eyes。
The little guy said before.,She is abandoned by her own parents。Think in thinking,Yesterday, Yunqin also said that the grand family and her hatred.,so,so,It is because of this?!
Let’s look at the eyes of this middle-aged man,I don’t know how many years, I know.,In front of this person,I am afraid I just want to be so simple to comply with the little guy.。
“This old gentleman,This is not aware of the cloud in your mouth.,My disciples,From beginning to end, only Xiaoqin one person。presumably,Mr. Old, I should have a mistake.,after all,World big,Similarity,Not not。”
The words of the land will be blocked by the land of the Northern Sea.。Sheng family is blocked,I didn’t expect it at all,In his imagination,It should be extremely valued to pay attention to the imperial immortal of ethics.,When he heard him may be his brother’s father,Actually, this will be such a reaction!“Xianjun,Xianjun misunderstood!I am really your apprentice Yunqin’s biological father.!”Sheng family urgently explained。
This is the best opportunity to make his status.,He must succeed!
Where is it?,The northern division is still a face of a face.,Glimmer,road:“Oh?Yes?,Old man,According to the name of this mandrel,I want to inquire about her name, it is just a thing that is easy.,so,Why do you believe,You are the father of this judge?”
“So many years,I want to talk to this king.,Be a lot,I want to start from this Jun.,Mr. Yao’s means,Be unique。”
Subscription of this sentence,It is nothing more than that of the family is to climb,Not Yunqin really give birth。
certainly,This is not the father of Yunqin in front of him.,The North Index is indeed uncertain,but,Even if it is really Yunqin’s father,I haven’t going back to find a father for so many years.,Obviously, there is no expectation for the father.,in this way,He doesn’t have to give this face。
The people who eat melon,Finger point to Sheng master,Have a person who has seen a scene of the pub yesterday,Immediately follow the side‘Science’。
After understanding the situation,The periphery is displeased about the behavior of Sheng’s master.。
These two people are not a masters!Zhang mouth is that he is deliberate.!
certainly,The status of these two people,Indeed!but,Even if he is really coming,He is not the same as other people who come.!He is clear that it is really related to them.!
Sheng master old face,Hurriedly:“Xianjun misunderstood!If your apprentice is called Yunqin,So,I am really your brother’s father.!and,Your apprentice,This year is a sixteenth year old!”
This will I believe it is a little.?!after all,Even if his apprentice’s name will be known,But the age,People who want to know must be a lot.!
Seeing the trend of Sheng Hao has a debugging,Sheng Mrs, who hid to wait and see, walked forward。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS337chapter Master37
“Yun Qin,I am your mother.,You can still remember,When you were young, you always said that I made the pastry.,Often to my yard to eat pastries?。”
“Since you are lost,Your father is very sad every day.,Always send people to find you。We know you are angry,We accidentally lost you.,But you are angry and angry,Look in your father, miss you every day,I have never given up looking for you.,Don’t admit that our daughter is good.?”
Wenye soft lady,The opening is the emotional route,Harvest a lot of feelings of many melon people。
Niki is not a pity, jade,I am going to open it back.,Yun Qin raised his hand pulled the sleeve of Rainea。
“Master,Let me pay it back.。”
This is the biggest behind the original tragedy that is tragic.,Of course, she will come to himself.!
Gaze Yunqin,Of course I know that Yunqin is what I want to solve myself.,Sigh,alright,Since the little guy wants himself,That’s it.!
Can’t pay,He is not late.。