Oh my goodness!No wonder Xiao Xiao was in front of many reporters,Said that the temporary person in charge is him,At the time he thought Xiao Xiao was making a joke on him,But these words came from Old Xiao,May be true,But what is your ability,To help Xiao Xiao take care of the company,And it is also an influential group company in Bucheon。

Isn’t this kidding?Open if you want,You father and daughter can’t make fun of me Xia Jian!For a time,Xia Jian was standing in the living room with anger,Dancing,Just http://www.jiuzhouzhenye.cn can’t speak。
“See you so much,Are you so excited?This is not good,See how i clean up you“
This old Xiao,Really full man doesn’t know that hungry man is hungry,Does Xia Jian have any ability??I really thought I liked this job,I won’t hit the swollen face to fill the fat man,People are worthy of knowing themselves。
“Not going!No suitable job,Let me do loading and unloading“Xia Jian’s sentence finally popped out of his mouth,He seems to have relaxed a lot。
Old Xiao looked puzzled,He lowered his voice and asked:“what did you say?Is your brain flooded??A general staff member,No high education and practical experience,You can’t get in,Give you such a good exercise opportunity,You are not going,Do you want to be a lifelong coolie??Do you still want to be a migrant worker who is looked down upon??“Old Xiao said back,More and more angry。
Who doesn’t want to get ahead,Who doesn’t want http://www.qdscy.cn people to look different,But Xia Jian really didn’t dare to go,He’s afraid to shame Xiao Xiao,Shame on Old Xiao。Old Xiao’s voice,Lingering in his brain,Can’t get rid of,How to do?How to do?I, Xia Jian, seized this opportunity to fight,Still flinch,Continue to do what I can。
I’m about to burst my head,At this critical moment,He’s going crazy,Xia Jian grabbed the pillow on the sofa,Covered face,He doesn’t want to,Don’t want anything…
Old Xiao shook his head,Sighed,Talk to yourself“Still too young!“
whole night,Xia Jian didn’t sleep well,He was in Bucheon for a while,Later in Xiping Village,On one side is Min Young Prosperity,One side is backward and depression。
Tossing until dawn,He actually fell asleep,A burst of black curses,Woke Xia Jian from his sleep,When he comes out after washing,The sun is already high。
Old Xiao is cleaning the fallen leaves in the courtyard,He glanced http://www.damingweinasi.cn at Xia Jian and said:“Breakfast is cold,I have received the kitchen,There is today’s newspaper in the room,You take a look first“
read newspaper,This is Lao Xiao’s daily habit,Why do you ask him to watch this today?,Xia Jian looked puzzled,But he walked into the living room obediently,There is a city morning paper on the coffee table。
As soon as I get it,Xia Jian was attracted by the eye-catching headline“Unidentified beauty boss injured in Bucheon,The temporary head of the venture group was actually a young migrant worker”
There are also two color pictures below,One is a photo of Xiao Xiao sitting on a hospital bed,Although she is in a hospital gown,But still beautiful and generous,And another one below,It’s him Xia Jian,I don’t know how these reporters got it,He is not ugly,But the expression in this newspaper,You can really use the word ugly to describe。

Announcement of Delay of Medical Straight Accelerator Maintenance Project of Cancer Hospital of Chinese Medical Sciences

I. Purchasing item number of the original announcement of the project: 0730-226132bj0024 Purchasing item name: Public bidding announcement for the public bidding announcement of the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital Medical Straight Accelerator Maintenance Project Correction: Procurement Announcement Correction Content: Original Purchasing Announcement Submitted Bidding Documents Deadline: Month 09th at 14:00 (Beijing Time) Bid Time: At 14:00 on September 09, 2022 (Beijing Time), it is now changed to: Deadline for submitting bidding documents: 14:00 on 2022 (Beijing time) Bid opening time: 14:00 on June 16, 2022 (Beijing Time) Purchasing Announcement Unchanged Date: June 01, 2022, 2022 Third, there are no other supplements. Those who ask about the content of the announcement, please contact the following ways. 1. Purchase information name: Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences: No. 17, Panjiayuan South Li, Panjiayuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing: Teacher Zeng, 010-87788304 2. Purchasing agency information name: AVIC International Economic and Trade Development Co., Ltd. Address: Beijing Room 5501, Building 5501, No. 5, Xiyuan Hotel, Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, City: Zhang Dapeng and Jiang Hua, 010-88384510 3. Project contact information Turns: Zhang Dapeng, Jiang Hua Tel: 010-88384510.

“This……This is impossible,she,Is she not dead??”

“You see her with her own eyes.?”
Martin has some mouth dry tongue,Demonstrate,“http://www.dlhaolinju.cnShe is surrounded by the world,Finally,Jumping into the big hique valley。”
Bruce,“Did you die in the big grain?,Then why didn’t find her body?。”
about this point,In fact, it is not a secret。
After the summer, Xia Qi jumped into the big splitter,Those who participated in the enrichment,Both people go to search for corpses。
But then I found out,If it is seen from the bottom of the valley,Can’t see the first line at all。
Means of,Jump down from the big cottage,Not falling to the bottom of the bottom,It should have a bending slope.。
Although I didn’t find the body of Xia Qixiu,But most people don’t think she can live.。
at the very beginning,Some people are scared。
Over time,These feelings are also light.。
In the world, no summer。
Martin feels some confusion in the mind,The heart has set off a huge waves.。
He has a lot of http://www.wmcyw.cn doubts,There are also many questions。
But I don’t know how to open for a while.。
This news is too impact on him.。
To know,The world is murderous in the world,The gods of the gods also pushed their hands and participated.。
that time,Martin is the president。
“What is going on??
Since she is not dead,Why is it now appeared??
Why chasing you and Lingtian,Swelling is to kill her culprit.,How did she live?……”He asked many。
Feeling that there is something that is not a known inside story。
Bruce does not sell Guanzi,Be patient,Among the tone。
“She was murdered in the world for three years.,Finally, I decided to make a break with the people of the world.,That battle,I will mix it.,Not only me,Lingtian is also there,We are very ordinary people,Well……The so-called cannon gray。”
I heard this sentence,Martin’s breath。
“You……You……”He hides,I can’t find a right sentence to describe myself at the moment.。
“That mixed war is really spectacular.,The body is accumulated in the mountain,Blood flowing,Just like a war。”
But the next sentence,Martin’s heartbeat。
“I am in the melee and chaos.,The sneak attack seriously hurts the summer,After that, she was attacked by the world.,Injury。”
He smiled,“No we secretly shot,How can those people can force the summer?,When she jumped out of the big hique,I think she is dead.,pity……Her life is big,I learned that I didn’t find her body.,I have been secretly investigating and searching.,Ling Tianxia,More in a concealed way,Hint……First more than ten years,We are all in secret。”
Martin can’t wait to ask,“Then what。”
“Is this not a clear?。”
Bruce sound is getting colder,“If you can find it at that time,Can she live now??”
Toned,Sigh a breath,“As soon as soon as possible,At that year,I should down my hand.,Even if I don’t care,presumably……It should also regret it in Ling Tianxia.,After all, we are all dead people.,Taking a chaotic secret attack,Only one opportunity,I don’t want to expose myself.……To know,Summer nine,Also just a cave,Even if you don’t reach。”
He still has a sentence not。
Summer, although it is a loud virtual realm,But her battle,Already surpassed the cave。

Fairness and Justice China Corporation -Interpretation of the Global Security Initiative Series Two

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 30th: The Chinese Proficiency of Fairness and Justice -Interpretation of the Global Security Initiative Series Erxinhua News Agency reporter Li Rong is not fair today. The new crown epidemic delays, European fire again, the "New Cold War" blows against the wind, and hegemonicism and power politics still exist. The people of all countries are looking forward to establishing a more fair and reasonable international order, and longing for a more peaceful and safe world. The global security initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, which meets the common opinions of the international community’s hope, seeking peace, and promoting development, which has been warmly welcomed by the international community. Global security initiative is a fair and righteous Chinese claim, which is reflected in the initiative to uphold the concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable concept of security.

Today, the century -long change and the century epidemic are overlapping and the conflict clouds are shrouded in the clouds. The new security concept advocated by China has more demonstrated its realistic significance and the value of the times. Promote the new type of security of dialogue without confrontation, parting without alliance, and win -win rather than zero -sum.

David Monia, director of the African-China Research Center of Johannesburg, South Africa, said that the global security initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping reflects the needs of the international community. Bring the norms and values ??of peace, resolving conflicts, and avoiding one or more countries on their own. At the cost of sacrificing other countries, unilaterally strengthen their peace and security.

"Global security initiative is the proposition of fairness and justice, which is reflected in the inheritance and promotion of the purpose and spirit of the UN Charter.

After the end of World War II, with the booming development of international organizations such as the United Nations, to maintain peace, promote development, and respond to joint challenges in multi -sided cooperation, gradually became the consensus of the international community. Historical experience has repeatedly proved that the world will become more peaceful to attach importance to the core role of the United Nations. China believes that the various confrontation and injustices that occur today in the world are not because the purpose and principles of the UN Charter are outdated, but precisely because these purpose and principles have not been effectively fulfilled.

To build a more secure world, we must firmly maintain the authority and status of the United Nations, jointly practice real multilateralism, oppose the banner of the so -called "rules" to destroy international order and drag the world into the "New Cold War".

  Global security initiative is a fair and just China claim, which is reflected in the proposition of advocating the need to pay attention to the reasonable and safe concerns of various countries.

China believes that the security interests of various countries are equal and dependent on each other.

The legitimate and safe concerns of any country should be valued and properly resolved. Based on this, a balanced, effective and sustainable safety structure should be constructed to achieve universal safety and common safety. For the former Vice Premier and Boao Forum of Boao Forum, Suraja Shatian Thai said that the global security initiative reflects the concept of building a fair and reasonable global security governance system, which will make the world more stable and promote cooperation and development among countries. Global security initiative is a fair and just China claim, which is reflected in the initiative to provide fair solutions for global hot issues. China advocates that in the face of this hot issue, we must adhere to justice and encourage dialogue. According to the needs of the country, the needs of the country, the desire, persuasion, and the mediation mediation, and the "stabilizer" of peace instead of conflict.

The initiative calls on the international community to clearly support all the efforts that conducive to the resolution of crisis, oppose any forces to take the opportunity to incite wind and fire, obstruct the destruction of peace talks, encourage the conflict of all parties to talk about, talk about the conversation with each other, and interpret the dispute with dialogue. Promote safety with dialogue.

The Palestinian Marian News Agency published a comment article saying that the global security initiative will contribute to promoting hot issues in international regions and promoting world security. Standing on the right side of history, standing on the side of international fairness and justice, global security initiative conforms to the people’s hearts of the international community, and the fundamental avenue of maintaining global peace and security will further consolidate international consensus and gather cooperation forces to promote the global security governance system.

Gu Xihong wants to chase the past and ask a clear,Take a few steps,Feeling that the waist is still very painful,He can only stop,I looked at the culprit to let myself slipped.,It’s actually half a banana skin.。

He quickly took out the phone,Playing a call to Gu Yi Lin。
“Hey!dad。”The phone is quickly connected。
“Memorize,You are here to go to the bathroom here.,I seem to see your sister.,Dad fell to the waist,You come over,Chase。”
Received a phone, Gu Yi Lin, a fog,But still ran to the bathroom door with the fastest speed。
“dad,Nothing.?”Gu Yi Lin worriedly asked。
Gu Xihong is anxious to refer to the direction of Blue Xin.,Say:“Memorize,quick,Chase,A girl wearing a gray casual suit,It’s very like your sister.,Go to chase。”
Gu Yi Lin has some helplessly,His face is pale,His mood in these days is not good,Night night to buy drunk,Seeing Dad and like this,He is more annoying in his heart。
He said helplessly:“dad,do not do that,You have been in a month of five or six times.,No one is a small memory。
The parent-child appraisal book is coming to take the car. ,More than ten years,dad,She recalls her”
“shut up,Blue blue will not have something,She is your kid,You are a brother,Do you want her to die??”Gu Xihong angryly,Looking at the son, don’t catch,He walked forward。
As long as there is a hopes,He must find his daughter back。
Otherwise, he will regret for a http://www.dsyhome.cn lifetime.!
“dad!Don’t like this,OK?”Gu Yi Lin, this day, I am upset.。
Where is the mood today?。
His mood is irritated to pull the Dad,One face helplessly:“dad,You listen,I also hope that Hui can come back.,But,Xiao Yi has been lost for more than ten years.,Can’t find。
Dad, why don’t you accept reality?,Mom has already gone out of the shadow of Xiao Yi.。”
NS224chapter:He is all old.,I don’t know when to wait.

NS224chapter:He is all old.,I don’t know when to wait.
“Will you come out??Is the blue blue not give you a happiness with your big brother??
She is so smart and beautiful,Also know how to be happy,She will not have something。”Gu Xilong does not believe that his daughter is nothing.,One day,He will find it back。
Gu Yi Lin took the lips,Blood color instantly faded,He is also a painful。
If http://www.sannianjiuban.cn the small memory is still alive,He also wants to find a small memory.。
That is his sister who loves love.?
Hoheng used all the people,All the relationship,Didn’t find her。
Gu Yi Lin took a deep breath,Say:“dad,I will send you to the hospital first and see it.。”
“it is good!”Gu Xihong can only nod,Now go to chase,I am afraid that the girl is far away.。
“Ugh!!”He is deeply sighed。
“I have been over for so many years.,I don’t know if your sister is good.?Let’s eat a day.,Wear,Dad plays a bowl every day,Guilty,Your sister doesn’t know where it is.。”
Gu Yi Lin listened,I also sighed。
Xiao Yi is not lost,Fang family,I will not pass this pain。
Gu An’an’s arrival,There is no mitigation of their family’s thoughts.。
Looking at Gu Anan,He is more trouble。
“dad,If Monbye is really alive,One day will http://www.bdheshun.cn return to us by one day.,You are worried about you every day.。”Others like to call Xiao Yi blue,He and your brother,I like to call blue blue.。
Gu Yi Lin nodded,Not talking。
He is all old.,I don’t know when to wait.。
Gu Xi Hong Xin,Be sad!