China @ 四川 | Crossing the eighty-five years of green fragrance

  The 53-year-old Luoqua often turned around in the village, where there is his greenland, and his "gathering". Luoqu Taka is the villagers of Pu Yulong Village, Ganzi County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan. He listened to Grandpa grandmother to tell the Red Army and the story. "The Red Army Long Has lived in our house, grandfather and many fellows have taken a green army to send it to the Red Army." Luoquiang Dava said in late October to visit the Xinhua News Agency reporter.

  The Red Army Warrior is in the long journey of climbing the snow mountain, and you are important to fill the hunger. Yang Jianfeng, the four-level researcher of the Ganzi Prefecture Party History Research Office, told reporters that according to incomplete statistics, only Ganzi County supported the Red Army’s food more than 630,000 kilograms. Ganzi County, more than 3,000 meters above sea level, is the most important food crop. After 85 years of winning the Red Army, the snowy aroma is still rich in the Snow Plateau. For a family of Luoji Tawa, it is their main food with green powder.

There are more than 20 acres of land in Lillyn Tawa, 15 acres of which is used to plant blue and green, and the output is about 5,000 pounds. Dika Township Vice Powered Xi Xi Xi said that there are 332 people in Pu Yulongcun, with a cultivated land area of ??1573 mu, most of which plant green. "Where can a family eat so many young? I have only piled up at home. I can’t sell so much." Hands hold it with you, Luolin Dahua smelled, slowly told reporters that these green It is all produced this year, which has a fresh green aroma.

  On the Sichuan Plateau, many villagers were like Luoqua, and a large number of green eyes were stacked in a few years ago.

The villagers in Ganzi Town, Ganzi County, told reporters that their own greens produced by the past, they didn’t want to grow because they can’t sell it.

  However, this situation has changed from 2020, but the unique green fragrance on the plateau is not only in the villagers, but also begun to the whole country. Luoji Dada has sold nearly 2700 pounds of blue, and only left a self-edible and feeding of the cattle, and there is no waste. "I sell yourself to the park, 100 pounds can sell 230 yuan, last year, there are more than 6,000 yuan in Qingyu," Luolin Dawa said, before 100 pounds of Qingyi can only sell more than 100 yuan, but also sell it.

Now, it is not selling at all.

  The park mentioned in Luoja Dawakou is the Ganzi County Gasar Qingyi Cultural Park.

The park acquires villagers’ blue-bare, processed into green-free plateau characteristics such as Qingyi biscuits, green bubbles, and green meal. The reporter saw in this park, the production workshop is clean and clean, and a unique green aroma is exuded in the raw material warehouse.

    Wang Jianli, head of the park operation, told reporters that these products officially launched in October 2020.

Up to now, the park has acquired 7 million pounds of Qingxi, paying 15 million yuan, and realizing the increasing income of 5 million yuan.

The sales of Qingxi products produced by enterprises reached 30 million yuan, and the local mass employment reached 130 people.

  In Ganzi County, the villagers planting Qingli has been processed by the park, which is becoming a variety of green products.

"Take the green biscuit as an example, our products are mainly sold to coastal areas, in short supply.

"Wang Jianli said that the biscuits exudes a unique green aroma. It is very popular among consumers. Before 85 years ago, Qingyu as an important food that climbed the snow mountain in the Red Army. Now the Qingxi here has developed into a plateau character industry.

When Luoqu Tackon is seeded, in addition to sowing, the remaining cultivated land, harvesting and other mechanized operations. In Ganzi County, the vegetation area of ??Qingyu reached 10,000 mu, and the annual output of heroic tons. In the development of the Qingxi Industry, it is the key to establishing a processing enterprise in the local area. Li Xiaoqing, deputy director of the Ganzi County Economic Agency, said that in 2017, Ganzi County sent a number of working groups to Lhasa, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places to investigate the processing of Qingyu food, and went to Shanghai and business to negotiate.

Gesar Qingyi Cultural Park not only improves the added value of the Qingxi industry, but more importantly, solving the problem of selling food in the local masses.

(Reporter Zhou Xiji, Gao Peng Yang, Zhang Hailei) [Responsible Editor: Xu Meida].

Accelerate the construction of a modern area center city to let "Double Stand" brightly

  On December 8, the reporter interviewed the Chifeng Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wanchao.

  Wanchao said that the eleventh party congress in the Autonomous Region is an extremely important meeting held in the critical period of Inner Mongolia’s transformation and development.

The General Assembly deployed the goal task of economic and social development in the next five years, depicting the beautiful blueprints of Inner Mongolia, in the new era, especially the key to building Chifeng, Tongliao region, to create "Double Standers", so that Chifeng is all kinds of cadres Be encouraged and excited.

After the party congress closed, Chifeng City quickly set off a craze of learning and promoting the spirit of the General Assembly. Everyone pays attention to the central city, and the "Gemini Constellation" is full of expectations.

The majority of party members and cadres in the city profoundly understand the rich connotation and essential requirements of "Double Silver Constellation", fully recognize responsibility, clearly see the gap, consciously pay the implementation, and resolutely complete this major task, promote regional center city and "double son Construction of the constellation makes obvious progress as soon as possible. Building a regional center city, creating "Geminoshan" is the long-term development of the autonomous region, with the overall situation of the region, with the long-term development of Chifeng, Tongliao and even the Mongolian region, based on the new development stage, and construct a new development pattern. Major decision deployment. As early as December last year, the party committee of the autonomous region in the development of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and 2035 Route Target recommendations, it will focus on building Chifeng, Tongliao Modernization region, and writes to the "14th Five-Year Plan" planning of the autonomous region and 2035 The Vision Objective Outline, this party context once again clearly focused on building Chifeng, Tongliao "Diao Constellation", as an important part of the construction of regional development. This is not only a major event in the region, but also the responsibility mission of Chifeng City, is an important realistic and significant development opportunity to accelerate high quality development in Chifeng. As a member of the Mongolong area and "Diao Constellation", Chifeng City must deeply learn the deep concern and strategic considerations of the party committee in the autonomous region, and seize this rare policy opportunity, establish high standards, innovate, unremitting struggles, high starting point Planning, high standard construction area center city, comprehensively promote the development of various undertakings of economic and social development, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of urban development, comprehensive bearing capacity, radiation with power, and unwavering the road to high quality development, do not live up to party committees of the autonomous region Care and expectation.

  We understand that both the construction of the regional center of the city, or to create "Gemini", not a single economic point, but in the economy as the center, covering many aspects of the comprehensive requirements of economic, social, ecological, livelihood and culture, can not be achieved, but not easy, must pay a long and arduous effort must stay calm and see the gaps, identify the problem, on this basis, focused, comprehensive facilities strategy, multi-pronged, Take Measures, continued toward the goal forward.

  We clearly recognize that the regional center of urban construction and "Gemini", Chifeng City, there are still many shortcomings and gaps. Our development advantage is not obvious, although the total economy forefront eastern Mongolia, the region’s per capita GDP is lower than the average level of industrial structure is not optimal, than the major traditional industries, short chain, strategic emerging industries, advanced manufacturing lack of modern service industry training, accounting is not high, lack of innovative capacity, to lead the force for regional development, competitiveness, driving force is not strong. Our environment is still relatively fragile, ecological focus areas of governance very difficult task, especially in the territory of sandy land, 2830 acres Hunshandake as there has not been a comprehensive governance, water shortage issues outstanding.

Our infrastructure also short board, transportation, communications, water, electricity and other facilities is not perfect, support for economic and social development not strong enough. Our public service is not a balanced allocation of resources, urban employment is not sufficient, the city still has more than 6,000 out of poverty instability, there is a risk of poverty of the people back into poverty.

In addition, some local areas of social contradictions and risks are prone to, there is always the pressure of production safety, social stability are still large, social governance face many new problems and challenges. Faced with these problems, we must foster a strong sense of urgency, a sense of crisis, come up with effective measures to solve them.

  Central city areas do not spontaneously form a "Gemini" does not light up automatically. To accomplish given the autonomous region Chifeng City of responsibility mission, the city Party committees, governments and the majority of party members and cadres will be impatient sense of urgency, not slow sense of crisis, can not afford a sense of responsibility, self-imposed pressure to come up with the former temper OK, the uniqueness of striving for excellence, hard work hard work, struggling to tackle. Currently, our immediate focus is to "three changes", carry out leading industries "excellent training efficiency" action to promote traditional metallurgy, energy and chemical industry to upgrade and extend the industrial chain, fostering the growth of high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy , new materials, bio-medicine and other strategic emerging industries, accelerate the construction of agricultural strong city, text brigade to develop, finance and other modern services, go all over the restructuring, turn the function and quality put up. Eighth Party Congress defined the "Six is committed to" the main task and the "six Chifeng ‘goal, recently, around the autonomous region" Fourteen Five Year Plan "to clear the city of five development orientation, the municipal government after much deliberation and discussion, revise and improve, developed a modernization of regional central cities, countries undertake industrial transfer demonstration area of cooperation, trade and service-oriented country carrying logistics hub city, country-specific cultural and ecological tourism and leisure base, north China’s important agricultural green livestock export base in five specific programs of action, this is our city center building, create "Gemini" in construction plans, but also to promote the total handle the work. In order to implement action programs to achieve the goal, we will further promote the emancipation of the mind, conscious exposure to the region’s overall development, focusing on the development plan for eastern Mongolia, jumped out to see Chifeng Chifeng, standing on the point of view now, dare to break the inertia of thinking, and the traditional concept of path dependence, through deepening reform to get rid of the shackles of bottlenecks restricting the development, focus on gathering elements, a combination of intermediation, with a broader vision, a higher perspective, a more open-minded construction and operation of a modern city, and continuously improve the ability to gather urban resources, population carrying capacity and economic driving ability. We will further highlight the innovation-driven, innovation placed in strategic locations to development, focusing innovation to promote the industrial chain, and actively building regional Kechuang center, built Beijing Yizhuang Branch Industrial Park, the implementation of research investment and tackling the "double double" action, and strive to 2025, the city’s RD funding quadruple, double the number of high-tech enterprises.

We will further cherish good use of talent, study and formulate long-term talent development plan, and implement the municipal government Zhaocaiyinzhi series of policy co-ordinate the implementation of the "Yulong talent" "Hongyan cited only" project to attract people from different places home to contribute to the development Chifeng . We will further optimize the business environment, the leading standard for domestic level, carefully study the best practices in the business environment, the best experience, and promote government environment more efficient, more orderly market environment, legal environment fairer, more honest human environment, vigorously create a thick atmosphere of love-business pro-business providers. We will further adhere to the people-oriented, tree prison development thinking people-centered, comply with the people’s new expectations of a better life, for human security precision technology, equalization of public services, the City of governance modernization, building a higher level of rule of law in Chifeng, strengthen and improve the national work to promote the common prosperity has taken firm steps.

We will further change the style of work, requiring party cadres daring vision and courage, the courage to bear responsibility and take the initiative to think about, take the initiative to the Director-General, efforts to do nothing, break cautiously, step by step, not the Director-General of the inertia of thinking is not an accident, around the overall goal, keep a close eye construction Figure, accurate implement, go all out to build a regional central city, lit "Gemini." Construction of regional central cities, create "Gemini" is inseparable from the autonomous region of all concerned, the Union City help and support.

We will humbly Tongliao to learn, to learn from the eastern region brothers and Union City Union City, under the guidance of the regional aid, and Tongliao to join hands to work together, work together to build up the regional center of the city, so that "Gemini" light up . (Reporter Wei Na) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

108:103 Guangsha stopped all Huaman Li fight

Original title: 108:103 Guangsha stopped the whole Huaman Leading Subsidue Foreign Aid CBA League third stage last night (March 10) continued, Zhejiang Guangsha rely on Hu Jinqiu, Sun Minghui, Zhao Yan, Feng Xin and others The player team fights 108:103 to defeat Guangzhou, avoiding 3 games, and Guangzhou ends 3 games.

Before the game, the Guangsha men’s basketball team has been connected to two games, and the ranking of Jiangsu men’s basketball team lost, leading to a number of rankings on their own list. So this game is facing 14-digit Guangzhou men’s basketball team, and Guangsha men’s basketball team urgently needs a victory, and their overschooling hits have a big threat in the inner line, so this game will be a bitter battle.

There is a lot of mistakes in the two sides, and the hit rate is not high. The first two teams have only 28 points. Originally, Zhejiang Guangsha men’s basketball team once strengthened the defense, using the mistake of Guangzhou men’s basketball team, through Zhao Yanzhen and Feng Xin played to close two digits, but faster in the first half At the time, I made a small climax because of the Guangzhou men’s basketball team’s own mistakes, chasing points to two points. However, this game, Zhejiang Guangsha men’s basketball team realized that it could not rely on "three less" to play, young people were more efforts than the first two games, Zhu Junlong opened a three-pointer played the role of boost morale, and this The game, Zhu Junlong’s hit rate is quite high, the first three sections take 15 points, 5 in 4, three points 3 in 3.

Although the other small foreign aid in the final section, 40 points, but Zhejiang Guangsha men’s basketball team rely on the whole, and will take the first to last.

In this game, Guangsha once again exposed the short board of foreign aid. Raudus’s lack of lack of Guangsha has taken the internal line of the inner line; and the foreign aid fee is very selling, but it has a lot of effect, the time of appearance Also limited, only 8 points of 7 rebounds, Zhejiang Guangsha men’s basketball team mainly rely on the whole China class lineup finally won the game. (Editor: Guo Yang, Zhang Liwei).

Beijing hield de procuratoraat- en promotie-bijeenkomst van de stad aan

  Respectvol benadrukte dat het noodzakelijk is om de hervorming in de hervorming van interne institutionele instellingen correct te begrijpen en te begrijpen om hun banen verder uit te kennen. Het doel van de interne institutionele hervorming zegt dat het is om correct, uitgebreid, volledig, geco?rdineerd, effectief te bereiken via institutionele functies.

Zhang Jun’s officier van justitie voorgesteld om de uitgebreide co?rdinatie van "vier procureurs" in de nationale aanklagers te bevorderen.

Op de officier van justitie van dit jaar heeft de partijgroep van de gemeentelijke procuratoraat ook "goed uitstekend, slecht, nieuw doen en algemene sterkte" voorgesteld. Deze vereisten moeten echt landen en moeten worden gevolgd in een tijdige opstelling. Verdere verbetering van de juridische handling-behuizing en het juridisch toezichtsysteemmechanisme.

Tijdens de bevordering van de hervorming van het gerechtelijk systeem, omgeven Peking-procuratoraten twee hoofdlijnen van juridische hantering en juridisch toezicht, die passende scheiding, institutionele bediening, innovatieve werkwoord, opmerkelijke resultaten in gerechtelijk gebruik en juridisch toezicht heeft bereikt. Het "hervormingsplan" verbetert verder de juridische handling-behuizing en het mechanisme voor juridisch toezichtsysteem en biedt verder een goede organisatorische garantie voor de constructie van twee hoofdlijnen. In termen van juridische hantering worden de beperkingen van de actieve respons op het aantal instellingen gestold om de "vier-integratie" strafrechtelijke vervolging te stollen, terwijl het professionele handlingsmechanisme blijft verdiepen, voortdurend de constructie van professionele hantering van zaken versterken om het niveau te verzekeren van juridische behandeling. Continu verbetering; in termen van juridisch toezicht wordt toezicht onderverdeeld in algemene geschillen illegale toezicht, serieuze geschillen en illegale onderzoeksverificatie, onderzoekt het onderzoek naar strafrechtelijke gevallen drie categorie?n, onderscheid tussen verschillende situaties en bevordert geschillen en toezicht, twee Handen, hard ".

  Volgens de werkelijke situatie van de zaak is het "hervormingsplan" gebaseerd op de vereisten van het High Inspection Institute, en de speciale behuizingen worden behandeld in overeenstemming met de procuratoraat van openbare aanklagers en andere belangrijke criminele gevallen. Het is noodzakelijk Stel een taskforce op om onderzoekswerkzaamheden uit te voeren.

Voor klachten en anticipatiecases kan elk procuratoraat ook de zaak of wat taskforce organiseren om het aan te pakken volgens de behoeften van de zaak.

De procureuringsfunctieconfiguratie verder optimaliseren.

  Tijdens de hervorming markeert u volgens de Geest van de Centrale Hervorming het bedrijfscentriek, kantel naar de business unit, kantel naar het niveau van de basis, beide aandringen op de standaard eenheid en het lokale systeem; zowel uitgestoken professional, specialisatie en Nadruk op toezicht en beperkingen, co?peratie besteld; het zal worden ge?ntegreerd met soortgelijke, soortgelijke en bijbehorende functies, en houdt u zich niet aan in "LAIR EN HARD", "LANG ZHI". Door de verbetering van de functionele configuratie zijn institutionele taken duidelijker en is de kracht van stroom effici?nter.

In het bijzonder, dring erop aan de organisatie en het hanteren van groep en de promotie, afhankelijk van verschillende soorten gevallen van organisatorische configuratiefuncties, behandelingszaken, het vormen van het koppelingsmechanisme van "functie, instelling, personeel", volledig gezien de prestaties na het vaststellen van instellingen . Dit wordt ten strengste gecontroleerd door het aantal en de grootte van de interne eenheid en benadrukt de onderwerpstatus van de officier van justitie en handlingorganisatie, waardoor de soepele en effici?nte werking van de procureurfunctie is. In de optimalisatie van de functionele configuratie volgt u strikt de vereisten van het hospitaties met een hoog inspectie, aandringen op de functie van corresponderen met het Agentschap en een gespecialiseerde professionele handling instelling in de tak vast te stellen.

De stadsinspectie drie takken hebben bijvoorbeeld bureaus gevestigd die gespecialiseerd zijn in futures-misdaden van belastinggerelateerde en effecten; de inspectie van de stad van vier afdelingen heeft gespecialiseerde agentschappen in het openbare welzijnsgevallen van de tak gevestigd en bevorderen hun drie grote kernfuncties, onderscheidende onderscheidende functies, onderscheidende kenmerkende Procuratorates, dat wil zeggen, Cross-Administrative District Passality Posecutors, gecentraliseerde jurisdictie-procuratoraten en composiet speciale supervisie en procuratoraten. De interne organen van de hoften van de grassroots hebben dit idee ook strikt gevolgd. In het geval van een beperkt aantal instellingen kunnen de functies worden bereikt door de benodigde functies. Verder bevordering van het buitensporige nadeel, verlaat de ontwikkeling.

China Folder Film Festival Public Welfare Film is gepland in de eerste negen

Om een ??sterke sfeer te cre?ren tot het filmfestival, stuur dan uitstekende films naar de boerenvrienden, op de avond van 22 september, "100-jarige reis naar uitgebreid en goed-off rural Resonance Light and Shadow Peers" 2021 China Farmers Film Festival Charical Film Screen Profielactiviteiten, in het stadstad van Negen, de Sichuan County, Nanshui, Nine, Negen Town.

Het is duidelijk dat de Movie Release van het openbare welzijn een van de belangrijke activiteiten is van het Filmfestival voor New Farmers. Door uitstekende film te spelen, publiceer het publiceren van de promotie van het Fourth Chinese Farming-filmfestival. Tijdens de filmuitgave van het onderwerp wordt het landelijke, het gemeenschapsplein van mensen in de provincie geselecteerd in de provincie en wordt de screeningactiviteit uitgevoerd op 18: 30-21: 30 uur.

Tegelijkertijd wordt het screeningsplatform op het gebied van plattelandsvoorschriften gebruikt in het county-administratief dorp, en de "eerste secretaris van het dorp" "de laatste kit" "de laatste gril" "" de laatste gril "van het ministerie van Publiciteit Afdeling, "de eerste secretaresse" en de Gemeenschap. 正 正 攻 坚 坚 坚 themafilm en patriottische rode film.

‘S Avonds, de bevolking van Zhanghe-dorp in Jiuweitou Town Zhanghe dorp, trok de "eerste secretaris van het dorp" een groot aantal dorpsbewoners aan om te kijken. Het stuk is gericht op het winnen van de armoede en het streven van dit grote evenement. Het is het oorspronkelijke type 200 in het dorp, door de eerste secretaris van het dorp, door de ontberingen, wetenschappelijke waarheid en help de dorpelingen. Interpreteer het feest En de regering om voor het levensonderhoud van het volk te zorgen, win de bepaling van de armoede en het streven van oorlog, en vestig de eerste secretaresse van het dorp om het grassroots-niveau te nemen, maak je geen zorgen, oprecht voor het gloedbeeld van de mensen, zingen De eerste secretaresse van het dorp, onzelfzuchtige toewijding, één hart leidt de mensen die de armoede povert en rijk worden, met de geest van uitstekende communisten.

Het prachtige perceel trekt veel mensen om te kijken, en de filmpercelen van het aanraken van de longen hebben de sterke resonantie van de kaders aangetrokken.

Zhang Jiaxiang, vertegenwoordiger van het National People’s Congress, Zhang Jiaxiang, Zhanghe Village, Zhanghe Village, Jiuweng Town, was blij: "Iedereen is als mijn humeur, en ik zal vroeg op de ontlasting gaan. Onze vader en oude mensen, het favoriete ding is om de armoede-aanval, landelijke industri?le ontwikkeling op te nemen die op de film wacht. In dit seizoen verwelkomen vrienden uit alle geledingen van het leven naar het hoofd om films te kijken, granaatappel, gedichten, charme en geurige rivieren, je zult je laten hangend ! "Bijdrage) (Editor: Chen Qiunan, Zhao) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Dajiang Dong ︱ 创 新 源 源, the goblio is global! Analysis of the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Shanghai Science Center

On the eve of the National Day, at the National New Office Press Conference, the relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy, and the Shanghai Municipal Government interpret the "Shanghai Construction Global Influence Science and Technology Innovation Center" 14 Five "Planning" (hereinafter referred to as "Planning"). This is the only planning of the Shanghai "14th Five-Year Plan", and the planning of the national ministries and the Shanghai market is also considered a vision blueprint for 2035. The Shanghai Science Center of the Basic Framework has formed a fundamental force during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. While completing the national technology strategic layout, what kinens will be brought to Shanghai urban construction? Why do you have to build a science culture into a central plan? And see the in-depth interpretation of the large Jiangdong studio. The main attack direction is to strengthen the ability of science and technology innovation. "" Plan "first must answer two core questions, who is the Shanghai Kechuang Center who? What is the historical orientation of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission? Standard globally, firmly grasp the strategic positioning of the central government’s technological innovation, which is the fundamental follows of this blueprint in Shanghai Komang Center. "Science and Technology innovation strategic source is the logo of the global Science and Technology Center, and innovation drive is the department of national destiny.

"Zhu Qigao said that the national" 14th Five-Year Plan "has historically put technology innovation in the first task first and specializes, which has not passed in my country, and the Shanghai Branch Center" 14th Five-Year "main attack The direction is to strengthen technology innovation policy source function.

Shi Qian, director of the Shanghai Science Research Institute, said that in the process of planning and compilation, we have become more and more clearly recognized that the national innovation system is integrated in the long triangle area, that is, innovative power is training in this country of Shanghai. Shanghai forms innovative strategic source capabilities. "Plan" proposes "to 2025, Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation and Standard Source is significantly enhanced, and strives to become a new scientific discovery, new technological invention, new direction of technology, new ideas for development, technology innovation comprehensive empower high quality development, high quality The main goal of life, high performance, and refine this target into 8 key indicators. For example, by 2025, the total research and development fundamental expenditure is equivalent to the total volume of the city’s total production value (GDP) reached%, of which the basic research fund expenditure accounts for about 12% of the total social research and development (RD) fundamental expenditure.

Shi Qian pointed out that compared Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation "Thirteen" Plan will find that "planning" has only retains three indicators, indicator systems, and indicator standards have undergone major adjustments, because "145" period, Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation The central construction is in a key stage of fully upgrading from the formation of the basic framework system. In addition, "Plan", "Accelerate the construction of Zhangjiang Comprehensive National Science Center, create a group of strategic science and technology power, prospect layout, a group of strategic and basic frontier projects, support colleges, research institutes and enterprises independent layout basic research, Accelerate the formation of original research and application basic research.

These indicators and initiatives are aimed at the original breakthrough from "0 to 1", "planning" "strong base" is more meaningful. "The mathematics is not strong, and the artificial intelligence is impossible. The physical integration is unobed. Our plan is not as utilitarian, isolated on the past, and now pay the foundation, grab the front.

Of course, what is effective, requires a long period, and a large cycle can show value.石谦 Analysis.

According to Li Meng, deputy director of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the 45 national laboratories established in Shanghai have been incorporated into the national key laboratory system restructuring process, which will further enhance the systemization ability.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Ministry of Science and Technology will accelerate the construction of major scientific and technological innovation platforms, and a group of basic scientific research centers will accelerate the layout in Shanghai, from talent training, discipline construction, scientific research, corporate innovation capacity system improvement, etc. Enhance Shanghai’s innovative strategic source capabilities.

Solidning the health treasure mobile phone number, please operate more than 14 days in advance

  This newspaper (Reporter Li Zewei) The window of the capital was released yesterday. In the near future, the risk of epidemic risk and prevention and control in the capital continued to increase. According to the latest entering and export of Beijing policies, the airports, railway stations and long-distance passenger stations across the country will check Beijing "Health Treasure" by one by one, and strike non-green code staff to board the car.

It is worth mentioning that if the user binds different mobile phone numbers in WeChat and Alipay, the two mobile phone numbers are bound, the two numbers need to complete the trip. The window of the capital, if the user wants to solve the mobile phone number, you should operate more than 14 days in advance to avoid affecting the itinerary.

  It is understood that in order to return to Beijing, no Beijing "Health Bao" is installed, and the on-site download and check the code state. For the elderly, children, visual hearing disabled people, can take measures to be assured in the code or verify measures such as nucleic acid detection in 48 hours, conveniently not use or do not operate smartphone personnel. If the user is in WeChat, Alipay two platform Beijing "health treasure" binds the mobile phone number, then the two mobile phone numbers need to complete the trip.

  Beiqing reporter learned that users can do mobile phone number in the "Health Bao" personal center, the bound mobile number needs to be changed in the platform of the original authorization binding the mobile phone number (ie, WeChat binding The mobile phone number needs to be tied to the WeChat end, the mobile phone number bound to the Alipay is required to change it in Alipay. The specific flip-tied method is as follows: WeChat users can click on the "Health Bao" "Personal Center" of the WeChat to click on the mobile phone number with "Edit" icon. The mobile phone number will appear in the interface. If the WeChat platform is bound mobile phone number is Your common mobile phone number, you can click "Allow"; if it is not your usual mobile phone number, please click "Use another mobile number" to add a common mobile phone number for authorization. Alipay users can click "My" in Alipay APP – "Settings" – "Account and Security" – "Mobile Number" – "Modify Phone" to change the mobile phone number.

After replacing the Alipay platform mobile phone number, click "More (…)" "" Alipay’s Beijing "Health Bao" applet. It should be noted that within 14 days of the melting mobile phone number, if there is an entry (return) Beijing behavior, it still needs to perform itinerary and verification. The dried mobile phone number will be displayed in a gray style within 14 days and will be deleted after 14 days.

In order not to affect your normal use of Beijing "Health Bao", be sure to change the mobile phone number 14 days in advance.

The first Guizhou (Qing Town) Vocational Education City University Electric Vision is starting on October 22nd

This newspaper learned on September 23, the reporter learned from the first Guizhou (Qing Town) Vocational Education City University Electric Value 2021 season launching ceremony that the event will be electrified in Qingzhen City Whale World Park Electricity on October 22nd The third floor of the competition is unveiled in the battlefield.

The event was guided by the Social Sports Management Center of Guizhou Province, hosted by the Qing Town Municipal Government, Qing Town Vocational Education and Television Tourism Bureau and the Qing Town Cultural and Sports Radio, Television Tourism Bureau jointly organized, Guizhou Whale Intelligent Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. The registration channel is open, and the teachers and students of Qing Town Vocational Education City are registered. The teachers and students of various vocational colleges can sign up through the first Guizhou (Qing Town) Vocational Education City University Evil League Organizing Committee.

The event is held to open up the vision of the vocational education city students, enriched their electricity intellectual reserves, cultivate a group of excellent electric talents, and jointly create a strong electrical competition. At the same time, help students learn through scientific and effective competitions, to maximize the working environment and work content of electronic competitive players, cultivate effective communication, teamwork, etc., to master practical and effective professional capabilities. The event is the only competition project with the League of Legends, and the subsequent event will be expanded according to the development of the electricity development and the actual situation. The event will be recorded through the online live broadcast platform of the fighting fish, Tiger tooth, Sheki, Tencent Eyelectronics and other online broadcast platforms.

The organizers will provide an opportunity to contact the professional electricity for the excellent players in the event, and build a professional platform in Qingzhen City, the high-university electricity talents, and the landing of the "electric competition +" related industries, the electricity competition base was created Solid foundation. In recent years, Qingzhen City has attached great importance to the development of e-sports sports and sports industry. With e-sports movement as an entry point, it is necessary to develop an e-sports chain, and launch a whale world block. IM, digital cultural innovation, integration, energy, etc., strengthen "production, city, teaching, and scenery" integration development. (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

Pass love and hope Mercedes-Benz West District SUV Chongqing Tour Fortunate

Hualong Network – New Chongqing Client December 13th (Chen Long Tao) December 11th to 12th, Mercedes-Benz West District SUV Chongqing Tour opened, two-day night self-driving trip, the Dong’an Bridge arrived at the beautiful scenery of the beautiful scenery, In the face of cross-country teaching measuring driving, road test drive, Mercedes-Benz SUV revealed strong strength, at the same time, in winter, with love, warmth of Samsung village primary school. The event is intended to participate in the Mercedes-Benz SUV family, and nearly 100 guests participate in it, fully feel the self-confidence and strength of the Mercedes-Benz SUV family, Mercedes-Benz, the training, leading everyone to conduct a series of teaching trial driving, outdoor test drive and other experiences content. Multi-channel test drive Mercedes-Benz SUV showed strong power, the water source of Weinan, lush vegetation, beautiful scenery, the beautiful spring started from Yinan, the annual vegetable floral festival opened the grand prelude to the spring. The quiet and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, just like a "Jiangli world, there is no middle", greeted Mercedes-Benz car owners. The Mercedes-Benz owners arrived at the Yinan, the Mercedes-Benz owners started the most expecting links in this trip after taste the "Vegetable Banquet" in this trip.

Professional Mercedes-Benz adventures are rich and detailed in this Mercedes-Benz model, including "wild survival skills, travel and low-carbon life, road test drive, off-road teaching tube test drive". The event is intended to participate in the Mercedes-Benz SUV family, and nearly 100 guests participate in it, fully feel the self-confidence and strength of the Mercedes-Benz SUV family, Mercedes-Benz, the training, leading everyone to conduct a series of teaching trial driving, outdoor test drive and other experiences content.

The camping gaard is warm in winter and night, when the night is coming, the night-famous dinner is also as scheduled, the owner friends enjoy the quiet night, the night is starry, the melodious song, my family, the feast …. Escape the hustle and bust The city is still restored to life in the edge of the city close to the natural city.

Taste the local specialty wine, the gangshan, the game interactive link is big, the highlight of the children, this warm winter is unique, the scenery is in front of you, lives in hand, the riders are laughter in the night sky.

The guardian in the middle of the earth, the love is flowing in the pass on December 12 at noon, the owners went to Samsung Village Primary School in Xinquheng Town, Yinan Province. After the principal welcomed the speech, they will live a better life with the children, and the love of the car. I wrapped in dumplings together.

"Auntie, the dumpling of your bag is like a small rabbit", "Uncle’s dumpling is like buns, as ugly with my father’s bag", in a happy laughter, a pot of hot dumplings, children taste This kind of labor results are accompanied by warm sun in the winter, followed by the hearts of the children in the mountains, and also moved into the memory of the riders.

After lunch, the riders played with their children in the classroom, paper-cut, and sent the love materials brought by the riders, and spent the happy lunch break. The children have held their respective gifts, and they will give their uncle to the uncle to thank you. Tiandi – 20121 Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz West District SUV Tour Chongqing Station, ended over December 12, this event not only let everyone experience the high-end quality and powerful performance of Mercedes-Benz SUV, but also let everyone go in winter A copy of the hot warmth is passed in the cold and spend a meaningful weekend.

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Standard Slag Transport Chongqing to promote new intelligent building slag

New smart slag. The Chongqing City Administration is known to the study, the new intelligent slag car is a building slag transport vehicle that meets the "Technical Specifications of Building Waste Closed Transportation Vehicles" in Chongqing City Management Standards.

The vehicle is equipped with intelligent modules, with satellite positioning, wireless communication, and vehicle status information acquisition. The vehicle system is connected to the supervision platform, and the supervisor can monitor the vehicle status in real time. Zhang Shu, member of the Party Group of Chongqing City Administration, said that the color of the new smart slag breast car is unified to be green, the internal size of the cargo box is unified, and the cargo box uses power to open the full-closed top cover U-shaped structure. The smooth without dead angle, the outer structure of the car is not easy to fill the mud, and the container closed device is made of metal side flip. At the same time, its car intelligent terminal access regulatory platform can be remotely controlled by intelligent platforms, realizing "6 major functions, fixed-person, timing, fixed-line, fixed line, fixed-speed", and implementing specifications for the competent department and slag transport enterprises. , Real-time, comprehensive, intelligent management provides powerful information support. Zhang Shuzhen said that the next will give full play to the leading and market leading role in accordance with the principles of government guidance, enterprises independent, market regulation, and intensively promote the leading role of the market, coordinating, and implementation, and actively promote new slag. It is reported that Chongqing promotes the application of new intelligent slag, "three steps": First, from November 10, 2021, the area (including inner ring) in the central city in the central city (including the inner ring) to promote the use of new slag, encourage New vehicles and government investment construction projects take the lead in using new slag bread; until December 31, 2021, guiding old-fashioned slagcrafts to gradually withdraw from within the region of the inner ring fast road.

  The second is from January 1, 2022, other regions of the central city promotes the use of new slag bread, encourages new vehicles and government investment construction projects to take the lead in using new slag bread; three, from April 1, 2022, Other main urban areas other than the central city, combined with the actual gradual promotion of new slag breast.

Other conditional districts can refer to the main city urban area to promote the use of new intelligent building slag. (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.