2021 Beijing-Tianjin Jiexian Development Participation Seminar held a videos of Zhao Bing, deputy director of Zhao Bing, held

    On November 4th, the 2021 Beijing-Tianjin Cooperative Development Party Seminar is jointly hosted by the National Government Participation in Hebei Provincial Government and Hebei Economic and Trade University and Hebei Economic and Trade University. The way is held in Shijiazhuang City.

  In the implementation of the development strategy of Beijing-Tianjin, the development strategy, the fruitful development is more effective, and the industry has been continuously in-depth, the industrial linkage development has made major progress, and the regional synergy is moving toward higher levels and levels, and strives to create a high-quality development of the new era. In the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the development of Beijing-Tianjin Jiexiao entered a key stage, and it is necessary to achieve new breakthroughs in terms of internal and external double cycle patches, high quality synergy. The seminar is based on "New Development Patterns to Xia Tianjin Industrial Chain Broken New Chain Depth, Promoting Hebei Industrial High Quality Development" as the theme, organizes participation, all aspects of experts focus on accelerating the construction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association to innovate community, promote Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei The industrial chain and the depth of innovation chain, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association, the new breakthrough, the new breakthrough, etc.

Wang Bin, secretary of the Party Group of Hebei Province, delivered speeches on the opening ceremony.

Xu Ying, director of Hebei Provincial Government Participation Department, presided over. At the opening ceremony, Wang Bin, secretary of the party group of the Hebei Provincial Government Party, said that this participation in the seminar aims to focus on the new chain of new chains, industrial collaboration, differentiation development, etc., concentrated in participating, think, Wisdom conducts discussion, proposes high quality, valuable countermeasures, and explores the new model of regional innovation driving development, establishing a new mechanism for innovative chains and industrial chains, promoting Beijing, China, the development, help building "Beijing Tianjin Association of Innovation Community. " I hope to further expand and cooperate with the Beijing-Tianjin Director, and establish a cooperative mechanism, establish a cooperative mechanism, and deepen cooperation research, and better provide forward-looking, strategic, innovative development for the Party Committee and Government. suggestion.

Participants of the Party Group of the State Council, Zhao Bing video delivered speeches. Member of the Party Group of the State Council, Zhao Bing, a deputy director, give full affirmation of the seminar.

He said that promoting the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the national strategy of General Secretary Xi Jinping personally planned, personally deployed, personally promoted. Hebei Provincial Government Participation Room is jointly in Beijing, Tianjin Municipal Government Participation, strengthens the development, organizes the "Beijing-Tianjin Joint Symposie Development Participation Seminar", and the Origong, in order to help Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei contribution.

It is necessary to conscientiously implement the General Secretary of Top Secretary for General Secrets and Instructions for Important Speech and Instructions as a fundamental follow, and closely seize the "cow nose" of the Beijing non-Capital function, focusing on key tasks, adheres to the target orientation, demand orientation, problem-oriented, organizational government participation Strengthen cooperation with political and research and learning, in-depth research, precision recommendations, pragmatic suggestions, service scientific decision-making democratic decision-making, in order to promote the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, accelerate the construction of new development, and promote high-quality development contribution wisdom and strength .

Wuyiqing, an original member of the Hebei Provincial Government, spoke at the meeting. Liu Xueqian, an original member of the Hebei Provincial Government, spoke through the video. At the Seminar, the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Government introduced the situation of promoting the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industry. Part of the State Council, Zhu Guangyao, Tianjin Municipal Government, Yuan Xi, Tianjin Municipal Government Particle Special Researcher, Sun Minghua, Beijing Municipal Government Particle Special Researcher, Li Guoping, Li Zhi, Hebei Provincial Government, Wu Yiqing, Liu Xueqian, State Council Development Research Center Development Strategy and Regional Economy The deputy minister of the study department, the researcher, Li Shanong, the vice president of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research, Chairman of China Regional Science Association, researcher, China Macroeconomics Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission, National Development and Reform Commission, China Institute former Director Xiao Jincheng, Vice President and Secretary General of China Regional Economics, Researcher, Dr. Chen Yao, School of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Deputy Duty, Professor, Professor, Ph.D. Bagistractor Wu Weijia, Capital Economic Trade University Economic and Social Development Research Institute implemented the well-known domestic expert scholars, such as Ye Tulin, such as Ye Tulin, etc. from the industrial collaboration, scientific and technological innovation, etc., in order to further enhance the economic structure of Beijing, China and Tianjin The large-scale development of the region and the use of Beijing-Tianjin Industrial Advantages to realize the upgrading of Hebei industrial transformation, high-quality development, fundamentally solve the imbalance of regional industries, and not sufficient issues provide intellectual support.

  Xu Ying, director of the Hebei Provincial Government Participation Department, presided over the seminar.

China Media: Dama Penang Airport passenger overload expansion airport is imminent

  Malaysia’s "Guanghua Daily" published an article, recently, Malaysian Chief Principal Lin Guanying said that the passenger volume of Penang International Airport has far exceeded 6.5 million passenger saturation, so the expansion of Penang International Airport is a top priority.

  The article is extracted as follows: Malaysian Chief Professor Lin Guanying said when attending a celebration, at present, the passenger volume of Penang International Airport has far exceeded 6.5 million passenger saturation, 2016 and 2017 passenger volume reached 6.6 million passengers. And 7.2 million passengers, the expansion of the airport is imminent.

  On February 2nd local time, Lin Guanying was invited to attend the celebration that he had expressed its urgent need to expand in Penang International Airport to Congress.

Relevant ministers also agreed that Penang International Airport can be expanded to 12 million passengers. Therefore, he called on the federal government as soon as possible to fund the expansion of Penang International Airport.

  He said that due to the economic loss, many people’s visitors have fallen by 30%, but the number of visitors in Penang has increased, and 8% have been protected between 2017.

He called on Penang hotels to continue to enhance their service quality and attract more tourists to Penang tourism to refuel for Penang Tourism. Edwarda, General Manager of a hotel, said that in recent years, the hotel has spent 55 million, spending a year, built a new hotel hall, and improving equipment in 308 rooms. He said that in order to respond to the target of the state government to create a green-eyed goal, the hotel has a traffic service tool such as a bicycle.

Chengdu Women’s Federation builds "children’s friendly, industrial communication" community service position

The ceremony site. Chengdu Women’s Federation for the map of the People’s Network Chengdu, December 14th You Immerses Family Service Hall "officially opened.

It is understood that "the apricots have you, you can immerse the family service pavilion" is the Chengdu Women’s Federation, in the continuation of the experience of building a new "Peace Station, Xiaolaxing Family Service Hall". "Children" "Family" distinctive community integrated service position. The library uses the work model of "Rongcheng Women’s Six Actions" work brand and service projects in the "Women’s Federation Executive Committee + Journal of Social Organizations". "According to the idea of ??space combination, talent joint, product distribution, service joint office, the service hall has created the home of the community woman, the home flexible employment base, live broadcast room, towel, hidden cloud, entrepreneurial ‘apricot’ box, etc. Diversified service carriers, for the community rich wisdom consultation, domestic tutor, mental health consultation, home sector, more than 30 high-quality professional home services, etc., also supports the ‘digital platform’ online guide Inquiries, make an appointment, etc. The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Women’s Federation introduced that it hopes to pass the innovation of community reciprocal mutual assistance and service projects through the museum.

It is reported that "female innovation under the industry" and "children’s friendly" two sections are the two characteristics of the service pavilion. The service pavilion guided the introduction of children’s diet character, and the service is to guide the establishment of community children’s councils, organize "Rongcheng Happiness Home, Children’s Friendship Collection", children’s family characteristics, etc., to create children’s friendly health theme park, let the community space and services are reflected More "One-meter" height perspective, further enhanced the participation of children in community governance, integration, and feel.

At the same time, the service pavilion also promoted the cooperation bridge of "three medical" and communities in the industrial community, providing training guidance, promotion, employment helping, entrepreneurial assistance and other services, and strong promotion of community women in deep participation in the industry. Develop more employment entrepreneurship opportunities. (Responsible: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

China’s League Guizhou Division closed Shanxi men’s football completed "unbeaten myth"

  Original title: China’s League Guizhou Division closed Shanxi men’s football team completed the "unbeatened myth" 24 teams only Shanxi Longjin team remains unbeaten. On July 27th, the 14th round of the 2021 Chinese Football Class B was unveiled. Shanxi Longjin team defeated Hubei Youth Star, completed all the competitions in the first stage of this season with a bad response. Prior to this battle, Shanxi Longjin team won a round of championship in advance in advance. The Hubei team encountered 12 losers, in 8 teams in Guizhou Division, locked the position of the first place early.

The winning and negative of this game has no effect on the rankings of the two teams, so the two parties have sent a number of substitute players to go. Shanxi Longjin team was taken by Han Jiabao, and the two old days of Sui Weijie will take a set of old lineups. When the competition is in the second half, the main striker Han Jiabao connects two goals in the 70th minute and 90 minutes, helping Shanxi Longjin team to win the opponent 2 to 0. After the war, Han Jiabao scored 8 goals in the first stage of 14 league, and won the best shots in the team.

After this battle, the record of Shanxi Longjin team has been rewritten as 9 wins and 5 flat, and the accumulation of 32 points will be the top of the Guizhou Division. In the first stage of the League in this season, it was divided into Guizhou.

  "After the end of the first phase, we broke into the eighth game, which is the game of the armor group.

"Shanxi Longjin team head coach Zhou Lin said," This achievement is more satisfied, this achievement is inseparable from the support and payment of leaders and fans, and I hope that we can achieve better results in the future game. (Reporter Yang Hull).

Catch training strong ability to help small and micro enterprises

In order to further promote the quality management system certification of small and micro enterprises, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of small and micro enterprises to participate in enhancement actions. Recently, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau launched a 2021 small micro-enterprise quality management system certification promotion action special video Training meetings, more than 700 people in the country attended training.

Small micro-enterprises are the largest number of largest, innovative enterprise groups, is the main body of the product and service, is the main force of quality improvement. The difficulties and pain points of small and micro enterprises are the focus of market regulatory services. This training is specially surrounded by the difficulties and pain points of the quality development of small and micro enterprises. The overall quality level of the enterprise. In the training, the Chinese shipping social quality certification company’s full-time auditor Qi Fengmei, using rich work experience and a large scientific method, and made precision counseling, through explanation of small and micro enterprise quality management system certification promotion action excellent cases, help the company’s heads Understand the relevant national quality management related policies, correctly understand the certification of enterprises and its significance. Through training, enterprise quality management personnel have mastered the processes and system operation methods, ideas, skills, and corporate quality auditors that implement the comprehensive quality management and implementation of ISO9001 standards, and broaden the quality improvement of enterprises. Thoughts and methods. (Chen Shuo) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.

The State Food and Drug Administration prompts "Injection of Medical Beauty" risk: Operational irregularity will cause harm consequences

People’s Network Beijing December 3 (Reporter Sun Hongli) According to the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration, the State Food and Drug Administration issued an injection of medical beauty medical equipment consumption risk suggestions, the injection needle has traumatic and invasiveness, if the operation error or not The specification will cause a certain harm. The State Food and Drug Administration said that my country has approved the surgical hyperloxic acid-type medical devices for injection hyaluronate gels, collagen implants, etc. Leather layer or subcutaneous tissue.

The injection needle used in combination with an injection filler medical instrument for an injectable filling property should also be obtained in our country. According to the relevant regulations, relevant injections must be operated by practicing physicians with relevant clinical disciplines in a qualified beauty medical institution, and is strictly used in accordance with the medical device specification.

Medical beauty is different from life beauty.

According to the relevant provisions of health administrative management, "medical beauty refers to the repair and re-plasticity of the shape of human appearance and human parts of human beings using surgery, drug, medical devices, and other traumatic or invasive medical methods.

Beauty medical institutions refer to medical institutions based on medical beauty clinics. Beauty medical institutions must obtain practicing activities after the "medical institution practice license" can be carried out.

The State Food and Drug Administration said that strict management is implemented for medical devices that can be used for medical beauty. It is recommended that consumers do not purchase and use medical equipment available for medical beauty, so as not to use damage consequences.

In addition, consumers should adequate communication with professional doctors of beauty medical institutions in order to use the medical equipment that can be used in medical beauty, and fully understand the expected effects of medical beauty and possible risks and reasonable assessment. cosmetic.

Chinese communistische partij’s psychotrope systeem | Rode vlag kanaal geest

   "Split de berg Taihang, de rivier is in de bergen."

Linxian-mensen hebben een sterke zin, belofte om rivieren en bergen te regelen … "in de jaren zestig, Lin County, Provincie Henan (nu Linzhou) onder leiding van het Comité van de County Party, in de afgelopen tien jaar, de muur van de muur, Het kanalen van het kanaal duizenden kilometers graven, "Zelfredzaamheid De geest van hard werken, eenheid en samenwerking, onzelfzuchtige toewijding wordt ingebracht in de Taihang-berg. Het kanaal van Hongqi stroomt in de Taihang-berg, het is een" levenskanaal "dat de mensen. Het is een "spiritueel kanaal" dat nooit kapot is.

  "Levenskanaal" voedende Xinzhou Jin, Yu, Yu, de drie provincies van de provincies, er zijn minder water in de bergen, en het tekort aan water is de diepste en meest pijnlijke geheugen voor duizenden jaren. In de provincie, "grote droogte, droogte, droogte, hymnaly" is vaak aanwezig.

  Het is lang, ik kijk er naar uit.

Hoewel mensen hard hebben gewerkt, heeft het de geschiedenis van water niet be?indigd tot de oprichting van New China, en sommige mensen zullen zichzelf de schuld geven. Yang GUI, Secretaris van de 31-jarige County Party Committee, en na het onderzoek, besloot de Comité Comité Party Lin County vanuit Shanxi Pingshun County in te gaan.

  Dit is een risicovolle beslissing. Yang GUI is niet alleen geconfronteerd met engineering en technische tests, maar ook het risico van politieke toekomst. "We kunnen zitten en wachten op het geschenk van Old Grootvader, dus onze Wusi Cap zal het zeker bewaren, maar het kan geen rampen overwinnen. Het zijn de mensen die in de mensen zijn geweest." Een stem gooien, een communist weerspiegelen. Win voor het revolutionaire kanaal van de mensen de ondersteuning en ondersteuning van de mensen.

Toen het Comité van de County de meningen geniet, zeiden Lin County People People: "Het land heeft geen geld, we moeten droog eten, dit is een groot ding in de voorouders.

"Blue Sky Baiyun is een katoen, en de aarde is een fluweel. De bergen zetten de post voor mij, de rivier de Rivier wordt eraan herinnerd! "De rode vlag is te sterk, iedereen vecht hoog, er is geen centimeter om te beklimmen, er is geen film, de taille-kabel van mensen, Feiliang Canyon open de gebraden steen, materialen tekort, boeren brengen gereedschap tot droog voedsel, zelfgemaakte explosieve limoen.

  Ik zou liever hard werken, nooit lijden.

100.000 constructie van het leger is hard voor 10 jaar. Het is moeilijk om beide handen te gebruiken "" uit 1500 kilometer lang, en wordt "kunstmatige Tianhe" genoemd. Het probleem van het eten van water is opgelost, en honderdduizenden hectares gecultiveerd land worden ge?rrigeerd en een helder water stroomt in de harten van de mensen.

  "Happiness Orchestra" is eenfunctioneel in de botten van Linzhou en de rode vlag stond hun rug recht meer toe.

  In hetzelfde jaar was er een lied gemaakt door de trolley: "De bergen worden geboren in de bergen." Het is noodzakelijk om het er voor te steken. "Het betekent dat iedereen samen opdraagt, wanneer je stopt, mensen die gaan later terug, moeten de auto de vorige stops plaatsen. In 10 jaar is het een soort hard bot met een tegenstroom, met het bloed van mensen. Zhang Yizhi werd geboren in het tweede jaar en de rode vlagkanaal werd volledig gebouwd. Dat was juli 1969, de mensen die net de tien jaar vochten hebben ge?indigd.

Onder de duisternis ge?rfde hij de harde persoonlijkheid van Taihang.

  Vanwege de armen werkt Zhang Yizhi op 16-jarige leeftijd. Hij werkte hard, ijverig gevraagd, was 19 jaar oud geworden een tegelindustrie; 21 jaar oud, zoals de president van managementwerkers; 26 jaar oud, hij richtte een unieke kant van bouwbedrijven op.

In 2012 nam Zhang Puihhi het verlaten Wanquan Lake Scenic Area weg en startte een nieuwe strijd. De ervaring van Zhang Yizhi is de belichaming van duizenden Linzhou-mensen – de "oorlog" in de jaren zestig "handtekening;" rijk in de jaren negentig "milieu-economie.

  Tegenwoordig wint Linzhou de harde oorzaak van armoede, waarbij de droom van uitgebreid en goed wordt gerealiseerd en is begonnen aan een nieuwe reis om de revitalisering van landelijke dorpen te bevorderen.

  Een generatie mensen heeft een generatie mensen.

Tegenwoordig zijn Linzhou-mensen zich niet langer zorgen over drinkwater, het Chinese mensen maken zich niet langer zorgen over de temperatuur, maar stromend stromen in het "gelukkanaal" van de Taihang-berg, zal altijd getuige zijn van de eenheid en de strijd van de Chinese kinderen en het geluk na te streven .

  "Het" spirituele kanaal "zal nooit" zelfredzaamheid, hard werken, eenheid en samenwerking, onzelfzuchtige toewijding bekendmaken. " Veel mensen die in de rode vlag zijn aangekomen, zeggen dat het meest gedenkwaardig de geest van glanzend in het water is. Eens integreert de veerkrachtige persoon leven en water; nu schrijft iedereen nieuwe verhalen in hun eigen harde werk.

  In 2013 heeft Wang Sheng, 55, een keuze.

De grote broer van de Dawang, de Dawang, de Dawang-dynastie, voor meer dan 20 jaar, in de weg naar de weg, de weg, en de "dag" in het dorp stortte in. Wang Sheng heeft een bedrijf in het afgelopen jaar, en er is een auto-ongeluk. De mensen willen hun carrière maken om terug te keren naar de dorpsbrief. Terug, kom nog steeds niet terug? Als feestlid louched Wang Sheng, de verwachting van het hele dorp. Na veel mensen die lopen en hard, leidde hij de mensen om de kuilen in de vlakke cementweg te draaien, en ging door naar groene bergen, plantaardige peper, walnoten, Chinese kruidengeneesmiddelen, maakte niet alleen de karakteristieke industrie meer rood, maar lag ook de fundering voor ontwikkeling. Tijd 荏苒. Vanuit de lucht met uitzicht op, de kronkelende bergweg in Panlongshan-dorp is als een lange draak, echoes de rode vlag die langzaam in de verte stroomt. Dit is een wisselvalligheden van een halve eeuw, en het is ook het initiatief van de communistische partijleden.

  Alles is voor de mensen, en de mensen verlangen naar. Voor de communisten van vandaag is de rode vlagkanaal zowel een historisch antwoord als een navigatieteken van de tijden.

Qingdao: Maple Leaf Red Country Tour "Hot"

    Recently, tourists played in Fenglin, Zhangjialou, Zhangji Street, Zhangjialou, Zhangjialou, Xintuan, Qingdao West Coast (drone photo).

Xinhua News Agency, Li Ziheng, a thousand acres of Fenglin, Zhangjialou, Xihai Coast, Qingdao, and the "red makeup", entered the best reward period, attracting many tourists to come to the card.In recent years, the New District of Qingdao City combines agriculture and forestry production and literary leisure to create a small towns in various rural tourism, which drives ecological protection and promotes local rural resolution and development.

    Visitors play (drone photos).Xinhua News Agency, Li Ziheng, tourists came to Zhangjialou, Zhangjialou, Zhangji Street, Zhangjialou, Zhangjialou, Zhangjiapu, Zhangjialou (drone photo).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Ziheng photo.

The new round of people in the people’s all-round assessment ensures that foreign trade run in a reasonable space

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce has announced the practical difficulties and needs of foreign trade enterprises, which will meet the relevant departments to do a good job in cross-cycle adjustment, and will promptly introduce a new round of stable foreign trade policy initiatives to ensure that foreign trade is running in a reasonable range. Since the emergence of new crown, China’s strong economic governance capacity has successfully resists the risks of internal and external and effectively boost China’s foreign trade.

Compared to the overall trade situation of the world, the results are not easy, but they are in danger, still need to be reviewed and assessing, debugging economic governance tools, and tap the potential of China’s foreign trade development.

Improve policy system and continue to reduce transaction costs. The new crown epidemic has changed the traditional work and life rhythm, causing some problems that are not affected.

To this end, the "Tenth Five-Year" foreign trade high-quality development plan "released by the Ministry of Commerce" promoted the actual laws and regulations to promote the high quality development of foreign trade, enhanced trade convenience levels, strengthen fiscal and tax support, improve financial services, etc. Series work initiatives, with the "three key" lists, that is, 15 key platforms, 4 key projects, and 6 key actions, which will work with localities, departments, and formulate supporting measures to ensure the work Falling in practice, earnestly promoting the high quality development of foreign trade during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period. Create a good environment and continue to optimize the development platform.

As the epidemic prevention and control enters normalization, many foreign trade enterprises, especially small and medium-sized and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, increased difficulties, "there is no dare to pick up" "income and not increase" phenomenon. Therefore, we need to further optimize the business environment, relieve the worries of the survival and development of SMEs from the system. Further optimize the domestic business environment, build a good development environment for foreign trade enterprises, including enhance export credit insurance, and grasp the foreign trade credit, enhance the capacity of enterprises to address exchange rate, improve convenience levels; on the other hand, Actively build a benign trading partnership and further expand the market. Not only should we continue to consolidate economic and trade cooperation along the country along the "One Belt", the "Guidance of the High Quality Implement RCEP" is issued to resolve the risk of unilateralism, protectionism, and economic globalization, but also carefully Major exhibitions such as the Canton Fair, Into the Expo, Service Trade Union, guiding enterprises to develop diversified markets. Improve the level of service and continue to release the system advantage.

In order to achieve the expected policy goal of "stabilized, promoted new, strong toughness, and development market", we will continue to improve government service level, and actively explore system innovation based on strengthening exchanges of developed economies, including promoting new one. The expansion work of the border e-commerce comprehensive trial area, establish a comprehensive assessment area assessment and exit mechanism; optimize the pilot adjustment mechanism of the market procurement trade method, and better exert the role of the pilot area; encourage all localized supporting measures to support foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises To provide services to the small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises; cultivate a number of outstanding overseas warehouses, promote overseas smart logistics platform construction, promote overseas standard construction; improve the development level of bonded maintenance business; steadily promote offshore trade development.

This promotes foreign trade innovation and promoting foreign trade supply chain flexibility upgrades, and improve trade efficiency. Currently, Century Epidemic and Centennial Division Interleaving, domestic and international challenges coexist, short-term and medium and long-term risk overlay.

To continue to strengthen foreign trade to contribute to the national economy and the world economy, we must constantly surpass himself, actively explore economic governance tools that are in line with our own reform, but also docked with international regulations.

(Editor: Tong Zong Li, Fu Drarse) Sharing let more people see.

Rongxian: Intimizes the party to promote economic growth "driving"

Into the "Red Rongbu Bay" service alliance located in the fourth floor of the Champion County Chamber of Commerce, 10 entrepreneurs in entrepreneurs exchange are under consultation; dozens of new organizations in education are listening to management. Training courses; several young entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial incubator are exploring the development trend of their own industry … Since last year, the requirements of the "Dongren" priority open strategy since the county, and the Yulin Municipal Party Committee "Bay Fusion The red "party construction brand construction deployment, adhere to the grassroots party building" three cards ", give full play to the party building and build a platform, the party construction leads, the party-China joint linkage system, gather in the development of the development of Rongxian, realize the integration, and the service Industrial integration, fully stimulating Party and promoting economic growth drivers.

Playing the "Federation" party construction and strengthening the activities "Since the implementation of the ‘Bay Bay’ Service Alliance, our work has high efficiency.

In the past, from time to time, because of its own engineering team machine equipment or personnel, some big orders did not dare to pick up, whitening lost millions of dollars. Now, the implementation of the ‘branch marriage’ action is a bridge between the corporate party organizations in our industry to achieve complementary resources and sharing.

What we need now, as long as you send a message in the WeChat applet or the WeChat in the construction industry, the problem will be resolved soon. "Guangxi Huixian Geng Li Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. General Manager Chen Sen said.

Rongxian "Red Bay Bay" service alliance, pays attention to the political advantages and organizational advantages of the Party Organization, and built a resource sharing platform with the "branch marriage" as the carrier. Relying on the industry alliance, explore the industry party building development, strengthen the accurate docking of the same industry, promote the interaction of demand, and help member companies to learn, exchange and cooperate, and achieve resource complementation, and add vitality to enterprises. Although the "Service Card" Party Construction and Promoting Investment ", although the influence of the epidemic, the investment promotion work in Rongxian is not falling. Since last year, the four teams in Rongxian, have been organized many times to investigate the investigation group to the Pearl River Delta, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other developed regions. Carried out more than 64 major projects have been successfully subsided, and the total contract is funded by billion yuan.

Li Jie, deputy director of the Yixian County Destruction Department, Li Jie, secretary of the Division of Industry and Commerce.

Since last year, Rongxian implements the "Party Building Nest, Infantun Instrument" program, strengthens the management of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry Association, and play the role of the "Red Rongbang Bay" service alliance workstation and contact points. On the one hand, through one-on-one, point-to-point method, to interview and communicate with the company, actively docking every potential customer, not overtractive opportunities. On the other hand, it has further increased support for high-quality enterprises that have been stationed, and organize the "whistle" to enter the enterprise, and provide "group" service, leading party members, leading cadres, first-line service enterprises, first-line promotion projects, " Bay "regional enterprises provide babysitting services to give good policies and service effects.

In addition, do a good job in tracking services in key enterprises, according to the specific circumstances of negotiation, the specific situation of enterprises, and the party organizations and window departments provide personalized services to "Bay" regional enterprises, "only need to run One "" Up to the most "" I don’t have to run "and other measures to help companies solve problems. Hitting the "Overseas Chinese" Party Overseas Chinese Federation "This batch of goods is sent to Southeast Asia, ready to load the car to the Pearl River estuary." Guangxi Nanshan Porcelain Co., Ltd. Party Branch Secretary Gong Zhanfei said, "Our factory has 700 Workers, among which 62 party members, managers are basically party members.

The average salary of each worker is more than 3,000 yuan, and it is a piece of money, and more than 5,000 yuan, which is more than the family.

"Guangxi Nanshan Porcelain Co., Ltd. is a successful example of the party building to promote production belt with party building, and leading the masses to get rid of rich road. The company is a labor-intensive enterprise. In April 1989, the company was established in April 1989 The Lingshan Town Party Committee and Overseas Chinese Federation have been equipped with one party building instructors and the overseas Chinese party members of the Overseas Chinese, which are particularly responsible for the party building and the Overseas Chinese Federation.

Under the leadership of the superior party organization and the Overseas Chinese, the various undertakings of Guangxi Nanshan Porcelain Co., Ltd. rapidly, from the fixed assets of 2 million yuan, the fixed assets of 300 million yuan have increased by nearly 150 times, and become a famous known. A Grassroots Party Construction Work Position with "Overseas Chinese" characteristics.

In recent years, Rongxian has fully played the advantage of overseas Chinese vendors, guided the overseas Chinese, and vigorously implemented "returning to return" "Return to return", attracting overseas Chinese to return to the country to invest, driving more Chinese, overseas Chinese return home.

Up to now, 47 overseas Chinese enterprises, a output value of 3.5 billion yuan, and become a new engine in the economic development of Rongxian County. (Liang Guangli) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.