Beihai City’s 5th China (Xi’an) PV Industry Summit Forum and Exhibition

People’s Network Beihai October 19th (Wu Mingjiang) According to news from the relevant departments of Beihai, 2021 The 5th China (Xi’an) PV Industry Summit Forum and Exhibition will be held on October 17th in Shaanxi Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Brought by the Standing Committee of Guangxi Beihai Municipal Committee, the deputy mayor Song Yunzhong, Beihai Ministry Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Investment Promotion Bureau, Tienshan Port (Linhai) Industrial Zone Management Committee and North Harbor Shandong Port Industrial Park Management Committee Related Leading Comrade Participated in Beihai delegation participated in the exhibition and launched a special promotion.

During the meeting, Song Yunzhong participated in the launching ceremony of the exhibition, and after the launching ceremony, the first promotion of the forum was conducted, from the main situation of the North Sea city development, the development of the photovoltaic industry, the development advantage of the photovoltaic industry, the development of the Northhai City Advantage, and send out the sincerity of the photovoltaic industry chain to the city of Beihai investment.

It is reported that the event continues to promote energy high quality development and national new development concepts, and actively implement the "two-carbon" strategic objectives, promote the professional exhibition of large-scale development and utilization such as photovoltaic energy, and more than 230 participation in the exhibitors. From Guangxi, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Hebei and other 15 provincial and municipal governments in the exhibition, showing the scale and the number of participants in the number of participants. (Editor: Wu Mingjiang, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Cai Hesen: The vowed vows under his life (Struggle, the new journey of the road, the number of people)

Cai Hesen 2009 was elected "100 hero model characters who made outstanding contributions to New China".

Cai Hesen, born in Shanghai, Hunan, and Hunan, in 1895.

In 1913, Cai Hesen was admitted to the first nature school in Hunan Province, and then became a classmate with Mao Zedong.

In April 1918, Cai Heisen and Mao Zedong and others organized the new people to learn, and then founded "Xiangjiang Review".

In December 1919, Cai Hesen went to France to study.

In France, Cai Hessen, "Strike Translation", hundreds of books that introduce Marxism-Leninism and the Russian revolution. Cai Hesen believes that to save the country and save the people, it is necessary to take a revolutionary party to the road of Russia’s October.

He and Chen Duxiu and Mao Zedong communications discussed the issues of establishing a Communist Party, put forward the correct proposition of the nature of the party, guiding ideology, and became the first person to propose the name of the "Chinese Communist Party". During the stay, Cai Hesen promoted Marxism in the student of the workmanship; three leaders left the revolutionary struggle of studying the students; with Zhou Enlai, Zhao Shiyan and other raised groups, China Communists, Europe, the French Branch, founder. "

In December 1921, Cai Hesen, which shortily returned to China, joined the Communist Party of China; July 1922, Cai Hesen was elected as a central committee in the party’s two major members, responsible for the party’s publicity work. In 1925, the five-year-old sports broke out, Cai Hesen showed the talents of the leadership of the leadership of the leaders and growing into outstanding mass leaders in the struggle.

At the 201-CPC Plenary Session held in May 1927, Cai Hesen was elected as a member of the Central Political Bureau, a Standing Committee, and then served as the Secretary-General of the CPC Central Committee.

At the Eighth Seven Meetings of the Party, Cai and Sen supported the correct opinions of Mao Zedong, and made an important role in establishing the land revolution and armed anti-Kuomintang reactionary.

In 1928, in the sixth major part of the party, Cai Hesen summed up the lessons learned in the early days of the War of Land revolution, clarifying the armed struggle in rural areas, establishing a red army, opening up the possibility of departure, and is elected as a member of the Central Political Bureau, Standing Committee, and serving the Central Committee Minister of Propaganda.

In 1931, Cai Hesen went to Hong Kong to guide the Guangdong revolutionary work and was unfortunately arrested. In prison, he is tenacious and struggling until heroic is eager, life is fixed at 36.

"I have to have a lot of people, loyal printed heart, and Hao Ran, he uses his own young life, practicing the hero vows of the year, fighting to fight for the magnificent communist The last minute.

Mao Zedong said: "A Communist Party member should do, and comrades with Sen.


Compacting responsibility to strengthen supervision and quality insulture

Original title: Compound responsibility to strengthen supervision and presupplication, insurance, Qian Yongqing, after the disaster reconstruction, this newspaper (Reporter Li Wei Feng Shi Xin) On November 3, the provincial disaster recovery reconstruction work leading group held a meeting, listening to the progress of post-disaster recovery reconstruction progress report After reviewing the overall planning of post-disaster recovery reconstruction, the research deployment will work.

The Provincial Party Secretary Building is attended and speaking, and the governor Wang Kai is deployed. The relevant units have proposed advice on overall planning.

In the case of a solid rebuilding and reconstruction, the building is required for 4 points.

  First, improve political stations and do a good job in planning.

To deliberately implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, putting the important rule of "four confidence", strengthening "four confidence", and acts as a "four self-confidence", and acts as a "four self-confidence", and acts as a "four self-confidence", and the "four self-confidence", and to achieve the "four confidence", and do the important rule of "four self-confidence" and "two maintenance", and "four maintenance" The specific action of the initial mission is as an important political task and major people’s livelihood projects, high standards, strict requirements, and ensure that the plan is implemented to determine the implementation of the target task.

  Second, we must profoundly learn from the training and plan development safety. It is necessary to help the masses to rebuild a beautiful home as the top priority, fully respect the wishes, scientific location, strict standards, strict quality, fundamentally solve safety problems, implement a transitional resettlement measures, and ensure that the masses are warm.

It is necessary to repair the repair of water to the key to ensure that all the main floods will be completed before the main flood period; focus on the safety, strengthening engineering measures of the Dajiang Dahe, Nanshi North Transportation, and pay attention to the basin system management.

It is necessary to comprehensively enhance disaster prevention and disaster relief capacity as a policy of cure, summarize regular understanding, strengthen systemic thinking, and adhere to resistance to the defense, prevent the anti-foothold, to avoid early, fully strengthen emergency capacity building. Third, we must adhere to the coordinating and promote high quality development.

Focus on "two ensures" struggle, put it accelerated the post-disaster recovery and completion of the annual target task, planning next year, combined with the new urbanization, implementing a rural revitalization strategy, combining the integrated governance of the ecological environment, The reconstruction is improved, and the reconstruction is promoted to support the modern Henan construction.

  Fourth, it is necessary to press the right responsibility to form a working force.

Party committees and governments at all levels must be in admission, with the former command, all departments must pay close attention to implementation, strengthen collaboration, use good national policies, adhere to programming, projectization, and list management, and ensure high standards Quality Complete the reconstruction tasks.

  Wang Kai pointed out that we must strengthen planning and docking, and actively take the initiative to report to the state to the national committee, supervising the special planning lead units and the disaster-stricken counties, and further strengthen the refinement of major projects and key tasks, strengthen the cohesion coordination. Form a working force.

To strengthen project planning, implement planning to specific project support, strengthen organizational leadership, compaction partition responsibilities, speed up project construction progress, and ensure the order of work, the target task is completed as scheduled. To coordinate the funds, connect the central and provincial support funds, speed up the progress, accurate and efficient use, and further expand the funds of funds, and actively guide social power, and take care of the current and long-term, restore the recovery and disaster prevention and disaster reduction ability Combine, solidly advance. To ensure the quality of the project construction, highlight the rebuilding of retrofold, the repair of water destruction engineering facilities, and accelerate the promotion under the premise of ensuring safety, form more physical workload as soon as possible.

  Zhou Wei hosted a meeting. Qu Xiaoli, Fei Dongbin, Chen Xing, Anwei, Xu Liyi, Dai Baihua, He Jinping, Wu Ying, Huo Jinhua, Liu Yujiang attended the meeting. (Editor: Huang Sa, Song Jing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

2022 "Rong Drift" high-level talent innovation entrepreneurship competition officially opened

  On July 28th, the Chengdu Talent Office hosted, the Sichuan Tianfu New District Talent Office hosted, the 2022 "Rong Drift" high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurial competition in Chengdu Industry Group (Sichuan Tianfu New District School of Campus) is in Beijing Zhongguancun Science City Four Seasons in the Four Seasons of Beijing was held. The event site. Peng Chongshi, deputy director of the Organization Department of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, and Peng Chongshi attended the competition and delivered a speech. Peng Chongshi said, building the "Rong Drift" event platform, aims to provide innovative entrepreneurs to provide display stage and development opportunities, promote more high-level talent teams in Rong Entrepreneurship, and high-quality talent projects root root in Rong. Chengdu, the new era, is working hard to create a "city of opportunity", create "Double Creative City", create a "Happy City", and actively seize the future industrial competition new track. Peng Chongshi put forward that Chengdu always focuses on talent demand to build full chain support, strive to provide the most hard-working policy support, focus on building the most efficient achievement transformation system, and carefully create the most friendly financial ecology, create the most-Pharma life environment, constantly Enhance the magnetic pole traction of high knowledge high-skilled groups.

At the same time, I hope that the majority of "Saiyou" on the new track, the game is time to come out, and we will look forward to the vastness of people to join Chengdu, sharing "successful capital" round dream stage, and create a "career" better future.

  It is reported that 2022 "Rurg Cup" high-level talent innovation entrepreneurship competition will cross 2021 year, held the finals in April 2022, and the final winning team will award in 2022 "Rong Dynasty".

  This theme event surrounds the new track, cultivates new hits, with the game to help, and accelerate the new advantages of the competition of the city. On the past, the event has a comprehensive upgrade, and the competition has a total of industrial ecological integration invitations, industrial technology innovation challenges, cultural and creative design competitions, regional "double tricks and double lead" special competitions, international innovation and entrepreneurial topics five topics and finals Meet the requirements of talents (teams) in different development stages and different industrial sectors; the competition invites guests, industry big products, etc. According to reports, this event award is more rich, except for each special match, the finals set first prize (200,000 yuan), 5 second prizes (100,000 yuan), three, etc. 10 prizes (50,000 yuan of bonus), a number of winners. The current competition has further strengthened policy support, which will give comprehensive support for qualified talents and teams from talent funding, team funding, project support, venue support, financing support, industrial development. This "Rong Drift" Sichuan Tianfu New District "Double Recruitment Double True" Feature Competition (School of Campus, Collaborative Innovation Project Road "attracted more than 50 outstanding talent projects from Beijing, Tianjin, etc., covering intelligent manufacturing , Medical health, electronic information, cultural and creative, aerospace, advanced materials, etc., gather 133 talents.

After the tutor team review, "Office space Digital Service and Digital Lifting State" project liked the laurel, won the first prize, "Aerospace" "Park City Operating System" project is a second prize, "full solid state battery core Materials and low-cost semi-conductive systems "" Flying Second Processing Technology and Products "and" a high-performance biomedical material "project capable of organizing in situ regeneration" projects, 21 projects have been favored by investment institutions, reaching intention to invest hundreds Yuan. The "Rongfu" demand list is also issued on the spot. "Rong fangs" introduced into the global partner in the form of "unveiling", and strives to develop new economic new forms in Chengdu.

On April 24th, "Rong Different Talent Day" released the first batch of "Rong drifting list" high-level talent demand list, involving 1438 talents and projects, involving 371 employers, received by enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities The widespread concern of the hospital and expert talents. In order to facilitate the list of employers, the general people compete for the "unveiling", Chengdu innovation has built the "Rongfu list" high-level talents "unveiled" network platform, and will be in Rongcheng Pioneer, Rongcheng Talent Comprehensive Service Platform, Chengdu Talent Network, "Science and Creation" Chengdu Innovation Entrepreneurship Service Platform, etc., etc.

Up to now, the first batch of "Rongfu" high-level talent demand list has been accessed to network platform, including major technical research projects, major industrialization projects, middle and senior positions, entrepreneurial opportunities and other talents. In addition, Chengdu Science and Technology Innovation Investment Group builds an investment financing platform for technology innovation companies, providing financial services for talent teams. In March, the Chengdu Science and Technology Innovation Investment Group invested by 10 billion yuan is formally established, which is designed to create a domestic first-class venture institution that matches urban development, further improve the full life cycle investment covering the initial basin, growth and maturity. system.

According to reports, the Group is accelerating the construction of four major platforms. First, the joint zone counties and industrial function districts have established a shared co-construction platform; the second is to establish joint innovation platforms in colleges and research institutes; the third is to join hands with social capital to establish investment operation platform; four It is a customized service platform for enterprises and talents.

The group will work with "Rong Drift" to give full play to the advantages of the ENG, tap and support the "Rong Drift" theme event award-winning project and other quality innovation entrepreneurial projects.

(Li Tingyu) Activity Link 2022 "Rong Drift" high-level talent innovation entrepreneurship contest official website: http: /// QR code.

Best to play "chain owners" enterprise role (viewing table)

  Pulling the leading support of "chain owners" enterprises, the upstream and downstream companies in an industrial cluster can be widely benefited, and the economic development of a region will also be more focused on investigating interviews in Deyang, Sichuan. Note: With many city street restaurants, the clothing store is different, and the streets here are all over the hardware store.

Water pump, pipeline, compressor, electromechanical accessories, electric tools, labor insurance products and other varnors, reflect the local industrial atmosphere. Deyang’s cadres say that such a large industrial and commercial household, behind the small and micro enterprises, it is the full nourishment of the Chengdu Deyang High-end energy equipment cluster, which is an important role in the "chain owner" enterprise. "Chain owner" enterprise, usually refers to a strong self-strength and dominant enterprise in the industrial chain. In the Chengde cluster, Eastern Electric, National Machine Reissous, Honghua Petroleum and other equipment manufacturing enterprises started early, large, strong strength, more affordable, more affected face, is a veritable "chain owner" enterprise.

As the survey interviewed, the author has more understanding of the "chain owner" enterprise – first, "chain owners" companies are not only a "honor", but also a heavy responsibility. The new round of technology revolutions and industrial changes, companies are stronger than being able to stay at the end of their lives. "Chain Owners" enterprises "Board is difficult to turn around" are no exception, and even more risk awareness is even more. Once they cannot be adjusted in time in front of the external market, many companies in the entire cluster often have been affected. We are happy to see that these years, in the context of the coal-electricity market, the new energy market heating, the "chain owner" enterprise in Chengde is always closely tracking energy transformation trends, and actively adjust the direction of the main attack.

It can be said that their early planning, calm response, laid a solid foundation for the achievement of industrial optimization and upgrading throughout the Chengde cluster.

  Second, "Chain Owner" enterprise only cooperates sincerely with other companies in the cluster, and integrates innovation can always always be invincible.

  The company is bigger, there are many advantages, such as the industrial chain, enhance the overall competitiveness.

However, the company is growing, the ability and energy is also limited, and it is necessary to concentrate on strength, focus on the main business.

A healthy, powerful industrial cluster, is inseparable from the reasonable division of labor between large and medium-sized enterprises, and cooperates efficiently. In the Chengde cluster, many "chain owners" enterprises have gathered a batch of high-level, focusing on the distribution enterprises in the field. Long-term cooperation, these supporting companies have shared pressure for "chain owners" enterprises, reducing costs, they have got rapid growth, achieving mutual benefit and winning.

In these years, there are some foreign energy equipment faucet companies to choose the supply chain layout in Deyang, and it is a well-established, good supporting capability. There are many such a benign circulation, which will undoubtedly continue to strengthen the overall competitiveness of the Chengde cluster, and then develop "chain owners" enterprise development to "counterfeit".

  In fact, there is still a lot of traditional industrial cities like Deyang, but not all cities can "turn" smooth, "walk" is stable, and some "chain owners" enterprises have been caught in operations due to various reasons Dilemma, it is difficult to play a way. To solve this problem, you need to work together to work together, work together: On the one hand, "chain owner" enterprises should keep up with the situation, change mechanism, constantly inside life; on the other hand, government departments must also focus " The chain owner "introduces targeted measures from financing, employment, administrative approval, and improved industrial support, to create a good, suitable development environment. Pull the support of the leading support of "chain owners" enterprises, the upstream and downstream companies in an industrial cluster can be widely benefited, and the economic development of a region will be more different. Entering the new stage of development, advanced manufacturing clusters will usher in new opportunities and challenges. I look forward to more "chain owners" enterprises to seize opportunities, respond to challenges, and thrive, and improve the modernization of industry chain supply chain to improve the modernization of industrial chain supply chain. (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

Shandong Women’s Federation organizes the creation of "beautiful courtyard" in the province

Sun Fenghua has comprehensively summed up the results of the "Beautiful Courtyard" in 2019, deeply analyzed the existence of existence, unite the establishment of the majority of women and families to create "beautiful courtyard" to help rural revitalization, promote the strength of the new era of strong province construction contributionClear deployment.She said that the Women’s Federation at all levels must further enhance the sense of urgency, responsibility, and the problems in the creation of work, from the strengthening propaganda lead, pay attention to the combination of the joint, innovate the active carrier, establish a long-term mechanism, and play the five aspects of the joint word advantageImprove the new contribution to create a rural revitalization Qilu sample board.Zhang Chuanzhong fully affirmed the importance of the Women’s Federation in the creation of "Beautiful Courtyard" to help rural revitalization, put forward hope and requirements for the next step.

2021 line of well-known enterprises in the development of key industries in Guangxi Power Conference

The conference site. People photo People Yanli Zheng Nanning, September 26 electrically September 26 morning, build socialism with Chinese characteristics a new era of magnificent Guangxi –2021 National famous line help enterprises in key industries in Guangxi Development Conference held in Nanning.

Autonomous Region Chairman blue sky stand in his speech pointed out that with the implementation of RCEP about to fall, ASEAN has become my country’s largest trading partner, the advantage of the development of Guangxi industry, resources, policy advantages, the advantage will be further highlighted, will for the parties deepen cooperation, mutual benefit and provide a vast arena. China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd., party secretary and chairman Ray Fanpei, China International Economic Exchange Center and vice president, former Vice Minister of Commerce, China CCPIT former president Jiang Zengwei speech made on-site, the CPPCC Standing Committee, the Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Honorary Choi president, Chairman of Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay area entrepreneurs Union made a video message, they have expressed to take advantage of location in Guangxi, resources, open platform, deepen cooperation and a better vision of Guangxi.

At the meeting, vice chairman of the autonomous region of Guangxi Liu Hongwu No investment opportunities.

Currently, Guangxi is moving "Fourteen Five Year Plan" "a Highland (hub), two strong area, three systems" to speed up the formation of ASEAN better service "along the way" of open cooperation highland, to build domestic and international double grand blueprint circulation important node hub in a new era of building socialism with Chinese characteristics magnificent Guangxi great journey Ningxinjuli, Thanksgiving Endeavor. Hong Kong Group Chairman of the Board, the Tenth National Federation Vice President, Liu Zhiqiang, vice president of the China Enterprise Confederation on behalf of the well-known line of enterprises launched the "well-known Association to build a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics magnificent Guangxi proposal." With Wuling new energy vehicles to carry Association signed on behalf of the venue, "ship" on land and sea in western new channel coming slowly, signing new cooperation mode will lead the climax of the General Assembly.

A total of 52 well-known site Association signed a cooperation agreement to build a strategic junction and Guangxi key parks, city (county, district).

By pushing the industry leading business association with the park, the city (county, district) twinning, establish long-term strategic partnership, Guangxi will park, the city (county, district) inject new life into the industry, for both the development of high-quality injection the new strong momentum.

Assembly while holding a key investment cooperation projects signed, signed a total of 81 investment and cooperation projects with a total investment of 206.6 billion yuan, involving 14 districts and cities in Guangxi. From the industrial structure, the project covers 14 key industries, the number of industrial projects and the amount of investment accounted surpassed 90%.

From the source of investment perspective, Guangdong, Hong Kong enterprises to invest in large Bay Area projects accounting for over 50% of the amount, other items were from the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing and Tianjin areas, as well as Vietnam, Germany and other foreign enterprises to invest.

In addition, the Assembly also organized matchmaking industrial projects, as well as 14 cities Gongzuozhuanban investment and corporate guests extensive matchmaking. After the meeting, municipalities and various Gongzuozhuanban personalized study will be carried out according to the needs of industrial connection and intent to further accelerate and promote cooperation. The conference was well-known industrial associations and enterprises to respond positively, the size of the participants, guests specifications, merchants were a record high level.

Among them, 30 world top 500 enterprises, China top 500 enterprises 36, 500 Chinese private enterprises 25, 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises 15, 58 listed companies, well-known industrial associations 72.

(Zhu Xiaoling, Yanli Zheng, LI Jiao) (Editor: Yanli Zheng, Huang Yumei) share to allow more people to see.

Shanxi Province multi-scenic spots to strengthen epidemic prevention tourists must hold 48 hours of nucleic acid negative proof

  Original title: The province’s multi-scenic spots to strengthen the epidemic prevention tourists must have proven that nucleic acid negative within 48 hours of nucleic acid is on October 26, in order to effectively control and reduce the risk of epidemic transmission, Pingyao Ancient City, Wutai Mountain Scenic Area and other scenic spots have enhanced epidemic prevention measures. Taiyuan citizens have a tour plan, be sure to know more about epidemic prevention measures in advance. Pingyao Ancient City Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. announced that since October 25, the scenic spot continued to implement the "no appointment and non-tourism" policy, and must adopt the information of the scenic spot according to the prompt to upload relevant information; the provincial tourists must provide health code, itinerary Code and 48-hour nucleic acid detection negative proof; the provincial tourists in the province have a history of foreign provinces, the travel code, and the nucleic acid detection negative proof of nucleic acid in 48 hours. At the same time, in order to avoid gathering of cross-infections, Pingyao Ancient City 3D Light Show is suspended.

Pingyao Ancient City welcomes the door (Da Nanmen) open time adjustment to 8:00 to 17:30 Wutai Mountain Tourist Service Center announced that for the 14th, there is a high-risk area’s history of the history of the history of the hills, and the "14 + 3" centralized isolation medical observation is strictly implemented; there is a history of the history of the hidden risks (return) Mountain staff "14 + 3" home isolation medicine observation; there is a history of the history of other low-risk zones in the middle and high-risk areas to implement "7 + 2" home isolation medical observation; do not have home isolation conditions, Isolation medical observation; foreign provinces provide 48-hour nucleic acid testing prove. After the provincial tourism, the traffickeeper returned to the mountain, took the initiative to test a nucleic acid test, and implemented 14-day self-health monitoring; the intensive places of the scenic temple, hotel, supermarkets will take a limited time limit limits to avoid people aggregation. Datong Yungang Grottoes, Ying County Mu Tower Scenic Area and other scenic spots also released an epidemic prevention announcement, from October 23, all tourists entering the scenic spot must wear masks, abide by "one-meter" requirement, tour and queue waiting during the waiting period of one meter security Interval, fit a temperature detection code work, while doing personal protection. Visitors who have exceeded ° C (inclusive) will be declined; the provincial personnel who come to visit and visit the province’s business trips need to take the initiative to report to the scenic spot and demonstrate the negative proof of nucleic acid detection within 48 hours.

(Reporter Ma Xiang Min Liang Dan).

The "same bed dream" in the international time of the American "Democracy"

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 13 (Reporter, the so-called "Democratic Summit" hosted by the United States. According to its own interests, the United States will pull all the allies "to make a game", and finally opened a "loneliness". American "Democracy" flag, now not only deceived the majority of the international community, can’t cover up the United States and many allies.

An article in the US "Washington Post" has been published in a single-handed article: a major vulnerability of the so-called "Democracy Summit" is its "Democratic" will be based on their "imaginary" of their common commitment to democratic values.

The fact is that the internal contradictions in the so-called alliance system headed by the United States are obvious.

In 2013, Pre-US Defense Contractor Employees Edward Snowden Newsletter to the media exposure of the US "prism" large-scale secret monitors. The picture shows July 12, 2013, journalists open the web page in Moscow, Russia. Moscow.

(Xinhua News Agency, Jiang Ke) The "Dispute" of the US and Allies. In recent years, under the "US Priority" policy guidance, the US has a significant spiritual nature, which is not polite to Europe, from steel aluminum products, red wine, cheese tariffs, to aviation subsidies, digital service tax Dispute, the United States and the allies, boxing to meat, and don’t make each other. After the Biden government came to the stage, although in the speech tried to appease and recovered the allies of the predecessor "deep injury", the actual actions and the predecessor did not have much difference.

From the rule of huge submarine order, it is not polished to harvest Australia to the anti-China "horse-stroke", and the allies feel the coldness of the "big brother". There is a huge "strategy" in the United States and allies. Various selfish people in the United States makes the European allies feel that it is difficult to rely on the so-called "crossing the Atlantic Alliance" to maintain its safety.

Although the Biden government shouted "Return to the United States", Europe’s "strategic autonomous" voice is getting loud. In the relationship between the big country, the United States is always looking for the allies and China and Russia for the so-called strategic competition, but most of the allies will oppose the United States and promote China’s "detachment", European political circles "should not have a bias" "" Western countries in global problems " It should be cooperated with China "and other rational sounds.

Martin Jacin, a well-known British, pointed out that China attitude is different from the most typical differences between the Group of Seven countries.

On August 16, a large number of people gathered at Kaugul Airport in Afghanistan to try to leave Afghanistan. Xinhua News Agency has serious "trust in dangers" and allies. Over the years, the United States has established a huge "monitoring empire" to maintain global hegemony, and the European allies are also included in the list of listeners, making Europe’s up and down extreme dissatisfaction.

The United States has not fully negotiated with the allies and rushed from the Afghanistan, which made the Allies’ garrison.

Beauty of all kinds of doing, cadency.

The poll showed that some of the one-third of the respondents in European countries believe that the United States is a trusted partner. Some of the European political circles and scholars believe that experienced "Trump Era", plus the US domestic political uncertainty, European allies are difficult to remove, European and American relations are difficult to "yesterday reproduce". France’s "World News" warning, as long as it involves the interests of the United States, the European ally does not expect any benefiting or courtesy.

Various facts show that the United States is not all the allies, but a "cheerleader"; it is not a friend who can sit in peace with himself, but the only American horse is looking for "follow". This "main servant" of natural unequal is destined to go.

At present, the US domestic problem is heavy, and the allies of the allies are serious, and the situation of the United States and allies is gradually become normal, and the differences are inevitable.

At the global level, the United States created the allies system, which is fundamentally to safeguard US hegemony.

For this purpose, we will use its so-called allies system, manufacture international split, and destroy international unity.

This international "mountainist" of this gear gang is contrary to the international potential to pursue cooperation and win-win, which is contrary to the trend of the era of unity and collaboration, and has no future.

True feelings to assist people’s hearts

True feelings for civilian practical legal aid, warm people’s heart release time: 2021-08-2616: 46 Thursday Source: Sichuan Justice in May The people of the people, the difficult things of the staff of the police, plan "I have implemented" I have a practical thing for the masses ", driving" I do practical things for the masses "practice high standards, high quality. The judicial administrative system is wide, and the people’s lives are closely related. The legal aid warm-to-heart project is to focus on maintaining the rights of vulnerable people, and give full play to the legal protection function. Timely and intimate legal services will be sent to each of the people who are in trouble. Let the rule of treatment of temperature tentacles.

The legal aid around me is solving the problem outside the thousands of miles. "My sister is killed in Qingdao. The court called us to recover civil compensation, we have no money to ask lawyers, can you help us?" April this year, One through the help of the cry cavity scored the Cangxi County Legal Aid Center. The call is Zheng’s sister.

Zheng Mouding cried in the phone: In December 2020, his sister Zheng Zheng was killed in Qingdao, and the case currently entered the trial stage.

In the court learned that there was no money in his home, there was no money to ask the lawyer, and then told them to contact the Qingdao Legal Aid Center to apply for legal aid.

Zheng’s home is far in Cangxi County, a thousand miles away from Qingdao, and Zheng Mou’s parent has been high and there is no way to go through the disease. Holding the mentality of trying, Zheng Mou sister dialed the phone of Cangxi County Legal Aid Center.

After the reason, the staff of the Cangxi County Legal Aid Center immediately contacted the Qingdao Legal Aid Center. After communication, the two sides reached the program of "handling cases in different places": Zheng family applied for legal aid in Cangxi County, and the legal aid center was accepted online and transferred the relevant paper documents to Qingdao Legal Aid Center.

On April 8, Zheng parents came to Cangxi County Legal Aid Center, and staff quickly helped two elderly people completed their application and data transfer. On April 9, the assistance application entered the audit link. "The lawyers on the other side of Qingdao have just contacted us, communicating with us, relevant legal matters.

At first, we all plan to give up the application, did not expect your help, not only avoid my parents out of the door, but also help us apply for a free lawyer, it is so much for you. "Recently, Zheng Mou sister once again called the Legal Aid Center, and I didn’t see the initial panic and urgent.

"Point-to-point" scientific law is to build a "shield" "Yang Apo" "Yang Apo, recently?" In mid-April Body situation and return to the previous legal aid effect. Yang Hailan and Yang Apo’s story has to start with legal aid cases.

In 2019, Yang Apo was accidentally hurt by the motor vehicle. After sending medical treatment, the two sides were unable to reach the problem. Under the helpless, Yang Airi came to the Luding County Legal Aid Center to apply for legal aid. After the situation of Yang Apo, the Luding County Legal Aid Center immediately arranged the experienced lawyer Yang Hailan hosted the case. After Yang Hailan, Yang Halan, Yang Apo finally received more than 180,000 yuan of personal injury compensation.

"Thanks to Yang Lie, after a trip, I will solve my problem. This time, I really feel that the law is how important the ordinary people are.

"In the return visit, Yang Apo and his family kept gratitude to Yang Hailan and Luding County Legal Aid Center.

Yang Apo’s story is only a minority of the daily work of Luding County Legal Aid Center. In daily legal aid, the Luding County Legal Aid Center explores the "point-to-point" scientific law, combined with the general needs of the people in the daily case, organizational lawyers, legal service workers enter the village to carry out older group anti-fraud, etc. "Fine law, be" prior skill ", using the rule of law" Shield "to block the illegal violation of the people’s rights.

Since the study of party history, Sichuan Province legal aid agencies have a total of 12042 migrant workers, 4,676 women, 2935 minors, 2089 elderly, 531 disabled people, 57 military military artificial assistants provide legal aid. The province rely on legal service network, 12348 hotline, entity platform, accumulating to provide full coverage of all-inclusive accessible legal advice, and open legal aid green channels, and do it to help.

Among them, focusing on the "salary" challenge of migrant workers, 2,000 "guarantees the unparalleled comic reading of migrant workers’ payment regulations", and widely launched a centralized publicity consultation.

At the same time, 25 legal aid workstations were established in Guangdong and other concentrated regions, and the 113-level publicity activities were carried out for Sichuan migrant workers. Provided by law consultation 8434, directly handled 98 legal aid cases, and guide the application for construction sites. 207 legal aid.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Chuyao.