Analysis and study of economic work research and deployment of party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work in the 200222222220

    The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on December 6th, analyzed the economic work of 2022; .

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping hosted the meeting. The meeting believes that this year is a milestone in the history of the party and the country. We have to cope with the Centenary of the Centenary and Century Epidemics, and struggle to complete the arduous task of reform and development, and achieve the "14th Five-Year Plan".

my country’s economic development maintains the world’s leading position, the national strategic scientific and technological force has accelerated development, the industrial chain toughness and advantages have been improved, and the reform and opening up is advanced, and the people’s livelihood guarantee is effective, and the construction of ecological civilization continues to advance. The meeting requirements, do a good job in economic work next year, to be guided by the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, comprehensively implement the party’s 19th National Congress and 19th Central, Sanzhong, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Plenary Session, Carry forward the spirit of the great borders, and adhere to the steady and advancement of the total tone, complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, accelerate the construction of new development and development, and fully deepen the reform and opening up, adhere to innovation and driving development, promote high quality development, insist on supply side structure Sexual reform is the main line, co-ordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, coordinating development and safety, continue to do "six stable", "six guarantees" work, continue to improve people’s livelihood, and focus on stabilizing the macroeconomic market, maintaining economic operation in reasonable intervals, Maintain a stable social overall situation and meet the party’s twenty victory. The meeting emphasized that the economic work should be stabilized in the next year, steady. Macroeconomic policies should be robust and effective, continue to implement positive fiscal policies and robust monetary policies. Active fiscal policy should improve efficiency, pay more attention to precision, sustainable. A steady monetary policy is flexible and right, keeping the liquidity is reasonable. Implementation of expanding domestic demand strategies, promoting continuous recovery of consumption, and actively expand effective investment, enhance the development of life. Microscopic policies should stimulate market subjectivity.

To strengthen intellectual property protection. The structural policy should focus on the smoothness of the national economic cycle, enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, and enhance the supply chain toughness. To promote the construction of affordable housing, support the commercial housing market to better meet the rational housing needs of buyers, promote the healthy development and benign circulation of real estate industry. The scientific and technological policy should speed up the land, continue to do a good job in key core technical research, strengthen national strategic science and technology power, strengthen the status of corporate innovation, and achieve technology, industries, and financially benign circulation. Reform and opening up policies should enhance development motivation, effectively promote regional major strategies and regional coordinated development strategies, and do a good job in marketing in the market, expand high levels. Social policies have to live the bottom line of the people, implement good employment priority policies, and promote new fertility policies to effectively, promote the national overall quality of basic pension insurance, and improve the basic public service system.

  The meeting pointed out that we must do a good job in all aspects of the end of the year, and ensure that the people live in "two".

Adhere to the "external prevention input, internal defense rebound", scientific and accurate solid and solid work. Coordinate the supply of coal-fired oil and gas protection, ensuring that the people are warm in the winter.

It is necessary to guarantee the distribution of migrant workers. To do a good job in Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Disabled Olympics is planned to ensure that it is a simple, safe and wonderful Olympic event. The meeting pointed out that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping as the core, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervision and Supervision Monets faithfully fulfilled the responsibilities given by the party constitution and the Constitution, respectively surround the "four awareness", firm "four Self-confidence, "two maintenance" strengthen political supervision, promote political inspections, and promote the spirit of the central provisions of the Central Committee, focus on "four winds" and stubbornness, and keep promoting the party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption Struggle, resolutely rectify the corruption and style of the masses, organize the law enforcement work in accordance with law, seriously change discipline, deepen the use of "four forms", deepen discipline inspection system reform, increase self-constraint, self-purification , Continuous improvement does not dare to rot, can’t rot, do not want to rot to promote comprehensive effectiveness, and provide strong guarantee for the "14th Five-Year Plan".

  The meeting emphasized that the courage to self-revolution is a significant sign from our party to other political parties.

The Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is comprehensive summing up the party’s 100-year struggle and historical experience.

Discipline inspection and supervision work should be guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, comprehensively implement the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of 19 and 19th, Sanzhong, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Plenary Session, and adhere to the total Base tone, insist on seeking truth from facts, keeping innovation, based on new development stages, complete, accurate, comprehensively implement new development concept, build new development pattern, promoting high quality development, consciously use the party’s hundred years of struggle, always self-revolutionary spirit, adhere to comprehensive From the strict control of the party’s strategic policy, unswervingly carry out the party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption struggle, continue to deepen, do not dare to rot, can’t rot, do not want to rot, punish the deterction, institutional constraints, improve the sense of consciousness, strive to achieve More institutional results and greater governance results, strengthen the standardization, rule of control, and formal construction of discipline inspection and supervision, and better play the implementation of supervision and protection, and promote the improvement of development.

  Previously, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the Conference of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee, listening to the 2021st Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Communications and the Sixth All Meeting Preparation of the 19th Central Discipline Inspection Commission. The meeting agreed to convene a sixth plenary meeting of the 19th Central Discipline Inspection Committee next January 18 to 20th.

  The meeting pointed out that the party’s discipline inspection committees are the exclusive organs of the party’s supervision, the "Work Ordinance of the Communist Party Discipline Inspection Committee" in-depth summary of the party’s 18th National Congress, promoting the party-style and clean government construction and anti-corruption struggle Deepen the theoretical results, practical results, institutional results of discipline inspection and supervision system, and the leadership system of discipline inspection committees at all levels of the party, to create a comprehensive standard of operation, mission duties. The "Ordinance" in the event of a hundred years of establishment, highlighting our party courage to carry out the strength of the self-revolution.

  The meeting emphasized that the discipline inspection and supervision work is to better serve the party and the national work. It plays a new performance in the organization system, forming a new mechanism in the law enforcement, adheres to the system to treat, and the symptoms. To clarify the boundaries of the power, strict internal control mechanisms, strengthen supervision and control of corruption in the rule of law thinking and the rule of law, and constantly improve the organization, operational methods and approval procedures for the law of discipline inspection and monitoring.

To build a high-quality professional discipline inspection and supervision cadres, enhance the political consciousness of "two maintenance", strengthen ideological quenching, political experience, practice exercise, professional training, and constantly improve their immunity, speech, responsible In the body, the bank is responsible for, and consciously makes the law-abiding benchmark.

63 gevallen van nieuwe diagnosekatten in 31 provincies, waaronder 37 gevallen van lokale gevallen

Originele titel: 31 provincies toegevoegd nieuwe diagnosekatten, 63 gevallen van lokale gevallen, 37 gevallen van China, Xinwang, 10 december, 833, 31, 31 provincies (autonome regio’s, gemeenten) en Xinjiang productie- en bouwcorps meldden 63 gevallen van nieuwe diagnose gevallen. Onder hen zijn er 26 gevallen van overzee (7 gevallen in Guangxi, 6 gevallen in Sichuan, 3 gevallen in Shandong, 3 gevallen in Shaanxi, 1 hoes in Beijing, 1 hoesje in Liaoning, 1 Case in Zhejiang, 1 Case in Yunnan) , inclusief 6 de sequenti?le infectie wijzigen naar bevestigde gevallen (5 gevallen in Sichuan, 1 hoes in Zhejiang); 37 gevallen van lokale zaken (in innerlijke Mongoli?, in Hulunbeier; Zhejiang 5 gevallen, waaronder 3 gevallen van Shaoxing, 2 gevallen in Ningbo; Yunnan 5-gevallen waren in de Deli-nationaliteit, 2 gevallen van Heilongjiang, alles in Harbin; 1 hoesje in Shaanxi, in Xi’an), inclusief vier gevallen van gewetenloze infectie in gediagnosticeerde gevallen (alles in Yunnan).

Geen nieuwe doodsgevallen. Geen nieuwe vermoedelijke gevallen.

  Tegelijkertijd werden 31 gevallen aan het ziekenhuis toegevoegd en werden 762 nauwe contacten vrijgegeven en 76 van de ernstige gevallen werden hoger dan de vorige dag toegevoegd. Overzee invoer bestaande gediagnosticeerde gevallen (2 gevallen van ernstige gevallen), 1 geval van bestaande verdachte gevallen.

In totaal werden 10.395 gevallen bevestigd en 9922 gevallen werden genezen en er was geen dood.

  Vanaf 24:24 op december, volgens 31 provincies (autonome regio’s, gemeenten) en Xinjiang-productie- en bouwcorps-rapport waren er 1222 gevallen van diagnose-gevallen (waaronder 29 gevallen van ernstige gevallen), cumulatieve behandeling van 93,659 gevallen, cumulatieve dood Gevallen 4636 gevallen, cumulatief rapport bevestigde 99.517 gevallen, bestaande vermoedelijke gevallen van gevallen. De geaccumuleerde tracking van 135.2338 mensen in nauw contact, 45,267 nauw contacten in medische observatie.

  43 gevallen van nieuw onzichtbare infecties werden gemeld in 31 provincies (autonome regio’s, gemeenten) en Xinjiang productie- en bouwkorps, waaronder 20 gevallen van overzeese ingang, 23 gevallen (alles in Zhejiang, inclusief 9 gevallen in Shaoxing, 7 gevallen in Hangzhou, Ningbo Stad 7 gevallen); 10 gevallen van diagnose van diagnose (6 gevallen van overzee); 9 gevallen (7 gevallen van overzeese ingangen) werden op dezelfde dag vrijgegeven (7 gevallen van niet-symptomen) (413 gevallen van overzeese invoer). Vergezeld van 29,259 gevallen van diagnose in Hong Kong, regio’s van Macao en Taiwan. Onder hen, 12.478 gevallen (12.156 gevallen van overlijden, 213 sterfgevallen werden ontladen), 77 gevallen (77 gevallen ontladen uit het ziekenhuis), 1.0742 gevallen in Taiwan (848 gevallen van overlijden). (Editor: Deng Nan, Wu Chao) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

@ Grassroots worker, your grassroots experience hopes to include "14th Five-Year Plan? To share

  Recently, the People’s Daily has launched "I have a" 14th Five-Year Plan for a Policy "comment on the consecutive activities, the people of all sectors actively participate. In order to effectively absorb the grassroots experience to the "14th Five-Year Plan" development, the "grassroots experience sharing" topic is added, and the grassroots worker hopes that the grassroots workers share the most proud experience in your work. We will choose some content. Public display and report. Shanxi grassroots worker sharing experience: I am a professional and technical personnel of geological exploration units, engaged in safety production management for more than ten years, no accidents, more reason is the advice of first-line employee support and presentation. Innovation driver is inseparable from the first-line workers’ efforts and wisdom. It is recommended to reflect the name of the employee of the technical intellectual property. Inner Mongolia grassroots worker sharing experience: deepening the reform of the title system, breaking professional restrictions, allowing the agricultural departments to hire related to agricultural related majors, and should also include chemical, biological, food, etc., the special posts are included in the management of the title, truly Go to the professional and post to ensure the interests of grassroots technicians. The "14th Five-Year Plan" planning work online comments in progress is in progress. Welcome everyone to participate, smoothly! (Liu Shu) People’s Daily Society is widely solked by the advice, the grassroots experience, the participation method: 1. Download the People’s Network "Leadership Board" app or pay attention to the "Leader Message Board" WeChat public number to enter the comments.

2021 Shanghai Digital Innovation Conference geopend vandaag Shanghai 360-Strong Security Headquarters

  Shanghai Demonstration News (Yan Yan Meng Reporter Song Weiping) 2021 Shanghai Digital Innovation Conference gehouden op 14 december in Shanghai Changfeng Multinational Procurement Convention and Exhibition Center. De conferentie is het thema van "Digitally Shanghai Butterfly". Digitale economie Mensen en experts en geleerden samengekomen om het grensprobleem van digitale transformatie te bespreken, raken direct de pijnpunten van digitale innovatie en nodigen de toekomstige digitale innovatie blauwdruk uit.

  Dit evenement werd gehost door de COMMISSIE van SHANGHAI ECONOMISCHE en INFORMATIE, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Putuo District People’s Government, 360 Government-geleverde Safety Group, PU Chuangcheng, China met (Shanghai) Chuangguan.

  Op het toneel van de conferentie, het nieuwe (Shanghai) Innovatiepark, werd de nieuwe nederzettingsceremonie gehouden en het park, en het Shanghai Tsinghua International Innovation Center heeft China Science and Technology Brain uitgegeven. Het digitale platform van de levende cirkel is vrijgegeven, de Yangtze River Delta Financial Science and Technology Research Institute is officieel onthuld en het SHANGHAI 360 veiligheidshoofdkwartier is officieel gelanceerd. Momenteel versnelt Shanghai de bouw van een technologie-innovatiecentrum met wereldwijde invloed en bevordert de technologie-innovatie krachtig en het openen van samenwerking en integreert actief in wereldwijde innovatienetwerken.

Aan het einde van vorig jaar heeft Shanghai de "meningen over uitgebreid bevorderende Shanghai Digital Transformation" vrijgegeven ". Shanghai Putuo District nam de leiding in het lanceren van digitale applicatiescenario’s in de stad, het formuleren van de "Putuo District 2021 City Digital Transformation Key Work Plan", het starten van een "eerste opname" van een uitgebreide digitale transformatie. Onder hen startte de merkactiviteit "Shanghai Digital Innovation" vorig jaar.

In slechts één jaar, grote projecten zoals (Shanghai) innovatiepark, Shanghai Tsinghua International Innovation Center, etc., is Urban Digital Transformation Work volledig gelanceerd.

Op dit moment heeft Shanghai Putuo-district een groep toonaangevende ondernemingen verzameld, zoals Jingdong, 360, Ali’s nummer, bouwde een "Zhilian Puo" -gebied "Urban Brain", en vormde geleidelijk een digitaal industri?le cluster en bouwt een stabiel industrieel beleidssysteem dat digitaal ondersteunt Transformatie, digitale stadsbasis is solide.

CDM-verklaring: alle werken van "Bron: China Securities and Securities Network", behoren auteursrechten bij China Securities News. China Securities Nieuws, de auteur van de effecten, de auteur van de auteur, elke organisatie gebruikt niet de bovenstaande werken zonder de overdracht van de Chinese effecten, het effectennetwerk en de schriftelijke autorisatie van de auteur, abstract of anderszins de bovenstaande werken.

Waar de website aangeeft dat de bron van niet-China Securities News en Securities Network wordt gereproduceerd uit andere media, is het doel van de herdruk het betere lezers, de behoeften van de informatie, betekent niet dat deze website overeenkomt met zijn standpunten, deze website is niet de authenticiteit is verantwoordelijk en de oppositie mag rechten claimen met de unit-eenheid.

Talent "Valley", cultivating Haidong high-quality development "highland"

  Huazhang, always opened in the future.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of ChinaDynamic energy, improve the level of Yuncai, create a healthy environment, for those who dare to "open the green light", for the people who dare to do "to take the bottom", the policy benefits, the industry leads, the platform is talented, the service is comprehensive, writingStrong city "Haidong chapter".

  At present, the total amount of talents in Haidong will continue to expand, and the talent structure is more optimized. The high-end talents are constantly emerging. As of December 2020, the total amount of talents in Haidong reached 10,000 people, accounting for the total population, 28 people were selected as "Kunlun"· High-end innovation entrepreneurial talents "Action Plan, accumulated 7 members of the" Doctoral Servization Group "in China and Group, 5 members of the Qing Cadia," Jingqing Expert Service Group "member.

  Building a "Golden Valley" activation talent new engine Haidong, high-level position planning talents strong market new blueprint. It can be said that talents are the support of the high-quality development of Haidong ‘s economy and society, the base point of the rise of the middle of the Lansi City Group, the "five new Haidong" build a bottom gas. Since the 18th National Congress, Haidong City has premised on talented strong market strategy, and the big hand is built to build talents "Golden Valley", forming flexible talent, middle-end and primary talents, etc., etc. The relevant policy is complementary, the overall development of the whole domain, the layered classification coverage, multi-level support, all-in-area, breeding, use, and remaining talent systems. In order to make people’s coverage, talent and Haidong development are more fit, and continue to improve the party and government "one hand" personally arrest "first resource" model, the talent work leading group increased from 19 to 19, regularly in Xiamen , Shanghai and other places held talent workers training courses, enhance the comprehensive quality ability of talents, and form huge cooperation.

  Talent is the resource of the flow, and the raising is paying attention to the heart of the people. Haidong City pays special attention to the use of love to nourish talents, use the treatment of talents, use time to maintain talents, use ecological conservation talents, and constantly improve the party committee to contact expert system, improve party and government leading cadres Contact 人 人 机 机, solve the worries of talent ideas.

Established talent service windows, providing convenient and efficient services such as spouse, children to learn, housing subsidies, housing subsidies, social security.

  Seven major training bases such as modern agriculture and technical talents, business management talents, tourism talents, tour talents, middle junior acupuncture talents, and innovation launched the "Liuwan Cafe" talent exchange salon, "Haidong Station" Entrepreneurial lecture hall vigorously cultivated local talents.

  At present, 30,000 native talents have helped the Haidong rural village.

  Create "Small Highlands", Guangxiang, Zhidi, Yuxian Road, Haidong, high starting point, hook the new pattern of talents.

  Talents, with their own characteristics, Haidong Based on the city, Huiji Road, Huija, and the Tsinghua University, Peking University and other colleges and campus establishment of cooperative relationships, to create a trainee, etc., for the city And the research unit is directly, indirect introduction of more than 2,200 people.

Guide enterprises to adopt project cooperation, short-term part-time, etc. Level talents join. To build a talent "small highland" as the target lead, the construction of the Science and Technology Convention and Exhibition Center, Expert Apartment, Youth Apartments, Liuwan Cafe and other leads in the "public-incubation-acceleration-industrialization" innovative ecological chain effect, In 2020, he signed a talent cooperation agreement with 4 colleges and universities such as Peking University, Zhejiang University, and 21 doctors, more than 40 masters.

By optimizing corporate layout, discovery of incubation resources, increase the importance of project introduction, there is currently 249 enterprises, relying on the introduction of three new national high-tech enterprises, and cultivate 14 provincial-level technology companies.

  It is close to the economic and social development needs of Haidong, and high-skilled talents such as urban agglomeration, financial management, etc. . Focus on "Three Battle Conduct", Plateau Modern Agriculture and Animal, Ecological Environmental Protection, Urban Planning, Tourism Industry and other professional talents, introduced 171 special talents, currently 78 introduction talents have grown into technical backbone.

Borrowing "Zhihui Sanjiangyuan · Helps New Qinghai" talent project negotiation, the accumulated talent project is 120, and 266 high-end innovants are introduced.

In response to two key areas of education, December 2020, from Jiangsu Wuxi, Dean of Qinghai Higher Vocational and Technical College and Dean of the Second People’s Hospital of Haidong City. When the "Logistics Minister" intelligence stacked strength, Haidong, high quality promotes the new path of talents. Haidong is collecting popularity in the city, with industry aggregates, collecting talents, with talent gathering, etc. Under the Haidong model, now the talents serve the people’s livelihood, and the strong market in the special industry is highlighted and scientific and technological innovation. It has organized "100 talents under the grassroots" activities for five consecutive years. Since the selection of thousands of science and technology, education, culture, and agriculture, etc. More than 1,600 health care staff.

  Through the "Talents + Project" model, joint topics research in the characteristic industries such as selenium, ramen, green embroidery, and green wine, the introduction of talent recommendation, short-term traffic, etc., gathered 48 high-end talents and teams, holding fruits and vegetables, Extreme technology training courses such as cattle and sheep feeding, raise management, river embroidery, etc., more than 7,700 people, and driving more than 4,000 employment.

  Since 2016, the city has been approved by 4 provincial-level engineering and technology centers, built a university workstation, expert workstation, and application authorization patents, creating a public space, Xingchua, and realizing scientific research platform construction towards new steps, patent authorization from a single To diversified. Water glow, fish gathering, woody and bird set.

Nowadays, all parties do talented in the plateau selenium produce production base, active in the province "vegetable basket" project owner battlefield, token in the "West Fan Pastry", and dedicate wisdom to the rise of the middle of the Lancheng City Group Haidong intends to portrait mountain waterfield, ecological green, Yiyei, innovative vitality, urban and rural coordinating era.

(Editor: Chen Mingju, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

China Weerstandssamenvatting van Female Fotografen Association

Aan het begin van 2020 brak de nieuwe coronaire virus-pneumonia-epidemie uit, en reageerde de mensen in het land gezamenlijk op de preventie en controle van de epidemie.De Chinese vrouwelijke fotografische vereniging implementeert actief het Partij Centraal Comité om te reageren op epidemische beslissingen, die reageren op de oproep van de Chinese damesfederatie en de nationale damesfederatie, in de afgelopen drie maanden, lanceerde continu in totaal 38 epidemie.Gedurende deze periode ontving de vereniging duizenden foto’s uit de leden en heeft uiteindelijk 877 foto’s geselecteerd.

Het onderwerp is op grote schaal ontvangen en geprezen door de lancering.Deze speciale fotograaf is associatie of lid, inclusief professionele nieuwsfotografie-journalisten en medische werknemers die zich in een anti-vlo bevinden.Ze registreren echt de maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid en missie van de sociale verantwoordelijkheid en mobilisatie van de opgeleide mensen in alle geledingen van het leven.Hier drukt de vereniging oprechte dank uit aan de verschillende provinciale en gemeentelijke vrouwelijke fotografen en leden van de verschillende provinciale en gemeentelijke vrouwenfotografen en de Chinese vrouwelijke fotografen en betaalt oprecht oprecht!.

Shanxi Province launched "high-speed smooth action"

  Original title: The province carries out "high-speed smooth action" to implement the implementation of party history, "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau has organized "high-speed smooth action" in the province, and comprehensively enhances highways. The pass efficiency is maximized optimizing the highway access environment. The "high-speed smooth action" will improve the accuracy of the highway road conditions and the knowledge of the masses; comprehensively investigate and eliminate risk hazards affecting the safety of highways, and increase the intensity of illegal occupation of the emergency lane, improve highway traffic safety level. Provincial Public Security Department Traffic Management Bureau organizes the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, Provincial Transportation Department, Provincial Administration Group, Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, Traffic Broadcasting and Gao De, Baidu and other departments, timely collection of road conditions, emergency and dangerous sections emergency disposal information and Realize sharing.

In order to effectively manage the non-emergency response of the motor vehicle, the traffic control bureau of the Provincial Public Security Department will increase the "highway emergency lane traffic regulations" and the rapid disposal of the light accident on the scene of the highway ", strengthen the source prevention and control; The high-speed traffic police will be in a session of the emergency lane, easy accident and illegal occupation lane, scientifically select the point, install a non-live capture equipment; the public security traffic control department will collect clues through the "handling" to report the group or report the mailbox. The illegal people will be punished and concentrated to expose warning education.

During the "High-speed Smooth Action", the high-speed traffic police will actively promote the creation of "Ping An Express Demonstration Expressway", and continue to carry out safety hazards in key sections with the G20 Qingyin Expressway Xue Gongling section. (Reporter Chen Junqi).

2021 China Dansscherm: de charme van de dans realiseren

Wacht even in de enquête. Als er nog geen reactie is, vernieuw dan deze pagina een dans kan dragen wat voor soort verhaal? In de ogen van de Han-dynastie is het gerecht Beidou, de trommel is de zon en de maan, omdat mensen niet aan de hemel kunnen komen, wordt het zeker onder de voeten gestapt en er is een motregen

De trommel is meer dan zeven, symboliseert Beidou Qixing.

  Een paar dagen geleden, in het "Dance Millennium" in het B-station en Henan Satelliet-tv, bracht de Peking Dance Academy Classical Dance Student de ontmoedigde "Phase and Song". Het meisje van de lichte Vevelet is blij met de vreugde van de lente god, en de liedjes en liedjes. Deze dans is meer dan 100 miljoen punten in Weibo-onderwerpen.

  In CCTV "National Treasure, tentoonstellingsseizoen", de dansers van China Eastern Performing Arts Group met Dance Poetows "Only This Green", de perfecte interpretatie van de 18-jarige Wang Xeng geschilderd "Millennium zucht," actief "duizend mijl weg. "

  In 2021 werden we verwerkt in het Chinese dansscherm in een verscheidenheidshow. De mooie dans in de Changhe-rivier in China is geen "achtergrondkleur" van de populaire cultuur, maar de grote protagonist van de jonge generatie van het publiek. Chinese dans kwam uit de hal in het verhaal voor 2021, omdat het "Tang Yan Night Banquet" "Tanabata" "China Festival" -reeks van "China Hill" -serie, laat Henan Satellite TV een "traditionele cultuur + trendy uitdrukking" -winkel hebben teken. "Chongyang prachtige tour" General Director Qian Lin Lin ontving het interview met Zhongqing,, zei dat het "Chinese festival" -partij uit is, omdat "dans onvolledig" is, "door plezier, in lijn met hedendaagse jongeren Toon traditionele dans, het jonge publiek accepteert en leuk "."

  "Dance Millennium" vervolgt het temperament "Big Movie" van het "Chinese festival" -partij, bouwde een verhaal achtergrond: er is een boek "Twaalf winddans", dat de beste dans in de Changhe-rivier in China registreert. Helaas, omdat mensen verslaafd zijn aan stoffen, hebzucht en oorlog, negeren ze meer en meer die mooie dingen, de tekst in "12-wikkelen" is geleidelijk verdwenen. De tijd kwam tot 2021, de 5 dansers werden genoemd en de avatars aanbevolen dansambtenaren, en ze gingen naar de historische Changhe-rivier om die de mooiste dans op te halen, "het verhaal van" dans ‘dans’ millennium ‘wordt gelanceerd. Een rode paraplu in de "Heroes of The Heroes", danste de rivieren en meren, "Stepping" portretteerde de meisjes in het voorjaar en de jongeren. Alle dansen worden uitgevouwen in een antieke re?le scène.

  Six Way to Move, Luo Shen verdisconteerd.

Beijing Dance Academy Youth Dance Mission Vrouw Chief Huabi, als een "Dance Millennium", spelen "宓" in de show, doneren "Lingbo Microche". Huayuan, denk dat in vergelijking met de traditionele fase, de "situatie van context" van vari?teitshows u een meeslepende ervaring kan brengen, laat het publiek zorgvuldig zien de God van dansers, het gevoel van de dansers, niet gemist elk mooi moment.

  "Ik denk persoonlijk dat danskunst infectieus, meeslepende kunst op het terrein moet zijn.

‘Ze zei dat de charme van de dans onge?venaard is, maar dit soort spijt is "lichtjes, de tv" helpt bij het opnemen en verspreiden de schoonheid van de dans, door de uitbreiding van een instant aanraken van het publiek.

  Vice Director van Henan Satellite TV Innovation Program Center, "Dance Millennium", Feng Wei, wees erop dat iedereen ballet, straatdans, maar niet veel over Chinese klassieke dans kent. "Dit is de unieke dans van China, ons programma is om Chinees verhaal met een dans te vertellen, we moeten Chinese klassieke dans voor iedereen presenteren, laat de dans uit de tempel komen."

  Elke dans be?nvloedt een geschiedenis van elke periode van de "Dance Millennium" Comments Area Broadcast in het B-station, heeft een Netizen die Active Science Achtergrondkennis.

Sommige mensen zijn bijvoorbeeld Wetenschap "Song" – "De Han-dynastie wordt aangemoedigd, de danser die de drums stapt, is de Northern Dance Sun Ying, van de Han-dynastie, de bakstenen steen, enz., Ik heb echt het gevoel dat de leraar is Zeer goed. "Netizens aanbevolen om de boeken van" lied "-muziekkennis te begrijpen.

  Elke dans op het scherm be?nvloedt een lange historische tijd-as. In CCTV "National Treasure, Exhibition Season" waren de dansers uit de Chinese Oriental Performing Arts Group "incompetent" "in de enige groene" selectie van de dans po?zie drama en de 18-jarige Wang Ximeng is een geschilderde paragraaf.

De Dancer-acteur is "geschilderd" in een groen berggroen water, het spelen van Wang Xi Meng’s danser Zhang Han, het oppakken van de groene en groene, in het schilderij, vallen en daalt eindelijk, de zeehond verdwijnt, ik disipeert, ik ben het bedoeld. " schilderij en de hemel en de aarde.

Forwarders, maar zie de groene en groene voet. "Zhang Han zei in een interview met Zhongqing, Zhongqing Net Reporter, Hi Meng moet op veel plaatsen zijn geweest om de wind te verzamelen, om zo’n grote foto te tekenen. Dus ik zal gaan Eén de nieuwe Place-tour bezoekt ook het nabijgelegen landschap met uw collega’s, om het lokale museum te bezoeken, de geschiedenis en cultuur te begrijpen. Zhang Han studeerde in de Beijing Dance Academy is een nationale folkdansfabrikant. Tijdens het lezen gaat hij uit Om de wind te verzamelen, voer het veldonderzoek uit, ga kijken en leren de originele dans van de lokale oude kunstenaar sprong, na zijn eigen absorptie en behandeling, verhuisd naar het podium. "Ik heb geleerd voor zoveel jaren dans, ik denk dat we een Veel goede cultuur, heel kostbaar, als wij deze generatie het niet leuk vindt, bescherm het, ontwikkel het, dan is er niet langer twee of drie jaar. "Zhang Han Qing herinnert zich dat ik een folkdans heb gesprongen die afkomstig is van Anhui, na het afstuderen van de lokale jongeren verliet ik mijn geboortestad na het afstuderen, en ik ging niet naar mijn oude leven. Ik zal een Enkele decennia, deze geweldige folkdanscultuur kan geleidelijk verliezen.

  Na jaren van beroemde 90-jarige dansers heb ik twee keer de "rooli" en "lippen" gewonnen om de meest gezaghebbende danscompetitie te winnen "Tao Li Cup" eerste prijs. Deze twee singles-dans zijn later "leerboekmodel" geworden Klassieke danskandidaten.

  Ze gelooft dat de National Style Dance in lijn is met de esthetische en emotionele behoeften van het publiek. "Nu zijn er meer hoeken, vertel Chinese verhalen met dansen, gebruik dans om de Chinese cultuur te interpreteren, dans dansen om de gevoelens van het Chinese volk en het esthetische beeld uit te drukken." Huayi zei, ze hoopt meer in China-absorptie, Lees meer, laat de gedachten en het lichaam inclusiever worden om verder veel meer te gaan.

  Huaying One denkt dat de dansers echt moeten, "" met de gevoelens in de dans, voel de creatie ". Dansers willen dit jaar "Sneak" in cultuur, na 95, het publiek Xue Chuanchuan de dansklasse "Dance Students" zien voordat ze denken dat dergelijke programma’s concurrerende wedstrijden zijn, en de professionele drempel van de dans is ontmoedigend.

"Er is onbedoeld gezien de fase van" de droom van Red Mans ", Chinese stijl klassieke dans en situatie, het verhaal wordt nauw gecombineerd, van de po?tische po?zie die vanuit het culturele erfgoed is verzonden, kunnen de mensen mensen in de situatie brengen, Pass Luo Yizhou en andere jonge dansers De ledemaattaal voelt het verhaal van het Eeuwige, niet van diepgetrokken. " Xue Chuanchuan zei dat toen het publiek zich welleermatig verveeld en danste, de Chinese dans geleidelijk een mooi bestaan ??werd dat mensen kan kalmeren, "ik liever het gevolg van het resultaat van alleen de extreme pure expressie".

  De beroemde jonge danser, Zheng Wei, plaatsvervangend directeur van de klassieke dansafdeling van de Beijing Dance Academy, en leidt studenten om deel te nemen aan het record "National Treasure" "Dance Millennium".

Ze wees erop dat de Chinese cultuur wordt geleverd met een soort van lang en vredig rijm. "Het is niet alleen dat het kan worden benadrukt, soms is het een gevoel van waardering, vaag kijken." De klassieke dansafdeling van Zheng Wei is relatief introvert. "In een traditionele culturele sfeer zijn deze studenten terughoudend om zichzelf uit te drukken, ze zullen alleen uitdrukken als westerse moderne dansers. Ik zei tegen studenten, je moet ‘sluipen in cultuur." Spreek niet, het betekent niet geen idee. Zheng Wei voelt zich emotioneel, als je je gespecialiseerd bent in creativiteit en verbeeldingskracht, ze zullen je wat onverwachte dingen geven. Bijvoorbeeld, deelnemen aan het "National Treasure and Exhibition Season" is een creatief proces van studenten als het hoofdlichaam.

De 10 Intercarner Week van Dance Dance Academy Classical Dance Wait-Beast-vergulde brons op de bronzen, door de interpretatie van de ongebreidelde beesten worden getraind in het tempelproces, uiten het begrip en het erfenis van "ritueel". "Elk jaar heb ik tot ze toegelaten, ik heb tegen hen gezegd dat je niet alleen bent om te eten na het leren van een vaardigheid, je moet bakstenen in Chinese klassieke dans toevoegen." Zheng Wei zei.

  De Chinese dans sloeg van de lijn naar de lijn en veranderde in de hotspot van het vuur. Zheng Wei denkt dat de lenstaal van vari?teitshow de prachtige kant van de danser heeft vergroot om niet op te letten, maar Chinese dans heeft meer esthetische punten waardig.

  "Niet alleen fysieke en uitdrukkingen, er zijn enkele sterke punten van schoonheid en textuur, als je kunt worden uitgedrukt door de lens, ziet het er mooier uit.

"Zheng Wei zei dat ze het onderzoeksonderzoek uitvoert, in de hoop een betere combinatie van dans-esthetiek en lenstaal te bereiken. Zhongqing-rapport · Zhongqing Net Reporter Shen Jie Qnn Bron: China Jongeren Dagelijks.

Sign-free suspension price of 348,600 yuan 图 free pure electric city version officially listed

Original title: Signature empty sale price 10,000 yuan 图 free pure electric city version officially listed on October 31, 图 free pure electric city version officially listed, selling price million, limited to 888 units.

图 free pure electric city version is known as "luxury that does not need to be selected", is a model that is only standard air suspension in 300,000 SUV.

图 free pure electric city version of the wheelbase of 2960mm, has a large five space, NEDC comprehensively limited 505km, the synchronous launched there is a new blue-brown-brown interior, and there are 8 kinds of car color.3 interior, main officer 12 to adjust and seat massage, night vision system, intelligent air management system, dimming panoramic space (0 yuan option), advanced smart driving auxiliary system, Dan Pahike (10Speaker), etc., all become the standard of 图 free.

  "图 free has two power solutions with pure electric and extension, where pure tram type has a pure version, pure electric exclusive version, 图 汽车 汽车 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示 表示:" Electric travel has become the trend of current urban life For many families already have a vehicle, you want to purchase a vehicle to supplement family city travel, we launched the FREE pure electric city version of the 图, for this, to cover 90% of the high-frequency vehicle scenes of users, with luxurious Configuration, excellent driving, value-for-money configuration, and equity, warm intelligent technology, and five major dimensions of zero-root-friendly security, redefine the city SUV.

"Hua Quan standard redefined city SUV 图 free pure electric city version" Dozens of luxury "slogans, dozens of luxury configurations are all standard. 图 free pure electric city version is 300,000 SUV The only model of the air suspension, the main officer 12 direction adjustment and seat massage, night vision system, intelligent air management system, airweed panoramic space, advanced smart driving assistance system, Dan ta audio and other configurations become 图Free Purgent City Edition standard. In the driving control, 图 free pure electric city version uses the former double-made arm, the suspension system of the post-aluminum, and equipped with a full aluminum chassis, bringing millions of driving experience At the same time, the power of 255KW, 520N · M provided by the 图 free Purgent City version, comparable to the level of electric drive performance. As the intelligent electric SUV, 图 free pure electric city version of the main warm intelligent technology, with integrated It can lift the three-scale screen, bring full ritual sense; the standard intelligent auxiliary driving system allows the driver to be safe and easy to drive at a low speed heel, or on the high-speed driving; cover the most complete automatic mooring scene Car, 360 panoramic image and transparent chassis, helping the owner in a narrow, crowded city, free to mooring, mobile vehicles. 图 汽车 For the first owner of the pure electric city version, launched a free charging of life, with two-year-interest purchase , One year free maintenance, 6 worry-free service rights and points rights, truly realize users to buy cars, and use the car.

  图 free pure electric city version can not only enjoy lifetime charging services, but also a monthly free DC charging upper limit up to 800 degrees. In order to completely solve the charging anxiety problem, in the night of the first Voyahnight 图 用户 用户, the voeway released the Voyahpower six-bit charging service matrix, and cooperated with the top 5 operators in the head to cover 80% public DC charging resources.

  Optimal choice for all-round protection to build exclusive children’s space city travel with the popularity of electric vehicles, safety, battery safety has become a key factor in families. In order to let the users travel safely, the chart builds the industry-leading five-star safety body, at the 2021 China Automobile Safety Conference and China Body Conference, the 图 free won the "2021 China Top Ten Body" and "Best Craft Award" double material Grand prize. In addition to the safety of the body, in order to solve the anxiety of electric car battery safety, the 图 打 图 电 电 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 系统 技术 技术 系统 技术 系统 系统 系统 技术The version of the battery pack has obtained the excellent score of "not smoke, not fire, not exploded, not in water". In many exchanges with users, many users mentioned that parents have taken the child to cause the tragedy in the car. Therefore, in the development of the 图 free, I fully take into account the safety, comfortable problems of children, and specializes in children’s space -voyahcare care mode for children. When you get on the bus in the bus, the pictures FREE will remind the child to lock the lock, let the front parents pass the middle-controlled large screen monitoring of the child state; when getting off, the parents will remind the child to get off the car, avoid forgetting the child in the car Inside. When children sleep after sleep, the driver intelligently adjusts the temperature and air volume, the atmosphere light, and the penetration makes the children to rest. If the child is bored, there is a custom children’s version of the Children’s Edition and the Himalayan Radio. It also helps children grow up in entertainment. Whether it is driving on the road or parking, parents can start the scene mode, record the wonderful moments of children in the car with photos and video, so that parents will not miss the important moments in the child growth.

  In addition to the Voyahcare care mode, 图 free pure electric city version is very environmentally friendly from the interior to the air, the interior uses OEKO-TEX EU ecological textile certified baby-level skin-friendly material, not only touching is very comfortable, but also tasteless , No irritation, reduce formaldehyde contamination in the car and more environmentally friendly; the car is also equipped with a smart air management system, including air quality control, monitoring system and car fragrance system in the car, so that air in the car is always healthy.

  As the first user of the 图 free pure electric city version, Ms. Wang, Wang, said that she has chosen the picture free pure version, in addition to the card in Shanghai, the color of the figure is high, very intelligent, the most important It is a mother, and the environmental protection materials in the car don’t have a smell.

  图 free pure electric city version of the launch, is the re-redeeming of the user’s promise to create a high-quality electric good car ‘, meet the user’s expectation of high-quality, high performance, high intelligence, high-quality electric car, for users Beautiful life empowerment.

Adhering to this philosophy, the second new model of the car map will be officially unveiled in the Guangzhou Auto Show in November. (Editor: Chen Haiyan, Jiang Chengliu) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Solve the indiscons of the engineering contradiction, the Night Training Class is the grassroots cadre "charging energy storage"

It is reported that the Party School of the Stone District Committee and the Party School of the District Party Committee specialize in the "Student Manual", "learning materials", and clear requirements for the time of the night training time, content mode, night training object, etc., according to "training, comprehensive training The principle of coverage is specially arranged in the village Poverty Alleviation Cadre in Nighting on Friday. At the same time, fully consider the current epidemic prevention and control situation, combined with the number of people in the night training class, the actual student, the scientific analysis, the scientific analysis, the arrangement of body temperature testing, completely carry out the disinfection of the venue, give the students to distribute medical masks to ensure During the night training, the epidemic prevention and control is safe. The night training course invited a well-known expert on the party school, and interpreted the spirit of the 19th National Committee of the 19th CPC. In 2020, the national "two sessions" spirit and other content, education guides the students to close the stone is actually actually, the upper and lower, learn Submitting, in a decline in understanding, truly implement it in action.

At the same time, selecting a special person with the class to be responsible for attendance, urge the students to abide by the classroom discipline, and record the whole process of the students’ attendance, performance and learning, ensuring that the night training is in order to learn well.

The district surrounds the content of the night training and should be known as the intellectual point, targeted arrangement of daily work, promoting students to test and deepen understanding of learning content and effectively consolidate learning results.

Teachers and students, students and students face-to-face exchange research, share the experience.

Everyone has said that during the day, doing study at night, the night training must solve the indiscons of cadres, and do two incorrect, two promotion. In the future, it will be used to use, struggle to create a new situation, high quality development. (Fan Yan) (Editor: Ma Yu, Chang Huizhong).