2021 Chinese Academy of Academy of Academy of Engineering Sichuan Launched in Rong

In 2021, the Chinese Academy of Academy of Academy of Engineering Sichuan, in Rong, Peng Qinghua met Li Xiaohong, Huang Qiang, Li Xiaohong, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech Deng Xiao Gang Meets with July 16th, the opening ceremony of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the opening ceremony of the Sichuan Tour, nearly 40 academicians gathered Rongcheng, We will consult, compassion for the development of Sichuan’s construction.

Peng Qinghua, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, met with Li Xiaohong, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Provincial Party Committee deputy secretary, governor Huang Qiang and Li Xiaohong attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

Deng Xiaomeang, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, met with it.

  During the meeting, Peng Qinghua briefed the new progress made in the cause of all the careers of Zhuxing Chuan, especially in the province to implement the new achievements of the Party Central Central Innovation Driving Development.

He said that Sichuan is an economical province, a population province, and a large province of science and education, and has an important role in the national innovative layout.

Last month, the provincial party committee’s 11th Plenary Session made a strategic painting and systemic deployment of our province’s innovation and development. It has clearly grasped the direction of the "two-head" direction, that is, a national strategic technology force construction, for the service The strategic demand contributes Sichuan forces, and the industrial technology innovation and the creation of whole society. The Chinese Academy of Engineering is an important strategic technology force in the country, showing the hard core strength of scientific and technological innovation "national team" in the field of cutting-edge research.

I hope that the two sides will jointly implement the important discussion of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the innovation and development, based on the good cooperation foundation, give full play to the respective advantages, focus on the construction of the national influence, in major science and technology facilities, key core technology joint research The scientific and technological achievements have been transformed, and high-precision talents jointly develop, carbon-up carbon neutralization targets continue to deepen cooperative exchanges, jointly promote the development of Sichuan’s innovative resources into high-quality development advantages, and make high-level science and technology for national high-level science and technology Great contribution. Huang Qiang represents the provincial party committee, and the provincial government welcomes and grateful for academicians and experts.

He said that this year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. The current province is in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China. The spirit of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, carry forward the spirit of the great website, and resolutely implement the great call, and struggled to promote Zhixinchuan A new step.

Sichuan is a large province, military and large provinces, resources in the military, and the unique advantage of the large provinces, and unique advantages.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu is one of the national comprehensive three-dimensional traffic "four-pole", the construction of the Western Luhai New Channel, the Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection Governance and High Quality Development, Realizing Carbon Mind Carbon Culture, etc. Major Opportunities In the Sichuan Interrogation, it has unprecedented Sichuan’s development space. The Chinese Academy of Engineering is the highest temple in the National Engineering Science and Technology. This year, we will hold the Sichuan Division of the Academician. Sincerely, you will give you more resources to Sichuan, and transform more scientific and technological achievements in Sichuan and put more excellent talents. Introduced to Sichuan, carry forward the spirit of "two bombs", stimulate the innovation of the whole society, launch more original, valuable scientific research results, solve more "card neck" problems, help Sichuan to convert advantage and opportunities to The powerful driving force for high quality development, making the country to achieve high-level technology self-improvement.

We will continue to implement various support policies, create a good innovation environment, provide quality service guarantee, provide a broad stage for academicians and experts in Chuan Shi, and innovative entrepreneurship. Li Xiaohong said that the Chinese Academy of Engineering attaches great importance to communication cooperation in Sichuan Province to establish a good partnership.

This time we hold the Sichuan activities in Sichuan, focus on the comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources, carbon-up peak carbon and other key directions, and develop a scratch and contribution to the development of Sichuan. Next, the Chinese Academy of Engineering will study in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 100th Anniversary of Xi Jinping at the 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party, and do the loyalty to the party, and realize the scientific and technological self-improvement, inheriting the red gene, and defending the title of the academician Pure guards, continue to strengthen the strategic cooperation and Sichuan strategic cooperation, continue to play the national high-end thinking and academic inter-industry, cross-sectoral, cross-sector system advantages, focusing on major strategies such as Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengyu, aiming at the National Laboratory Creation and Tianfu Lab Construction, Sichuan Railway Construction and Biopharmaceutical, Optoelectronic Technology, Rail Transit, Shale Gas, etc. Provided support services, organized academician experts to carry out key core technology joint research, to achieve high-quality development and acceleration of Sichuan Self-strong make new and bigger contributions. The Secretary General of the Provincial Government hosted the opening ceremony.

Academician Chinese Academy of Engineering, work on the topic.

The Provincial Party Committee, the Minister of Organization, Minister of the Organization Department, the vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chen Jianfeng, the head of the relevant division of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the relevant departments of the relevant departments and Chengdu, the responsible comrades, colleges, research institutes and enterprises Representative, etc. participate in the meeting or opening ceremony.

(Reporter Li Wei Zhang Shu Shuai Xu Lisha) [Responsible Editor: Li Tingyu].

12 public representatives talked about Chengdu people’s livelihood practical things: build more parks with 都 味

  The Basic Building of the Phase I Project Sports Park in Yaju Shui Bank has completed the completion of "environmental rectification sometimes affects the life of the public." "" "" "" "" "" "" Other representative elements of Chengdu. "Now that Chengdu’s park homogeneous phenomenon is very serious, can you create more parks with 都 味?" How to further improve the quality of ecological environment in the city, continue to enhance the happiness of the public? " Can you add some seat bench during the remaining space under the second ring? In the construction of the park, how to add more cultural elements of the monk? … 12 Chengdu Minsheng Work Civil representatives participated in the supervision and inspection certificate, participated in the investigation of the 2021-year-old environmental people’s livelihood, visiting the Phase I Project Sports Park Node and Second Ring Road, Yongfei Liqiao Bridge District Park Point And put forward recommendations and opinions on the construction of ecological environment and city construction.

  "Environmental rectification needs to increase the interpretation of the inter-department" to improve the city’s environmental quality into the first phase of the city, the light blue runway is in the final repair. The construction of the two sides has been formed. After the investment promotion work is determined, it will provide more functional services to the public. As the 2021 water environment comprehensive management key project, the Yiju Water Shore Project covers 9 major rivers, including Jiang’an River, Qingshuihe, Huangshui, Wuhou District, with a total length of about 63 km.

The sports park nodes are situated by designing two theme ribilities, bringing leisure party experience points and sports venues, including football fields, basketball courts, badminton, table tennis courts.

  "In order to continuously improve the quality of ecological environment in the city, we focus on advanced science and technology this year, further strengthen environmental supervision technology support. The water environment of the Phase I Project Sports Park in Ineva Waterfront is so good, but also benefits from our implementation of the basin. Science and technology supervision means.

"Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, this year, the ecological environmental bureau, the citizen practical project, which is undertaken to strengthen the environmental supervision of key discharge units, complete 50 video surveillance systems, and 30 working conditions electricity supervision system pilot construction 30.

  Up to now, the content of the project has been completed, and 30 key discharged enterprises installed electrical data real-time monitoring equipment, through technology means, real-time, uninterrupted real-time supervision of key discharge companies.

  "Through the field visits, I really feel more changes in Chengdu. I am from ‘playing base’ to ‘full upgrade’." The public representative Liu Huijun has proposed some suggestions. He believes that the process of environmental remediation, Sometimes it will affect the life of the public. At this time, the linkage between the portions should be added to minimize this impact as much as possible. "The remaining space is more integrated into the" park should have functional and orientation "just along the overpass, I saw a lot of panda sculptures, although it is very cute, but I suggest it in the remaining space In the process, more representative elements of other Chengdu are more integrated.

"" The rest of the remaining space is mainly to meet the rest needs of the surrounding citizens to create a leisure space suitable for the whole age.

"When visiting the park of the Second Ring Road Yongfeng Liqiao Bridge District Park, many citizen representatives and relevant person in charge of the Park City Bureau talked about their concerns.

  According to reports, Yongfeng Liqiao District, Second Ring Road, located in Yongfeng Liqi, Wuhou District, and used the remaining space to create a "golden angle silver side" city update concept, in the overall plan "interest, elegant, and instrument" , "Interests" and "Ya" in the four sections, including fitness plazas, garden market, cold drink houses, etc. As a key people’s livelihood, the current double bridge, Yongfeng, Yingmenkou, 4 sets of landscape construction and park city scenes in the second ring road in the cutting tool have been completed. "Now there are many parks in Chengdu, but the same quality is also very serious. Can you create more parks with a rich park in terms of regional characteristics and culture?" Huang Ping, a citizen representative, told reporters, she liked it when leisure I went to the park, so she also found that many parks have the same landscape, and the business is similar. "The creating of the park is not only to solve the basic problem such as seat installation, street lighting, but also more about the people’s experience, both functional and ornamental, and have different attractive.

Huang Ping said.

(Chengdu Daily reporter Li Feifei / Figure) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Dit jaar is de Spring Festival Railway 253 miljoen.

  Gisteren (25e), is het 40-daagse 2022 spoorwegveerfestival succesvol, en de National Railway heeft passagiers miljarden gestuurd, een stijging van 16% van 16%; de National Railway wordt door 100 miljoen ton verzonden, die het jaar oud is op het jaar; Bank Winter Olympische Kolom 1205.

  Dit voorjaar implementeert het spoorwegafdeling het "eendaagse afbeelding" volgens de ticket pre-sale data- en passagiersverkeer, en betaal de wijzigingen in de situatie van de epidemische preventie- en controlesituatie, waarbij een dynamisch aanpassingsmechanisme wordt vastgesteld .

Aanpassen aan de wet van passagiers, de online ticketwijzigingstijd, de online ticketwijzigingstijd, de online ticketoverdrachtservice tijd, het online ticketing, enz. De meerderheid van de passagiers zijn veilig en gezond. Tijdens het Spring Festival waren er 8498 kolommen van passagierstreinen. Tegelijkertijd, hoge kwaliteit en effici?nte voltooiing van de Winter Olympic Transportation Service-taken.

Sinds de opening van de Olympische Winterspelen op 21 januari, tot het einde van het Spring Festival op 25 februari, in totaal 1205 kolommen van Winter Olympics, waaronder 9 kolommen openen en sluiten van ceremonies, Winter Olympics Service Quality won de hoge lof van National Atleten en evenementenpersoneel. In termen van belangrijk materiaaltransport en bevordering van elektrische kolen, China-Europese klasse, bleef de Western Land Haixin-kanaalklasse groeien.

Tijdens het Spring Festival kunnen de nationale 363 spoorweg directe energiecentrales met 18 dagen of minder worden verminderd, met een gemiddeld jaarlijks aantal dagen van meer dan 22 dagen.

Vakantiemateriaal en epidemische preventiematerialen, de belasting verhoogde jaar-op-jaar; het aantal Chinese Europese klassen steeg met 6% op jaarbasis, en de westelijke Luhai-nieuwe kanaalverschuiving steeg met 40% op jaarbasis om te zorgen de stabiliteit van de International Industrial Chain Supply Chain. (Reporter Sun Hongyang) (originele titel: de lentefestival spoorwegpassagier miljard van dit jaar).

Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued regulatory documents, strictly prohibited self-funded and mutual insurance

"Notice" requires insurance agencies to establish a sound self-guarantee business management mechanism and strengthen risk prevention.

The insurance institutions in Beijing have some degree of control of self-funded and interaction, but there is still a contradictory dispute, and the business management is irregular. In order to urge the insurance institution to perform the subject responsibility of the salesperson’s self-funded and interace management, "Notice" is emphasized that the insurance institution should establish a sound self-funded and interaced management system, requiring the obligation of policy rights, and insured approval processes. Performance assessment, risk monitoring, dispute processing, accountability and other aspects strengthen system construction.

Second, emphasis on insurance institutions should actively prevent resolution related risks. On the one hand, strengthen risk monitoring of key indicators such as self-funded, mutual bails, and business ratios, and find problems in timely disposal; on the other hand, properly handle self-funda, The complaints triggered by mutual babbles have taken effective measures to prevent resolution related risks.

The third is to strengthen the management of "recessive self-fundament", "Notice" requires insurance agencies to strengthen the management of sales staff to purchase insurance for relatives, and guide the insurance institution to actively explore the effective measures of implicit self-funded control.

The "Notice" requires the insurance institution to allow the self-insurance interactive business to participate in the assessment and cut off from normal purchase interests. Self-funded and interactions are more common in personal insurance.

In practice, there is a sales personnel to purchase insurance in order to advance, assessment, or arbitrage, and eventually trigger the problem of extrusion disputes, malicious complaints, false underwriting, affecting the normal development of the industry.

"Notice" is clearly supervised, and the insurance institution must not allow self-funded and interaction pieces to participate in any form of performance assessment and business competition; the second is to ask the insurance institution to purchase insurance products as sales staff, turn forward Or advance from the conditions. Cut off non-contained demand in the source, reduce contradiction disputes and risk events, thereby to torsionally develop the extensive development model of the industry "increasing increase" in a certain extent. The "Notice" requires the insurance institution to strictly control the operation of the self-insurance and insured business and protect the legitimate rights and interests of sales personnel.

In order to urge insurance agencies to make more stringent full-process control, "Notice", "Notice" is required to strictly control the self-funded self-funded, mutual protection, and pay for sales staff, payment capacity Waiting for the necessary review to ensure that the salesperson purchases insurance products according to the actual insurance needs and economic strength.

Second, for the prohibition of the prohibition of sales personnel, the legitimate rights and interests of the salesperson, etc., requires the insurance institution to ensure that the salesperson enjoys the rights of insurance consumers in accordance with the law, including the right to know, hesitation. Single, change or release the insurance contract.

The third is to emphasize the information of self-funded and interaction should be realized as the information of the policy sales personnel to ensure the real sales information.

Next, the Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau will introduce the "Notice" as an opportunity to further strengthen the management of sales staff in Beijing, improve the overall literacy of the sales team, promote the transformation of insurance institutions, and promote the healthy development of the insurance industry.

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Charme en Legend of London Financial City

[] Meer en meer Chinezen komen naar het Verenigd Koninkrijk, ze zijn verrast om te leren van de lokale gids, en Londen heeft een stad in de stad – Financi?le stad. Kijkend over de skyline van Londen, kunt u een financi?le stad van Londen vinden, de meest intense plaats van het hoogbouw is de "ingerichte vierkante mijl op de aarde".

Financi?le stad is aangesloten bij Londen op de administratieve sequentie, maar het lijkt meer op een "stedelijke stad" parallel, een beetje zoals Manhattan in New York, Central Hong Kong of Lujiazui in Shanghai. Maar financi?le stad is anders dan ze. Meer dan 800 jaar geleden was de financi?le stad Londen. Vandaag zal de Londense stad eruit groeien. Financi?le stad is zeer zelfbestuur, met zijn eigen onafhankelijke overheid en gerechtelijk systeem, evenals hun politie en burgemeester. Elk jaar zal de nieuwe burgemeester van de financi?le stad in het gouden rijtuig zitten om deel te nemen aan de Grand Insection Papers, en streven naar hun burgers. Sommige van de financi?le burgers missen de feitelijke managementrechten, omdat de burgemeester nu is, alleen de symbolische betekenis en het privé hem als "mascotte" noemen. Maar ambtenaren in de financi?le stad kennen de belangrijke rol in dit stadsspel in financi?le samenwerking in het Verenigd Koninkrijk en buiten de wereld.

London Financial City Aziatische ambassadeur MA XI LI kent het belang van de Britse en China om de handel en financi?le samenwerking in Groot-Brittanni? te vergroten.

In augustus dit jaar toonden de handelsgegevens die zijn vrijgegeven door de Britse regering dat het VK aanzienlijk is gegroeid in de som van financi?le en professionele diensten in China. Ma Xili is van mening dat dit goede nieuws en de harde werk betaald in de financi?le stad niet kunnen openen.

  Mensen praten altijd over financi?le stad. Wanneer u reist door de markt op Middles Saxax, of naar de zwarte monniksbrug over de rivier de Theems, voert u de vliegende draak van het St. George Cross Shield (Financial City Director-teken) gewoon deze richting en de rest van Londen elders in. Het is de meest ge?nteresseerde plek in de kapitalistische ontwikkeling. Het is de krachtigste plek in de markt. Het is ook een plek waar schandalen en ambities.

Sinds de geboorte van het gebouw heeft het gebouw de elite van de wereld uitgebreid en getuige van talloze dromen van ondernemers, slapen, teleurstelling en frustratie.

  Kijkend naar de financi?le stad, zie je dat het een hoog gebouw is dat wordt weerspiegeld in de zon. Tegenwoordig bevindt zich meer dan een derde van ‘s werelds vijfhonderd bedrijven zich in de financi?le stad, bijna alle internationale banken en financi?le instellingen hebben kantoren of vestigingen.

Het is ‘s werelds grootste valuta-handelsmarkt, er zijn tweederde van’ s werelds topwetsbedrijf, een tiende baan opgericht in de Britse hoofdstad, en duizenden ondernemers zijn hier geboren. Er is slechts meer dan driehonderd jaar geleden, en ik heb meer dan driehonderd jaar geleden ervaren, de World Fighter Bombard, tonk nu het oude huis van "Pure Blood", evenals de elektrische pijplijn vol, met metaal koud licht Lloyd de moderne enorme kolos zoals de Duitse verzekeringsmaatschappij.

  De white-collar-werknemers in het pak braken door hun eigen, en er was een kopje koffie in de hand, een tonijnsandwich of een elektronische sigaret.

Als u hen vraagt, 11 uur op 29 maart 2019 (offici?le "tijd" in het VK), zal de financi?le stad kleur hebben verloren? Ze zullen het je vertellen: "Financi?le stad is geen financieel centrum in Europa, maar het financi?le centrum van de wereld.

"Als u met hen debatteert, vermeldt u ook de" deterministische "in de financi?le stad – Frankfurt en Parijs kunnen de tijdzone niet vervangen (na de gesloten markt in Tokio, Hong Kong, Londen is bovendien gewoon open, met de New York van de middag, de transactietijd is voldoende, Londen kan praten over zaken, ‘s nachts en Noord-Amerika in de avond en Noord-Amerika), Engelse, historische financi?le diensten Traditie, perfecte infrastructuurconstructie, volledige wetten en voorschriften.

In deze zin bouwt Londen altijd macht en geld, deze stad is niet veranderd.

Alle teksten, afbeeldingen, audio- en video-manuscripten en elektronische tijdschriften zoals "Economisch Referentie Nieuws" of "Economisch Referentienetwerk" zijn auteursrechtelijk beschermd door het economische referentie-nieuws. Elke vorm publiceren en spelen.

Ten million yuan in the Ling Pharmaceutical

A difficult one, P Plus support. Taking the Ling Pharmaceutical profits in the field of medicine and great health, the first time is the first time to send urgently needed protective materials, including the flowers of the flower and the sediment capsules, and the antibacterial washing liquids. Continuous antibacterial spray, even the flower, the sachet, the disposable medical mask, etc. The batch of materials will be targeted to participate in the first line of people who participate in flood control and disaster relief. Among them, even the flower is the patented innovation Chinese medicine developed during the 2003 "SARS" period in 2003, which is the basic drug catalog and national medical insurance catalog variety. It has broad-spectrum antiviral effects, for SARS, A influenza virus, B Influenza, new coronavirus, and various ordinary cold viruses have a good inhibitory antagonistic effect, while effectively inhibiting a variety of bacteria, preventing pulmonary infection, improving the body’s immunity. Since the listing, even the flowers have been included in the National Health and Justice Committee and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration and other departments of the National Health Bureau and the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ebola, New Crown Pneumonia and other infectious disease treatment programs. Recommended medication. "Traditional Chinese Medicine Concentrates" has won the second prize of 2011 National Science and Technology Progress, which has become a representative drug in my country to respond to viral infectious public health incidents, and become a treatment of cold, flu, neoguanponic pneumonia and other breathing Family of systematic diseases standby drugs. In the international, there is a liquid in the hotspots in the eyes of overseas media. At present, there are more than 20 countries and regions such as Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, and Canada, and launched registration work in more than 30 countries, and gain international recognition and become a Chinese medicine to go out of the country. business card".

Even the flower and cough is a newly approved Chinese medicine patent medicine in May 2020, the national medical care variety, which has the effect of Xuanfei heating and phlegm and cough.

It not only can dilute the sputum, promote the discharge of sputum, and the sputum can alleviate the trachea, the broncho blockage, smooth respiratory; also reducing the inflammatory response, thereby reducing the high-reactivity caused by airway inflammation; The cough has a broad-spectrum antibacterial antivirus, which has inhibitory effect on golden Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, hemolytic streptococcus, pneumococcus, and the like.

At the same time, the prevention and treatment of new collar pneumonia was also confirmed by laboratory and clinical research.

Flower breathing health series is the herbal essence of drugs, medicine food homologous components, and the ability of virus and bacterial inhibition, killing, extends to the series of products developed in the protective product, through the resistance Broken virus people, physical pass, environmental sake of three paths to prevent disease infection and purpose. Flower foam / free antibacterial washing liquid, congenital antibacterial hand cream, conviced / clear antibacterial spray can eliminate and inhibit bacteria, viruses in the surrounding environment, protective respiratory tract is not outside bacteria, viruses Invading; losing the blossoms, one-time medical mask and other products protect the human nose, mouth, eyes, skin, etc., prevent external bacteria, viruses into the body. Drug and murder protective materials play a synergy, from the external environment to the human body surface, respiratory tract, form a full chain protection in the internal and external environment in the human body. In the face of flood disasters, do a good job in killing protection is especially important. Therefore, the Emergency transfer of Ridge Pharmaceuticals is 10 million yuan in personal epidemic prevention and murder.

Under the leader of "inheriting innovation, benefiting humanity", Ling Pharmaceuticals, long-term sense of social responsibility, has donated hundreds of millions of drugs, materials and funds in my country and the international disaster area in recent years, have been rescued in China and the international disaster area. The most social responsibility of listed companies, the social responsibility contribution prize of China Pharmaceutical Enterprises, China Health Public Welfare Star Top Ten Public Welfare Enterprises, Enterprise Social Responsibility Pioneer Prize.

The Linglong Pharmaceutical will continue to pay attention to Henan’s mood, and the dangerous moment is connected to Henan people. Watching each other, and pay tribute to each rescue worker who fights in front.

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China E Japo Devem Insistir Na Direo Correta Para laos Bilaterais, Diz Chanceler chinês

Beijing, 18nov (Xinhua) – OconselheirodeEstadoeministrodasRelaesExterioresdaChina, WangYi, assinalounestaquinta-feiraqueaChinaeoJapodevemajustar-sejuntosàprincipaltendênciadostemposeinsistirnadireocorretadasrelaesbilateraisparabeneficiarambosospovosdeumamelhormaneira, einjetarmaisenergiapositivaàááriosduranteumaconversatelefnicacomonovoministrodasRelaesExterioresdoJapo, YoshimasaHayashi, eindicouqueaChinaeoJaposoimportantespaísesnaregio, assimcomoasegundaeaterceiramaioreseconomiasdomundo, ês, FumioKishida, assumiuocargo, oslíderesdosdoispaísestiveraminteraespositivas, assinalouWang, indicandoqueopresidentechinês, XiJinping, eoprimeiro-ministroKishidaatingiramoimportanteconsensodequeambososladosdevemconstruirrelaesquecumpramcomasexigê, asduaspartesdevemfazerplanosbaseadosnoconsensoeaproveitaro50oaniversáriodanormalizaodasrelaesdiplomáticasentreChinaeJaponopróximoanocomoumaoportunidadeparafazeravanarasrelae (PCC) realizoucomsucessoasextasessoplenáriadoseu19oComitêCentralnoiníciodestemês, QuesublinhouqueOPCCS empreprestouatenoaofuturoedestinodahumanidadedeumaperspectivaglobalesempreestevenoladocorretodahistóípiosestabelecidosnosquatrodocumentospolíticosentreaChinaeoJapo, considereodesenvolvimentodaChinaobjetivaeracionalmenteetraduzaoconsensopolíticodequeosdoispaísessoparceirosdecooperaoenoameaasmútuasempolíémpediuesforosparagarantirquenohajavacilaes, retrocessosnemcruzamentodelinhasemassuntosimportantesrelacionadosàhistória, Taiwaneoutrostemas, oqueéimportanteparaabasepolíticadasrelaesChina-Japoeaconfianaefébáíveldevantagenscomplementares, benefíciomútuoeresultadosdeganha-ganha, protegerjuntosaestabilidadedascadeiasindustrialedesuprimentosglobais, assimcomoumambientejustoeabertoparaocomércioeoinvestimento,epromoverodesenvolvimentodealtaqualidadeeamelhoriadobem-estardospovosdeambosospaíúnicasdeproximidadegeográficaeafinidadeculturaleaproveitarosJogosOlímpicosdeInvernodeBeijingeoAnodePromoodeIntercambioCulturaleEsportivoChina-Japocomooportunidadeparacriarumaopiniopúblicaeumaatmosferasocialpositivas, ísesnaregio, aChinaeoJapodevemserconscientesdesuasresponsabilidadesinternacionais, praticarjuntosoverdadeiromultilateralismo, eresistiràqualquertentativadeprovocaraseparao, aconfrontaoouinclusiveumanovaGuerraFria, áemvigoremjaneirodopróximoano, equeaChiepromoodacooperaoeintegraoregionaisnaásia ,, ntosestratégicosrelativosaofuturodosdoispaíses, WangdisseesperarqueoJapopossacompreenderatendênciageral, teremmenteosinteressescomunsdopaísedaregio ,, Hayashidissequeatualmente, acomunidadeinternacionalseencontraemumperíododeimportantesmudanas, aásiaestátámaisatenoetemmaisexpectativasquantoàsrelaesJapo-China, áriodanormalizaodasrelaesdiplomáticasentreosdoispaísesnopróximoanocomoumaoportunidadeparafortalecerodiálogoeo sintercambios, aprofundaracooperaomutuamentebenéfica, fortalecerosintercambiosentreseuspovos, abordaradequadamenteasdiferenas, assumirasresponsabilidadesdiantededesafiosglobais, implementarconsensoscomoode "noserumaameaamútua" eavanarnaconstruoderelaesestáveiseconstrutivas, ípioseaposturadaChinasobreassuntosrelacionadosàsIlhasDiaoyu, HongKong, émtroca.

Tibet’s first special child sports rehabilitation training center

  Recently, the Special Children’s Sports Rehabilitation Training Center of Tibet Changdu City Special Education Center was put into use.

This is the first special child rehabilitation training center in Tibet with sports rehabilitation as the main content. It is understood that the center is jointly prepared by Tianjin Tianzhi Youth Sports Public Welfare Development Center, Tianjin Institute of Physical Education, Changdu Education (Sports) Bureau and Changdu City Special Education School. Tianjin Institute of Physical Education and Tianjin Tianzhi Youth Sports Public Welfare Development Center have raised more than 40 million yuan.

Teachers will be provided by Tianjin Sports Institute.

  Wang Jian, Dean of the School of Social Sports and Health Science, Tianjin Institute, said that special children’s sports rehabilitation training centers are designed for brain paralysis, limb disabilities, autism, and audiovisual disorders.

Through strength exercises, sports posture control, coordination and balance training, improve exercise capacity, promote special children return to society and improve their quality of life.

  Major Adolescent Sports Public Welfare Development Center, Ma Xiaowei, said that in order to mobilize the child’s enthusiasm, they have developed sports game courses and provide many sports equipment. (Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

Shaoxing: "Fingertip" painted new "Fengjing"

  A few days ago, the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session considered the "resolution of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China", "Fengqiao Experience" in the new era is written. In the past 58 years, "Fengqiao experience" has long been new, and after the "Digital Express", it is also given more new era characteristics and connotations. 15 minutes of convenience of the convenience of the convenience of the convenience of the convenience of the convenience of the 158 service items, 1103 "recent service points" convenient, 854 shared courts to send judicial services to the grassroots … From the farmland to neon urban, explore the urban social governance On the modern road, Shaoxing’s "Fengjing" is more beautiful.

  "Digital" Bao Mashan "skyline 5 people, we Asia-Pacific 3 people, 1 people in Haixin …" When the typhoon "Fireworks" landed this year, the inland water level rose, Shaoxing happened in Cao Yue, when the emergency team When the news was sent to the working group, as a "compartment", a 20-person emergency team was built within 10 minutes, and the night patrolling on the waterfront. Shaoxing has more than 30,000 people, countless public welfare organizations, how to get together the social governance team that flows through the ground, form a "fist" that only guards the peace? Shangyu Baiguan Street Joint Police Station piloted, "Digital Lunition Police", incorporated more than 40 units and the police team into the "Maple Bridge" command system, building a "digital security community", this year, the jurisdiction The law and security police fell over 20% year-on-year.

  The people are endless, and the smart is boundless.

This is the innovation of Shaoxing insisted on the development of "Fengqiao experience" in the new era.

  In recent years, Shaoxing has borrowed digital reform opportunities, comprehensively enhancing the risk warning, prediction and preventive ability of population intensive activities, will involve the "Thousands of lines" of grassroots governance into "one network", using digital means throughout the smallest mesh unit, The Warrior Participate in the peace together, and the people who have a number of people in peace of mind, and truly open the "last kilometer" of social governance.

  Community Security Social Security. In the streets of Shaoxing Keqiao District, there were many foreign mobile populations. In the past, telecom fraud cases were frequent.

Since last year, the Anchang Police Station launched the "Director", "Master", "Grid discouraged" "precision law", "precision law", now the case rate is a significant decline in year-on-year.

  At present, Shaoxing City "City, County," "three-level classification and early warning system has been completed, the anti-fraud has been turned from the past police" people defense "to" intellectual defense, reflexive, secret defense ", through the migrant autonomy," national " Crama platform. At present, more than 70,000 early warning, potential victims have been precise, with an interception of 73 million yuan, and the city’s telecom fraud will decline in May.

  Today, technology empowerment has become the most significant feature of Shaoxing City Social Governance.

Through a "microscale" means, the masses are talked about anytime, anywhere, organized.

From January to September this year, Shaoxing Ping An index is higher than the province. "Professional" Solving the Village Society is the first door for the grassroots masses.

With the grassroots level, the inconsistency disputes are also increasingly transformed into "seeking legal support" from the original "there is something little noisy".

  How to meet the growing judicial needs of the masses? Since this year, Shaoxing multi-sectoral combines digital reforms to move the judicial service station to the masses of the masses.

  "Now I don’t have to take a few hours of bus to the court. I can let the judge to mediate at the door." The first two days, in the "Sharing Court", Shaoxing City, Shandong Street, 66, 66, Wang Laobo, who is 66 years old, in Yuecheng District Under the long-distance mediation guidance of the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce, I got my own injury compensation, solved the troubles of trouble for a long time.

  This is a microcosm of the city’s base "digital rule of law". In the second half of this year, Shaoxing fully strengthened the construction of "shared court", building an efficient cooperation underline online, integrated contradiction between overall integration, and resolving the work closed loop and enhancing the performance of social governance.

At the same time, in the grassroots level, the "spent expert outpatient", "spent expert clinic", conflict, multi-sector industry sector, contradiction, multi-sector field, and contradiction, and the real thing for contradiction disputes.

In the past, the complaints of the masses were long and the sectors were not smooth, and the disputes were "expanded".

This year, "People’s Incompower" application is online, the masses can express their appeals online through video visits, speech visits, telephone visits, etc., can also be jointly resolved through lawyers, township. The policeman and mens will visit the visiting public opinion to visit, and then turn to the application, then turn to the corresponding functional department to follow up, realize a mouthful of mouth, and the masses of zero errands.

  In addition, in order to address the complicated demand for the contradiction disputes brought about urban and rural economic development, Shaoxing Municipal Justice Bureau divided the grid legal consultant with "standardized, specialized, wisdom", as of October this year, 2542 service grids in the city covered near 660,000 market entities, including rural cooperatives such as rural cooperatives, established rural cooperatives. The average service worker serves 391 service, covers 100%.

  "Hello," Post-Intry ", is it 110? I suspect that I bought a fake in the store." On 12:00 on November 3, I bought a pack of cigarettes in a small selling store on the roadside of Shaoxing, Zhanghu Street, Shaoxing. Xiao Liu, I think the cigarette taste is wrong, so I choose alarm.

After receiving the call from the police officer, the Zhangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau received the call, immediately sent a single, market supervision and administration, tobacco bureau, and 15 minutes after the disposal personnel were collected. After professional identification, the possibility of fake cigarettes were excluded.

After the process is handled, both parties expressed the issue of high-efficiency and convenient people.

  Since the launch of the "Maple" collaborative governance platform, Luzhou City has declined by 41%, and the contradictions and disputes have increased the rate. The masses have achieved the enlightenment from "heel" to "fingertips". In September 2017, Shaoxing Maple Fengqiao Town Innovation "One Certificate", 39 village-level matters can be held in the village, and the "sports leg tie" composed of 28 members in the town, when the masses have already shouted.

After 4 years, the self-service integrated machine instead of "running leg group", household registration certificate, Hong Kong and Macao pass, etc., can "follow", 168 convenience service matters to realize online, identity information change Achieving a lot of things "one window can do". Township New Road, the four-way, accelerated the pace of the villagers ‘common prosperity, and quickly and convenient digital applications also make the grassroots service and villagers’ distance getting closer.

  Up to now, Shaoxing Public Security has established 1103 police station window, self-service area, driving pipe extension point, and village agent point, and the "15 minutes of convenience service circle", and people’s livelihood. High-frequency matters network ownership rates.

In the second half of this year, with the electronic residence permit in Shaoxing, more migrant workers have enjoyed convenience. "Minsheng’s little things look into the eyes, but do things are a small step every nearly a small step, and people’s livelihood services can improve a big cut." After the Maple Bridge has been a 6-year-old policeman’s 90 Zhao Xin sigh, it is a year of year Advance with the times, there is a beautiful "Fengjing" in the new era.

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Some local grassroots governance have a "suspension" phenomenon, how to break?

Grassroots governance is the cornerstone of national governance. In recent years, the grassroots governance has become increasingly attached importance to the 19th National Report of the Party, "Promoting the Social Governance of the Heart Society", the "Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Strengthening the Central Governance System and the Modernization of the Modernization" proposing " Grassroots decentralization. " These proposals and initiatives show that solving the problem of grassroots governance suspension has become a core issue that needs to facilitate the modernization of grassroots governance. 1 Suspended performance and essence is relatively clear for promoting the center of gravity of social governance, and the policy spirit and reform direction is relatively clear, that is, put more governance resources to the grassroots, providing a better service to the broad masses of services. At present, suspended has become an important concept of the longitudinal relationship between grassroots governance, and it has also become an important reason for explaining the problem of governance. Since the 21st century, the county and township’s financial system reform has continued to advance, and the model of "township management" has been established, and the resource of township governments and rural society has weakened.

From the beginning of financial rights, the right to the right, human rights are gathered.

This aspect improves the intensive utilization of resources. On the other hand, some grassroots governments have an imbalance between the responsibility and the underlying responsibility, some places have suspended phenomenon. The resuspension phenomenon can be broken down into the following levels: First, the power suspension, management rights and law enforcement rights are more configured to the superior government and its functional departments, the grassroots government lacks handling and solving problems; the second is the value of suspension, policy spirit Staying on the file, leading to "there is policy, under countermeasures", the upper and lower value appeals are needed to be integrated; the third is to configure resource suspended, and the people who really face problems are difficult for miles, and human property and other resources are mainly governed by the higher level government. Some local governments are also used to seeing their eyes, and there is a lack of attention and investment on grassroots governance.

Further, the emergence of suspension issues is also related to the national governance modernization transformation. On the one hand, the governance main body needs more responsibility for social management and public services, so it requires state strength to sink, continuous interaction with the grassroots; on the other hand, the social fluidity is enhanced, the demand for public service is increased, and the management is difficult to improve. The public has also put forward higher requirements for the government’s governance. Therefore, the suspension surface is seen as the relationship between the grassroots governance upper and lower levels. It is the problem of relevant government service response speed, operational efficiency, flow transfer, resource allocation and mass satisfaction.

2 Promote the gravity of the management, the resource sinks solve the grassroots governance suspension problem, and it is necessary to promote the gravity of the management, and the resources are sinking.

The government must focus on intricate governance needs, scientifically configured governance resources, actively respond to social needs, and meet people’s pursuit of good life, improve the efficiency efficiency of grassroots governance. Currently, the reform and innovation initiatives of the center of gravity all over the world mainly include the following: First, strengthen the party’s organization construction, implement the party building lead, and improve the coordination of coordination; secondly to empower the level of empowerment, such as the management and law enforcement rights And enrich the grassroots management team, etc. Full coverage.

These initiatives have achieved a certain effect, the next step, also need to focus on several aspects.

First, to promote the top design of the grassroots governance system, began to do strong grassroots governance systems according to the principles of rights and matters.

Promote the organization and institutions and townships (streets) and villages (community) party organizations jointly build the regionalized party building platform. Second, according to the requirements of "high-efficiency, it" has accelerate the "micro-cell" construction of grassroots governance, promoting service station, grooming linkage platform, and village management micro platform and other construction, combing business mechanisms and processes, equipped with Governance and service resources.

Third, make full use of modern information technology, improve the intelligent level of grassroots governance, open data barriers, sectors, regions, and business, and shorten the chain, links and time of the business. Fourth, it is necessary to further empower the base main body, establish and optimize all kinds of people calls, the complaints of the vitality of the vitality, driving the efficient operation of the grassroots governance system by solving the problem, and configuring resources according to problems, Improve the precision and satisfaction of grassroots governance. Source: "Half Month Talk" 2021, 21st, 20021, original title: "Cartree down, crack grassroots governance suspension" Author: Han Zhiming (Author Han Zhiming (Author Shanghai Jiaotong University China Urban Governance Research Institute, Professor, doctoral student tutor).