Who can live a happy life with

Who can live a happy life with

If you are a person with a strong mind, you can sacrifice time, gain, and even friendship, kindness and justice for the success of your career.

That’s okay, if your wife is just like you, enough ideas for success, then you will be like a pair of excellent partners, you can plot together every night.

Of course, the legal and ethical issues raised are beyond this.

  If you are born indifferent to life and only want to have two or two confidants, a good book, then you also need to have someone who shares the same philosophy of life with you and can appreciate your life.

  I have two couple friends, one who pursues hedonism and actively advocates all entertainment and tourism projects; the other is a cautious economist, to prevent old age, to raise children, and to take the bus and also consider the subwayMoney or buses save money.

The two couples each had their place, and their lives were sweet.

If it were changed . the consequences would be unimaginable.

  So I insist that it doesn’t matter who you are. What’s important is to find someone who is consistent with your life philosophy.

The so-called radish and greens have their own love. I believe there must be someone who appreciates you and is just like you.

Don’t look for the wrong person, you must know that your advantage in one person’s eyes may be an unacceptable evil in the eyes of another person.

  In addition, there is another element of marriage, not personality, not how much money is made, nor the taste of eating and whether he has a bad smell, but whether you can truly relax in front of each other.

  I once read an article about how a Japanese wife pleases her husband: calculate the time when her husband is away from work, hurry up before he puts on his makeup, and put on the most beautiful clothes. The moment he opens the door to the husband, he shows perfection.Smile.

In the evening, before the husband changed his clothes, he lay down on the bed, dressed in sexy pajamas, sprinkled with scented perfume, and turned on the dim lights.

In the morning, it is necessary to wake up before the husband wakes up, otherwise he will see what’s going on with the unkempt face beside the pillow.

He had to open his eyes to see the fresh bathing beauties and breakfast in a delicate tray.


To do this, at least a full-time housewife can take a nap at noon.

Otherwise, professional women, who can shake their spirits for 24 hours, who can stand it!

Not to mention that there are also times when you are in a bad mood and when you are sick.

  Therefore, the second element of marriage is that you can not brush your teeth and wash your face in front of each other; you can raise your feet on the table; you can cry loudly; you can talk loudly and say that you want the old one to wear small shoes for youThe boss is sick, you can replace it . In short, all the most real, beautiful and ugly, kind and vicious, you dare not cover up in front of each other, congratulations, you have found someone who can live a lifetime.
  One of my girlfriends has been with her boyfriend for three or four years. The boyfriend mentioned marriage several times, and the girl couldn’t think of any reason to object, but she felt that something was wrong.

Suddenly one day, I realized that I felt close to my boyfriend.

My boyfriend was anxious and said that we have done the closest things, where else are you not close to me!

The girl said I don’t want to brush my teeth in front of you.

  The two ended up breaking up.

It can be seen that a person who can live a lifetime can encounter nothing and can not be achieved as long as he has accumulated time.

Some people feel familiar at the first meeting. Some Jia Baoyu first met Sister Lin. Of course, this is the highest state, and it is not easy for ordinary mortals to reach.

But if you have been in contact with each other for three or five years, you will be tired.

Today’s work is very competitive. If you are at home, you will feel completely relaxed.

What fruit is good for menopause

What fruit is good for menopause

In the process of aging, people not only have changes in their metabolic and physiological functions, but also have a decline in their ability to adjust their functions and reduce their resistance.

Women’s menopause has the same nutritional aspects as the middle-aged and elderly, and has special requirements.

What fruit is good for women during menopause?

  (1) Jujube has been classified as a top quality fruit for health and fitness since ancient times, and its nutritional value is higher than other fruits.

It has special effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, and nourishing the body.

  (2) Walnut is known as “longevity fruit” and is a good nutritious fruit.

Motherland medicine has long documented its health effects, and it is believed to have effects such as “nourishing kidney and solidifying essence, invigorating qi and blood, invigorating blood veins, warming the lungs, intestines, and replacing teeth”.

  (3) The lychee shape is beautiful, the quality is delicate, and the ancients respect it as the best product in the fruit. It is called the fairy fruit, which is the tonic product that people always like to use.

There are Shengjin, Qi effect.

  (4) Longan was known as longan in the ancient times, and is as famous as litchi.

The nutritional value is far above ordinary fruits. Since ancient times, it has been called a nourishing good product like lychee.

How to catch signs of child malnutrition

How to catch signs of child malnutrition

[Introduction]Every parent is worried about the child’s malnutrition, and wants to know the child’s nutritional status as soon as possible and make adjustments.

It’s not difficult, now I will tell you a few signs of malnutrition in your child.

※ A large number of research data on emotions show that if the mood is poor, especially when abnormal changes occur, it is suspected that some nutrients in the body have been deficient.

● Depressed, unresponsive, numb expression.

Explain that the body lacks protein and iron, and should eat aquatic products, meat, dairy products, livestock and poultry blood, egg yolk and other high protein and high iron foods.

● Worry, panic, insomnia and forgetfulness.

It means that the body’s B vitamins are insufficient. At this time, supplementing with some legumes, animal livers, walnut kernels and other foods rich in B vitamins can greatly replace them.

● Perseverance and cowardice.

Mostly caused by insufficient vitamin A, B, C and calcium intake, so animal liver, fish, shrimp, milk, fruits and vegetables should be supplemented.

※ Behavior ● Does not love interaction, acts lonely and clumsy.

Mostly the result of lack of vitamin C in the body, adding pre-supplemented vitamins to the diet such as tomatoes, oranges, apples, cabbage and lettuce is the best treatment.

The mystery is that the methyl salicylate and vitamin C contained in these foods can enhance the information transmission function of the nerves, thereby alleviating or eliminating the above symptoms.

● Behavior is not commensurate with age, and it is childish and ridiculous than children of the same age.

Inadequate intake of certain protein, it is imperative to increase high-protein foods such as lean meat, beans, milk, eggs and so on.

● Molar teeth at night, twitching hands and feet, easy to wake up.

These are often signals of calcium deficiency, and green vegetables, dairy products, fish floss, shrimp skin and other foods should be added in time.

● I like confetti, cinder, and soil.

The fundamental behavior is called “eating habit”, which is mostly related to the lack of iron, zinc, manganese and other mineral elements in the body.

Kelp, fungus, mushrooms, and other zinc-containing impurities, and high levels of zinc and manganese in seafood such as poultry and oysters, should be the ideal dish for this kind of child.

※ The “worm spot” on the facial skin refers to one or more pieces of hypopigmented circular or oval patches on the child’s face, which are reddish at first, then turned pale, with clear edges and covered with a small amount of fine scalesAnd there is mild itching.

In addition to the face, it can also be seen on the upper arms, parts or shoulders.

People believe that this spot is a sign of tapeworm parasite in the child’s stomach, so it is called “worm spot”.

But this is not the case.

This change, which is characterized by superficial, dry scaly, light-colored spots, is actually a skin disease, called pure pityriasis, originating from vitamin deficiency, and is also an early sign of malnutrition.

When your child has “worm spots”, do n’t just give the child an insecticide. The correct way is to adjust the recipe, increase the variety of food, supplement the vitamins, and take vitamins under the guidance of a doctor if necessaryhighest.

Cut salaries and seek another job or stick to the ground

Cut salaries and seek another job or stick to the ground

“Salary reductions and layoffs”, this mellow and changing topic, has recently been accompanied by the financial crisis that has hit professionals in various industries.

The impact of reduced external demand on the domestic economy has begun to spread beyond the realm of foreign trade and export to the real economy. Career consultants believe that layoffs and salary cuts are a helpless option for some companies to reduce labor costs.

If you are laid off, there is no way you have to leave.

But what about salary cuts?

Should we go or stay?

  Case Perspective: Ms. Jiang was an executive director of an energy company. Some time ago, the company suddenly announced that the company had difficulty operating and temporarily withdrawn all front-line administrative positions. The executive director could stay in office.

However, the salary needs to be reduced to the salary of ordinary administrative staff. Those who agree can extend the agreement, and those who disagree can leave the company. The company will compensate according to the layoff standard.

Although Miss Jiang was not laid off, her salary cut hit her.

Although my previous salary was not very high, but at least I can still meet the basic expenses. Now it is distributed according to the salary of ordinary administrative staff. Then it is equivalent to getting 1,800 yuan a month. After paying social security, it is basically less than half of the previous salary.

Because I have just given birth to a child, the mortgage and child support costs are very large. I only bear my own husband to bear the pressure.

After the salary cut, life is definitely hard, but if you want to leave, how easy is it to live in such a big environment?

I wonder if I should leave or stay?

  Mr. Shen attended the Foreign Languages Department at the University, majoring in English with a minor in Japanese.

I originally planned to translate the engineer after graduation, but I accidentally contacted a distant relative who started a foreign trade company at home. I knew all the substitutions of foreign trade people engaged in the foreign trade industry, and the customer groups and frequent business trips abroad, so I graduatedLater joined the foreign trade industry and began a foreign trade career.

In the first two years, Mr. Shen did earn a lot of commission because of the large amount of external demand required and the favorable state policies.

But starting last year, Mr. Shen found it increasingly difficult to make it.

The appreciation of the renminbi, domestic costs continue to rise, and peer competition is constantly fierce. Old customers are easily lost, and even many old customers have moved to other countries in Southeast Asia where costs have fallen, but new customers have become increasingly difficult to develop.

Last year, I managed to get through it. Where do I know that this year also encountered a financial crisis? This fairly small foreign trade company also said that it was difficult to operate, and all employees needed to reduce their salaries.

My own basic salary of 2,500 yuan was reduced to 1500, and I have not received a high commission for a long time. My life is getting more and more difficult!

  Case analysis: According to the latest news, Wuhan Iron and Steel and Baosteel are considering salary reductions. Among them, Wuhan Iron and Steel employees plan to reduce their salaries by 20%, and the above-mentioned cadres intend to reduce their salaries by 50%.

Earlier news, Vanke, Central Plains cut wages and layoffs; China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines cut wages and layoffs; frequency converter, Amoi was forced to cut labor costs; PetroChina began to lay off staff significantly . salary cuts and layoffs have affected real estate, trade, manufacturing, energy, aviation, Petrochemical, IT, securities, finance, printing and other industries.

  So, in such a severe environment, is it safe to consider yourself unlucky if you cut your salary?

actually not.

  The company’s internal staff reduce salary costs. If it is really difficult to operate and take measures to reduce staff and pay, then the prospect is also worrying.

On the other hand, if you do not lay off your employees and take a salary reduction approach to you, the company recognizes your work performance.

So in this situation, go or stay?

Career consultants believe that there are several factors to look at: Is the job suitable for you?

Including industry positions and various factors of the enterprise platform.

What is the industry background and development trend of the company?

What is your own development space in the company?

After the pay reduction, will it cause difficulties for myself and my family?

If you stay, how should we go in the future to develop better?

If you leave, are you competitive to go better?

So where is your competitiveness?

Where exactly is this platform?

How should I cut in?

  Then according to the actual situation of Miss Jiang and Mr. Shen, combined with the status and development of the industry platform and workplace in the industry, and a comprehensive analysis and evaluation, both Miss Jiang and Mr. Shen need to leave, but they need to “donkey to find a horse” and cannot leave immediately.

We helped them determine what they are suitable for next, and what they can cut into. There are specific industry positions for the development of the work platform, as well as full tracking in the job search, to ensure that they can ride on a “horse” that is more suitable for them, and put the riskPress to the lowest.  In the global economic crisis, companies or individuals have difficulties in different situations, and the wave of salary cuts and layoffs is going crazy.

So if you face pay cuts, go or stay?

Career advisors recommend that you should not be impulsive or stay still. Whether you leave or stay, you need to consider the actual situation and make the correct choice.

Yoga local weight loss detox slimming

Yoga local weight loss detox slimming

The weather is getting warmer and warmer, and the thick cotton coats will be replaced by skirts soon. Want to drive away the extra aunts in different positions on the body?

Not only should you pay attention to a balanced diet, but also do some exercise appropriately. The following editor of China Yoga Net introduces a set of local detox yoga to focus on tightening your upper and lower body muscles and reshape the beautiful lines!

  Yoga partial weight loss and fitness arm step1 First kneel on both knees, then press the palms to support the body; step2 Pull the right foot back hard, and lift the toes as far as possible, repeat the left foot; step3 face forward and use the arms and feetThe strength of the body supports the body, keeping the movement about 10?
For 20 seconds, repeat the entire set if necessary.

  Yoga partial weight loss and beautification of the back muscles step1 First lie on the ground, face the floor, then raise your head, put the upper side close to the side, palms to the sky; step2 put your hands back, and then lift your upper body backwards; step3 and then force your feet equallyLift off the ground, make a V-shaped state, and try to keep the movement for about 10?
15 seconds.

  Partial weight loss in yoga Shaping the waistline Step1 First support your body with your palms and toes, keeping your arms straight; step2 your body is facing to the left, balance with one hand, and support your body with both feet and your right arm; 3step3, straighten your left hand and forceRaise upwards and contract upwards with waist force, keep the movement for about 10 seconds with natural breathing speed, and repeat the left and right directions.

  Asian women and women who often sit in the office usually have too much lower body seriousness. Due to lack of activity, it is easy to have gastrointestinal problems and increase stool formation. There are three types of exercises that focus on the lower body to increase water absorption and help reduce body shape.
  Partial weight loss yoga knocks down the belly. Step1 Sit on the ground first, then bend your knees and use your hands to tighten the thighs; step2 use the strength of the abdomen and back to lift your feet for 10 seconds; step3 try to release your hands and keep the same posture for aboutTen seconds, tighten the abdominal muscles.

  Yoga partial weight loss and firm chest step1 stand straight forward and lean forward slightly, then put your hands on the thighs to stand still; step2 for sitting down, hands forward, remember to keep your feet tight, keep the movement for about 10 seconds; step3Finally, keep your knees flexed and try to straighten your hands to the sky, maintaining the movement for about 5?
10 seconds.

  Yoga partial weight loss Slim thigh step1 first stand forward, support the waist, and then take a big step forward; step2 slightly bend the left foot, pull the right foot backwards, and press down on the upper body.

Note that the feet must be kept close to the ground; step3 flexes the left foot to 90, and pulls the right foot as far as possible, with both hands closed and straight to the sky. Pay attention to maintaining posture and stay for 5?
10 seconds, then switch to the other side and repeat the action.

  Excess meat on the arms, hips, and waist is usually a difficult complication. In addition to insisting on practicing the above yoga exercises, it is recommended to match appropriate aerobic exercise and eat snacks or high sugar and high salt foods to increase body shape.Effect.

The defensive trick to deal with spring difficulties

The “defensive trick” to deal with spring difficulties

In the spring, many people experience symptoms such as drowsiness, fatigue, astringency, dizziness, lack of energy and lethargy, which is medically called “spring sleepiness”.
  To cope with the “spring difficulties”, what are our “defense tricks” in the usual food, clothing and housing?
  合理饮食是大脑的清醒剂,适当的春补可使人精力充沛  合理安排一日三餐:早饭应吃些含淀粉的主食,它代谢后生成的糖类是大脑惟一可利用的热卡,且Protein non-staple foods, such as egg milk, soy milk, and meat, should be added to ensure vigorous energy throughout the day, accounting for 30% of the total calories; Chinese food should appropriately eat more high-protein nutritional products such as soy products, peanuts, fish and poultry eggs, etc.To supplement the body’s consumption.
These foods are high in methionine, which has the effects of cold resistance and disease resistance.
Should not eat more dinner, so as not to affect sleep and increase the symptoms of spring sleepiness.
  The diet should be light and properly tonic.
Greasy foods can cause tiredness and depression, which will aggravate the phenomenon of “spring sleepiness”.
Spring supplement principle: It is advisable to apply supplements, clear supplements, and food supplements, and to supplement medicines for special groups, such as lotus heart, yam, lily, lentils, and red dates, it is best to make medicinal porridge to eliminate fatigue and strengthen the body.energy.
  Consumption of sufficient protein: high-quality protein can enhance physical strength, vigorous energy, eliminate “spring sleepiness”, and is rich in casein amino acids that can make the brain awake and alert, so you should eat more beef and mutton, fish, animal offal, chicken and duck meat andQuails and more.
  Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and supplement vitamins and minerals: Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and rich in minerals that maintain cellular moisture.
Should eat more bananas, grapes, oranges, apples and coriander rich in potassium and magnesium-rich fruits, because lack of potassium can make muscles weak, weak, and distracted.
  At the same time, this season, with the coming of spring, in order to supplement the internal force, some people use medicine to supplement, some use food tonic, and some people have suggested that the medicine is not as good as the god.
  The so-called God is the synthesis and generalization of the vitality of human life, which is also the mental outlook of a person.
Shenbu is to make the cerebral cortex vasodilatation, subcutaneous central and autonomic nervous system function coordination, normal secretion of various glands through spiritual pleasure, and promote the health of the body. It cannot be replaced by any medicine or nutrition.
  Furthermore, people’s living standards are generally improving now, and the amount of nutritional intake from the diet basically meets or exceeds the needs of the body. If they take supplements, they will certainly be counterproductive.
Therefore, “medicine is not as good as food, and food is not as good as god”.
So, how to do “God Supplement”?
  With green eyes, the spring returns to the earth, with new green eyes and sprouts of plants, which make people look good.
When we are tired and bored, we will naturally feel refreshed and comfortable when we stroll in the lush forest or grassland.
Medical experts believe that green is soft and bright, and the reflection of light is relatively weak. It can absorb ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the eyes in the sun and does not harm the eyes. It can eliminate visual fatigue and relieve tension in people’s brains.
  Taqing has a beautiful spring with fitness and beautiful mountains and rivers. It is a great time for spring to travel.
Taqing can not only make you feel relaxed and happy after relaxation, but also can promote your body’s metabolic function, strengthen blood circulation, regulate the nervous system to normal, strengthen the cardiopulmonary function, and allow the whole body’s muscles and bones to exercise.The current “sunbathing” can also make your skin healthy and bright.
  Kite flying is a blood-pumping kite that takes your family out to fly a kite.
Fly a kite, move your muscles and bones, lean forward and backward from time to time, eye tracking and looking far away, combining movement and static, hands, feet, eyes and brain move simultaneously and coordinate with each other.
Flying a kite can both be fun and refreshing.
  Cultivating good tastes and hobbies with hobbies is the best way for God to make up.
For example, raising flowers and grasses not only beautifies the environment, but also purifies the air, which is good for physical and mental health.
  Experimental demonstration: People walking between flower and grass gardens each day can increase endurance by 15%, reduce skin surface temperature by 1 ° C to 2 ° C, reduce pulse rate by 4 to 8 times per minute, and reduce fatigue time by 80%.The human sense of smell, hearing, sight and touch is improved to the best.
No wonder some people say that flowers and plants are our best “health doctors”.
  Hobbies such as calligraphy, painting, writing, and bird keeping are all good ways for God to make up. As long as he likes and can cultivate his temperament, he will not be restricted to any form.
For example, practicing calligraphy requires a high concentration of concentration. You can use pens to wrap the front, brush the dragons and snakes, and use the eyes, hands, and hearts together. If you practice to a certain extent, you can communicate the internal Qi to the pen end to achieve the effect of qigong.
  To control and regulate emotions, skin nerves are also controlled by the brain. If the spirit is not good or the tension, fear, depression, etc. for a long time, it will lead to poor skin blood circulation, insufficient nutrition supply, make the skin pale, wrinkled, and prematurely aging.

Malangen stewed pig lungs for tuberculosis fever cough

Malangen stewed pig lungs for tuberculosis fever cough

Malangen stewed pig lungs[Materials]1 pig lung, 100g of malangen, ginger, sesame oil, small Xu.

  [Practice]First remove the blood bubbles from the pig’s lungs, wash and cut into pieces; add 600 ml of water, boil over high heat, skim off the foam;Simmer over low heat until crispy, add MSG and drizzle with sesame oil.

  [Take]Take the heat service twice.

  [Efficacy]cooling blood to stop bleeding; clearing away heat and dampness; detoxification and swelling, tonify lung and cough.

  [Indications]For lung cough caused by pulmonary yin deficiency type tuberculosis, the symptoms include dry cough with little sputum, or blood in the sputum, dry throat, dry hands and feet, or hot flashes in the afternoon, reduced diet, rednessThe tongue is sharp red.

Yoga in the fitness world

Yoga in the fitness world

Extreme, yoga is popular all over the world.

More and more fitness clubs are offering yoga classes.

Oscar actor Helen, Hunter, and Madonna are relentlessly practicing yoga; and some famous big companies such as NIKE, APPLE, etc. invite yoga hinges to teach employees every week to improve work efficiency. In China, more and moreThe more people start paying attention to yoga and practicing yoga.

  Reasons for the popularity of yoga: 1.

Safe physical and mental healing is one of the most important achievements of yoga practice. It will not bring you replacement. Without compulsiveness, anyone can achieve a good state by constantly practicing yoga.


The effective yoga practice of yoga has a locking effect on increasing insomnia, depression, and insanity. It can also eliminate stress, regulate the endocrine system, and improve poor eating habits.

In many countries, yoga is used as an adjuvant treatment for adjuvant treatment of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and indigestion.

  For those who pay attention to physical beauty, yoga is also an immediate fitness and bodybuilding activity. It is very targeted to shape the body and is also very good for muscle recovery.


Fun yoga is a natural and enjoyable process.

Breathing and pressurizing methods are used to mediate people’s emotions and relieve the tension and stress brought by the rhythm of life of modern people.

Tibetan Yoga

Tibetan Yoga

Core Tip: You will no longer give the green light for your health on the grounds that you do n’t have time to exercise. Tibetan Yoga 5 styles, time is controlled by yourself, exercise is busy, why not?

  This is an exercise suitable for anyone, any mentality, and sorting. The time can be short or long, the speed can be fast or slow, and it can be combined with other exercises to achieve a stronger effect. In this exercise, “persistence” is the easiest.The rest of the concept is to observe the experience of the body and the heart, and you will hear the needs of the ego.

  Beginning of the course: When practicing Tibetan style 5, keep your eyes open, inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth.

  The first type of body stands straight, exhales, and stretches out to the sides to keep parallel to the ground. The palms are down, the arms are aligned with the vertical, and then rotate in a clockwise direction. The number of turns depends on the individual, and can be rotated from 1 to 21.Circle, stop when you feel dizzy.

(Note: Do not exceed twenty-one laps in a day. When standing upright, keep your feet close together. Do not spread your feet too far when rotating. Do not stare at someone on a target.) Breathing: Breathe naturally.

  The second type of preparation: Lie on your back (on the mat) with your arms on your side, palms facing down, your fingers close together, and your arms flat and flat.

  Operation: Exhale first, then inhale and raise your head. Try to press your chin close to the collarbone. At the same time, lift your legs close together. Do not bend the two to make your legs and your body at 90 degrees.

If possible, try moving your legs towards your head.

Stop in this position for more than six seconds, and then slowly exhale, turning your legs and head back to the floor at the same time (cannot be separated and bent).

After adjusting the rate, repeat the training.

  Breathing: Inhale when you raise your head and exhale, and exhale when you lower.

  The third type of preparation: Fold the front end of the cushion, knees on the shoulders and shoulders wide, with your toes on the ground, your upper body straight, your hands and your hands on the back of your thighs, your head relaxed, and your chin trying to be close to the collarbone.On the ground.

  Operation: After exhaling, first inhale and lift your head and chest, try to bend your upper body and head backwards. When you ca n’t lift it again, hold your breath for more than six seconds, then exhale to lift your body up, return to the preparation mode, and repeat the exercise.

  Breathing: Inhale when leaning back and exhale when standing.

  The fourth type of preparation: sit upright with your legs stretched apart (about thirty centimeters, which is the intersection of your feet near the cushion), with your arms straight, your palms next to your side, and your chin close to your collarbone.

  Operation: Exhale first, then inhale and lift your head backwards. When you look at the ceiling, lift your palms up slowly, slowly raise the vertical and tilt, the limbs are perpendicular to the ground, the body is parallel to the face, and the head and neck are backwards.Lie down, hold your breath for more than six seconds, then slowly exhale and re-insert your body. When your legs are straight, drop your shoulders back into place. Do not move your heels all the way.

Relax for a while, then repeat the exercise (Note: When the body is straight, the entire sole should be firmly stepped on the ground. When the body falls back, step on it a little bit, then drop your head back).

  Breathing: Inhale when lifted, hold your breath when standing still (the longer the better, it is better to be quiet), and let go of the breath.

  Fifth type of preparation: Face down, with your feet open, shoulder-width apart, toes on the ground, palms of your hands facing down, and placed on the sides of your body between your chest and abdomen.

  Operation: After exhaling, use your palms and toenails to support your body off the ground (the arms and bends must not be bent), and at the same time, try to lift your head backwards.

Hold your air for more than six seconds, then inhale and lower your head, and at the same time will tilt upwards to the top, so that the body is triangular with the ground, the chin close to the collarbone, the eyes look down at the belly, and the heels fall to the ground.

Hold your breath for more than six seconds, then exhale and lower your body, repeat the previous action.

  Practice (Note: If the heel can’t fall to the ground at the beginning, use your toes to support the ground and lift the heel hard, but don’t tilt your body forward).

  Breathing: Inhale when the front is raised and exhale when the left is lowered.

Men’s long-term drinking beer harms health

Men’s long-term drinking beer harms health

Introduction: Beer has a unique bitterness and flavor, rich in nutrients, contains various amino acids and a large number of vitamins such as vitamin B, niacin, pantothenic acid and minerals required by the human body.

However, if men abuse a large amount of beer for a long time, it will damage the body and cause damage.

The first type-cancer: drinking too much beer will reduce the body’s ability to respond.

American cancer experts have found that people who drink a lot of beer are three times more likely to develop oral and esophageal cancer than those who drink hard alcohol.

The second type-gastroenteritis: a large intake of beer will damage the gastric mucosa, causing gastritis and peptic ulcers, and symptoms such as epigastric discomfort, loss of appetite, abdominal distension and acid reflux.

The first type-stones and gout: The relevant data also show that in patients with atrophic gastritis, urinary stones, etc., a large amount of beer injection can cause recurrence of the old disease or worsen the disease.

This is because the barley wort brewing beer contains calcium, oxalic acid, uridine, and purine nucleotides, and these interactions can more than double the amount of uric acid in the human body, but it does not promote the formation of bile duct stones, andCan induce gout.

The first type-beer belly: Because beer is rich in nutrition and has a large production, long-term accumulation in the body will cause a slight accumulation in the body, which will cause bowel movements and form a “beer belly”.

Patients are often accompanied by blood lipids and elevated blood pressure.

Fifth type-lead poisoning: lead is contained in beer brewing materials. After a large amount of metabolism, the blood lead content increases, causing people to decline in intelligence, slow response, and damage to the reproductive system in severe cases; senile dementia is easy to cause in old age.

The sixth kind-beer heart: In alcoholic beverages, the alcohol content of beer is the least. The alcohol content of one liter of beer is equivalent to the alcohol content of more than one or two liquors, so many people use beer as a summer drink.

But if you drink indiscriminately, the alcohol accumulated in the body will damage liver function, increase the burden on the kidney, and there will be trace cell infiltration in myocardial tissue, weakening myocardial function and causing cardiac tachycardia; plus excess fluid to make blood circulationIncreased and increased the burden on the heart, resulting in myocardial hypertrophy, enlarged ventricular volume, forming a “beer heart”.

In the long run, it can cause heart failure and heart rhythm disorders.

Health reminder: reasonable and feasible beer: first of all should be the right amount.

Adult intake should not exceed 300 ml (less than one can), 500 ml (one beer bottle) per day, 100 replacements each time?
200 ml is more convenient.

The first is moderate temperature.

The best temperature to reach beer is 12 ℃?
At 15 ° C, the wine and foam are in the best state, and the refreshing taste is always the most obvious.

Furthermore, it should not be served with salted and smoked food.

Pleasant to eat fruit and light levels, peanut rice is the best beer drink.