Bad pain and pain habit is the murderer

Bad pain and pain habit is the murderer

Shoulder, back, neck feel sore shoulders, back, neck soreness caused by overworked cap muscles.

The cap muscles supporting about 4 kg of head weight and 8 kg of arm force are often in working condition.

If you don’t pay attention to rest during long-term work, you will make the cap muscles fatigue and retain a lot of fatigue substances. If these fatigue substances stay in the body for a long time, they will stimulate the pain substances of bradykinin and prostaglandin, which will make people feel depressed.Sore.

  Therefore, the most important thing to relieve pain is to promote blood circulation in the muscles.

The blood circulation is smooth, and the “fatigue substances” and “pain substances” produced in the body can be transported out of the body to relieve the pain and unpleasant feeling.

  Ways to promote blood circulation are warm body and exercise methods.

Warm body method, pay attention to the shoulders and neck do not catch cold, wearing a turtleneck and scarf is a good way.

Also, taking a hot bath at night is also a good way to warm your body.

Many people have this kind of experience. When bathing, let the hot water immerse in the neck, it feels really comfortable.

  Exercise is used to promote blood circulation, and exercise is necessary.

Specifically, the two arms are placed on the table, the upper body is crouched, the face is facing the table, the arms, the shoulders, the back is tilted open, the arm is stretched straight from the back to the back, keeping a straight line, then the neck is lowered, parallel to the arm.

While breathing, breathing slowly can increase your exercise.

You can take time to practice at work or in housework, preferably three times a day.

These are measures to promote blood circulation in the shoulders, back, and neck. If you want to promote blood circulation throughout the body, you can run and swim.

  Headache headaches have various causes and symptoms.

If the pain continues to worsen, it may be suffering from diseases such as subarachnoid hemorrhage and brain swelling, so be sure to go to the hospital for treatment.

  There are many people with frequent headaches. These headaches are divided into tension headaches, migraine headaches, and mass headaches.

  Among them, tension headaches are the most common.

Tension headaches are caused by persistent contractions of the head and muscles.

Long-term work stress, poor posture, head muscle tension, neck contraction and other complications lead to headache.

The most important thing to prevent tension headaches is to pay attention to rest.

If you start a headache, you can take the same method as relieving soreness in your shoulders to relieve your headache.

Turning the neck and turning it is also very effective.

  Migraine is a rhythmic pain that lasts for more than a few hours.

Even if you breathe, move a little, turn your neck, it will aggravate the pain.

Other people are affected by noise and migraine will increase.

Therefore, to relieve migraine, you can take analgesics and rest in a quiet place.

  There are many causes of migraine, stress, climate, special diet, etc. can induce migraine, especially alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, seasonings and other foods.

Please remember carefully if you have eaten these foods that are particularly prone to headaches.

If you can’t remember, it is recommended to make a “headache diary.”

Write down the time of the headache, the duration of the headache, the symptoms of the pain, and the list of diets before the onset of the headache.

This way we find ourselves more likely to have headaches and try to reduce headaches in the future.

  Group headaches are manifested in the head, sometimes with a single eye pain, and with symptoms of tears, stuffy nose, and head discomfort.

Headaches usually hit in a period of time, and light changes occur, and seasons change accidents.

The headache usually subsides after an hour of onset. After a headache, it is best to lie down and take a break.

  Whether it is some headache, it is related to mental stress.

Therefore, no matter how amazing the daily work is, you should take time, even if it is only 10 seconds, look at the forest sky outside the house, relax and relieve stress.

  Abdominal pain The abdomen is not only the kidneys, but also various biological organs such as the gallbladder, the kidneys, and the spleen. Therefore, the cause of abdominal pain is sometimes unclear.If the abdominal blood pressure is so painful that even the breathing is not smooth, lasting more than 1 minute, accompanied by vomiting, dizziness, 37.

If you have a fever above 5C, you should go to the hospital immediately.

  If it is a pain that can be tolerated, first of all, do not let the abdomen get cold, then control the diet, or go to the toilet to defecate, you can pass the appropriate role.

You can also write “four” on the abdomen, massage in the abdomen, in the order of right lower-upper right-upper left-bottom left to promote bone creep.

The most common cause of abdominal pain is constipation or stagnation of cold air, so timely defecation can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and eliminate pain.

If you massage your abdomen to aggravate the pain, you should consult a doctor immediately.

  Abdominal pain is an alternative to self-judgment.

So once you have pain or quickly seek medical advice, it is better.

  Most people with recurrent abdominal pain suffer from chills, ulcers, constipation, and slowing down of peristalsis.

Whatever the reason, the key is not to let the abdomen catch cold, pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen.

  Stomatitis covers the oral mucosa inside the mouth and causes complications, called stomatitis.

Among them, the round white pus is the ulcer.

Ulcers are caused by impaired mucous membranes caused by soft oral mucosa.

  Insufficient sleep, excessive stress, imbalanced nutrition, etc. are all likely to cause stomatitis; the filling of the teeth used in the treatment of teeth can also cause stomatitis, the teeth are not arranged neatly, and the contact between the teeth and the oral mucosa is also easy.Causes stomatitis.

If this happens, it is best to be treated by a dentist.

  During the period of stomatitis, it is best to avoid sour, spicy and other foods. In order to reduce the stimulation of the mouth after the meal, you can include a piece of ice to avoid cooling the burned area and relieve the pain.

Lack of vitamin B2 may also cause stomatitis, so pay attention to eating animal liver, squid, pears and other foods, not too tired, pay attention to rest.

  Suffering from stomatitis should be treated seriously, it may be caused by bacterial infection. If the stomatitis recurs, you should go to the hospital for examination.

  Those who drunk some alcohol every other day had more serious symptoms of drunkenness than the second day of drinking, which is called drunk every other day.

Alcohol enters the body and passes through the stomach and the small intestine absorbs into the blood.

It is then broken down into acetaldehyde by the liver.

Acetaldehyde is a substance that causes vomiting and headache.

Acetaldehyde is originally absorbed by the liver and decomposed into water and carbon dioxide to be excreted.

If you absorb too much alcohol, you can not decompose acetaldehyde and completely replace the body, it will cause drunk every other day.

  So controlling the amount of alcohol is the most critical.

A bottle of beer, or two small glasses of wine, takes about 3 hours to break down this amount of alcohol.

If it exceeds this amount, the decomposition time will be 6 hours, so that acetaldehyde will stay in the body and parasitic, people will easily get drunk every other day.

  Alcohol has a diuretic effect, so the amount of urine increases after drinking, and the body is prone to block the dehydration state.

Therefore, when you are drunk every other day, drink plenty of water, try to rest in a quiet place, drink juice, miso soup, functional drinks, etc.

On the morning of the next day, I can’t wash a sauna, run a sweat and other activities, and I don’t advocate it in medicine.

Alcohol is excreted with sweat and the amount of alcohol left in the blood is less than 5%.

Most of the alcohol is broken down into enzymes as it passes through the liver.

If the sauna is steamed at this time, it will promote the blood circulation of the skin, and the blood will be preferentially distributed to the skin. The blood delivered to the internal organs will be reduced, and the liver will not be able to fully decompose the acetaldehyde in time.

The same is true for running and sweating: blood is preferentially distributed to the skin and muscles, and the amount of blood flowing through the liver is reduced, which is not conducive to the decomposition of alcohol.

Of course, there is no description of “drinking” in medicine.

In short, the decomposition of alcohol takes time, and no action can interfere with this important process of decomposing alcohol.

  About 80% of people with low back pain have experienced low back pain, and the waist is a very fragile part.

The waist carries the weight and activity of the upper body, so the load can be said to be quite large.

Once the muscles, intervertebral discs, lumbar vertebrae, and ligaments are damaged, they can cause low back pain.

Low back pain has acute low back pain caused by heavy lifting and other reasons, and chronic low back pain that is difficult to improve.  If acute low back pain occurs, the first time you should take a posture that makes your body comfortable and quiet.

Lying down, arching your body like a shrimp, holding your knees, etc. are all options you can choose.

Then apply a damp cloth or a cold towel to the pain area to relieve the pain.

It should be cold for about 3 days depending on the situation, and be careful not to take a shower or bath during this period.

  80%-90% of acute low back pain is caused by muscle pain.

The muscles are covered with a substance called “muscle membrane”, which is equivalent to the white film of our common chicken.

In acute low back pain, muscle contraction and sarcolemma, causing fasciitis, cause pain.

This pain can be cured in about a week, so be careful not to put pressure on your waist.

It takes about 1-2 weeks to heal acute low back pain, but the muscle elasticity of this part where pain occurs is reduced. Once you do not pay attention, the pain will occur again.

Therefore, when the waist is not painful, pay attention to exercise the psoas muscle, promote blood circulation in the waist, and discharge old waste in the waist in time.

  Also pay attention to chronic low back pain, pay attention to strengthen the body’s tolerance, so that the waist is strong enough to withstand the weight of the upper body and various activities.

It is not possible to strengthen the intervertebral disc at the waist within a month, but the reinforced bones in two months are possible.

Exercise your muscles more firmly, and develop a habit of not burdening the waist in a short period of time.

  To strengthen the psoas, it is very important to exercise the back muscles.

The back muscles are muscles located on the sides of the body pillars – the spine, which can exert tremendous power.

The specific exercise method is to lean down and place the two arms parallel to the cheeks.

Then the upper body is up, raise your head, pay attention to the chin not to lift too high, the line of sight is down.

Do it 10 times.

If you supplement your abdominal muscles, the effect will be even better.

Because the weight of the upper body and various activities are not only the strength of the back body such as the spine and back muscles, the front half also plays a role, which can also reduce the burden on the waist. Therefore, abdominal muscle exercise is also an important part of relieving low back pain.

  Knee joints Knee joints are joints that connect the thigh bone to the tibia.

The joint is made up of bones, spines between the bones, and ligaments. It is a very fine structure.

When going up and down the stairs, the knee joint is subjected to more than 7 to 8 times the weight of the body due to weight and acceleration.

Therefore, obese people, people who walk too much, people who walk in high heels and people who are engaged in sports often feel knee pain.

  Knee pain may be caused by spinal abrasions and ligament contractions.

Therefore, the only way to do this is to exercise the knee muscles and protect the knee joints.

The most muscular part of the knee is the thigh quadriceps (the muscles on the front of the thigh).

This muscle tightens the forward tendon and connects to the top, playing an important role in supporting the knee joint.

  The specific exercise method for strengthening the quadriceps of the thigh is to sit down on the chair and slowly move up and down the right leg, especially when it is down, which is good for strengthening muscle strength.

Repeat 20 times, then change the left knee, do the same 20 times.

If possible, a 1-2 kg sandbag is placed on the instep for practice.

This sport can watch TV and chat when you are chatting, so it is called “a gymnastics.”

It is better to do it several times a day.

  Of course, when the knee is in pain, the knee should be overburdened.

As mentioned earlier, especially when running and going up and down the stairs, the knee joints are subjected to 7 to 8 times the weight in an instant.

So when you sigh “the fat is full 1 kg”, you can see how much burden is added to the knee joint.

  In life, the use of handrails when climbing stairs can reduce the burden on the knee joint.

When you stand up, hold the table and let the arm dissipate the weight of the knee joint to effectively protect the knee joint.

Dance old age health and beauty

Dance old age health and beauty

When you mention dance, there will always be a young, graceful figure in people’s minds.

In fact, dance is not a young person, it can bring health and vitality to middle-aged and elderly people. Dancing, elegant fitness is accompanied by melodious singing and melody.

Dance brings elegant visual impact to the audience, and brings health and beauty to the dancers themselves. The heartbeat is faster when dancing, the myocardial contractility is increased, the cardiac output is increased, the blood flow is accelerated, the breathing is deepened, and the heart and lung system is veryGood exercise gradually promotes metabolic activities in other internal organs and throughout the body.

Excess cockroaches are consumed by physical activity.

The muscles have become strong and developed.


Obese people who are overweight can lose weight.

And the thinners can gain a strong harvest.

  The shadow dance moves back in front of the bow, sometimes leaping and jumping, and sometimes the arm twists the shoulder. It is a simulation of the hard and exaggerated movement of the shadow play characters.

It is characterized by a neck, a wide range of flexion and extension of the waist, joints of the upper and lower extremities, and a coordinated rhythmic movement of the muscle groups.

This dance, like other dances, not only exercises joints and muscles, but also helps the elderly to maintain and promote body balance and responsiveness, thereby effectively preventing geriatric diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis and muscle atrophy, and delaying the progression of the body.
  Dancing is particularly focused on movement coordination, usually with cheerful, melodious music accompaniment.

The rhythm of the activity can be urgent or slow, and the time can be long or short.

Relaxed when you are dancing, happy, good for your health, especially for the elderly.


Dancing is also a good social activity, which can strengthen exchanges of ideas, promote friendship, and make new friends.

  Dancing health care, the elderly have to avoid the “minefield” Many elderly people learn to dance for health purposes, but due to physiological factors, the elderly should enhance their awareness of protection while dancing.

  The elderly exercise system muscle atrophy, bone hyperplasia near the joint, ligament elasticity decreased, joint activity is not working.

The nervous system is slow to respond, and once it falls, it is prone to joints, muscle damage and even fractures.

Therefore, we should pay attention to gradual progress, scientific training, and slowly adapt.

  Generally speaking, the exercise with proper amount of exercise, coordination of movements, rhythm, and slight sweating; although tired after the end, but can be quickly eliminated; easy to fall asleep at night, sleep sweet, no insomnia, more dreams.

If you start dancing, you will feel asthma, sweating and turbidity; or you may feel sore muscles and muscle weakness: or loss of appetite after exercise.

Sleep disorders, both indicate that the amount of exercise is too large.

Adjustments must be made.

It can also be estimated by the pulse rate of 1 minute after the dance. When the heart rate is within the range of (220-age) × 60%-85%, the exercise amount is reasonable.

  In addition, the elderly dance, should avoid sudden and large changes in the neck, turn the waist, turn the hips and other actions.

The ground should not be too smooth.

It is best to wear sneakers, especially high-heeled shoes with hard plastic bottoms.

Taking barbiturates, phenothiazines, diazepam, tricyclic antidepressants, blood pressure lowering drugs and monoamine oxidase inhibitors, or taking alcohol, may affect the balance of the body.

Not dancing.

  Many dances require flexible waist rotation. If the coordination is insufficient or excessively strong, it can cause tearing of the soft tissue of the waist muscles, ligaments, fascia, etc., causing local swelling, pain, bruising plaque on the skin, and tight muscles.Affects waist flexion, side bending, rotation and other activities.

To prevent sprains in the waist, you can do some preparatory activities before dancing, so that the muscles of the whole body are coordinated and on standby.

Once a sprained waist occurs.

Should be treated in time, rest in bed.

  Jumping, kicking and other movements exceed the tolerance, can cause Achilles tendon strain, and develop aseptic arthritis.

When the movement is uncoordinated or the force is too strong, the Achilles tendon can be broken by the muscles, local pain, subcutaneous congestion, swelling, foot movement can not be active, can not force the ground and other symptoms.

If you suspect that the Achilles tendon is broken, you should go to the hospital for a thorough examination and try to pick it up as soon as possible.

  The ancients had the habit of “smelling chickens and dancing.”Too many middle-aged and old friends also like to dance in the clear.

After a night of sleep, then dance to a dance, the whole body and muscles activities, can be a day easy.

But be careful, don’t open your eyes as soon as you open your eyes. Let’s drink a cup of boiling water first.

Because sleep does not eat overnight, urine excretion, plus sweating, breathing and other insignificant loss of water, resulting in body water, blood viscosity increased, circulation expansion, affecting the heart and brain blood supply.

At this time, drink a cup of water, can quickly absorb, replace the sticky blood, change the metabolism of organs, promote blood circulation, which not only makes the skin look bright, but also doubles the toxicity.

  After eating, the blood circulation of the digestive organs will increase.

To help digest food.

At this point, dancing immediately, a large amount of blood will be diverted to the moving organs, which is unfavorable for digestion and absorption of food.

In particular, it is more appropriate to start dancing after about 40 minutes of rest after a meal.

Running weight loss fitness runs out of good results

Running weight loss fitness runs out of good results

Running is one of the simplest movements. It doesn’t require any equipment. There are no special requirements for the venue. It can be done around your home.

However, running has a significant effect in creating a beautiful body shape such as weight loss fitness.

  ”It’s too hard,” “I’m too reluctant for me who are under-exercised.” It’s a mistake to just take the actual practice.

“If you run at your own pace, you won’t be so hard. You don’t even have confidence in your physical strength. There is no problem at all from the beginning of the walk.

“The sports coach Yu Jiezhen explained.

  It is especially important to take the first step.

As long as you realize this kind of happiness, you will not want to stop.

I will continue to praise myself for the persistence, and the effect will naturally be polished.

In order to avoid three days of fishing for two days, let us first understand the reasons why you will be abandoned halfway!

  When is the best time to run?

  It is best to run at the time that suits you.

People who like to run in the morning can go to work before going to work, while those who prefer to run at night can go home.

  More important than choosing when to run is “Do not exercise on an empty stomach or when you are full (to eat).”

If you are on an empty stomach, you will not be able to work harder; if you are over the stomach due to the concentration of the digestive tract, the exercise will be detrimental to your health.

The best running time is 2 to 3 hours after a meal.

  When running in an early morning on an empty stomach, it is best to advance some sports drinks that help digestion and replenish energy about 30 minutes or you can eat root bananas.

  Is it best to run multiple serial ports?

  As long as your physical condition and physical strength can adapt to how long you actually run, there is no problem.

But it’s hard to get a good job and get ready. If you only run for 5 minutes, it’s a bit wasteful.

  If the target is lower, it can be set to 20 minutes.

The 20-minute level is basically not difficult to maintain, and this time can also give the body a metabolic transformation, breathing naturally and easily.

  If you want to run for a while, you should gradually extend it to 30 minutes, 40 minutes.

If you can run for an hour, you are a great professional player!

  Can you feel it when you feel hard?

  Of course, there is no problem with walking, but the repetition of “running-walking-running” will bring more fatigue.

Just as the car needs more power when it accelerates from zero, the acceleration process of “walking-running” at the beginning of running is the need to have a joining force in an instant.

Therefore, returning to the origin of fatigue will cause the accumulation of metabolic substances, and it is more likely to feel fatigue.

  “Running at a relatively stable speed can reduce the burden and prolong the time.

Effective nap massive disturbance

Effective nap massive disturbance

From 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening, who is trapped in the “sleepy”?

Why is it so sleepy?

How can we effectively resist the difficulties?

How do you feel trapped in science?

  Why are you sleepy in summer?

  In summer, people go to bed early, get up early, have relatively little sleep, and after a morning of study and work, they may feel tired. In addition, after the meal, the brain is deprived of oxygen, and at noon they naturally want to doze off.

In addition, during the daytime, the temperature is higher and the sweat is too high, and the physical exertion is too large. In addition, when the noon is in the hot sun, the blood vessels of the human body are dilated and the blood supply to the brain is reduced. Therefore, the feeling of lack of energy and drowsiness are often felt.

  Due to the hot summer and acute weather conditions, it is easy to hurt the spleen and cause spleen deficiency.

At the same time, there is a theory in Chinese medicine, that is, the spleen and the stomach are in the same phase, so that the relationship between the spleen and the stomach is the closest and some symptoms of spleen and stomach weakness appear, and the more common symptoms are, for example, dozing.

After eating, blood sugar rises, the brain does not supply enough blood, and it will be sleepy.

  Some people do not completely because the seasonal relationship caused by the biological clock can not be adjusted, but they work under pressure, anger, easy to irritate, adapt to the four seasons of poor ability, resulting in psychological adjustments, but this is a very rare example.

  There is a certain relationship between excessive sweating and sleepiness in summer, but this situation is mainly caused by poor high temperature operation, the human body wicks a lot of sweat, loses a certain amount of potassium, causes absorption disorder, and the normal operation of the human body is affected.The influence makes people feel tired and weak.

Detailed discussion on sexual dysfunction in the elderly

Detailed discussion on sexual dysfunction in the elderly

The concept of sexual activity in the elderly can be simply summarized into two categories: some people will continue to love and succumb to the cold, while others have already died down because of the resurgence of the stars.

Of course, they are not wrong.

Healthy seniors are fully capable of continuing their normal sexual life, and whether they can complete this rule with or without sexual partners, the level of sexual activity in early years and whether they are interfered with by the disease.

  Like most geriatric degrees, sexual functioning in the elderly is also a multidisciplinary issue.

Psychological factors, physiological factors and social and cultural backgrounds all have an important impact on the sexual function of the elderly.

The physiological and psychological changes of the elderly must be distinguished from other pathological changes. Various organic qualities can interfere with the sexual function of older men, so that their sexual life cannot reach the level of activity that can be achieved according to their physiological conditions.

Understanding the sexual changes in the elderly will help doctors help these patients with the troubles and dysfunctions of many complications.

  The male sexual reaction process is usually regarded as a complete reaction chain, including: erotic germination, penile erection, vaginal insertion, rapid twitching, climax, ejaculation, and regression.

Each of them has its own independent physiological mechanism.

Everything can happen alone.

For example, ejaculation, which can occur without erection or climax before; erection is not necessarily the result of sexual urge.

Sexual dysfunction occurs at different stages of sexual response, and its naming is also inseparable from the sexual response cycle.

  In the period of sexual desire, there is low sexual desire and sexual desire.

One of the common complaints in the clinical practice of sexual medicine is low or decreased sexual desire.

Fortunately, most situations can be improved by consulting and taking appropriate measures.

Although sexual desire is also affected by hormone levels and physical state, sexual physiological reactions such as erections, orgasms can also affect sexual desire, but sexual desire is mainly a psychological function.

It can be said that the disappearance of sexual desire is mainly a fear problem, not a special disease problem.

  What happens during the excitement period is erectile dysfunction (ED).

Erectile dysfunction is commonly known as “impotence.”

This major violent shock or deprivation of the minimum base of male value, ED means that men lose their important sexual physiology, how hard it will be when men lose their erectile capacity and how difficult it is to sayThe pain can be imagined.

ED, such as the autumn wind chill, can make people stunned, husband and wife conflicts, and even marriage breaks down.

The mental stress that ED brings to men far exceeds its physiological impact.

Fortunately, since 1998, the treatment of ED has entered an era of blooming flowers. Although these methods are far from perfect, the degree is considered to be another village.

  Occurred during the high tide: premature ejaculation, no ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, which is collectively called ejaculation disorder.

We will give a detailed introduction in the next few issues.

  Traditional concepts often have the sexual requirements of the elderly, and thus create a misconception that both the elderly themselves, the general population, and the medical staff arbitrarily treat older men with sexually impaired people.

If the elderly accept and accept this view psychologically, they will lose confidence in their sexual ability and form a mental burden of fearful behavior.

In real life, they often get some wrong information. Some doctors may tell them: “All older men’s erectile ability will naturally disappear, so no one can do anything. This is the natural law.

“This is undoubtedly a false assertion that seriously dampens their self-confidence. Because of the “authoritative” doctor’s mouth, they certainly believe that it is true, and thus prevent the avoidance of sexual life, resulting in a progressive decline in sexual ability and a vicious circle.

A doctor said: “No matter how ugly and powerless the disease is, she or he will not be a creature without sexual desire – like the rest of us, they also have expectations, expectations and needs.

Therefore, disease is not an insurmountable obstacle to sexual life. In the face of various diseases, the elderly can find various means to overcome existing difficulties and maintain normal sexual life.

The famous saying “gas can be drum, can not be vented” is absolutely suitable here.

The longest-lived old man used to eat like this

The longest-lived old man used to eat like this

Health and longevity are the aspirations of each of us, but in fact, as long as we live a healthy life and want to live longer, it is not impossible. In order to find the secret of longevity, American research experts have studied the longevity of the world and summarized 12 longevity.Eating habits, let’s take a look at it together!

  1 95% of the food comes from plants.

  Regular consumption of whole grains and beans is more conducive to good health. Whole grains and beans account for a large proportion of the longevity of the elderly. They also eat a lot of seasonal vegetables and put extra vegetables.Marinated or air-dried, left to eat in winter.

Studies have shown that the most beneficial food for longevity is green leafy vegetables, which are graded by peers who do not eat green vegetables. Adults who consume 1 dish a day will lose half the risk of death in the next four years.

  2 eat no more than twice a week.

  Every family has certain restrictions when eating meat. They eat no more than twice a week. Most long-lived families eat meat regularly, or use it as a side dish to season other dishes.

They only eat meat five times a month, no more than 2 prefixes each time (about 57 grams, the size of a deck of cards).

They prefer to eat chicken, lamb or pork from family farms, most of which are free to forage and contain more omega-3 fatty acids.

  3 Eat an average of 85 grams of fish a day.

  Fish is a very nutritious food, and eating an appropriate amount of fish every day is more beneficial to our health.

Fish is most common in the daily diet of long-lived elderly people. In most cases, the quality of the fish grown by seaweed is best, such as sardines, salmon and yellow croaker, which can be exposed to high concentrations of mercury and other harmful chemicals.

  4 Eat three eggs a week.

  Eggs are also more nutritious foods. Although long-lived old people eat, they never eat more. People in Changshou District only eat one egg at a time, and never eat more.

They either roll the omelette into a corn crepe or cook it for soup, and eat it with other fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

  5 Eat half a cup of cooked beans every day.

  Bean foods contain a lot of nutrients, which contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Beans (black beans, soybeans and lentils) are the most important part of the diet in the longevity area.

Beans are made up of 21% protein, 77% complex impurities and small amounts, making them an excellent source of supplemental fiber.

Beans contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals and are more nutritious than many foods.

  6 eat whole wheat bread.

  Bread contains a lot of supplemental fiber, which is very good for gastrointestinal health. Bread is the staple food of people in the longevity area, but it is different from ordinary bread.

It is made from a variety of cereals, including wheat, rye and barley; each grain contains a variety of nutrients and a large intake of fiber; it helps digestion, and the glycemic index is reduced.

  7 reduce the amount of sugar consumed.

  It is best for the elderly to pay attention to reducing the amount of sugar consumed. It is good for the body. The residents in the longevity area consume only one-fifth of the sugar of modern people. They usually only eat 2 per week.
3 biscuits, sweets and baked goods.

Centenarians generally only put some honey when drinking tea, or eat some dessert at celebration occasions.

  8 Eat two nuts a day.

  Nuts contain a lot of nutrients. Harvard researchers have found through a 30-year follow-up survey that people who eat nuts will have a 20% lower mortality rate.

Other studies have shown that a nut-containing diet can reduce low-density lipoprotein levels by 20% and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

  9 increase the amount of water intake.

  Water is very important to our health. It is guaranteed that the replacement of water can replace the body’s toxins, which is very good for your health. 10 Drink only red wine.

  If you drink alcohol, we need to pay attention to the best beer. It is very good for our body to drink some wine properly. Will the residents of the longevity area drink 1 per day?
3 cups of wine, and the use of the body system to absorb plant antioxidants, a small amount can reduce stress and promote overall health.

  11 often drink green tea and coffee.

  Green tea contains a lot of nutrients. Appropriate drinking of some green tea is very good for your health. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which can make green tea reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

Studies have also shown that people with moderate amounts of sinter coffee have an increased incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

  More than 12 kinds of food to eat.

  To ensure good health, you need to ensure that you are rich in nutrients. At this time, we need to pay attention to a variety of foods to eat. If you are worried about not getting more protein from plant food, the solution is to match beans, grains, nuts and vegetables.When eaten, they combine to provide all the essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize.

  These contents hope that you can all understand it seriously. If you want to live a long and healthy life, our diet must be indispensable. Only when the diet is right and the body is healthier, we will be closer to longevity. I hope that you can seriously understand.I wish you a happy life!

Get up in the morning to drink honey water?

Dietitian Answer: Drinking these 2 kinds of water is the most healthy

Get up in the morning to drink honey water?
Dietitian Answer: Drinking these 2 kinds of water is the most healthy

We all know that everyone in life is particularly hoping for a healthier body, but many people don’t know that it is very good to drink a cup of honey every morning when you wake up, because drinking water regularly can make your body healthier and lower your blood.Viscosity can increase the volume of circulating blood, especially when you wake up in the morning, you can drink a cup of boiled water and drink honey water.

1. Drink a light salt water in the morning?

In fact, we often say that the light salt water refers to 0.

The 9% sodium chloride solution, and only this concentration of saline, can well regulate the osmotic pressure.

However, the light salt water we have prepared in our daily life is basically salt-added, and more sodium is implanted unconsciously.

Sodium ion is recognized as the “estimate of hypertension” and will increase the risk of osteoporosis and stomach cancer.

Especially for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, drinking salt water in the morning is very uncomfortable.

2. Drink a cup of tea in the morning?

Those who are not older, get up in the morning at 5-6 in the morning.

At this time, although I have already woken up, I am still not very spirited, so I want to use tea to refresh myself.

After getting up, the lack of energy is due to endocrine problems, lack of secretion of adrenal sebaceous hormones, drinking strong tea can not control the refreshing effect.

For some people with constipation, it is especially inappropriate to drink tea on an empty stomach in the morning, especially strong tea, which may increase the burden on the stomach and increase constipation.

3. Drink a cup of honey in the morning?

Getting a cup of honey water early is a kind of health practice that has been especially admired in recent years, because it is believed that this can promote a good laxative effect.

But there are two goals to achieve this effect: First, your body is “fructose intolerant”, which varies from person to person.

Second, you have to drink enough honey, a cup of honey water is definitely not enough, at least to drink dozens of grams, who can afford it?

At the same time, due to the sugary nature of honey, we may just replace a lot of sugar when we wake up, which is naturally very unhealthy for health, especially for diabetic patients, which is very unfavorable for blood sugar control.

In fact, no matter what the situation, getting up the first cup of drinking boiled water is the best choice.

It is safe and hygienic, and does not increase the absorption of energy, nor does it cause excessive amounts of substances such as sugar.

Even if you drink hot water or cool water, it is not so much attention, mainly to see your personal habits.

As long as it won’t burn you, drink what you love.

Everyone knows that if you drink some honey water regularly, it is very good. It can protect our body healthier. In fact, drink some boiled water, or drink some light salt water. It is also very good. Try to avoid frequent drinking.Hot, because this situation will also affect our health, so the way to choose the right water is also very good.

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Four sets of exercise before going to bed to lose weight

Four sets of exercise before going to bed to lose weight

Life is in motion, and living is tossing.

For women who lose weight, weight loss is exercise, and exercise is toss.

For the urban OL in terms of time, there is always no time for daytime exercise.

In fact, we do not hinder the time of exercise before going to bed.

Tossing before going to bed can not only slim down, but also make you sleep better.

Let’s take a look at what kind of bedtime exercise can be thin waist!


Supine lifting hips: lying on the bed, legs bent, hands on the body pair, feet flat on the bed.

Use your heels to lift your hips slowly and slowly lower to the starting position.

This is repeated 10 times.

  The height can be raised gradually according to the ability to withstand.

If you need to increase the difficulty, you can practice on one foot and add weight to the abdomen (such as putting a pillow or a book).

  Tip: In fact, this action is mainly the buttocks force, the force will tighten the buttocks at the same time, so not only can thin waist, but also hips!


Prone shoulder movement: prone on the bed, straight forward.

Slowly lift the upper body to the highest point, slightly raise your head, and then slowly lower to the starting position.

Keep your abdomen and below close to the pad, don’t use too much force.

Repeat 10 times.
  Tip: This pose is more like a yoga pose of Yuzhu.

If it is difficult to do this forward and forward, you can connect the merging on both sides of the body, flush with the shoulders.


Side lying up movement: side lying, left hand branch, right hand in front of the body to support the body mobile game, raise the right leg to do side lift legs, left leg picked up.

Note that the body is straight, the toes are down, and the heels are up.

The action should be slowed down.

If you feel sore on the left and right sides, your movements are correct.

Repeat 20 times for each leg.

  Tip: This is the most common one, but it is very useful to stick to it!

In addition, each time you finish 20, you can use your hands to pat the painful place and relax your muscles.


Knee-legged leg movements: kneeling on the bed, hands on the ground.

Slowly raise and straighten your right arm and left leg to the highest point, then slowly lower to the starting position.

Then swap to the left and right legs.

Maintain the natural state of the head and spine.

The lift height can be gradually increased and exhaled when going up.

Repeat 10 times.
  Tip: This action has disadvantages.

At the beginning, you can slow down and stand-alone games to maintain balance.

After familiarity, the action will be more standard.  After the four sets of actions are done, relax in bed and adjust your breathing.

After 1 month, say goodbye to your little belly!

Teach you to practice Qigong to achieve beauty

Teach you to practice Qigong to achieve beauty

Lead: Four-qigong can beautify people’s temperament and cultivate people’s temperament.

True beauty is a harmonious unity of the face and the whole body, the body and the spirit.

  Qigong beauty is a way to achieve therapeutic or health care through qigong exercise.

Various physical rejuvenation techniques in Qigong can be used for beauty.

Because the gas function comprehensively adjusts the human physiology, it can bring a deeper beauty to the shape and temperament.

Beauty can be achieved by practicing Qigong.

  Practice Qigong can achieve beauty effects – Qigong can effectively eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, and enable practitioners to maintain strong energy.

The pace of life in modern society is getting faster and faster, and the psychological tensions that bring people are getting bigger and bigger.

A common reaction to tension is fatigue.

People who are in a state of fatigue are often tired and loose, and Qigong exercise can effectively alleviate and restore the excessive excitement of the nervous system, quickly eliminate the fatigue of the body, and make people do things to be full of vitality.

Vitality is a symbol of youth, and youth is a symbol of beauty.

A clear-cut, full-spirited, and responsive image is an important aspect of human beauty.

  Practice Qigong can achieve beauty effects II – cultivate invigoration and resist premature aging.

An important role of Qigong exercise is to cultivate infuriating.

Chinese medicine believes that the facial features of the human being, the skin, etc. are the external reflection and performance of the five internal organs.

Infuriating, the five internal organs are vigorous, and the external manifestations of the five internal organs are bound to be full of vitality and moisturizing, presenting a healthy beauty.

For example, in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a statement that “the liver is open to the eye”. If there is too much liver gas, it will look like a god. Through Qigong exercise, the true gas is more and more redundant, and the disease resistance is enhanced, so that it can be avoided due to various diseases.Premature aging causes permanent youth.

  Practice Qigong can achieve beauty effects. Three-qigong can improve microcirculation, make the face rosy and moisturize the skin.

Experimental observations show that Qigong exercise can improve the microcirculation function of the whole body, make more capillaries open, accelerate blood secretion in blood vessels, thereby promoting tissue metabolism, increasing skin nutrients, improving skin tissue and becoming delicate and moist.

In addition, Qigong can prevent skin aging and loss of elasticity by beautifying the function of the endocrine system and beautifying the skin.

  Practice qigong can achieve beauty effects. Four qigong can beautify people’s temperament and cultivate people’s temperament.

True beauty is a harmonious unity of the face and the whole body, the body and the spirit.

Among them, the spiritual appearance, temperament, grace and so on are more intrinsic manifestations.

The “tune-control” approach in Qigong exercise not only contains the content of teaching people to keep quiet, but also has an important role in tempering temperament.

Usually pay attention to self-cultivation, adapt to the balance between the mind and body of the practitioners and the external environment, the mood is comfortable, the mind is open, and the behavior is frank.

  Choose the TCM qigong method that suits you to practice step by step, and you will have unexpected results with perseverance.

Homemade Chinese medicine slimming tea to drink the whole body

Homemade Chinese medicine slimming tea to drink the whole body

If you are afraid of complications with your diet pills, try the 10 uncomplicated Chinese medicine slimming teas introduced below.

The required medicines can be bought at the Chinese medicine store. You can make homemade slimming tea at home and drink the whole body easily.

  Sanhua tea materials: rose, jasmine, clam shell, Chuanxiong, lotus leaf each 3 money, water 2500cc practice: boiled water, daily substitute tea instead.

  Function: This medicine has a sweet taste and no adverse complications. It is suitable for simple overdose. It can be slimmed down, lifted, and decompressed. It is suitable for alternating seasons.

  Heptaphyllum Eucommia tea material: Qiye bile 5 money, Eucommia 5 money practice: The above materials are boiled with 1000cc of water for 20 minutes instead of tea.

  Function: diuretic, edema.

  Seven-leaf bile tea material: shamrock 3 money, green tea 5 grams, water 1500cc function: diuretic, swelling, is obese and edema, suitable tea for patients with hypertension, but should be discontinued between menstruation and diarrhea.

  Cassia tea materials: raw cassia 5 money, tea, licorice each 2 money, water 2000cc practice: boiling water soaked on behalf of tea.

  Function: This side is effective for obese and constipation. If constipation is applied, Cassia is applied.

  Hawthorn tea material: Hawthorn 3 money, Danshen 2 money, chrysanthemum 1 money, water 1500cc practice: water decoction offspring tea blend.

  Function: Elimination.

Defatting, antihypertensive, mostly used for hyperactivity, hyperlipidemia and indigestion, especially those who like meat.

  Yiqi Jianpi tea materials: Beibei 6 money, Atractylodes 3 money, 枸杞 3 money, 茯苓 5 money, Codonopsis 5 money, Chenpi 3 money, licorice 2 money, Alisma 3 money practice: 4 bowls of medicinal herbs into 1Bowl of water.

  Function: Replenishing qi and strengthening spleen, diminishing water and swelling, helping to improve local obesity.

  Lotus orange tea material: dry lotus leaf 3 money, hawthorn 2 money, barley 3 money, tangerine peel 2 money, atractylodes 1 money, 茯苓 2 money practice: fill the medicine in the bag, decoction for 30 minutes, no time, generationTea, one dose a day.

  Function: qi and water, lowering fat and turbidity, suitable for dampness, edema type obesity.

  Lotus leaf Pu’er tea material: dry lotus leaf 3 money, tea 1 money (Pu’er tea, green tea, oolong tea, etc.) Practice: dry lotus leaf water decoction for 30 minutes to juice, add tea, decoction for 5 minutes, one dose per day, replaceTea.
  Function: spleen and digestion, clearing heat and cooling blood.

Suitable for edema type obesity.

  Ma Ren Run Intestine Tea Material: 6 grams of Ma Zi Ren, 10 grams of sweet almonds, 1 spoon of honey: 1, crush the pockmark kernels, and put them in the pot together with the almonds.

2, add 500cc hot water, boil it, add honey and replace it.

  Function: smooth and smooth, suitable for constipation type obesity.

  Qi and cellulite tea materials: 10 grams of Astragalus, 5 grams of psyllium, 10 grams of Cassia, 5 grams of mulberry leaves, 5 grams of dried tangerine peel: the above herbs are replaced by 2000cc boiled tea.

  Function: qi and diuretic, clear liver and eyesight.