Five strokes strangled his ambiguous relationship

Five strokes strangled his “ambiguous” relationship

When summer comes, the sun is shining.
There are peach blossom factors floating in the air, which is suitable to cultivate a long-lost romance.
However, and slowly excited, maybe you are trying to get the dull goose boyfriend to restore some romantic instincts, but he has already raised a pest called “ambiguity”.
A woman “a little bit less than a lover, a little bit more than a friend” has appeared beside him when you are negligent, tenderness like water, weak and tender, and lingering like nougat!
  But do n’t underestimate this pest. Although it ‘s not harmful, it ‘s enough to make you vomit blood for a few years. The relationship between him and the ambiguous woman may not even be a derailment, but it ‘s that astringent feeling.It is also difficult to let go.
  However, there is a way to “block the soldiers and cover the water with soil” to kill different ambiguous pests. In fact, you only need five bottles of “special effect pesticides”.
  The first method of killing ants with insecticides: pretending to be such small and weak insects, most of them are weak, such as the heroine of Qiong Yao, born without bones, and their goal is to find trees to rely on throughout their lives.
If your old justice belongs to the category of heroism, then wait to help her with her dissertation today and help her repair the computer tomorrow.
  After a little question, the poor heroine would cry with helplessness, so your stupid husband would immediately be angry: “What’s wrong with you, not even a little sympathy?”
“How to kill insects: You should be jealous when you are jealous. It is about stability and unity. How can you tolerate it?”
Speak out dissatisfaction and anger, give him rules, and let him know the bottom line of your tolerance.
Otherwise, endure it again and again, occasionally complaining, but he thinks you have a little belly.
After receiving this call, write down the number and dial it back immediately, and generously told her that her husband couldn’t respond to it and let her understand that you weren’t playing.
  第二招苍蝇杀虫剂  杀灭类型:唯恐天下不乱型害虫  有一类小苍蝇,最喜欢看看男人们受自己蛊惑是什么样子,爱向男人打两个语气不清的电话,发点颜色SMS.
And he, partiality has to enjoy this kind of spiritual cheapness.
If you protest, he will definitely refute: “People are still small, but it’s just fun, do you take it seriously?
“Pupillary insecticide method: Put down your body and fight a puppet fly. Although the lethality is huge, but when his fresh energy passes, naturally it will no longer be taken seriously.
May wish to talk to him about his company’s similar women, dilute his excitement.
Or just drop her body and fight with her, dress more glamorous and noble than her, be more IN, trendier and more open than her.
  The weakness of the little flies is to feel inferior to their immaturity. Under your powerful disinfection, Baozhun immediately turned to ashes.
   第三招飞蛾杀虫剂  杀灭类型:哥们儿型害虫  假小子也许是他青梅竹马的邻居,也许是他大学时的好朋友,有的是从来没谈过恋爱,有的是失恋过了进入龟息疗伤期,In short, there is less one tendon, and there is no consciousness about the relationship between men and women.
Calling friends every day to pass the time, just happened to forget, her buddies and a lover are at home.
  Insecticidal method: Tell the other party that there is no time. Don’t think about participating in her and his space. Arranging a schedule early is the right way.
Make use of various trivia to keep him from getting away, and let him learn to tell the other person “I don’t have time.”
Finally, remember to introduce a few boys to her by hand, and solve her single nuisance, your private time will be guaranteed naturally!
  第四招蟑螂杀虫剂  杀灭类型:文艺型害虫  蟑螂女属于小资兼文艺情结泛滥者,但凡哪位男士与她谈过人生理想,她立刻就要引为“蓝颜知己”,并以“”Red sleeves add fragrance”.
It ‘s okay, send an e-mail that is too emotional, and when you are on a business trip, he will call you and say, “The rainbow here is so beautiful!
“Insecticide method: take the initiative to talk coldly. For this kind of woman, you can’t underestimate the enemy.
You must talk to your boyfriend wisely, don’t talk about your jealousy, just say that the recent evaluation of your friends made you feel very shameless, give him a few more examples, tell himI’m not afraid of shadow obliques, “but beware of others’ rumors!
Use self-esteem to let him take the initiative to cold-handle.
  Fifth move ladybug insecticide kill type: Internet chat type insect worm which young man does not QQ?
Even if you block it, there is still MSN, even BBS may be the soil of online dating-there are too many female netizens on the Internet, chatting online on the weekdays, recognizing a bunch of husbands on the Internet, and scheduling in free time.Go meet and pass the time.
As for you, he always feels that online chat is nothing, and ignores your aversion to some sensitive words.
  Insecticidal method: There are many schemes to be selected. Please choose one of the following schemes: A. Find a way to enter his mailbox and send dozens of virus emails to his female netizens.
B. Do something on your own computer, and it will automatically crash when you go to QQ or a website.
C. Reinstall the operating system intentionally or unintentionally, so that all his contact information is lost.
D. Register another ID and cry to your one about the pain of being abandoned by XX as a stranger.

32 + 27 Marriage Formula Helps You

32 + 27 Marriage Formula Helps You

M = Y + 1/2.

718 × (X-Y).

Where M = age at marriage, Y = age at which to start looking for objects, X = age at which you want to stop looking for objects.

For example, if you start looking for people at the age of 18 and want to stop looking for people at the age of 40, your marriageable age will be 26.

  According to the British Sunday Times report on the 22nd, a well-known British mathematician has compiled a new “marriage equation”, which believes that the ideal age for men and women to marry should be 32 (male) and 27 (female).If men and women of the right age haven’t talked about marriage, the chances of finding the ideal person in the future will be smaller and smaller.

  Lindley, an emeritus professor of statistics at the University of London, said that the theoretical basis of the “marriage equation” is that men have a psychological “expiry date” for themselves, imitating that from 16 to 60, he mayHe will pat with a woman to decide whether to marry or break up armor to find a better person, but of course he runs the risk of finding a better candidate.

The formula is as follows: M = Y + 1/2.

718×\(X-Y\)   假设Y是你开始寻找对象的岁数,X是你希望停止找对象的岁数,然后把岁数套进方程式,就会得出“适婚”年龄M。   This equation is in fact a recognition of the law of diminishing returns: as we age, choices become less and less.

According to the marriage equation, M is the age at which men and women should switch from the “seeking” mode to the “implementing” mode. At this “marriable” age, men and women must find the first decent object to appear.

  Lindley, 80, married a female mathematician at the age of 24.

“If you look for someone for a long time without getting married, you will notice a change in the quality of the lady.

“But mathematicians admit that the equation does not take into account factors such as where people live, income and appearance.

Why Jiucheng’s extramarital affairs is in the office

Why Jiucheng’s extramarital affairs is in the office

According to a report from Hong Kong Ming Pao on November 9, a survey conducted by Caritas Hong Kong’s extramarital affair support service showed that derailment is not as deliberate as people think.

More than 90% of extramarital affairs have the following characteristics: first, the couple has no major emotional cracks; second, the third is a friend or colleague of the derailed party; third, the relationship is very inadvertent, but it is very difficult to withdraw halfway.
  Colleagues become couples, have commonality Shirley, a psychologist and marriage expert in Baltimore, USA?

Grasse has been engaged in military extramarital affairs for 27 years.

She believes that office romance is the biggest killer of marriage.

“A lot of people think that both sides of an office relationship are often casual and stimulating, but this is not the case. Many of them are ‘good people’ praised by everyone, and their marriages are often happy.

They didn’t do it intentionally. Long-term working contact made them fall in love before they were ruled out.

“In order to keep people alert to such painful feelings, Grasse introduced the self-test method to readers: first, whether you like to talk to a colleague of the opposite sex, even the misfortune of your marriage; second, whether to start to be aware of your spouseLying and starting to have little secrets; third, whether there is a sexual fantasy or physiological reaction to a colleague of the opposite sex.

“When you read these three conditions, you have been restlessly thinking about a colleague of the opposite sex and comparing them one by one, it means that he (she) has produced an inexplicable attraction to you.

“Love is easy to get along too hard” I never knew things would turn out like this.

“Two years ago, Cindy and the ordinary-looking man knew almost no one.

But since they were transferred to a special group, the two often had supper after work overtime and went to the bar together.

“Unconsciously, none of us can do without anyone.

“I didn’t ask him to leave his wife, I just wanted to enjoy the time with him.

However, such requirements are also extravagant: the original relationship between the husband and wife is good, and the transformation of the lover, the wife “returns too late” repeats too much, the man’s guilt gradually increases, and Cindy’s happy days are fleeting.
She wanted to get out countless times, but her passionate first love made it difficult for Cindy to let go.

  The third person is emotionally confused, and especially Cindy said that it is too tiring to do such a third person. When two people fall in love, they have to coordinate the time of three people and deal with the emotions of the three people. When facing the end of the breakup, only she is alone.A person.

The emotional alienation almost broke her down.

After experiencing insomnia, weight loss, and even the desire to commit suicide, Cindy joined the third party group of the Caritas Extramarital Affairs Program in Hong Kong and began to be counseled by psychologist Ruan Suqiong.

  Ruan Suqiong pointed out in an interview with Ming Pao, “People who unknowingly fall into a third party relationship will encounter a lot of emotional distress once they start to have higher expectations for the relationship between the two.

“This expectation first makes the third party miss the pain because he cannot contact the lover as he wants; then he becomes a third party with a disgraceful label, and feels that it is difficult to find the target of the conflict, which causes depression.The third party is about to feel guilty about interfering in the marriage of others; if the triangle relationship is in a tug-of-war situation, or the woman becomes pregnant unexpectedly, the third party will be under more pressure.

  Breaking up can’t be procrastinated. Liu Xuejun, deputy chief psychologist of the Department of Psychology at Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, points out that people always believe that if their marriage is happy, they can manage themselves without worrying about office romance.

But in fact, the close relationships that are formed at work are threatening.

“If you unfortunately become such a third party, the breakup must be decisive, otherwise the longer the time, the more difficult it will be to get out.

Three experts in the vegetable industry fight osteoporosis

Three experts in the vegetable industry fight osteoporosis

Core Tips: Women must add calcium at a certain age. Once a woman is out of bones, osteoporosis comes to the door, especially after getting older, many problems come to her own. In addition to supplementing calcium tablets and drinking milk, you know that evenDo vegetables have a good ability to resist bone pine?

  Anti-osteoporosis master one: Onions we only know that onions have bactericidal and immune-improving effects. Now Swiss studies have found that women who eat postmenopause often eat onions to effectively prevent calcium loss in bones and prevent osteoporosis;A well-known authoritative journal also put forward the latest research report, pointing out that onion is the most able to prevent bone loss in vegetables.

  ★ Bone retention prevents calcium loss.

  ★ Precautions for eating There are molten sulfides inside the onion. Excessive consumption may cause swelling.

  ★ Purchase and storage should choose the complete sphere, no rot, scars or cracks in appearance.

  In terms of preservation, unpeeled onions are not cold-resistant and can be stored in a cool, ventilated place. If the onions are cut, they should be refrigerated and eaten as soon as possible.

  Anti-osteoporosis expert 2: Many white bamboo shoots Many people will see black spots on the white bamboo shoots and will not pick them, and think they are broken. In fact, these small black spots are the key points that the white bamboo shoots can resist bone loose. These black spots are一种名为‘菰黑穗菌’的真菌类,对于一些代谢有正面的效果,可以延缓骨质的老化.  ★ Bone retention delays bone aging.

  ★ Precautions 筊 White bamboo shoots are cool vegetables, which are not suitable for women before and after menstruation and patients with physical weakness; therefore, 因此 white bamboo shoots are also rich in oxalate, renal function declines, and patients with urinary tract stones need to fast.

  ★ Purple and white bamboo shoots that have been purchased and stored full of water represent too much water. The bamboo shoots are straight and the skin of the bamboo shoots is smooth. If the bamboo shoots are thin, curved, and incomplete, the taste is poor. In addition,The top of the bamboo shoot is too green or the white part of the bamboo shoot is green, which means that the white bamboo shoots are aging and the taste is not good.

  In terms of preservation, if it is not cast immediately, it is recommended that you do not peel off the shell when you buy it, wrap it in a newspaper first, put it in a plastic bag, and put it in the refrigerator, which can be stored for about four days.

  Anti-osteoporosis master 3: Korean cabbage Korean cabbage is named because of its nutritional value like Korean ginseng in vegetables.

The reason why Korean cabbage has anti-osteoporosis effect comes from each other’s vitamin K. In addition to calcium for bone health, multiple nutrients are needed to help bone metabolism. Vitamin K is one of them. Vitamin K can help calciumThe absorption of vitamin D is an indispensable nutrient for the prevention of osteoporosis.

  ★ Bone retention helps calcium and vitamin D absorption.

  ★ Notes: When cleaning cabbage, remove one leaf at a time and wash it with water to prevent insect eggs from hiding inside leaves.

  ★ Select and store the weight when purchasing, the whole is complete without cracks, spots are better.

  In terms of preservation, it is recommended to peel off the outer two and three dark green leaves after buying it, and then put it in the unused cabbage, or wrap it in white newspaper and store it in a cool and ventilated place or in a refrigerator freezer。

Eat more green peppers now to prevent springfall

Eat more green peppers now to prevent springfall

It is now in the early spring season, the temperature is still relatively cold, and the recent changes in temperature have penetrated and started the transition from cold to warm.

During this period, scientific dietary adjustments were very helpful for maintaining good health and preventing diseases.

  First, light diet eliminates spring fire. People tend to get angry in spring, yellow tongue coating, dry mouth and throat, etc. Therefore, diet should be light, avoid greasy, cold and irritating food.

People who have obvious symptoms of fire can eat some clear foods such as mung bean soup, honeysuckle tea, chrysanthemum tea, lotus seed heart water and so on.

  Second, Xinganzhipin helps Chunyang have some spicy things, such as spring onions, ginger, leek, garlic seedlings, etc.

In the Tang Dynasty’s Qian Qian Fang, there is a sentence called “Easy Leek in February and March”.

Eating these foods is very beneficial to the human body’s spring yang.

  Third, less acid to increase sweetness and protect the spleen and stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when the spring is one of the five organs of the human body, it is appropriate to eat Xin Wen Sheng San food, and cold and sticky things should be eaten less to avoid harming the spleen and stomach.Eat more sweet foods and less sour foods.

  Fourth, yellow and green vegetables prevent springtime sleepiness. “Springtime sleepiness” makes people tired and weak. They should eat more red, yellow and dark green vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, green peppers, celery, etc.
  Fifth, carefully selected foods and diseases. In the spring, when the temperature gradually increases, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms also begin to multiply, increasing their vitality, and easily invading the human body and causing disease.

So you should take enough vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Fresh vegetables such as tower vegetables, kale, broccoli and fruits such as citrus, lemon, vitamin C, have antiviral effects; yellow-green vegetables such as carrots, spinach, vitamin A, have the role of protecting and enhancing upper respiratory tract mucosa and respiratory organ epitheliumThe function of cells, thus resisting the invasion of various pathogenic factors.

  6. Be careful of gastrointestinal diseases. Diseases such as stomach and duodenal ulcers are easy to attack in the spring. Avoid eating diet-rich broth, chicken broth, fish broth, animal viscera and irritants that contain creatine, purine, etcSeasoning products, for these foods have a stimulating gastric secretion effect or the formation of gas to produce bloating, increasing the burden of dialysis.

  Seven, expectorant nourishing the lungs to protect the chronic bronchitis, bronchitis is also easy to attack in spring, should eat more foods such as expectorant, spleen, kidney, lungs, such as tincture, orange, pear, walnut, honey, etc.Helps relieve symptoms.

Today’s fruit and vegetable girl

Today’s fruit and vegetable girl

According to Zhao Yongyi, a nutritionist at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong College of Pharmacy, the girl has a sweet and cold bitter taste, and has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, and dilating throat and diuresis.Symptoms of poor urination.

Modern nutrition research has found that the fruit of the girl fruit contains a variety of active substances such as sterols and phytochemicals. It has the effects of eliminating free radicals, lowering lipids, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, and preventing various diseases.And pregnant women should eat with caution.

  Recommended food method: colorful fried diced meat Ingredients: girl fruit, coriander, carrot, cucumber and fried peanut kernels each 50 grams, tenderloin 100 grams, seasonings.

  Method: Cut the fruit in two halves, simmer, carrot, cucumber, tenderloin and cut into pieces.

First cook the girl fruit, coriander, carrot, and cucumber seeds with boiling water; dip the meat into oil and pour it into a strainer to degrease; cook on a firewood pot, combine all the ingredients, and stir-fry.
  How to eat: Served with meals, 2 times / week.

  Role: clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing fat and swallowing.

Prevent the aging of the elderly early!

Prevent the aging of the elderly early!

Of course, this type of supplemental nutrient does not decrease by itself when it reaches high age.

Our previous eating habits and physical health affect our current physical condition.

Our current diet and physical condition will affect our future physical condition.

  What we are looking for here is our attitude towards life and how we live.

Our way of life is directly related to our self-image, knowledge, life, education, and a desire for life and physical health.

  The diet of the elderly should be prevented.

This is often a challenge for many older people.

  The reasons may be past experience, various preferences, economic conditions and conditions of teeth and mouth.

Good teeth or dentures are very important for a healthy diet.

Sometimes, because you can’t chew, the food may be spit out after eating.

If there is a problem with chewing, you should drink more fresh vegetable juice.

Avocado foods, especially vegetables, whole grains, will add a lot of nutrients to you.

Even drinking balanced protein nutrition drinks is better than not eating.

All of these foods can be supplemented with moisture.

  Adequate moisture and fiber are essential in any older person’s diet.

Moisture is important to prevent constipation and dry skin.

  Keeping everything in your body in the tissue system, the blood circulation system, and the smooth flow inside is an important factor that makes you feel good.

Due to the stagnation caused by severe fluidity and dehydration, we are greatly adversely affected both physically and psychologically.

Good mobility is critical to restoring health.

Moisture intake should be sufficient to maintain a daily urination of 3 to 4 pints.

Drinking more water, herbal teas, juices, soups, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables (all foods with water content) will help.

  The body of the elderly usually consumes too much calories, and the percentage of body mass may increase.

  At this age, being underweight or overweight is a very common problem.

But because of the age, these problems are difficult to solve.

Being overweight is not good for bone health; leading to obesity increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

But at this age, 5-10 pounds of overweight may be healthier than underweight.

As we get older, there are three phenomena that we don’t want to see.

Blood pressure, blood pressure levels and weight gain.

In order to maintain weight, the calories we want to take are best consistent with our variable requirements at the age of 25-30.

A dietitian, dietitian or physician should be able to help you calculate your calorie needs.

  Remember that these transitions must contain nutrients.

From some meat and dairy products, you can get the right amount of protein and vitamin B12.

When the protein intake or energy is low, supplementing amino acids and good methionine and lysine is beneficial to protein absorption.

Because they don’t need to be digested, they can be used more easily.

It is also important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables (raw or steamed, even vegetable juices and broth), whole grains and beans.

These high-nutrient foods contain some calcium and other nutrients that are good for bone health.

  Older people who have not yet developed healthy eating habits can spend a period of one to two months to slowly transition to a natural diet.

  This means reducing refined foods, canned and packaged foods and nutrient-poor food intake during this period.This may help you make a smooth transition and eliminate the unaccustomed phenomenon.

Although old, changing the way you eat is relatively difficult.

These positive changes are still possible and beneficial.

Remember, if we eat healthy food, we will be healthier!

  Think about the old people in the 1960s, 1970s, or the 1980s.

Do you think that it causes your health to deteriorate?

Or what is harmful to their health?

How will you plan your anti-aging program?

Have you started already?

  Avoiding binge eating and less exercise is important.

  Because these two phenomena are combined, it is a preliminary catastrophic persecution of your health.

Similarly, poor appetite may be caused by a lack of exercise and the inability to synthesize and circulate previously supplemented nutrients.

Exercise is very necessary for people of that age, and older people are no exception.

Sports transcendence can greatly improve our appetite, and it can also significantly change our attitude towards life.

Exercise also plays a key role in bone health and can prevent osteoporosis.

  Other aspects can be improved, such as digestion, absorption and fluid circulation, and muscle tone.

Walking, swimming and dancing are probably the best full-body sports.

For many elderly people, they can choose the right sports for themselves based on past preferences and current physical conditions.

If you don’t exercise regularly, then you should have a good exercise habit.

This will help you live in all walks of life.

  Generally in the old age, you may not have as much enthusiasm for nutrition, exercise and life.

When the body can’t be as good as it used to be, it’s not so interesting to go out for a workout.

This is why it is important to take care of yourself in old age.

Take care of yourself so that we can maintain our energy and spirit.

Society needs to provide more help and training activities for the elderly, which will help our society and each of us to be a good old man.

  If your appetite is not too good, eating fewer meals is a wise choice.

  Usually prepare a lot of fast food, such as: eggs, yogurt, and ready-to-eat whole wheat cereals.

Nutritional yeast and molasses can be used to stir into a drink with fruit.

Drinks can be added without milk or eggs, or you can add one or two fruits, such as bananas and pears.

  Plum juice and bran are good foods that keep your body in good condition and avoid constipation.

  In the morning or evening, use 4-6 seconds of plum juice, 2-4 drops of water, a quarter or semi-crystalline lemon, 2 tablespoons of wheat or oat bran to make juice, and you can achieve the effect.

  Overall, a good nutritional diet is the most important part of an elderly health plan.

It is equally important to maintain the right amount of exercise.

  Inject a lot of pure water and avoid drinking processed or chemical foods.

Eat a lot of fiber foods, such as: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, these are basic nutritious foods.

It is also important to avoid or minimize the use of certain drugs such as nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol.

The above recommendations will help prevent or delay the aging process.

It is also a good idea to increase antioxidant nutrients.

A detailed analysis of the brands of cosmeceuticals and general care products

A detailed analysis of the brands of cosmeceuticals and general care products

Cosmeceuticals-this is no longer a new term. The mainstream media is not only intensive in publicity. Vichy, which has the largest sales volume in China, has appeared on TV ads. Yiquan, Avene, La Roche-Posay, etc. are becoming more and more popular.In the end, it is estimated that many people can only know that it is sold in drug stores, what is the difference between it and medicine, what background does it have, and how is it different from general care products? I am afraid that few people know it.
I want to talk about what I know.
  Let’s start with the essence of cosmeceuticals. Most of the so-called cosmeceuticals have a certain medical background. Some are controlled and produced by pharmaceutical companies. Some are developed by some dermatologists. They are positioned between general care products and medicines.Sales channels are not the same as general care products, and pharmacies, beauty salons and hospitals are its main channels.
From the effect point of view, cosmeceuticals are usually more effective than ordinary skin care products because of their simple ingredients and higher concentration. In addition, cosmeceuticals generally pass the tests of some medical institutions, and their safety is higher than that of general skin care products.It is also one of the attractiveness of cosmeceuticals.
Vichy, Yiquan, Avene, La Roche-Posay Since it is a medicinal make-up, it cannot be emphasized that it is suitable for everyone like ordinary skin care products, and usually has a strong pertinence.
Since Vichy, Yiquan, Avene, and La Roche-Posay are currently the most well-known in the country, and these four brands have a common feature, that is, these four brands are characterized by using natural hot spring water as the main ingredient, andThese four companies have relatively poor R & D capabilities. They may be a good choice for sensitive skin, but they are less effective for skin with special needs, such as anti-aging and whitening.
ROC, NUXE Then said that there are 4 domestic ones, these 4 are very representative in French cosmeceuticals, as for some cosmeceuticals that are not listed in the country, such as ROC, NUXE, etc. are mostly natural and gentleComfort is the selling point, consistent with the French romantic style, which is an important reason why French cosmeceuticals can stand for decades.
However, another problem arises. The repair and soothing effects of these products are good, but the audience of cosmeceuticals is not only sensitive skin. For the aging skin-an important consumer group of cosmeceuticals, the effect is somewhat unsatisfactory.
In the following, I focus on the most representative French cosmetics-La Roche-Posay.
  Prior to L’Oreal’s acquisition of La Roche-Posay, its safety, effectiveness, and comfort were relatively high in French cosmeceuticals, so some people began to worry that the brand was finished, because according to L’Oreal’s style, advertising and packaging wereFor the first place, R & D can be backed. According to this idea, La Roche-Posay can only eat old books. In fact, it is the same. In the years when La Roche-Posay was acquired, it has not been able to get rid of Vichy and there is nothing outstanding.
The turnaround occurred in 2001. L’Oreal acquired the American professional fruit acid brand Biomedic and merged it with La Roche-Posay. In order to take care of La Roche-Posay’s usual style, the concentration of fruit acid has been very low. Even so, it is enough to make it from FranceStand out from those brands that only emphasize the effects of hot springs.
So, if you want to choose French cosmeceuticals, La Roche-Posay is a good choice.
  Regarding French cosmeceuticals, I would like to repeat a few words. From the point of view of ingredients, French cosmeceuticals are not much different from general skin care products. For example, propylene glycol, which has been proved to have irritating ingredients,It can still be seen here (of course, if it is for atopic dermatitis), mineral oil, synthetic esters and other ingredients are not rare, but considering the characteristics of French skin care products even dare to add a lot of spices,After all, it is much safer, and there are also series for high sensitive skin, which is more effective than ever.
  Talk about the brands that are hovering outside the door of drug makeup 3.
倩碧   如果说跟药妆最有关的品牌,首推倩碧,医生创立的三步骤,尽管有争议,每10秒卖一件已经说明了它的效果,而且说起来他的这几样东西还是比较温和Yes, some drug-to-cosmetic ratios are just like this. In fact, this is also in line with Clinique’s original idea: to keep the skin beautiful in a simple way.
In fact, in the early 90’s, his family always did this. The first physical sunscreen products and the first products with salicylic acid were the first of his family. At that time, mentioning Clinique was very good.However, one thing is, people just don’t launch products with anti-aging as their selling point, which makes him stand out in his field.
Later, when his family was involved in anti-aging, whitening and other products, the simple and effective brand image in the past had disappeared. At this time, Clinique was no different from the general brand, and the products he launched should not be described withOther brands are less competitive than the EL Group, and they are not the best in the EL Group. Looking at Clinique, I really feel sorry, in fact, he was a little bit worse at that time . 4.
HR talked about Clinique, and another one who walked closest to cosmeceuticals: HR, when it comes to this French legendary brand, people are still more respected. His family once said that his products and pharmaceutical products are only separated by a line, and heThe image of the home is also different. Those who look at his home are a bit amazing. There are no stars and models, and some are operating tables, scalpels, test tubes, and shadowless lamps.
At the beginning of the acquisition of HR by L’Oreal, his concept was well exerted, and the original research and development capabilities were not weak. With the support of large consortia, HR at that time repeatedly had amazing works, such as his FORCEC,The POWERA and COLLAGENIST series are very powerful products, which are already very similar to cosmeceuticals, and you must know that the cosmeceuticals at that time are not comparable to now.
  However, after all, HR ‘s in-law ‘s family is L’Oreal, not their own. In a certain period of time, people naturally have to intervene. L’Oreal wants to pack HR into its own LAMER, so it has stepped up the transformation of this brand.That ‘s nice, artificially made it look like high-end development, but no longer invested in his research and development capabilities, and there is a regret is that in 2002 HR used almost all his scientific research capabilities, launched a so-calledThe expressionistwithB-neutrox product is an epoch-making product, because in addition to its general repair ingredients, it also added acetylhexapeptide-3, known as botulinum-like bacteria. At that time, let alone a general counter product, even a drugI rarely use this ingredient in makeup, so we can see how amazing the HR was at the time, but unfortunately, he encountered a conservative L’Oreal, and they soon discontinued this product.I haven’t seen any amazing works of HR coming out. They are basically in the old age, and their market has gradually shrunk. In 2003, they withdrew from the US market.场In 2004, I withdrew from the United Kingdom and Taiwan. I heard that the domestic market will also shrink this year . It really makes people feel embarrassed by the HR lady of the year. After all, he was so close to cosmeceuticals . After talking about HR, I actually talk about itIt ‘s meaningless for him to be similar. Most of DIOR, EL, and GUERLAIN have been similar to this. This is enough to see how difficult it is for general maintenance brands to take the road of drug makeup. After all, few manufacturers are willing to pay so much research and development costs.of.
Have time to come to a few unnoticed.
JansonBeCKett 很少 This brand has rarely been heard before, but it ‘s different now. Since the release of a few amazing products in his family, his value has risen day by day, and even some professional medical magazines have been put off the shelf.分析抗皱纹产品的,没有不拿他家的产品说事的,下面具体说说那几个引起轰动的产品   JansonBeckettVitaminC&CFacialSerum,这个产品是相当出色的,配方好得出奇,高纯度的MAP(维C的A derivative, L-C is good, but it also has a lot of limitations, it is not easy to save, irritating, and high prices are its disadvantages), and high-purity plant ingredients, vitamin E, no fragrance, pigment, mineral oil,Very compact essence, with strong antioxidant and whitening effects. It can be said to be stronger than all whitening essences on the market, but the price is not cheap. 49 knives (15 ml) JansonBeckettAlphaDerma, this is a real sensation in his family.10% ARGIRELINE (hexagonal peptide), known as botulinum-like bacteria, the most effective ingredient for expression lines,It is rarely used in general care products (except HR and EA), but JansonBeckett has not only used it, but also used the maximum concentration that can be added. This is not the end. It also adds the latest anti-aging ingredients such as ALA and DMAE., VC, COLLAGEN and other old ingredients have not been overlooked, which makes us fully believe that this is a product that can achieve a dream effect, the price of 32 knives (30 ml) is not very high in the drug makeup, the appearance of this productLet us have more confidence in future technology.
  Originally after the launch of JansonBeckettAlphaDerma, it has been very successful. JansonBeckett has launched a more fantastic product, JansonBeckettDermaExcel7.
In addition to the original ingredients, two more peptides have been added, and the concentration is as high as 15%.This concentration is truly unprecedented, making this product almost a benchmark for cosmeceuticals, with the addition of 25% of medicinal ingredients, the original VC, DMAE, etc. are no less, I believe this will be ourThe best anti-wrinkle products that can be seen also make people curious about the research and development capabilities of JansonBeckett, and I don’t know what other products will appear in his family next time.
Forget, this product is not cheap 160 knives (30 ml) 毫升 6.
SkinMedica said JansonBeckett, and then a really controversial brand SkinMedica. From this brand, we can see the technical strength of American cosmeceuticals and the boldness of its formula.
  SkinMedica was no different from general cosmeceuticals before 2001. The only difference is that the concentration of some of his ingredients is relatively high, such as SkinMedicaVitaminCComplex, 15% C-Levi C Eve, which is similar to the general professional L-C essence.The concentration is already there, and there is also SkinMedica 15% AHA / BHAFaceCream. You can tell from the name that it contains high concentrations of fruit acid and salicylic acid. In addition, it seems that other people produce what he produces, there is nothing special, butIn 2001, his family produced a product. It can be said that all of his products did not add up. This product is known as SkinMedicaTNSRecoveryComplex. Its core component is TNS, known as human growth factor. His family is the only company in the world that produces human growth factors.And this ingredient is too experimental, saying everything, making SkinMedica quickly become the most well-known cosmeceutical brand.
And what exactly is human growth factor?
Some experiments say that it can effectively reduce all kinds of wrinkles and damage, and even say that it has the ability of self-reorganization of healthy skin tissue. I see that it is extracted from the dermal tissue of the baby’s foreskin metabolism. Listening a bitNausea, but it is true, because how can it be possible to obtain dermal tissue in other ways besides this route?
And SkinMedica dare to use this ingredient at risk, and also obtained a patent, you can imagine how crazy his experimental spirit is!
In fact, this product not only sounds awkward, but its taste and color are more disgusting, but there is no way it can be effective, so there are still many beauty-loving people who use it in endurance.
Of course, its price is not cheap, 123.
5 knives (18 ml).
  7.AFIRM talked about two more fierce cosmeceuticals. Today I have a milder AFIRM. His family’s products are very interesting. Just like AFIRM, it has only 3 concentrations.
His family only sells one ingredient-vitamin A alcohol Retino. To say that Retino is not a new ingredient, as a derivative of vitamin A acid, it is recognized that its effect is closest to that of vitamin A acid, and it is currently the only one in the medical profession.The recognized effective ingredient for wrinkles is vitamin A acid, but vitamin A acid is too irritating, and all countries are not allowed to add this ingredient to skin care products.So a lot of derivatives came out, A alcohol, A ester, A aldehyde, etc., but the only thing that has been proven to be really effective is A alcohol, but A alcohol is also not irritating, which limits its use, generallyCan have 0.
1% is not a low concentration, but the three AFIRM, the lowest concentration of 0.
15% can barely be used near the eyes, the highest concentration is 0.
It is estimated that 6% can only be used on the body, and then it is very irritating to use on the face.
This product is very cheap. It looks like 2,30 knives, but because of its irritation, only some people are willing to try it.
EliZAbethArden Elizabeth Arden 这 These brands issued earlier may be too partial, now for the public: ElizabethArden
Yes, that’s right, it is this brand that is not doing well in China that is the upstart of cosmeceuticals now!
  In fact, ElizabethArden’s research and development capabilities have not been weak, let alone say that the ingredients in his family’s capsules are not worse than some cosmeceuticals, and the CeramidePlumpPerfect series launched by his family two years ago is very interesting, originally saidAfter HR abandoned the ARGIRELINE expressionistwith B-neutrox series, only EA also used this ingredient in the counter brand, not only used but also produced a series of products, including eyes, lips, of course, EA products and professional medicineThere is still a big gap in makeup. EA ‘s truly amazing move. In 2005, his family launched a revolutionary product called PrevagebyElizabethArden & Allergan. Please note that besides EA, there is a manufacturer Allergan in the back. What is Allergan doing?
Allergan Eyelids, a global professional health care company, now comes from Botox, you can imagine his professionalism, Allergan has a new ingredient idebebenone, EA bought the right to cooperate, soWhat does this idebebenone do for this product?
Anti-oxidant powerful ingredient, 0.
The effect of 5% content is already comparable to ALA, VC, VE, Q10 and other ingredients, and it is said that this product has been out of stock as soon as it was launched in the United States last year, and its significance is to combine a pure pharmaceutical ingredientCombining with a mass brand, not just accepting cosmeceuticals with limited access, maybe this will be a development direction of cosmeceuticals.
SkinCeuticals talked about so many weird products and came to the mainstream.
Speaking of the ingredients of cosmeceuticals, L-C is undoubtedly one of the most important ingredients. The antioxidant properties of L-C have long been affirmed, and some studies have found that L-C has a strong improvement effect on wrinkles, sagging and dull complexion.Now the most popular idebenone, Q10, ALA, etc., or the effect of left-handed C is the most affirmed.
Maybe, L-C is nothing new. Many domestic products claim to use L-C. If you look at the ingredients and say that L-AscorbicAcid, they are all L-C, but there is a problem. If it is an ester-soluble L-C, The effect is greatly reduced, and its stability is also very poor, but if it is hydrolyzed ion L-C, the effect is very different, easy to save, and its absorption effect is much better than the ester-soluble type, and the mostWell-known brand is nothing more than Cellex-C. Hydrolyzed ion L-C is their patent, and later they came to a higher level and introduced the formula of Tianjia tyrosine and zinc, which can not only resist wrinkles, spots, but also relax.Aging also has an effect, and Cellex-C has only a series of fruit acids in addition to L-C, which is quite professional, but when Cellex-C moved forward in the field of L-C, there was a competitionRival SkinCeuticals, in fact, this one is not a rival. Its founder is the research and development staff of Cellex-C, so the formulas of the two are almost the same. The only difference is that the pH value of SkinCeuticals’ products is better than Cellex-C, more适Co sensitive skin, SkinCeuticals products and more diversified, have a special antioxidant series, even in order to win the Asian market has a whitening product.
Anyway, when we talk about these two companies, we think of left-C.
L-C is a powerful anti-oxidant ingredient. Its anti-aging effect can not be seen in a day or two. Both products are more expensive. It costs more than 100 knives for small ones, so before useIt is necessary to think whether it will be a little expensive to buy a product that takes a long time to see the effect with so much money.
Obagi Speaking of left-handed C, there is another brand Obagi that can not be ignored. In Japan, Obagi is particularly famous and expensive.
Compared to Cellex-C and SkinCeuticals, Obagi’s formula is more bold, not only has L-C, vitamin A acid has also appeared, but also in his C-ClarifyingSerum, hydroquinone, it should be said that hydroquinonePhenol is currently the most effective ingredient for spotting, but because of its irritation, other countries are not allowed to add this ingredient to skin care products, except for the United States. Even in the United States, the permitted concentration is limited.4%, although it is allowed, it is rarely used in general cosmeceuticals, and Obagi not only used it, but also used the maximum allowable addition of 4%. Faced with such ingredients, it is actually a double tough sword, before we affirm itAt the same time, who is willing to bear the irritating and unproven side effects it may bring?
DDF   再来个讲高科技的DDF,别的不说,就说这名字doctor’sdermalogicformula就可知道他家专业到什么地步了,他家的产品很难得的什么都有涉及,VA醇、VK、左旋C, peptides, etc., it is even more rare that his family does not only focus on biochemical ingredients like other cosmeceuticals. His family’s plant formula is also very powerful. Almost all aspects that can be designed are related, and the very interesting is DDF.There is also a whole series of sunscreen products, the full range of which is on par with the counter brands, and the soothing series and whitening series, which are disdainful of other medicines and cosmetics, have very complete products.
To be fair, although his family’s products are not particularly prominent in some aspects, they are all involved, and several of the essences are quite strong. For example, his family’s most popular whitening product in Asia, DDFC3PlusSerum, is aVery interesting thing, 20% L-C is already very powerful, and his family added two vitamin C derivatives to make its total vitamin C content reach 33!
It’s not over yet, adding the anti-aging ingredient PalmitoylPentapeptide3, plus green tea and ginkgo two commonly used ingredients in whitening products, making this product completely different from general cosmeceutical products.
As for other products, there is nothing to say. It is basically similar to this. There are many star ingredients. Although it is not cheap, it is not expensive. What really makes DDF sensation is a product DDFRMXMaximum released in 2005.It is an essence that can be used for 28 days. It is amazing to look at the ingredients. All anti-aging ingredients are used. Whether it is biochemical or botanical, there are a lot of maintenance items. The concentration is not low.The ingredients are compressed to a minimum and there are no preservatives. To be honest, if we look at this ingredient, we have reason to believe that in the near future we can completely let time stop on the skin. This product is enough to give us endless imagination.Finally talk about its price of 1,000 knives!
This price is rare even in those brands that follow the sky-high price line, but another problem arises. It is certain that the users of such products must be a small number of people, and some of the high-tech ingredients have not yet been reported on large-scale use.Therefore, it is impossible to judge the short-term irritant or long-term side effects, which is also inevitable in the development of cosmeceuticals. How to combine effectiveness with safety is still being explored.
OLAY Hesitant to talk about those unfamiliar cosmeceuticals, I have time to come to several mainstream brands, and these brands are very close to cosmeceuticals.
  Come to the most mainstream -OLAY. When mentioning this, it is estimated that there are many frowning people. In many people’s hearts, Olay is so unbearable that there is even no desire to try.
But I want to say that it is in China. In fact, OLAY ‘s original American products are quite good. Besides, let ‘s say that his family ‘s annual research and development costs are twice that of EL, which can make people interested in it.
Indeed, before 1997, OLAY had nothing to be proud of, but in 1998, his family launched a shocking product: Revitalizing Essence Cream, containing 1.
5% salicylic acid, 1.
The 5% concentration of salicylic acid is already quite high, and it is very effective for pores, blackheads and aging cuticles. It can be said that even this concentration was rare in drug makeup, let alone an open shelf brand, soThis product caused a sensation immediately after its launch, and it is said that it was sold out when it was launched in Hong Kong.
However, when something arrives in the country, it will change its taste. The domestic propaganda is anti-aging, which is really mentally handicapped. I have never heard of salicylic acid having anti-aging effects, so there is no response in the market.
In 2000, OLAY released a new series-totaleffect. This series is also quite good. VE and VB5 are nothing new. His family first proposed the role of VB3 in anti-aging, so this series contains highConcentration VB3, the essence of the formula that came out later is better, and RetinylPropionate (VA ester) is also added, and the concentration of VB3 is higher. It should be said that the formula of this essence is not inferior to some big names. If these ingredients are relatively mainland,Then, Regenerist from his family in 2002 should be able to shut up many people. PalmitoylPentapeptide-3 peptide is now the most popular anti-aging ingredient. I did not expect to be the first to use OLAY!
And his concentration is higher than many big names, and the effect is not bad.
Judging from the development of OLAY in recent years, his family is still more realistic. He does not use controversial ingredients. Most of the ingredients used are more continent but most of them can reach effective concentrations. It should be said that this is a very smart approach. After all **Both plant refining and conduction techniques seem to be a little overdone.
And in the end it is worth saying: from the perspective of ingredients, OLAY’s products are not greasy and relatively mild. Almost every series has a formula without perfume color to choose from.Is not the following, of course, this refers to the original foreign formula, domestically produced . 13.
NEUTROGENA露德清   说过了OLAY,就不能不谈他家在美国最大的竞争对手Neutrogena露德清,很有意思的是Neutrogena从来就没宣传过他家是药妆,也不在药店销售,但几乎所有的美国Cosmeceutical sites, such as dermstore, list his home as cosmeceuticals.In fact, Neutrogen started out with a piece of soap that is now recognized by many dermatologists. It is mild and effective, which is a very good thing. However, it is impossible to stand by a piece of soap, so Neutrogen has developed a series of products.
In all fairness, many of Neutrogen’s products are very ordinary and cost-effective, but there seems to be nothing amazing about them, but his sunscreen products are very good, no matter what your requirements for sunscreen, even if it is very sensitiveSkin or very oily skin, you can choose the sunscreen of his home, cheap price and many choices, is one of the few brands that can make sunscreen so good.
His family is really related to cosmeceuticals because of a report. At the 57th American Dermatology Annual Conference in 1999, a clinical report caused concern. It claims that a product can effectively promote the texture, gloss and moisturization of the skin.The degree also has a significant effect on lightening the spots, reducing pores, and reducing wrinkles. This product is Neutrogena’s HealthySkinwithSPF15, and the ingredient it contains is Retinol (VA alcohol). Neutrogena immediately became the focus of attention for medicinal makeup.The efficacy of Retinol was also recognized at that time. Neutrogena recognized Retinol in the future. Whenever possible, Retinol should be added to any product. None of the anti-aging, whitening, exfoliating, and acne removing series.Exceptions are added Retinol, and the concentration is not low, of course, it is not just the same. His family is most accustomed to add acid or salicylic acid at the same time, so a very special place in his family is that it has both anti-aging and anti-acne.The role of acne, this is a very special concept, such as HealthySkinAnti-WrinkleAnti-BlemishCream from his family, 2% salicylic acid and 0.
1% VA alcohol, these two concentrations alone are already very strong, let alone put together, but such a high concentration also shows its irritating, but the price is really cheap 16.

$ 99, the only thing that is hard to accept is irritation, and his family has also launched home skin resurfacing products, and the irritation is not small at first glance.
But in any case, to maintain this effect at this price, Neutrogena is worthy of respect, much better than L’Oreal who likes to cheat.
NeoStrata said that several brands are relatively close to us: NeoStrata said that it is close because it has been listed in the country, but the domestic things can not represent the true level of his home.
The star composition of his family is just the same: fruit acid, but his authority on the research of fruit acid is now no one can challenge. Its founder, Dermatologist Scott and Chinese American chemistry doctor Yu RuijinyouThe title of Father of Fruit Acid shows his status.
Most manufacturers use the patented fruit acid, and now it is recognized that the relatively mild gluconic acid and lactobionic acid are unique to his family.
There is nothing to say about other products, they all contain fruit acid, depending on your needs, such as NeoStrataGelplus-15AHA for acne, which contains 15% fruit acid, the effect is very strong, but the irritation is also large, there are also targeted for comparisonNeoStrataBionicLotion for sensitive skin, contains lactobionic acid and gluconic acid, has less irritation, etc. But what really impresses his family is this product NeoStrataPigmentLighteningGel (already available in China). The Chinese name is whitening gel, let’s seeLook at its ingredients gluconic acid 5%, fruit acid 4.
5% is enough, and two additional ingredients, lactic acid and citric acid, have been added to make the content exceed 10%. This is not over. Adding 2% osmic acid, this ingredient has been a controversial ingredient, whitening effect.Good, but studies have shown that there are unsafe ingredients, so general care products have eliminated osmic acid, and NeoStrata is not only used, but also added to 2% concentration, this concentration is already at the critical point, not finished, and licorice, Mulberry, L-C, arbutin, looking at such ingredients is really speechless, such a full ingredient is difficult to have no effect, most whitening products on the market are almost comparable to this, it is targeted at spotsThe effect should be more than many concentrated formula products, but so many stimulating ingredients and such high concentrations are probably not acceptable to most people.
We can only say that this is a double-edged sword.
RevivaLabs Look at the name to know what his main focus is, ALA and DMAE. These two components are originally pure pharmaceutical ingredients. The former is a star component of antioxidant and cardiovascular protection, and the latter plays a role in nourishing the brain.Role, a well-known American doctor Perricone was the first to add these two pure medical ingredients to skin care products, and also made oral health products, but the price of his family is really amazing, creatingThe expensive medicines are also high-end products, which prevents many people from experiencing these two star ingredients. Fortunately, the ingredients of RevivaLabs, AlphaLipoicAcidVitaminCEster & DMAECream are very close to perricone, and the same high concentration of ALA and DMAE, VA, VE,VC, VD, soy protein, vegetable oil and aloe vera, and the use of liposome as a conductive, high concentration of active ingredients, the same streamlined additional ingredients, in the face of such a formula, we have to sigh, the original 19 knife people have not gone bankrupt,Which of those high-priced products has such a price-performance ratio?
Not much to say, the effect is directly used, the absorption of the cream is good, although there is no fragrance but there is no bad smell. After using it at night, the skin is very soft the next day, and there is no greasy feeling, after only using it for a week,It is impossible to see too obvious effects, but the skin feels more delicate than before, this effect can be felt, and there are signs of improvement in pores, I believe that continued use will have more ideal improvements.


D famous N.

This brand is very interesting, it is a pure doctor brand, the founder of his family, NicholasPerriconeM.

D., A very famous dermatologist in the United States, a special editor of the medical journal “Skin and Aging”, and the chairman of the International Symposium on Aging of the Skin, not to mention anything else, just these two signs can see his status.
And he is different from other doctors. He can almost be called a star in the pharmaceutical industry, television, reports, magazines . He does not miss any opportunity to promote his brand products, and he is also a writer of professional best-selling books.What’s even more frustrating is that he has even made many touring lectures for his family’s products, and has a lot of contacts with some people in the entertainment industry, which has made his brand the hottest star in the pharmaceutical industry.
The most successful point of his family is that he added Alpha-LipoicAcid (ALA) and DMAE to the skin care products, which are purely medical ingredients, and is now widely accepted by the medical community: aging is not only due to age, pollution andThe idea that oxidation is also an important cause was put forward by him.
So the star ingredients of his family, ALA, DMAE, and esterified L-C, are aimed at the problem of skin oxidation.
From this point, he is very remarkable, because the irritating properties of the previous anti-aging ingredients VA alcohol and AcetylHexapeptide-3 cannot be ignored, and ALA and DMAE were originally oral drugs, which evolved from oral drugs to maintenanceProducts, their safety and effectiveness can be expected.
  That said, NicholasPerriconeM.
D.Although he is a respectable doctor, he founded N.
V.PerriconeM.D.It is a controversial brand. The first is that stimulants such as spices, pigments, alcohol, and synthetic esters appear in his products from time to time. The content of preservatives is also more objective. This is really the same as those who pursue the simplest.Cosmeceuticals are paradoxical. Another thing is that the price of his product is amazing. It costs more than 100 knives for a 15ml. Last year, a NeuropeptideFacialConformer was sold for 570 knives.In any case, the products of his family still have more advantages than disadvantages compared with those brands that often use some “conduction system” and “lifting factor”.
  17.Freeze24 / 7 is another medicinal makeup: Freeze24 / 7, why is it called this name, God knows that there are not a lot of products in his family, not even basic cleaning products, a few creams and 7-color lip gloss, see hereSomeone must ask: Isn’t this cosmeceutical?

Why does the expert’s lip gloss?

The uniqueness of his family is here. The most popular anti-aging ingredient is now. His family does not need one. They use a muscle relaxant GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid), which is a common ingredient in antidepressants.

Freeze24 / 7 is using its GABA’s relaxing effect on the nerves as a maintenance of wrinkles formed by sagging slack, and those lip glosses have also become his star product because of GABA, because of the lipsSymptoms of aging are usually difficult to maintain, and his lip gloss is said to make the lip lines disappear when it is used, and it can also make the lips plump.

Another star product of his family Freeze24 / 7Anti-WrinkleCream not to mention, many people have used it at the time and the effect of wrinkles disappears immediately, even on expression lines, but it must be pointed out that GABA is not AcetylHexapeptide3 after all, this partAlthough it does not harm the skin, it has no real improvement effect on the skin. The effect obtained can only last for a few hours, not to mention that other products can not be separated from ingredients such as spices, pigments, synthetic esters, alcohol, which can ensure safetyIt ‘s a big discount. Freeze24 / 7 probably only has this point. Recently, it has also taken the road of high-tech development and launched a product containing Idebenone, a large thermal antioxidant, but it does not seem to be as beautiful as ElizabethArdenPREVAGE, but even so, aSelling a face cream of $ 115 and a lip gloss of $ 42 can make all your wrinkles fade or even disappear in an instant. Isn’t it a good thing?

What’s the trick with hot yoga?

What’s the trick with hot yoga?

Many people are practicing hot yoga in order to pursue better bodybuilding and fitness results, so what do you need to pay attention to in order to avoid injury?

Let’s do hot yoga with the editor today.

  1. The most correct and important thing to do slowly is to slowly lean the muscles to prevent accidents such as muscle strain or fracture caused by excessive movements.

The principle of “shrink within safety” must be observed.

  2. Participate in breathing when doing exercises with breathing. There are no special requirements. Do not hold your breath.

All yoga asanas should be completed with slow breathing, and the breathing movements also follow the principles of SZS.

  3. When the consciousness is focused on the main part, the body position should be focused on the main exercise part, carefully experience the physical feelings, and avoid consciousness.

When the mind is concentrated, a large amount of blood will flow to the area being exercised, thereby promoting blood circulation here and clearing excess effects.

  4. Make sure that the forbidden language in the practice eliminates laughter and speech in the practice. Yoga practice is an exercise that combines breath and body movements. Laughter and speech can cause the breath to be scattered and lost, especially when doing some handstands and inverted body positions.A deep breath is especially important during the Fa.

This is to ensure that the body is safe to achieve the effect of exercise.

  5. Maintaining the static posture after the posture is completed when completing the posture. It is helpful for the practitioner to experience the serene feeling of “moving and quiet”. At the same time, with the concentration of the mind on the exercise site, the physical feeling and tension can be more truly experienced.Sense, the boots improve their awareness.

  6. The 26 moves in the hot yoga series are based on the characteristics of human muscles, ligaments, and tendons to scientifically arrange the order of stretching and heating. If the practitioner skips to the next movement without properly preparing the relevant muscles, the exerciseThe effect will be greatly reduced, and there is no oxide on the body’s blood flow.

Therefore, you should follow the instructions in the book when you practice.

  7, five points of breathing and pressurization 1) Most of the segmented exercise, do not need to hold your breath, breathe deeply and slowly, breath and exercise coordination.

  2) While doing contraction, focus on relaxing your entire body.

  3) Stress to the greatest extent, keep breathing, pay attention to relax without force.

  4) If you feel pain when you are nervous, stop immediately, in other words: “If there is pain, there is no gain.”

  5) There is no need to rush through a lot of actions, not infinitely as many as possible.

Why are children getting away from their parents?

Why are children getting away from their parents?

For many parents, it is necessary and easiest to provide children with clothes, food, and various material conditions at home.

But the most surprising and troublesome thing is the elusiveness of the minds of children, especially adolescent children.

  Adolescent boys and girls, their bodies begin to develop rapidly, at the same time, their psychology changes at the same time, they want to explore themselves, explore the world outside the family, school, class.

But at this time, most parents still raise them as children, and still care about their nutrition and body; instead, they are “study hard” and so on. I hope they will not make friends with the opposite sex at will, so as not to affect them.homework.
  This desire of parents, under the impact of rapid social development, Jingjing faces severe challenges.

Parents can change themselves at a much slower rate than the external information received by their children, so the intergenerational differences are virtually widened. If parents do not adjust their attitudes and concepts in a timely manner, the two generations will only drift away.

  In the face of adolescent children, it is first of all about their physical changes. Do not ignore them arbitrarily, because the growth of sexual organs not only changes the appearance of their original childhood, but also accompanied by exploration of sex, curiosity,Anxiety about growth, confusion and anxiety about physiological phenomena.

If there is no guidance or explanation from parents and teachers, and they are often hurt or depressed, many teenagers are groping in the dark, ignorantly passing through their adolescent youth, or from friends of the same age under the condition of ignorance or incomprehensible answers.Gain sexual knowledge of fractures, which will inevitably lead to sexual psychological abnormalities or behavioral problems.

  One boy could not overcome the habit of masturbation, and blamed the responsibility of failing to enter the key high school to masturbate, so he bought an electric knife to mutilate his genitals; another boy felt that his leftover was too wasteful and worriedSemen streamers will be killed, and they will commit suicide in extreme pain; and girls accumulate problems due to the accumulation of menstruation or breast development, which will deprive them of their joy. These countless real things are not already knocked on us-parentsWas the alarm sounded?

     For young boys and girls, the most sensitive problem is the interaction between the opposite sex.

How to win the likes of the opposite sex?

How to grasp the degree of opposite sex?

Why is there a “unrequited love” that cannot be stopped?

Where is the boundary between friendship and love?

Why is having sex with a heterosexual a taboo in the eyes of parents?

These problems also disturb them from time to time.

In the budding stage of sexual consciousness, anyone will have this kind of confusion, only parents, most of them have forgotten their puberty experience.

  In fact, adolescent gender education is life education. Since we cannot separate men and women from living in two hemispheres, we can learn the art of getting along with both sexes.

When children start to explore the mysteries of the gender world, parents also need to see the world from the eyes of their children. Parents cannot replace their growth experience, but can provide or assist them in solving problems. Most importantly, parents are willing to sit and listen.Children’s voice?